5 Best Baby Sunglasses in 2018: Reviews and Buying Guide


In recent times, you may have noticed a trend with young ones and sunglasses. It may appear as being a little extravagant on the kid until you pick a pair for your little one only to find how cute they are. The central question is, why are parents spending on such a fashion accessory? Apart from the good looks, doctors also have something to say – babies need sunlight protection just like mom. So, when you are picking the best baby sunglasses, know that they should have some safeguarding features.

Opticians tend to believe that there is a connection between too much sunlight and cataracts development. They also think that the glare could result in macular degeneration among other retinal complications. Our kids’ eyes have not yet acquired the right pigmentation so the UV rays can get to the retina. However, it is still not clear about the magnitude of the risk.

It is vital that you necessitate the need to wear baby sunglasses. At times, they don’t want to due to their reasons, and one of them is not seeing clearly. If they don’t agree with your idea, don’t force it. Go ahead and wear a pair when you are out, in the sun, and they will get used to it. You can also introduce them to kids in the neighborhood if they are old enough to interact. If he or she sees them wearing, they will come begging for a cool pair.

The best baby sunglasses are made to offer the right eye protection and come at reasonable prices except for the high-end brands. You should, however, look for a pair that is not easy to break, will stay on your child’s face without a struggle, and the baby will like. If the sunglasses that meet all of the above come at a higher price, it may be worth every penny after he or she has worn them.  

In this guide, we will focus on the following:

  • Baby sunglasses comparison table
  • Best baby sunglasses reviews
  • Baby sunglasses buying guide
  • Our favorite pick

Baby Sunglasses Comparison Table

Product Name UV protection Polarized Amazon Rating
Babiators Original Aviator Yes No 4.1/5.0
Baby banz Retro Yes Yes 4.1/5.0
Ray Ban Junior Wayfarer Yes No 4.1/5.0
Maui Jim Baby Beach Yes Yes 4.2/5.0
Coolsome Rubber Flexible Kids Polarized Sunglasses  Yes Yes 4.1/5.0

Best Baby Sunglasses Reviews

[amazon table=”29059″]

1.Babiators Original Aviator Sunglasses

[amazon box=”B01MZ1YMKY” template=”vertical”]

The first one on the list is the baby aviator sunglasses that has won the hearts of many mothers and babies alike. The name Babiators came in after two couples joined hands to pave the way for a pair of sunglasses for their young ones so that they can enjoy the sun just like their parents.

Since one of the men in the group was a pilot, he went ahead to bring out the name and design something that took the Wayfarer look which eventually gave birth to Navigators company.

All designs incorporate 100% rubber which is a good counter against breakage. Depending on what you choose, they also offer UVA and UVB through the UV400 lenses protection and the materials are free of BPA and Phthalate. You can purchase them for your infant who is not yet one year, and the range in size goes all the way to 6 years and above. If you need a strap and case, they do not come with the pair you purchase, but you can acquire them separately.

Some parents need them from prescribed lenses. Babiators offers this adjustment too, but it is a good idea to confirm with a specialist first. Any breaking or loss of any Babiator pair has a one year guarantee.

What parents say

“We got them for our 61-month old some, and he was very ready to wear them. We acquired a strap separately to keep them intact when he is running around. The warranty is great, and we love how flexible the sunglasses frames are. Overall, comfy and definitely recommendable to any kiddo in the sun.”


  • UVA and UVB protection
  • The range of size includes 0-2, 3-5 and above six years
  • Flexible frames
  • Safe for the kids
  • One year warranty against loss or breakage
  • Can include prescription lens


  • No wrap

2.Baby Banz Retro sunglasses

[amazon box=”B00149YRB4″ template=”vertical”]

Here is another company that has an undisputable styling for your toddler’s glasses. There is a wide range of what you can choose for your kid. The inspiration behind baby Banz sunglasses was a case of an Australian parent wanting to cover the baby’s eyes from the scorching Aussie sun. Since you are looking for something fashionable, Baby Banz retro is an adorable choice to go for. They are flexible baby sunglasses with a wrap-around strap that guarantees proper fitting with no falling off.

After the kid puts them on, you can adjust the size of the wrap to coincide with the head’s circumference via the hook and loop closing point. That makes it a perfect pair of sunglasses for your baby as they grow up.

The UVA and UVB protection from this pair makes it a suitable option for all children below two years of age. Since there are numerous colors to choose from, don’t stick to black or grey if you want something different. The designers had a child-safety protocol in mind – a reason as to why this is an award-winning brand.

