Best Baby Sun Hat To Protect Your Little One in 2018


Now, summer is breezing into the horizon, why not protect your baby with cute and beautiful hats made with high-quality fabrics? You may wonder and ask, “Does a child need to be protected with hats and caps?” The reason is that they are exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun due to their delicate skin natures and therefore, need some baby sun protection hats, which should match their attire as much as possible.  Choosing the best baby sun hat is not a simple task because you need to select the one that can enable your children to stay outside and play during these sunny days.

With these reviews, you can select the best toddler sun hat capable of preventing their ears and scalps from being burnt in the sun.

Before we give you details of our top baby sun protection hat, you need to understand the exclusive features of these hats, and then, you will be able to choose the one suitable for your child.

Sun Hats for Baby BoysSun Hats for Baby Boys

This classification includes various cute sun hats made exclusively for boys. Among these is the infant boy sun hats made to offer protection for the toddlers in a variety of ways.

H & M Cotton Chambray Sun Hat

This cotton chambray baby sun protection hat can fit tightly on the baby’s head for a long time, especially if it matches his clothing. You will use the chin ties and hold it while your son tours the nooks and crannies of the beach. It is designed with a palm tree appliqué.

Boden Baby Hotchpotch Surf Hat

Boden Baby Hotchpotch Surf Hat has a neck flap made to enhance more protection since it offers an ultraviolet protection factor of about 40 plus rating. With this baby boy sun hat on his head, you will be assured of the safety and wellbeing of your toddler on the beach and invariably everywhere; he may go. Additionally, his attire will look fashionable, stylish, and lustrous in white and blue stripes.

Sun Smarties Aloha Adjustable and Reversible Baby Boy Sun Hat

In fact, this unisex attire features a reversible soft and droopy baby sun hat for boys. There are other attributes such as groovy Hawaiian imprint made on the part of the fabric. But, to ensure the hat stays on your son’s head in a windy terrain, endeavor to fasten the chinstraps on him. Sun Smart Aloha Adjustable and Reversible Baby Boy Sun Hat are made of ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) with a rating of 50 plus.

H & M Cotton Cap with Motif in Gray/Looney Tunes

This is a sassy and sporty type of baby boy sun hat made in the form of a baseball.  H & M is a cap-shaped clothing material produced with an elastic at the back making it fit the head of your toddler snugly and tightly.

Little Sun Hat Blue Bear Bonnet

Little Sun Hat Blue Bear Bonnet is crafted and designed from soft, breathable cotton. There are two ears on the hat making it fanciful and unique.  The hat is formed to cover the toddler’s head entirely from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Sun Hats for Baby Girls bass guitar

Are you ready to offer fun and pleasure to your lovely daughters? With baby girl sun hat, you will be preparing your girls for excitement and glee in hot weather and thereby keep them safe too. Additionally, it is a way of enhancing their beauties and ensuring they look cute while being protected on the beach.  Let us know some of the best toddler sun hats available for you.

Boden Stripy Surf Hat or Legionnaire Sun Hat

If you want your girl to enjoy ultimate protection from UVA and UVB rays, you should purchase Boden Stripy Surf Hat or Legionnaire Sun Hat. Boden designed this mint-striped fabric and headgear for shielding the toddler’s face. Additionally, it is made to cover the neck of the child wholly, and if you desire to protect other parts of the body, you can buy the long-sleeved surf suit to match the hat.

Disney Minnie Mouse Baseball Swim Cap for Baby

Disney Minnie Mouse Baseball Swim Cap for Baby is capable of providing ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) with 50 plus rating. It is a fashionable and stylish baby baseball swim cap designed with an iconic red color to make it attractive and beautiful. Your baby will be excited in wearing this sun hat decorated with a 3D bow.

Cat & Jack Toddler Girls’ Striped Bucket Hat With Ears

Cat & Jack Toddler Girls’ Striped Bucket hat with Ears is one of the baby beach hats designed with two ears to make it fanciful and attractive to the child, as the case may be. This baby girl sun hat is a striped floppy and soft head covering that can give your toddler proper protection from the harmful effects of the sun, thereby making it a preferred hat for many parents.

Hanna Andersson Baby Swimmy Sun Hat in Deep Blue Sea

Do you want to keep about ninety-nine percent of ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) out of your girl’s skin? The two kinds of harmful rays from the sun are long wave (UVA) radiations and shortwave (UVB) radiations that can penetrate the skin causing sunburns, discolorations, and skin cancer. I’m sure; you do not want your baby to experience any of these skin malaises.

However, you can prevent your toddler from experiencing these conditions by getting Hanna Anderson Baby Swimmy Sun Hat in Deep Blue Sea. It is made of nylon fabric capable of inhibiting about ninety-nine percent of sun’s rays from penetrating the skin. Moreover, there are rainbow stripes printed and piped in bubblegum. Hanna Andersson is an affordable head cover since it can complement all the various suits made for bathing and swimming respectively.

H & M Sun Hat

These sun hats for toddlers have a type of sizeable old school bonnet brim with butterfly print on it making it the best in providing enough shade for your little daughter. You can tie it under her chin to ensure it is fastened tightly and securely without being blown off by the wind.  There is a beautiful bow on the back that can be used for keeping the hat in place too. Moreover, it is cheap and affordable.

