11 Best Basketball Shoes for Boys in 2018


Astounding shots, high-flying dunks, lightning fact breakaways and impeccable passes defines basketball, a fast-paced and energetic sport. But what is basketball without the right shoes? This is especially so for your little ones who aspire to get footing in the sport at a young age. Let’s, face it, kids understand fashion, as much as adults do. Most of them develop their own sense of style from a young age. They also discover the clothes, shoes, and jewelry they like, as they grow older. A couple of decades ago, little girls wore oxford-styles sneakers, lace-ups, saddle shoes, and Mary Janes. Their male counterparts wore loafers, lace-up shoes, and high top sneakers.

Nowadays, celebrities have a huge influence in the fashion industry. You will find kids that want to wear certain shoes because they see athletes like Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant wearing the same kind of shoes. The hottest footwear styles in 2018 are basketball shoes from popular brands like Nike, Sketchers, Saucony, Reebok, and Adidas. We put together this review article to let you know about the top 11 best basketball shoes for boys.

Mom’s Guide: Most Popular Basketball Shoes for Your Boy

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1. Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Ilation Mid K Kids Casual Footwear  

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If you are looking for a great pair for your playfully versatile kid, then this is the shoe to go for. The Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Ilation Mid K Kids Casual Footwear comes in black, blue and grey. The black version has three other variations. One has an all-black outsole, the second one has a black and white outer sole, and the third version has a red and white sole.

This basketball shoe has a rubber outsole with patterned threads that offer good grip for the wearer. Its upper part is made of synthetic nubuck. Like most Adidas shoes, this pair of shoes features the signature 3-stripe overlays on the sides. The shoe’s tongue, rear quarter, and collar are covered with a synthetic mesh fabric. Inside, it has a cloudfoam midsole that has great cushioning properties.

What we like about this shoe

The midsole material used on this shoe offers superior comfort. It makes the shoe suitable for practicing sports, spinning, as well as running. If you want a high quality pair of basketball shoes, the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Ilation Mid K Kids Casual Footwear would be a great choice for your child.

2. AND 1 Kids’ Overdrive Shoe

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Kids who like black and yellow clothes are likely to fall in love with this shoe. The AND 1 Kids’ Overdrive Shoe comes in different sizes ranging from a 1M to a 7M. There are two variations of this shoe. One has a black and yellow outsole, while the other one has a grey and black outer sole. The rubber soles of this pair of basketball shoes have a radial herringbone pattern with thin-ribbed threads.

Judging from the collar line pattern, we could tell that the shoe was designed to support the speed and movement of players on a basketball court. The upper of this product is made of synthetic material and a hybrid mesh that offers breathability.

What we like about this shoe

The AND 1 Kids’ Overdrive Shoe offers great grip. It also offers easy-to-wear capacity, durability, and resistance. We recommend this shoe to those who wish to get durable and inexpensive basketball shoes for their children.

3. Under Armour Boys’ Boys’ Grade School Get B Z

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This product has properties that allow boys to enjoy comfort, an impressive fashion style, and breathability. It comes in black, blue, and red. All of these colors are suitable for male kids. The materials used on the shoe include polyester, leather, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA, and rubber for the outsole. These materials are lightweight, which makes the shoe comfortable for kids below 7 years old.

The ankle straps on the Under Armour Boys’ Boys’ Grade School Get B Z will give extended support to your child’s lower leg. This shoe’s innersole is unique because it is made with anti-odor technology to prevent the growth of microbes that cause bromodosis (foot odor).

What we like about this shoe

The ventilated leather panels and the mesh fabric provide ultimate breathability. These features, together with the anti-odor technology, are important for kids who spend several hours outdoors. We rank it as one of the best under armor basketball shoes for boys because its materials are tough enough to withstand wear and tear.

4. Champion Boys’ Inferno Basketball Shoe

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Here we have a shoe that combines mesh and faux leather in a stylish way. The Champion Boys’ Inferno Basketball Shoe is suitable for children who love to play basketball. It offers a safe and comfortable environment for the sport.

Its features include a top quality insole, ankle flexibility patterns, and a padded collar. The shoe uses a lace-up system that will enable your child to secure his feet comfortably. You can get this pair of basketball shoes in grey, white light blue, and black red designs.

What we like about this shoe

The shoe has pattern treads on the outer sole that provides optimal grip. It can be worn on smooth and rough surfaces without risking slippage.

5. NIKE Kids’ Team Hustle D 7 Basketball Shoe

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There are multiple remarkable features on the NIKE Kids’ Team Hustle D 7 Basketball Shoe. It has a rubber sole with deep flex grooves. The upper of this basketball shoe has perforated panels, laces, and a padded collar. The materials used in this product include synthetic leather and polyester. The shoe comes in four custom colors: Gym Red, Hyper Pink, Game Royal Blue, and Dark Grey Pink.

