Best Bowling Balls for Kids in 2018


Even though it seems like America is the world’s most bowling country in the world, bowling didn’t actually start with us. No, it dates much farther back to the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Right now, at least one out of every four Americans bowls. And all over the country, there are more than 3000 different bowling centers.

It’s quite easy to see how bowling came to be one of America’s most played sports. The sport is so easy to pick that even children can understand the game in a snap. But it isn’t just for the sake of enjoyment that bowling is taken up by folks. Like other sports, it also has its health benefits. Bowling can help to strengthen the muscles of your upper body, reduce your risk of heart diseases, and reduce stress. The fact that it is so enjoyable is just the icing on the cake.

Like we earlier said, bowling as a hobby can be picked up by anyone, age regardless. It’s not strange to find cartoon bowling balls for kids around bowling centers where kids come to enjoy the sport with their parents and friends.

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So, if you want to start your kid off on the bowling turf, your first move – like you have rightly done – should be to look out for a bowling ball for them. The best bowling ball for kids should be correctly sized in order to ensure that it is commensurate with their skill and strength.

So, without further ado, let’s quickly run through the best bowling balls for kids on our reviews today…

Best Bowling Balls for Kids 2018 Reviews

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1. Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue

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Many users opt for the Brunswick bowling ball because of its construction. It is made to be lightweight, yet it still packs that heft that makes a throw great and enjoyable. The blue finish of the TZone model is very attractive. Plus, the cover stock is made of polyester so it always gives the ball a smooth ride as it glides across the alley. The fact that it is high glass polished also adds to the reasons this ball is a personal favorite of many a bowler.

We are particularly struck by the color of this ball. It is definitely one ball that will draw the attention of everyone as you walk into the room. Of course you know that with the kids, this is one major deal. Another reason it is so good for the kids is that it is lightweight – far lighter than house balls. Kids won’t have any problem lifting or throwing this ball at all.

If you love the TZone bowling ball very much then you should be excited to know that it comes in different sizes. As your kid grows in strength and skill, you can keep buying up to match his current skill and strength per time.


  • Great size for kids.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Nicely weighted.


  • Does not come with finger holes predrilled.

2. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

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Here’s another amazing bowling ball for your kid or a beginner. With the cover stock made of polyester, you can be sure that your ball will always have a smooth sail. So, ultimately, you should always make a good strike. This is particularly important for kids as they tend to get more motivated and encouraged to play when they strike often than when they don’t.

The ball doesn’t come predrilled, though, so you’d have to do that yourself. Although this incurs additional cost, you’d, at least, be able to drill the holes to fit the need of the user instead of having to manage something that doesn’t quite fit.

The Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Ball is available in different sizes and colors according to your individual needs. And even more importantly, it boasts a 2 year warranty as well.


  • Available in different colors and sizes.
  • Great entry level ball for beginners.


  • Not the best hooking ball there is.

3. White Dot Bowling Ball – Lime/Slime

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The design and finish of this ball alone are enough to keep kids hooked to this ball at first sight. You see “slime” and think “eww”, the kids see “slime” and think “cool!” There’s a reason Nickelodeon does not fail to make slime a part of its Kids Choice Awards every year. And there are plenty of variations of slime and color to keep your kids happy.

But let’s leave the appearance for a second or two and talk about weightier matters like its construction. This model is a plastic bowling ball for kids, and it was built to make your youngster’s bowling experience amazing. At its core, this ball comes with a pancake weight block. The block is then wrapped in urethane foam. The cover stock is, however, made of plastic. But thanks to its polished finish, the ball runs very smoothly along any alley. Yes, even on oily surfaces too.

Also, since the ball comes out of the box undrilled, you can drill custom fit holes for your fingers as you like on the ball at a sport shop. Just ensure that it is properly done so you don’t ruin your ball.


  • Pancake core gives ball a slight spin.
  • Design that kids would love.


  • It doesn’t give a fantastic hook.

4. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

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Our number four bowling ball is a mean storm brewer – the good kind of storm, though. Your kids will shine on the bowling alley with this ball for sure. As it rolls down the alley, the colors begin to dazzle (hence the name storm mix). But besides the color, the results this ball gives are even more outstanding. This is thanks to the pearl urethane cover stock it comes with, its core that comes in the traditional three-piece, and a super 3,500-grit finish.

We particularly like the fact that it generates just enough hook for a beginner. Most bowling balls at this level have that one problem that many a bowler have complained about. But with this ball, your kid will have plenty of hook at his disposal to give him even more strikes.