Other Class of Hats Suitable for Your Toddlers

There are different classes of hats ideal for your kids to put on to prevent the scorching rays of the sun such as

J.Crew Girls’ Floppy Hat with Poms – Poms

This beautiful hat by J.Crew is one of the irresistible collections available for your kids.  This Girls’ Floppy hat with pom – poms is a straw hat made for the protection of your toddlers. Check it out.

Disney Anna and Elsa Swim Hat

If you can provide this floppy toddler sun hat, you are giving your daughter total protection from ultraviolet rays from the sun, and it shows you understand the fashion trends in vogue. Adapted from the theme “Frozen” in Disney’s Anna and Elsa, this swim hat is capable of preventing skin cancer, sunburns, irritations, and other malaises associated with it.

Oshkosh “Poolside” Toddler Floppy Sun Hat

Oshkosh Poolside Toddler Floppy Sun Hat is the kind of headgear every child desires for protection from ultraviolet radiations. This baby beach hat is embellished and decorated with an aqua ribbon. There is an inscription on it, “Poolside.” It is the lingua of the summer season.

Most importantly, your child can wear this hat in the pool, and it can prevent about ninety-five percent of ultraviolet rays of the sun from affecting the skin. It is embroidered, stylish, and made of straw materials with a wide brim to keep the forehead and back parts of the neck away from the scorching and sweltering of the sun.

Hanna Andersson Kids Reversible Bucket Hat

There are about three different styles of Hanna Andersson’s Kids Reversible Bucket hat available for you. These cute and exclusive hats are made in a way that about ninety-five percent of harmful Ultraviolet A rays and ultraviolet B rays do not penetrate the layers of the skin to cause cancer thereby. In fact, UVB radiation causes skin burns while UVA radiation leads to tanning of the skin as the case may be.

Garnet Hill Swimlids UPF 50+ Swim Cap

Garnet Hill Swimlids UPF 50 plus Swim Cap is made to enable kids to swim without hairs disturbing their visual perceptions. Experts regard it as the best for kids participating in swimming lessons. This white baby, sun protection hat, is available in four print options with lidded patterns.

Cat & Jack Toddler Boys’ Wave Print Bucket Hat

This is a wave print, bucket-type baby sun hat made by Cat & Jack. The flip up brim enables you to see someone’s face while the yellow piping adds a brilliant touch to the design.

Petit Bateau Boys’ Sun Hat in Reversible Twill

Petit Bateau Boys’ Sun Hat in Reversible Twill is a new classical design with a French theme and regarded as Petit Bateau bucket. This infant boy sun hat is soft and large enough to shield your kid’s neck and ears from the rays of the sun.

Exclusive Features of the Best Toddler Sun HatBest Toddler Sun Hat

Here are the unique features of the best toddler sun hat, which you should know before purchasing any one.

The Hat Must Have a UPF Rating

Ultraviolet Protection Factor is a rating placed on the hats to ensure that it can block or prevent ultraviolet radiation from affecting the person’s skin. There are varying degrees of UPF factor such as 25, 50, and above. Now, if you have fabric with a UPF of 25 marked on it, the simple meaning is that only about 1/25th of ultraviolet radiative force from the solar system can penetrate the clothing material and touch the child’s skin.  However, the highest UPF rating is 50 and above.

Nevertheless, you can purchase hats without the UPF factor; the only side effect is exposure to the sun leading to sunburns and scalds. But, using an ordinary hat is better than leaving the child’s head exposed to harmful UV rays.

Consider Buying Hats with a Back Flap and a Wide Brim

If you want to protect the back of your child’s neck from burns and irritations, you need to buy hats with a back flap, especially if the child has a short hair, but it may not be a problem for children with long hairs since the hair will help in covering the neck appropriately.

Therefore, getting hats with a back flap will help even to cover the ears, which is one of the most affected parts and it will prevent the growths of cancerous cells.

Another important feature is the brim, which you must ensure that it is broad enough to cover the face from sunburns because the more extensive, the better. Even though the material used for making your hat has ultraviolet protection factor, you must provide an extra shield for the delicate parts of your toddler’s body like the neck, face, and ears.

The Hat Should Have a Strap over the Chin

Attaching chinstraps to your toddler’s hats are ideal for your baby as it will help to keep them protected on windy terrains, and even on beaches. Another helpful item you can use to keep the hats in place is drawstring cord, mostly if the chinstrap is inconveniencing the baby.

The Style Should Match Your Kid’s Attire

Remember to ensure that any hat you are providing for your baby must be fashionable in a way it should fit his or her attires at any particular time because there is a hat for every style. You can select from our dazzling collections below.

Headband or Sweatband for Absorbing Moisture

best baby sun hat

Due to the arid nature of summer seasons, it is a wise idea to fix a headband or sweatband capable of absorbing moisture from the forehead of the child into the hat. This will reduce the discomfort of sweat and enable your child to enjoy an active lifestyle under the sun.

Let us check out these top-rated hats and their unique features to enable you to to make the right pick for your kids accordingly. We shall classify them under sun hats for baby boys and sun hats for baby girls accordingly.

Choose the Best Sun Hat for Your Baby

After reviewing all the various categories of baby sun hats in our collection, our top pick is H & M Cotton Chambray Sun Hat designed with a palm tree appliqué because it can fit snugly and tightly on the baby’s head for a long time, especially if it matches his clothing accessories. The hat has chin ties you can use in fastening it onto your toddler’s chin while he tours the nooks and crannies of the beach.


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