What parents say

“Children want to look outside whenever we are traveling. The light, on the other hand, becomes a hindrance to enjoying the view, and that is where baby banz comes to the rescue. She loves wearing them when in the car and she is now in a position to check around while on the move. They are safe to use, and the wrapping at the back of the rubber framing is worth recommending.”


  • Plastic wrap around guarantees safety
  • Easy to adjust
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • UVA and UVB protection


  • Not suitable for toddlers below six months

3.Ray-Ban Junior Wayfarer Square Sunglasses

[amazon box=”B01447VPQ2″ template=”vertical”]

Here is the brand that many Hollywood actors have been choosing both on and off the screen. That makes you think about making the baby join them which is a great idea. Ray Ban sunglasses have been around for more than half a century, but the change in designs and customization is what has made them appear in your favorite movie and have Ray Ban baby sunglasses for your child too. That is why older kids will love wearing them after watching baby driver.

Ray ban  Junior Wayfarer sunglasses are not different from what the adults use; it’s just a matter of size. The frames are plastic which is not suitable for younger kids who are always adventurous so make sure that your kid can take care of a few things before purchasing this model. For sunlight protection, the baby driver sunglasses have plastic lenses with UV protection ability. You can look for polarized options, but most of the released products are non-polarized for this brand. When it comes to color, the manufacturer gives you 15 options to choose from before you decide the ultimate baby driver sunglasses for your kiddo.

What parents say

“You need to check the size before buying. These sunglasses are fit for kids above three years. Apart from the sizing, they are great on kids. If you have watched the baby driver movie, then you know what I’m talking about. The older, the better since the quality is the same as those meant for adults.”


  • UV protection
  • Excellent frame with angled parts for ear holding
  • Many colors available


  • Frame too rigid for small kids
  • Quite expensive

4.Maui Jim Baby Beach sunglasses

[amazon box=”B01FXFIA58″ template=”vertical”]

If you are going to pick this option for the kid, then he or she needs to be old enough, and you have to cough more than what you expect from a pair of sunglasses. This is the Aviator design that kids in Beverly Hills will vouch for. Most of them are made for adults but if you feel that your kid needs something to ‘shut them down’ in the streets and still offer the right protection from the sun, why not?

The design fits small faces that look for a pair of sunglasses to prevent the UV from destroying the eyes and also get rid of the glare, thanks to the polarization that kicks out up to 99%. The lenses are more than thin and light, but that does not make them vulnerable to scratches. The price accounts for that.

Due to its thinness, you may question about its durability. While we cannot guarantee its longevity from a small kid’s point of view, the frame is pure titanium with the support of non-corrosive hinges. The lenses are also designed to give a scratch and shatter free material. If you want to choose from the available colors, Maui Jim baby beach sunglasses have silver, gold or blue mirror coating options to choose from.

What parents say

“This is an expensive pair out of reach of many parents and with a reason. The titanium frame skyrockets the price and the UV protection and glare reduction are a non-match when compared to other designs. It fits well with adults with small faces and kids old enough to know that it is a pricey pair of sunglasses.”


  • UV protection
  • Polarized
  • Cool aviator design for small faces


  • Not meant for young kids
  • Very expensive

5.Coolsome Rubber Flexible Kids Polarized Sunglasses 

[amazon box=”B00ZUU1U90″ template=”vertical”]

Last but not least is another baby driver sunglasses collection that comes with a composite frame and lens where the latter has nine layers for protection purposes. Apart from the dark coloring that reduces the UV penetrability, Coolsome polarized sunglasses are also polarized to reduce the glare. Some customers, however, complain that it is not dark enough and you can see the child’s eyes blinking even when inside the house where they are not staring at the sun.

One recommendable feature goes to the flexible rubber material that guarantees bendable baby sunglasses for a tough kid. They also come with a strap to keep them around the child’s neck in case they fall off which becomes a good security measure that ensures they are not lost.

What parents say

“They are fine for a 7 or 9-year old kid and the boys like them due to their decency. We love the rubberized frame that makes them bendable, but too much trial with the kids will eventually lead to breakage. The strap that comes with it is good for holding and elastic enough, but it is not a strainer if you have two boys who like running around when the sun is out.”


  • Flexible frames
  • UV protection
  • Polarized


  • Not suited for kids below three years of age
  • The lenses are not dark enough

Baby Sunglasses Buying Guide

After getting familiar with the different baby sunglasses before summer demands their purchase, here is a guide to give information about what you should consider when selecting the best baby sunglasses for your little one.

