7 Best Batman Toys to Select In 2018


This will be the 26th year for batman’s animated series which is a remarkable achievement for the DC comic that fans have adored since back then. Now, it is time to introduce the Batman culture to our kids who are watching and want to get into the fun too. There are many toy accessories to choose from the batman inspiration, but you want the best batman toys for them to get familiar with Gotham City and other friends on Bruce Wayne’s list. Every other year, after releasing something to watch, Warner Bros Pictures goes ahead to pave the way for new batman toys to relate with the story.

These toys are for older kids, so it is advisable to wait until your child is about 4 or 5 years old before introducing the toys and collectibles. The reviews below are batman toys meant for kids above four years of age onwards.

Best Batman Toys Reviews

Here are some of the recommendable batman toys that your younger one can utilize as they learn to fly out and create incredible stories as they have fun. It is okay to join them – it’s even more fun.

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♣Lego Batcave break-in superhero toy

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Parts size

  • Batcave: Approx. 8” high, 15” wide, 7” deep
  • Batboat: Approx. 2” high 7” long, 4” wide


Straight from the Lego Batman movie, here are lego batman toys to also challenge yourself and the little one in defending against the Penguin’s duckmobile invasion. What will take your kid’s attention is the batman cave that serves as the batman’s headquarters. It is, however, delicate to move so make sure you handle it with care if you don’t want to ruin the fun early.

The package includes Batman, the Penguin, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth and everything they need for their particular sets of the mission. On the Batman’s end, Bruce Wayne can transform to a batman with the help of the rotating transformation chamber and go ahead to plan his attacks using the rotating control center. It is well equipped with the following:

  • Batcomputer that has multiscreen elements
  • Elevating platform function
  • Rotating chair
  • Batman logo tile
  • Two cabinets which serve as a safe place for his batarangs
  • Prison featuring an exploding escape wall function
  • Turning wardrobe with three batsuits

Since the kid will be playing against the Penguin, the duckmobile will have the following:

  • Minifigure cockpit with an adjustable lever
  • Two flick missiles
  • Two dual stud shooters
  • Rotating propeller
  • Buzzsaws which the Penguin uses as weapons

Playing with it is fun, but kids above seven years old can only realize that. Furthermore, you don’t want to ruin’s batman’s cave by giving it to a kid who still has room to grow and understand. Also, it takes time to put everything together so, go through the manual before playing. The time is, however, worth it for every boy or girl who will join in the fun.

The best part about this toys is that they are also compatible with other Lego sets that you might have owned before. Even the old set will have some new characters which give you the chance to try out.

What parents say

“My boys love to play with the LEGO especially when their father is around. We spent too much time preparing everything, but it was worth the effort. It is the first time in the family I have everyone wanting to participate and help the boys out.”

♣Fisher-Price Imaginext Gotham City Jail

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What is the package?

  • Imaginext Batman Gotham Jail
  • Batman figure
  • Bane figure
  • Famous Gotham villains
  • 3 (LR44) button-cell batteries


It’s time to call the batman after Bane’s jailbreak. In this Imaginext batman toys set, there are five Gotham city jail cells with some famous villains in them. That includes Bane whose jail cell is breakable. By turning the disk, Bane powers up to glow as he does and that needs Batman’s attention. So you have to help the kids signal Batman, using the bat signal. That will be very enjoyable for all kids between four and eight years of age.

All the jail cells have Gotham famous villains, and Bane will help to break out and cause havoc in the city. When all of them are locked up, the first disc activates Bane who starts to glow and illuminate his veins. To generate the jailbreak, he will use the disc at the top, and all the villains will run free upon the notice. Now use the bat signal to call Batman so that he can catch up and restore order in Gotham.

It is an exciting game to play with your kids since it is minds engaging and will keep them busy in the evening as you prepare dinner.

What parents say

“We wish this game could have more jail cells. It is entertaining to have Batman lock up all the bad guys. Sometimes we also want to join the kids as they do it and lock up everything that seems to be ‘breaking the law’ until they learn their lesson. Then they can be let free except Bane.”

♣Fisher-Price Imaginext Batman Heroes & Villains Pack

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Now, every superhero needs something to fight so Batman has a crew here. If you are looking for Batman and Robin toys, the Batman Heroes and Villains Pack comes with Batman himself, the notorious Bane, Robin, Catwoman and Mr. Freeze. That will give the kids something to create stories with or copy what they saw in the movie.

There are those of us asking if Brainiac comes with the crew, this package does not include the character. If the kids love the DC super friends, then it’s time you got this set of Batman toys for your kids.

