Bike Trailers: How to Select the Top Bike Trailers for Your Baby?


Bike trailers are fun for kids and you can quickly tell from the look on their faces. If you want to explore the great outdoors with your kids who are not yet biking on their own, this is a fun choice. A proper bike trailer will have you riding ahead while your kid gives orders from the comfort of their trailer.

Bike trailers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as functionality. There is no one best bike trailer for every kid or family. The point is that you can only find one that is best for your particular needs or purpose. Now that said; we know that there are lots of options out there when it comes to bike trailers and it might become cumbersome sifting through them to make a choice. That is why we are here. Having gone through numerous options, we present you with some of the best bike trailers in the market.

We considered different things, including budget, to arrive at our selection. As you read along, you will surely find something suitable for you regardless of your preference or budget. If you are pressed for time and can’t go through our review of individual products below, feel free to check out highlights of our top selection.

Best Bike Trailers Comparison Table

Burley Kid’s Encore Trailer Wike Moonlite Bike Trailers Weeho Turbo Bike Trailer Allen Sports Deluxe Bicycle Trailer WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer
Functionality Trailer, jogger, stroller, cargo Trailer, stroller Trailer Trailer Co-Pilot rider
No. of passengers 2 2 1 2 1
Dimension 33.2 x 31 x 37 inches 23.6 x 12.6 x 16.1 inches 72 x 13 x 30 inches 21 x 21 x 21 inches N/A
Weight 25.7 lbs 28 lbs 26 lbs 24.1 lbs 24 lbs
Capacity 100 lbs 100 lbs 80 lbs 100 lbs 75 lbs


Top 5 Bike Trailers on Amazon 2018 Reviews

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1.Burley Kids’ Encore Trailer

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This is one of the most exciting bike trailers for kids out there. It is multifunctional and can be used as a stroller, while jogging, running, or if you just want to explore. You can buy a stroller kit to easily attach to this trailer. This offers greater maneuverability through busy streets and sidewalks. A double jogger kit can also be mounted; once you reposition the handlebar you just turned this trailer into a jogger.

This foldable bike trailer is built with an aluminum frame and can be used to carry 2 kids at a time or just to haul cargo. It is covered with polyester which can withstand most weather conditions. It features tinted windows that protect the occupants from UV rays or you could raise the shades on cloudy days.

If you’re not taking your munchkins with you, you could just use this trailer to haul groceries from the store; this trailer is that spacious. Another cool feature of this trailer is that it is foldable. Once you release the two red latches at the top bar, it collapses into a compact size. This makes it easy to store away when not in use.

It also features a parking brake to ensure the trailer stays immovable once it is parked. The parking hub is located under the rear reflectors, so you can use your foot to engage and disengage the brakes.

With a 5-point harness system, you can rest assured your kids are safely tucked in. Furthermore, the seats are padded and covered with breathable mesh for extra comfort. However, if what you need is a single seater trailer with similar functionality, you can try out the Burley Design Minnow which is also collapsible.


  • Built with high-quality aluminum frame.
  • It is collapsible for easy storage and transportation.
  • It has parking brakes that can be engaged with the foot.
  • It is multifunctional and can easily go from a bike trailer to a jogger.
  • It has tinted shades that protect its occupants from UV rays.


  • It does not have a suspension system to absorb road shocks but is still a comfortable ride.

2.Wike MooliteBike Trailer

[amazon box=”B01N4RR26I” template=”vertical”]

This is one sturdy folding bike trailer. One cool thing about it is the plastic flooring in the interior. The idea behind this is to protect the occupant since twigs, loose rocks, and other sharp objects cannot tear through the bottom of the trailer. This trailersbike camp trailers is also big on storage as it has ample pockets in the rear and under the seat.

This is not one of those trailers that cramps kids like sardines. This one is spacious enough to hold two kids conveniently. It is also easy to load and unload from the front. Furthermore, each kid is protected with a 5-point padded harness bib that secures them in place through a bumpy ride.

It comes with bicycle hitches that make it easy to attach the trailer to your bike securely. The system is so well designed that the attachment requires just one move to lock it in place. Now, parents won’t face any hassles mounting their kid’s trailers or riding solo.

When it comes to quality, this Wike Moonlight trailer is up to standards. It exceeds the ASTM bicycle trailer standards. Furthermore, it’s easy to store: When not in use, you can easily fold the aluminum trailer which is light enough to do with one hand. It collapses into a compact size which lets you easily store it away without taking up too much space.


  • It has child-friendly scenes in the interior to keep your babies occupied.
  • It is built with lightweight but durable aluminum frame.
  • It uses the Quick Connect system to easily attach the trailer to your bike.
  • It is available in red and orange color.