When should you introduce the idea of sunglasses to your baby?

best baby sunglass

When your child is under six months old, he or she may not need any sunglasses. No sunrays are getting into their eyes since the baby is dressed well to cater for that. Since it is a mother’s instinct to protect the baby against harmful sun rays, the infant will have a hat or some sun shades to cover the face and reduce the light.

While such techniques are recommendable to cut down on the amount of light entering into their eyes, if you are on the beach or sloppy areas where light is another order of the day, it is time to negotiate for sunglasses.

After your baby attains six months old, you can start to seriously look for a pair of sunglasses with all the qualities that make them suitable for the baby. At that point, you can read some of the best on our reviews above and see which brand suits best for your little one.

Now, not all babies will want to wear them when you want them to do so. That is why parents will get mixed up results after the introduction. If they are resistant, try them when they are a little older. By then, they will have interacted with a few people who wear sunglasses, and you might also wear at some point. That is when they will start wanting to look like mummy in the sun.

What do you need to consider before purchasing baby sunglasses

Here are some of the specifications to look at as you search for the ultimate choice.

  • Lenses color:There are numerous forms of colors to choose from when choosing baby sunglasses. While you might get tempted to get a blue or red pair, it advisable to take a dark color or a grey one. That will keep the colors of what the baby looks at as natural as possible and prevent getting confused. Remember that they are still growing.
  • UVA and UVB protection:Sunglasses need to block at least 95% of the UV rays that are projected by the sun. We all know how harmful rays damage our eyes too so get something to cover the baby. Darkened lenses perform a better task at this since they reduce the brightness and still allow the pupils to get enough light. For younger ones who may still be scared by the dark color, you can start with grey.
  • Polarization:There are times when the light looks bright enough to distract your view and that of the baby too. To reduce the sharpness of the glare, it is essential to get polarized baby sunglasses so that everything can clearer ahead. You need to note that UV protection is not the same as polarization. However, you are allowed to prioritize UV over polarization.
  • Tint:They come in different shades depending on the brand you choose. You will find grey tints as the simplest forms, and dark colors are all over. Regardless of the shade, it is essential to look at aspects such as UV and polarization.
  • Safety while using:Babies will not treat their glasses with care like you will do. That is why we need to consider features that prevent breakage for a long time since the children are always experimenting. Bendable baby sunglasses are more suited to small kids when they are wearing and running around. Also, it is a good practice to go for baby sunglasses with a strap to go around and hold it in place. For older kids, it might not be necessary since they can secure their glasses when stuck over the ears.
  • Price:You need to buy them but at what cost? They are a necessity in the sun but also a luxury accessory. So, you can spend a fortune if you want to on a pair of baby sunglasses but it is not worth it if your kid will break them the minute to present the gift.
  • Girl or boy: There are many choices out there that are unisex, and that is good if you have a mixed up family – boys and girls. For baby boy sunglasses, go for the aviators or the baby driver inspired pair. The Baby Banz and Babiators, on the other hand, have both selections so you can look for baby girl sunglasses under those brands.

Are there safety standards for baby sunglasses?

choose the best baby sunglass

All sunglasses must pass through regulatory measures which will deem them as fit. In the US, they are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Some of the kids’ sunglasses are toys which are sold cheaply or may be given as a gift.

You need to know that it is better to have no sunglasses than buy the toy types. They are only dark in color, but they are not specialized to protect your baby from the intense sunlight. Check the certification on the sunglasses and make sure to sensitize on UV protection.

Also, check if the materials are BPA and Phthalate free.

What about the size?

Most of the baby sunglasses being sold suit children over three years old. In our reviews, we have considered brands that permit even the younger ones to wear them, so you don’t have to wait for that long.

Most of the products we found receive a lousy customer review due to the sizing. Make sure you have the correct size for your kid before commenting on what you purchased. Check the manufacturer’s chart to see where your baby categorizes. After having the exact fit, the baby will look adorable for that family selfie on the beach you have been longing to upload.

Our Favorite Pick of the Best Baby Sunglasses

After going through the reviews we have above, the winner here is the Baby Banz baby sunglasses. The Retro pair we reviewed is one of the most picked and with a reason. All baby Banz sunglasses have a strap to go around and hold at the back of the baby’s head which is a win to parents whose kids are just adventurous or too young. They come in a range of colors and depending on what you choose, you can have one with UV protection, and in some cases, polarization is also included.

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