What we like about this shoe

We believe that the different color options are appealing to the eyes of most boys. Therefore, your child is likely to like its aesthetic features. Aside from the beauty of the basketball shoe, this high-top shoe is comfortable because of its padded innersole. If you are looking for a shoe with outstanding grip, this is the right shoe for your child because of its threaded rubber outsole.

6. Nike KD 8 Youth

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These Kevin Durant basketball shoes for kids have textured rubber soles. They also have Nike’s trademark Flyweave construction. The structure and synthetic materials of the shoe offer ultimate support and cushioning to the feet of a child. The materials are also durable as they can withstand extreme wear and tear forces. This pair of shoes comes in more than 5 kid sizes. Its main colors are metallic silver-white and wolf grey.

What we like about this shoe

The Nike KD 8 Youth is one of the best basketball shoes for kids because of its innovative and intriguing features. We were impressed by its comfortable fit, which is a quality that most people consider when looking for the right shoes for their kids. You can rest assured that these shoes will fit properly on your child’s feet.

7. Nike Youth LeBron XIII (GS)

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The shoes are recommendable for kids between 8 and 12 years old. They have Zoom Air units that provide excellent cushioning. This product sports Flywire cables that offer optimal support to the entire foot. It also comes with the popular NIKE Zoom Leap system, which enhances propulsion during sprints. Like most of the products on our list, these Lebron basketball shoes for kids have rubber soles of different colors.

What we like about this shoe

The Nike Youth LeBron XIII (GS) shoes are lightweight, thereby allowing kids to run comfortably in them. The high quality laces allow kids to enjoy nicely fitting shoes. Your child can adjust the laces to get their desired fit and improve support for their ankles.

8. Under Armour UA ClutchFit Drive 3

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The two words that perfectly describe these basketball shoes are ‘durable’ and ‘breathable’. This shoe stretches well and offers great support to the feet. It features the latest ClutchFit technology that makes it breathable.

Even though the materials used to make this shoe are of different colors, they have the same quality. Other features include the herringbone pattern on the outsole, the EVA midsole, and the crash pad on the heel section. Most of these features give the shoes their comfortable feel. The securing mechanism used on the shoe is the bear-trap lacing system that holds the tongue against the laces for a locked-in fit.

What we like about this shoe

The shoe’s design is not only functional but also attractive to kids. It can make a good gift for your child. Since we like to get the best value for our money, we appreciate the durability of the synthetic fabric used on the upper of the Under Armour UA ClutchFit Drive 3.

9. Jordan Kids Jordan True Flight

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Michael Jordan basketball shoes for kids are among the top selling products in the footwear industry. The Jordan Kids Jordan True Flight has stylish and functional features that offer impressive grip, comfort, and fit. It is made of nubuck leather that comes in different color designs, which include Red-bronze Pure Platinum, White Gym, Golden Harvest, Bordeaux sail, Pure Grey, and Wolf Grey white. The common sizes for this pair of shoes range between a 4M and a 7 Big Kid M.

What we like about this shoe

We love the Jordan trademark on this shoe. The Jordan True Flight basketball shoes are stylish and trendy. Aside from that, they are durable because of the nubuck leather used on their upper. Buying this product for your child will boost their confidence. Additionally, you are guaranteed to get a shoe that will last for many years.

10. Adidas Performance Light EM Up 2 J Shoe

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This is a budget-friendly shoe that sports advanced features such as the Bounce technology. The material on the upper is an engineered mesh that you are likely to see on some high-end sneakers. This shoe is safe for runs as it has a thick outer sole with traction patterns in all directions. Additionally, its padded innersole and security tough loops offer comfort.

What we like about this shoe

The patterned color blocking design on the Adidas Performance Light EM Up 2 J Shoe caught our attention the most. It makes the shoe appear unique. The Bounce™ cushioning on this pair of basketball shoes will propel your child forward and offer them extra comfort.

11. NIKE LeBron XIII Boy’s Basketball Shoes

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This Nike basketball pair is surely a game changer. It features zoom pods designed in a hexagonal shape to allow them to move independently as well as provide you with a flexible cushioning. And when it comes to the outsole, it’s completely transparent, giving it a stylish look. You kid could even wear these sneakers when not in the pitch.

What we like about this shoe

There’s a lot to love about the LeBron XIII basketball shoe. But what we loved mostly about it is its overall design. The upper part of the shoe is designed to increase airflow as well as create a thin and precise fit. The non-symmetrical lacing then comes in to provide special support, while the inner bootie cradles the foot to improve breathability and stability. Anyone would love to wear this pair!