What parents say

“Kids went mad when the package arrived. They love acting out the heroes and villains. Most of the characters used here are Robin and Mr. Freeze. For the freeze, he doesn’t open up the helmet, and the kids wanted that. Overall, it is something that keeps them busy during the weekend.”

♣Mattel Games Rock: Batman vs. Superman Edition

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What is in the package?

  • Batman figure
  • Superman figure
  • Each has two thumb controls


Straight from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, here is the epitome of the story – the two main characters playing in the house. Many parents have tried to find versions of Batman versus Superman toys but having these two fighting until Batman wins (he has to) makes it fun for two. If you have two kids or you and the kid, you are good to go.

The Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots now will have one of them flying out when they are defeated. All you need to do is move them into position and use the thumb-operated mechanisms to battle it out by taking skillful hits on the opponent. The last punch to send the opponent ‘home’ declares you the winner with a victorious sound.

This is ultimate fun for two where you can engage kids from four years and above.

What parents say

“We got for our six-year-old daughter, and she was never happier. We love to battle when she finishes her school work by quoting favorite lines from the movie, and it is all fun until we get tired. It provides a great bonding moment. As for the make, it is easy to assemble, and the characters are really durable.”

♣Batman Arkham Knight DC Collectibles

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If you love the DC collectibles, older kids will also do. This is one of the Batman Arkham Knight toys from the video game which stands at 6.75”. What we love about this collectible is that it is highly detailed when it comes to articulations. He also does not need a stand since he can do it all by himself. Depending on what you purchase it for, it can be a figure to keep in the house or use it as a toy to play with. It is however meant for older kids, above 13 years old.

What parents say

“The collectible looks like that one in the pictures. There are more articulation when compared with previous models which is a good thing if you want to experiment more. He also comes with a gun. That inspires me to fetch the joker collectible later for his 14th birthday.”

♣The Animated Series: Batman DC Collectibles

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Figure specifications

  • Batman: 6” tall
  • Grappling gun
  • Batarang
  • Both hands customized for Batarang and gun holding


The animated series has gone ahead to win an Emmy award, and you can join them by having Batman the animated series toys and collectibles to celebrate with your kid. It is a 6-inch action figure that has a unique base and specific accessories that define the Batman character. Indeed, the DC was great at aesthetics – to look like it was straight from the cartoon.

The articulations on this collectible are worth noting since it is an improvement from the previous models. Batman will pose in many positions and have him hold the gun without falling over which is great. All the other accessories help in revealing more about the batman; have him own the grappling weapon on one hand and a Batarang on the other.

There are some things that we need to point out from this action figure. Batman is well made, but even after careful handling, the paint starts to peel off. The joints are also very tight, and that makes Batman vulnerable to breaking. Be careful when posing him.

What parents say

“My 14-year-old son loves the collectibles, and he used to play Batman when he was young. I collected this one after watching the animated series. You have to be careful with the joints though. After careful positioning, the batman will be adorable in his pose.”

♣Batman returns Batman 1 / 6 figure

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The last one in our reviews goes to Batman returns toys. Here is a Batman figure whose plastic PVC material features a 1:6 scale and is about 12 inches tall. It represents the hot toys batman brand where the head sculpt is the image of Michael Keaton with the mask and a separate set of rolling eyeballs. You can also change the lower face part.

Other parts for the figure include nine pieces of interchangeable palms covered with gloves, a batsuit, and Batman related gadgets. The gadgets involve the grapple gun, Batarang, batmobile remote control, napalm packets and signal jammer.

Batman can also light up with the help of the LED light, and he also comes with a nameplate and movie logo. To operate the figure, you need to power up with batteries. The eyeball rolling system is an improvement from the 89 Batman figure. The rubber body makes the articulation easier and possible, but the character cannot do some of his favorite kicks and stands. Overall, it is much better in quality, and he is well pose-able. If you have the 1989 batman, this one will pose as the superior one from hot toys.

What parents say

“This is much better from what I had previously. I bought it for my son who loves everything to do with Batman and me. It is well painted and symmetrical, and the eyeballs roll much well when compared to the 89 piece that I once had. It is even taller, and the body feels softer than the previous model.”

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Our Favorite Pick of the Best Batman Toys

With all the batman unlimited toys we have out there, we loved the Lego batman toys with the Batcave experience. It is fun to fight with the Penguin, and there are many accessories to keep the kids busier for hours.

The others are fun too, but that depends on the age of your child. When he or she grows older, the collectibles will be more fun than playing around.

Now, it’s time to go out there and grab a Batman toy for the young generation!

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