6 Best Baby Spoons To Buy in 2018 (& Mom’s Guide)


“Here comes the airplane!” It’s funny how we know we are going to be repeating those same words every day for the next how many years and still we give so little attention to these “airplanes”. “It’s just a spoon”, we think. But this is something that will be getting into the delicate inner parts of your baby’s mouth. And your little munchkin is going to be chewing on them too. Imagine the spoon you got your baby was riddled with germs and toxins, you can imagine what you’d have unwittingly exposed your baby to, right?

Today, we’ve got lots of information, as well as reviews on our baby spoons in the market. You sure won’t see your baby’s spoon as “just a spoon” anymore. Plus, you’ll save yourself the “had I known’s” and keep your child safe and protected from the get go.

Below are in-depth reviews on some of the best baby spoons in the market.

Please note: This review is strictly for baby spoons. There are no spoons for dolls reviewed here like the baby alive spoons.

Best 6 Baby Spoon Reviews in 2018

1.Baby Pinch Boutique Fine Bamboo Spoons:

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We kick off this article with a review of the best organic baby spoons currently in the market. Organic baby spoons are about the safest options you can get by way of baby spoons. Unlike their plastic counterparts, they do not contain any BPA, so they are completely safe. A lot of mums opt for quality organic spoons to avoid any chance of poisoning their children with BPA.

Now on to the product itself…

A mere look at the spoons already sends the message that this is a luxury item, even though the spoons themselves are pretty practical. The spoons are packaged in a beautiful wooden box that’s handcrafted and is pretty weighty. Nevertheless, if you’re going over to a mum’s place and you’re thinking of a gift, this makes a very wonderful gift idea. The box is so nice that you’ll find it nearly impossible to get rid of even after your baby has long outgrown the baby spoons.

The materials used to make the spoons are 100% safe for your baby. They are made of bamboo at the handles, and food-grade silicone at the scoop part. These two materials are completely safe so you can keep your mind at ease. The colors are also very eye-catching and your baby will be intrigued by their brightness and vibrancy. And there’s even a cute smiley on the end of the handle. Awwwnnn.. cute, right? Your baby will love it!

The spoons are very easy to wash, although you won’t, of course, wash them like your regular spoons. This being a silicone baby spoon, you’ll have to take off the silicone heads first. The silicone heads can then be tossed into the dishwasher. As for the wooden handles, you shouldn’t take those to the dishwasher; they should be washed by hand and hand alone instead.

Generally, your baby will have to be Mohammed Ali to disengage the head from the handle, but then don’t get too comfortable. Make sure you keep a hawk eye over your baby so nothing of the sort happens. The silicone heads can cause a baby to choke if s/he mistakenly swallows it. But that won’t happen with you cos you always monitor your baby closely anyway, init?


  • Packaged in a high quality, handcrafted wooden box.
  • Spoon is made of entirely safe materials.
  • Cleans easily.


  • If not properly supervised, the detachable silicone head can present a choking hazard.

2.The First years Take and Toss Spoons:

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This is why plastic spoons will remain on the market for a very long time – and probably forever – their affordability. They are so affordable that, as often occurs with raising a baby, when any gets missing, replacement doesn’t bore a hole through your pocket. If you may, please allow us recommend the First years Take and Toss Spoons. They are simply the best plastic baby spoons we could come across.

One reason this product scores highly with many mums is that it comes in a value pack. In fact, the reviews are overwhelming. It’s cheap, and sorta like a value pack (there are 16 spoons in one pack for less than $3). Why won’t mums love them?

The spoons themselves are fantastic for babies. They are gentle to your baby’s mouth and gums and there are no small parts anywhere that could choke your baby.

And yeah, we made it a point to look for affordable spoons which are completely free from BPA. We wouldn’t want to sacrifice your baby’s health on the altar of cost effectiveness now, would we? Altogether, the spoons are very durable and affordable, and cleaning them is very easy. Like everything else, just toss in the dishwasher and you’re done.

It’s nothing fancy – just plastic spoons doing their jobs, and they work.


  • Very affordable and comes with many spoons.
  • Comes in a variety of assorted and bright colors.
  • Spoons are dishwasher safe.


  • The curve of the spoon is a bit deep, so getting all the food out of the spoon may be a bit stressful for your kid.