  • It does not have brakes which makes it less ideal as a stroller or a jogger.

3.WeehoTurbo Bike Trailer

[amazon box=”B00R5C0IGW” template=”vertical”]

This is an open-air design, single wheel trailer which allows your kid to get a great view of the outdoors. It is built with a sturdy metal frame which is fully adjustable so it can accommodate kids of different ages. The single wheel design makes this trailer ideal to move in narrow paths or single tracks. It also keeps the trailer inline with the leading bike.

This trailer is fun and interactive for the kids as they get to pedal along with you. This makes them feel like they are taking part in the biking, thus getting them even more involved in the adventure. This trailer is a fun and exciting way to initiate your kids into the biking culture.

This Weeho trailer has a 14-liter storage space in the back. This is ample space to store some stuff for camping or other adventures. The trailer sits only one passenger and is suitable for kids ages 2 to 9. The trailer itself is quite lightweight weighing in at only 26 pounds and has a maximum load capacity of 80 pounds.

The Weeho Turbo features a patented hitch which lets you easily install and remove the trailer from your bike. With this trailer, you don’t have to feel frustrated at the thought of mounting or detaching the trailer. You might even find yourself looking forward to it as it is so simple to do. Furthermore, it is compatible with most adult bicycles including the ones with 29-inch tires.

This trailer offers effortless fun and engagement. But if it happens that you need protection from the elements along with your trailer, you can check out the Weeho All-Weather Shell. This design offers all-round transparent protection from both sun and rain.


  • It has ample storage capacity.
  • It gets children engaged by letting them pedal.
  • It is built with a sturdy metallic frame.
  • It has handlebars on the side that serves as support grips.
  • It adopts a patented hitch for quick attachment and release.


  • It is open and does not offer protection against unfriendly weather.

4.Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Child Steel Bicycle Trailer

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If you are looking for a lightweight bike rack for travel trailers that also has a large capacity, this one is a great choice. It is built with a steel frame and has steel wheels. It is spacious enough to accommodate two children at a time. It is also equipped with the Cabin Venting System which allows air to circulate through the trailer.

It has comfortable seats and harnesses to keep your co-pilots in place. It also sports a foot guard tube which protects your kid’s feet. This trailer can quickly be converted into a stroller using the handlebar in the rear. To convert it back into a trailer, you just need to connect the trailer arm which has the Allen AST-HCH trailer hitch. This lets you quickly attach and release the trailer. Furthermore, this trailer works with most adult bicycles using bolts.

There are two small pockets in the interior of the trailer where you can keep your kids’ snacks. There are also storage pockets in the rear where you can keep some more essentials. To prove its quality, this trailer exceeds ASTM standards for safety in children’s trailers. It has 16-inch wheels that are easily released, enabling the trailer to collapse and be stored.

This Allen Sports trailer is covered to protect the occupants from the weather. However, if you’d like a slightly different design from the same brand, the Allen Sports Child Jogger Trailer. This is a 2 in 1 product as it can easily switch into a jogger and back into a trailer.


  • It is made of sturdy steel frame and the wheels are steel too.
  • It is lightweight but has a high weight capacity.
  • It has a hitch system that makes it easy to mount and release from a bike.
  • It is compatible with many adult bikes.


  • It does not have any brakes.

5.WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

[amazon box=”B00BD45NEK” template=”vertical”]

This is an ideal way to introduce your kid to cycling. This co-pilot bike trailer is just like a bike only without the front tires. It has pedals, chain guards, seat, and an adjustable handlebar to accommodate kids of various heights. Your child could choose to pedal along or just coast while they enjoy the view of outdoors. It is built with heavy-duty steel and is designed to attach to almost any bicycle that has a seat post. This WeeRide co-pilot trailer uses the patented Sync-Link system to attach to the adult bike. This hitch system makes it easy to connect the trailer to a bike and detach it.

We all know that splashes of dirt and water are common when cycling but this trailer prevents that by equipping a splash guard. That way your kid won’t be drenched in dirt by the time you reach your destination. This trailer also features a safety flag at the rear to make it noticeable to other drivers.

The connecting arm of this co-pilot trailer can fold, making the trailer become compact for easy storage. The steel frame is lightweight weighing in at just 24 pounds. This trailer is recommended for kids of age 4 to 7 and it has a weight capacity of up to 75 pounds. Therefore, even a young adult can ride along.

This single wheel bike is available in green, pink, and white colors so you have a choice of which matches your taste. However, if this is not exactly what you’re looking for, there are other bike trailers from WeeRide. For example, if you want one with a sturdier and bigger tire, you can take a look at the WeeRide Co-Pilot XT Deluxe Wide Tire Bike Trailer.