7 Tips for Buying the Best Basketball Shoes for Boys

a boy is playing basketball with the best basketball shoes

Basketball shoes are designed for use in the basketball court. Therefore, they have special features that athletes need to have in the footwear. The shoes must offer foot support, overall relaxation of the body, comfort, exceptional grip, breathability, as well as flexibility. Kids wear basketball sneakers because they are fashionable and durable. When purchasing basketball shoes for boys, you need to consider the following things:

The fit

Kids grow in spurts. Hence, they need new shoes after every 3-4 months. You need to know your child’s exact shoe size before you go looking for one. When fitting your child’s shoe, check out the depth, width, and length of the shoe. Tightly fitting shoes cause bunions, hammertoes, toe problems, ingrown toenails, and calluses. Oversized shoes, on the other hand, can cause discomfort to the wearer. It is unwise to pick out a shoe that is one or two sizes bigger than your child’s feet.

Shoe construction

The main parts of a shoe include the upper, the heel, the insole, and the outsole. The upper part can be a low-, mid-, or high-top. Mid-top basketball shoes offer great ankle supports to players. They also allow increased flexibility. High-top shoes have long upper wraps that provide extra stability and support. They are suitable for older kids as they offer additional coverage due to their extra weight. Low-top basketball shoes for kids are designed for agility and speed. Unlike the high- and mid-top shoes, they provide little ankle support.

When looking for the best basketball shoes for boys, pick a shoe that offers exceptional speed, comfort, mobility, and breathability. Hard uppers, made of synthetics, do not offer much mobility. Nonetheless, they are durable and supportive.


The midsole of a basketball shoe includes the cushioning material on which your foot rests. This part plays a significant role in a shoe’s performance. The majority of midsoles consist of polyurethane, compressed ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, or a combination of both materials. Polyurethane soles are dense, while EVAs and compressed EVA foams are lightweight. Choose a shoe that uses cushioning on the middle section if you want your child to enjoy increased protection against pronation (inward rolling).


Most shoes have rubber outsoles. Other outer soles are made of synthetic material. Like most textile materials, both rubber and synthetic materials have their pros and cons. When shopping for basketball shoes, find shoes with flat and wide outsoles. These types of shoes offer optimal balance.

Different manufacturers apply different patterns on outsoles. Look for shoes with hexagonal and herringbone patterns to ensure your kid gets perfect traction from their shoes.

The securing mechanism

Some kids can tie their shoes effortless, while others cannot. You need to consider the closure techniques available if you want to buy a good pair of basketball shoes for your little child. The most popular closure materials are laces, which are light and easy to use. Other types of closures on basketball shoes include hook-and-loop materials, zippers, and straps. These pieces will give your child extra ankle protection and support.


A good pair of shoes should allow for aeration of the feet. Some shoe manufacturers improve air circulation in their basketball shoes using advanced anti-odor technology. Look for a shoe that uses this type of tech, has perforated panels, or features a mesh fabric on the upper.

The aesthetics

When picking a pair of basketball shoes, you should consider how they look. Kids like stylish items and most of them do not really care about the materials aspect of products. Find colorful shoes for your young one to help boost their confidence when they are walking outdoors. It is recommendable to get color suggestions from your children before buying shoes for them. You can also ask them to show you a colored picture of the type of shoes they want. Most boys will go for blues, blacks, and greys.

So, How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes for Boy? Our Top Pick

boy sitting on ground trying sports shoes

As you would expect, parents prioritize on some features when buying the best basketball shoes for their sons. While shopping for these shoes, Many of them are more concerned about the traction, durability, and fit aspects of the shoes. We found out that most parents like Adidas and Nike basketball shoes for kids because of their accurate sizing. They are happy with products from these brands because they do not have to stress over the fit of the shoes. Most online shoe reviewers seem to share the same opinion.

Many people prefer some basketball shoes to others because of their breathability. Judging from online comments, adults value shoes that allow their kids to have healthy fit. Some of them understand that boys require shoes that allow for proper air circulation. This point explains why buyers go for the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Ilation Mid K, AND 1 Kids’ Overdrive Shoe, and Under Armour UA ClutchFit Drive 3.

Kids like the fancy designs of the shoes on our list. According to their parents, they feel great when they wear these basketball shoes because of the colors and patterns on the outsole as well as the upper.

We noticed that there were some negative comments on some products. A few buyers liked the material and design of these shoes, but they were frustrated because they could not find the colors they wanted. Others were not happy with the fit of the shoes they bought for their children. Reading such comments enabled us to be keen when selecting the shoe sizes we wanted.



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