3.ChooMee Dip’n Starter Spoons:

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The ChooMee Dip’N Starter Spoons are our favorite baby self-feeding spoons. With time, you’ll come to realize and understand that the fact that a spoon is great for you to use in feeding your baby doesn’t mean that it will be great for him. Spoon feeding your baby doesn’t take long at all. In a few weeks at most, your baby would have gotten the hang of it and even begin to crave to feed herself. You might find that giving her the same spoon with which you spoon fed her might be a bad move. It will be too heavy for her. So, you should have a starter spoon such as this one from ChooMee to make the transition easier for her. The best baby self-speeding spoons must be comfortable, soft, and lightweight in the hands of your baby.

Features of the ChooMee Dip’n Starter Spoons…

They are soft enough for your baby to grip without feeling uncomfortable. So, while he develops his motor skills, these spoons make things a bit easier for him. However, the handle is still firm enough to give a great grip. The neck, though, is more flexible.

The spoons are made of silicone so the BPA scare is totally ruled out. Instead, the spoons feel soft to your baby’s touch. And all that clanging noise from dropping the beat with a spoon instead of eating their meal? Solved!

Now, there’s one unique thing you’ll notice about these spoons that might take you a while to figure out. We know it took us a while to figure them out, to be honest. It is the hole in the scoop of the spoon. This hole might seem counter-productive but it’s actually a smart addition. If your baby is finding it difficult to scoop, that hole can help to trap a few grains so that, at least, something gets into your baby’s mouth. It reduces the frustration of not scooping right and gets your child to get something into her tummy whatever happens.


  • Food channels on the scoop help to trap food.
  • Spills are reduced to a bare minimum and eating area is less messy.
  • Helps baby to get used to self-feeding.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Not good for really runny meals – better for purees.

4.Sassy Less Mess Spoons:

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As your baby grows into a toddler, his feeding needs change. Your baby will be eating more, and his motor skills would have improved from what it used to be as a baby. To keep up, you’ll need a toddler-specific spoon. The Sassy Less Mess Spoons are a great example.

As the name suggests, the spoons ensure that your toddler’s eating space isn’t so messy by ensuring that more of the food goes into your munchkin’s stomach than on the floor. The handle is long and big to reduce the chances of dropping the spoon while feeding. And the curvature of the spoon also makes it easy for baby to get food into his mouth without spilling.

When we say these spoons are obsessed with not making mess, we mean they mean business. And still on reducing the mess, the tiny holes on the scoop of the spoon help to trap food, also reducing chances of creating a mess as well.

And finally, of course, they are colorful.


  • Pretty affordable.
  • Colorful and attractive.
  • Cuts down on spills.


  • Left-handed toddlers might find this a bit challenging to use.
  • If your baby loves to chew on her spoons, these spoons might be a bad option for such experiments as they are quite rigid.

5.Lullaby Fork and Spoon Set:

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Awwnnnn…. A baby fork and spoon set takes our number five position. Your baby will not use just spoons forever, so you can never go wrong with a baby fork and spoon set. The set contains three forks and spoons each. Plus, it even comes with a carrying case as well.

Of course, the points of the fork aren’t sharp like conventional forks. They are more rounded to make for the fact that they will be sued by toddlers. With these soft forks, any risk of your baby mistakenly poking his own eye or anybody’s is greatly reduced. Plus, sometimes, in a bid to eat hurriedly, a toddler could stab himself with a fork in the inner parts of his mouth. Thankfully, with these soft forks that wouldn’t be an issue of concern.

The set is a colorful one, so it will surely arrest and hold your baby’s attention. And because the utensils are deliberately made to come with thick, non-slip handles, they won’t easily slip off from your baby’s fingers. So, while your little munchkins work to get their motor skills perfected, they won’t need to face the frustration of not being able to hold on to their spoon.


  • Comes with soft forks too.
  • Colorful and cute.
  • Great for both travel and home use.


  • A little expensive.
  • Picking food with the fork will be nearly impossible because the prongs are way too soft to poke through some tough foods like meat.

6.KidsFunwares Me Time 3-Piece Meal Set (Airplane) for Kids and Toddlers:

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With this set, you can literally say “here comes the airplane’ and not be lying. This is a baby bowl and spoon set with a cute baby airplane spoon and fork. Children are going to immediately fall in love with this set as the shape of the bowl and utensils sparks up creative imagination. It will keep your little munchkin at the dining table for longer. And even those ones that always seem unenthusiastic about food will come to love mealtimes, thanks to this fun airplane set.

The materials used in the making of this meal set are completely safe and free of toxic metals. They meet current safety standards, and do not contain phthalate, BPA, and lead. Cleaning them is also quite easy as they can easily be tossed into the dish washer. Another means to save time? Totally welcome.