  • It uses a patented hitch design for convenient installation.
  • It allows the co-pilot topedal along with you or just enjoy the ride.
  • It has an adjustable handlebar so it can accommodate kids of different heights.
  • It is equipped with a splash guard to protect the passenger from getting dirty.
  • It is compatible with any bike that has a seat post.


  • If your child is quite small, this co-pilot trailer might be too big.

How To Select The Best Bike Trailers

Bike trailers are a great way to involve your kids in a cycling adventure. It could be that they are not old enough to own their own bikes or you just want to have them close to you. Different people have different needs for a bike trailer which is why we said that there is no one best bike trailer for everyone.

One person might get a bike trailer designed to sit two kids because they have a twin or two small kids. Another person who has a 13-month-old child might not find that ideal. Ideally, we buy things to fulfill a need. This is why you first have to write out your needs and how you plan on using the trailer before making a choice. If you follow this simple plan, you will easily find the best bike trailer for you.

Bike trailers come in different designs and for different purposes. But as a general guide, we have come up with some of the factors you need to put in consideration when making a choice. Here is the video shows how to select the suitable kids trailers.

  1. For kids or luggage

If you didn’t know, now you know. Bike trailers can be used to haul your gear too when you are going on a long adventure. This is perhaps one of the first considerations you have to make. Do you need a bike trailer just for your kids or just for luggage? The reason for this decision is to find a trailer that is designed for that particular purpose. As you know, that gives the best results.

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A Bike trailer for kids is often designed to sit two kids at a time (though you will find some with an extra sit at the back). These trailers give high priority to the safety of the occupants such as hard flooring so that shrapnel can’t cut through. These types can easily convert into a stroller bike trailer or a jogger. They often have two wheels to keep the trailer balanced.

Luggage trailers, on the other hand, do not offer so much protection for its contents. They are often designed with one wheel for the sake of handling. A one-wheel trailer can lean in along with the rider in a turn so she doesn’t have to slow down. A two-wheel trailer cannot do this do it might be a bit of a deterrent to the adventurer who needs to move fast.

There is a third type of trailer, the co-pilot design, which is almost like a bike on its own except it does not have a front tire. This type is ideal if you just want to have a fun ride around town with your child. You can look at this as a baby bike seat for grown-up kids.


choose the Best Bike Trailers

This is probably the most important factor any parent will look out for when buying things for their kids. Bike trailers designed for kids have protective features that ensure your kids are safe. Most bike trailers for kids are covered with tinted materials to keep them from UV rays. Some of those materials are even waterproof so that water or mud splashing from your rear tire do not get to them. The type of harness in the trailer is another safety option to consider.

Whether the trailer is for kids or luggage, it is always a good idea to look out for the certification for safety and quality the product has. A lot of the trailers in the market claim to exceed the ASTM and other standards. But if you look out for the safety measure stated above, you will be fine.

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Don’t just trust the manufacturer’s claim that a trailer can accommodate two kids. In some cases, you will realize that your kids will have to cramp in to fit. It is best to check for the interior dimensions before making your choice.

Another aspect of sizing is for storing the trailer when not in use. Most bike trailers are collapsible which reduces them to less than half of their size. Therefore, you might also want to pay attention to the dimensions when collapsed if you are short on space.

4.Hitching system

This is what connects the trailer to your bike so you want to give it all the attention it deserves. The connecting mechanism often varies by manufacturer. The important thing is that however the hitching system is designed, be sure that when it connects it stays securely connected. The ease of use is also an important factor; you don’t want to hate the job of attaching and detaching the trailer.


Apart from accommodating the kids, bike trailers should also have storage spaces. It is important to be sure that the storage is accessible even while the kids are seated. Some trailers are designed with seats that are collapsible for more space for luggage. Others have an extra storage space behind the child’s compartment.


Just as bike trailers come in different sizes, designs, and functionality, so are they available at different prices. Everyone wants the best products on the shelf but we also know not everyone can afford them. This is where the tradeoff often comes in.

In a case where budget becomes a constraint, the best thing to do is to look out for only those factors that are most important. By eliminating the not so important ones, hopefully, you will find a trailer that offers what you need at a favorable price. There’s no need to panic, be rest assured that you can find a trailer that meets your budget and your needs.

Now that you have the important factors to consider when choosing the ideal bike trailer, what will your choice be? Remember, what works for your neighbor might not work for you. Even if your needs are the same, personal preferences still have their own part to play. All that said; with all the information we have given you, we believe it’s now easier for you to make a more informed choice of a bike trailer.

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