It doesn’t come predrilled too, so you can get custom fit holes drilled into them for your kid’s fingers. Plus, it comes in different sizes and beautiful colors that you can choose from.


  • Rolls great on dry lanes.
  • Great spare ball.


  • It doesn’t work well on oily lanes.

5. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball in Black/Purple Solid

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We’ve got just the right spare ball that your kid will fall in love with and it’s the Storm Mix. It is bold and colorful and will give you that added confidence when you step into the alley. On oily lanes, this ball will glide without a problem. And, wait for it; it could also double as a great strike ball. Because it is made of urethane, the ball rolls effortless on dry lanes as well to score a win.

The materials with which this ball is made are of high quality, ensuring that the ball lasts several uses. Its cover stock is a U1S Solid Urethane, its core is a traditional 3-piece, and its finish is a 3,500-grit. It is just perfect for a light lane! The core and cover stock are amazing features in that they enhance the predictability as well as the control of the ball respectively.

And if you’d like a wide variety of sizes to pick from, Storm offers them in various sizes.


  • Super attractive design.
  • Predictability and control are superb.
  • Can work as both a spare and a strike ball.
  • Different weights available.


  • Since it’s not a reactive ball, it might cost some small inconvenience to convert spares.

6. Brunswick T-Zone Patriot Blaze Bowling Ball

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Now, here’s one ball that can handle the condition of any lane, light or otherwise. It’s ready to use right out of the box as it comes predrilled. This is also good because it saves you the additional cost of drilling holes into your ball (which sometimes costs close to half the price of the ball itself). We like the fact that the manufacturers took the consideration to drill the holes according to weight. So, expect to see the lighter balls (e.g. a 6-pound ball made for 8 year-old kids) to have tiny holes to accommodate the smaller fingers.

Kids and beginners alike will love this ball. And also, seasoned bowlers who are just looking for a ball with which to practice spare shooting would be grateful for this ball as well.

And it glows in the dark! Kids are going to love it, of course, even if that was the only thing it could do. Other attractions of the ball like its patriotic colors, and its high-gloss polish, including the fact that it works with all kinds of lane conditions also add up to make this ball a favorite of many bowlers.


  • Attractive colors.
  • Works on any lane condition.
  • Comes predrilled so it’s ready to use right out of the box.
  • Great for practicing spare shooting.


  • Some people have a problem with the fact that it is plastic.

7. Hearts Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

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This is an exceptionally stunning ball. Its pink finish with the decorative hearts drawn on the body makes the ball so charming. Yeah, the girls have got this particular one. But that’s not even where this ball shines. Expose the ball to the dark, and you will see the hearts glowing brilliantly, it’s nothing short of breathtaking. Kids would love matching their ball with their other accessories like their bags, or towels, etc.

The cover stock is made of quality polyester, so it is durable, and the graphics will continue to glow for a very long time into the future. Plus, the ball itself will retain its structural integrity even after scores of bowling sessions down the alley.

Weighing in at 10 pounds, this ball comes with all the heft needed to give you a fantastic strike that wins. We love it!


  • Eye-catching design.
  • Glows in the dark.
  • High-quality polyester cover stock.


  • Seems to be gender specific.

8. Spiral Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

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This is a fantastic beginner ball for kids and inexperienced bowlers. But the most striking thing about this ball is its finish. It comes with a really stunning spiral design in multiple colors across the body of the ball. There is the yellow, the blue and the black. We imagine that this ball would have been perfect if only it could glow in the dark. Well, that isn’t such a big deal though as long as it works on the lanes.

Its polyester cover stock means that this ball is not fantastic for hooking. But if you do need an excellently working spare, then this is the ball to try. It goes straight even when rotating and looks amazing with the spiral design spinning along too. It also doesn’t come predrilled, so you’re at liberty to drill the holes on the ball in the way that they would fit.


  • Eye-catching, spiral design.
  • Polyester cover stock makes it great as a straight ball.


  • Colors might be too bright for some users.

9. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

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If you’re on a budget and you just want to check out cheap bowling balls for kids, then why not check out this one from Ebonite? We love the water finish of the ball which gives it this very earthy feel that your kids will definitely love. It sure is a ball for the older kids, though because it clocks in at 10 pounds in weight. At this weight, younger kids would hardly have the strength or the skill to wield this. So, we could leave this to the 12 year olds at least.

The ball is a very traditional kind. The cover stock is polyester/plastic and the core is, of course, 3-piece. It’s a particularly nice ball because it does pretty well on any kind of lane condition at all. It doesn’t come with a lot of hook and is best used as a straight ball. Experienced bowlers who are sometimes in the mood to shoot spares should also give this ball a try.

This ball doesn’t come predrilled.


  • Always rolls straight.
  • Great spare ball.
  • Excellent as a recreational ball for those who just bowl for a hobby.


  • Can’t be used by younger kids.

10. VBrunswick Purple Cheetah Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

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This Purple Cheetah bowling ball from Brunswick is a beautiful piece that works both on the alley and as a decorative piece in the office or wherever. It’s actually that beautiful. And for your pleasure, Brunswick carries different other designs of this sort of balls that you can pick from depending on your preferred tastes. And you know, it glows in the dark too. Cover stock is plastic/polyester and the finish is high gloss. While this might not give you a fantastic hook, it will, at least, make a great straight ball.

The way this ball is designed, it can work on any lane condition. And it doesn’t come predrilled, so you get to drill it with custom fit holes that will be comfy for your fingers.


  • Attractive design – can work as a decorative piece.
  • Works on any lane condition.


  • Does not give a great hook.

How to Buy Bowling Balls for Kids?

How to Buy Bowling Balls for Kids

When it comes to bowling balls for kids, there are tons of choices to pick from, and it can make settling for one ball a bit of a challenge. However, with the information we are about to furnish you with in this guide, you should be able to make a good choice and with little effort too. So here are points to consider…

best bowling balls for kids
  • Strength of the User: Kids should naturally use lighter bowling balls than adults. The normal weight range for kids should lie between 8 and 10 pounds.

You should strive to aim for balance when choosing a bowling ball for kids. Too heavy and they could strain their arms, too light and there isn’t enough heft for a good throw. If you must go for a lighter bowling ball for kids, 7 pounds should be the benchmark. But even such balls are rare.

But here’s another idea though: duckpin bowling. Duckpin bowling balls weigh a lot less than normal bowling balls at about 3 pounds and there are even duckpin bowling balls for kids. If your kid doesn’t seem to be enjoying the conventional style, maybe it’s time to switch styles and try duckpin bowling.

  • Skills: Cheap bowling balls for kids are not only economical, they are also better for kids. This is because they don’t come with too many technical features that make professional bowling balls so expensive. Get your child something that s/he can control at his/her current level of skill. The best bowling balls for beginners are therefore those with a pancake core and a polyester/plastic cover.
  • Hook: Go for balls with a lower hook potential than what you’d find in professional bowling balls. These straight balls will more easily slide to strike the pins on a straight line instead of winding up in the gutter due to poor control. This feature is important to keep children motivated and interested in the game.
  • Cost: Of course, cost determines almost everything. Whatever ball you choose must be comfortable to your pocket while carrying the important features necessary in a good bowling ball for kids. Most plastic bowling balls are usually pretty inexpensive. However, as bowling balls present an increase in advanced features, there will always be an increase in price, expectedly.

If money isn’t an issue for you though, and you want to do something extra special for your cherub, then there are custom bowling balls for kids. They’ll come with a personal touch that will make them unforgettable to your baby.

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Other People’s Opinion

Many customers tend to favor the undrilled bowling balls over predrilled ones. In their opinion, undrilled bowling balls were better since they got to get custom fit holes drilled into the ball at their local sport shop. The additional cost incurred didn’t seem to faze most. However, a few customers had issues with their bowling balls when they tried to drill it themselves without professional help. So, if you choose to go for the undrilled balls, please make sure you get them professionally drilled before anything else.

kids are playing Best Bowling Balls for Kids Reviewed

Few seasoned bowlers seemed particularly taken by most of the balls on our list to confirm to you that these are actual entry level balls at best. However, many expert bowlers agree that these balls are great for practicing spare shooting. The Brunswick T-Zone Patriot Blaze Bowling Ball seems to be the most popular ball in this category.

Whether or not the balls glowed in the dark appeared to be another big factor for many customers, and not just the kids, but the adults too. So, bowling balls like the Hearts Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball and the Brunswick Purple Cheetah Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball were a favorite of many, some even using the latter as a decorative piece.

The Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball appears to be the ball of choice for those who bowl as a hobby. It’s a simple, easy-going ball without too many advanced features. This makes it a perfect choice for those who don’t intend to go hardcore with bowling, as well as beginners.

And Our Favorite Bowling Ball for Kids is…

Our favorite bowling ball is the Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball. It is our top pick because it comes with every feature necessary in a great bowling ball for kids. It‘s nicely weighted in a way that’s perfect for kids. It does not generate too much hook. Plus, its core and cover stock ensure that the ball always rolls in a straight line without ending in the gutter. Kids will enjoy bowling with this ball a lot.

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