This set is better for toddlers who are beginning to eat on their own but are still grasping the concept gradually. The utensils and plates themselves are quite durable and many users agree with that fact. We also love that the plate is divided into compartments, this might be a great way to get finicky eaters to eat some more. That, plus the excitement already generated with the use of an airplane plate and an airplane spoon.


  • Comes as a set of plate, spoon, and fork.
  • Entire set comes in the shape of an airplane.
  • Constituent items are durable and safe.


  • The spoon and fork are silverware.

Here Are Factors to Consider when Looking for a Good Baby Spoon


Check the handle of the spoon: Babies aren’t yet sophisticated enough to use spoons with a metal handle. So you might want to hold off on the silver baby spoon and what not till they are older. If you baby decides to bite down hard on a metal spoon, it could spell trouble for his gums.

Instead, set out to get spoons made of softer material like rubber, plastic or, as your baby grows, wood. Just don’t hand your baby a metal spoon just yet no matter how beautiful and sophisticated it looks. It’s not the time.

Size: When deciding on the size of spoon to get, look through the eyes of your child rather than through your eyes. It might look crazy tiny to you, but to your toddler, it’s just the right size that he needs. The spoon should be able to get into your baby’s mouth just fine with a decent “ahh”. If she’s struggling to get it in, get a smaller one.

Who’s Feeding? This question is very important because the kind of spoon you’ll use to feed your baby will be very different from what she’ll use to feed herself. It all rises and falls on the handle of spoon. If you’re the one doing the feeding, almost any kind of handle would go but if your baby is self-feeding, then it’s time to change the spoons to something more baby-friendly. For one, the spoon should come with a longer handle that’s firm but gentle on his fingers for balance and comfort.

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Small Parts: Just like you do when getting your children toys, be super careful with spoons that come with detachable parts. The bamboo spoons we reviewed, for instance, come with removable silicone scoops. The reason it was made removable was to make cleaning easier but things could quickly go downhill if your baby is left unsupervised with it. Kids love to experiment and the headquarters of their lab testing facilities is their mouth. So, if you do decide to go for these spoons, you can never take your eyes off your baby while he’s feeding to avoid any mishaps.

Cost: Yeah, we have said to hold off on the silver baby spoons and go find the more inexpensive options that give more value for babies. That doesn’t mean that you should just go and snag the cheapest brand off the rack. Of course, plan according to your pocket, but ensure that you have successfully ticked the other factors we just talked about so you can make the right decision. Cheap spoons might look good at the immediate point in time, but many are hardly durable, and many of them are made with toxic materials. When your kids will begin to chew on their spoons, they could ingest really toxic chemicals that are bad for them.

How to Spoon Feed Your Baby with a Baby Spoon

First things fist, when you get a new set of baby spoons, the most important thing to do is to wash them properly first.


Now to the feeding proper…

Before you begin to spoon-feed your baby, you need to get her psyched about the food. So, how do you know when she’s full psyched? When babies are ready to eat, they will usually follow your every move with their eyes, and oftentimes, even try to reach out for the food in your hands. When this happens, your baby is ready to eat.

The next thing you should do is to ensure that your baby is seated upright on her high chair. Also ensure that she’s properly strapped to it. When you introduce the spoon, keep it at the top of her mouth. If you try to ram it in, you might reach in too far and cause her to gag.

Also, avoid overloading the spoon. Don’t heap the food unto the spoon; just give a very level scoop. It’s not a sprint, so take your time. Understandably, you won’t always have the luxury of time, but then, the rule of thumb is to spend some time.

Before you know it, they’ll detest the very idea of you feeding them and will try to do it themselves. From then on, it’s bye bye to feeding baby. So, our advice? Enjoy the moment.

Can I Get My Baby a Silver Baby Spoon?


The kind of spoon you get for your baby can tell whether or not mealtimes will go smoothly or not. This is not to say that you must get a silver baby spoon or a tiffany baby spoon before you can land a good spoon. In fact, there are many good, inexpensive spoons in the market. Plus, there are several other factors besides cost that impact on whether a spoon should be deemed okay for feeding a baby or not.

Getting a silver baby spoon or a gold spoon for baby isn’t even an altogether fantastic idea because of the stage of development babies are at. We will explain this in greater detail in a short moment.

Other People’s Opinions

The First years Take and Toss Spoons are still, by far, the most popular spoon options of all our spoons on review. It’s an even more popular option than the munchkin baby spoon, if reviews are anything to go by. And we know they are. Many mums are glad for the fact that there are so many in a pack because, for them, the frustration of looking for a “lost spoon” in the dark and deep crevices of the diaper bag is simply not worth it. And it’s ridiculously cheap too, let’s not forget that.

There are, on the other hand, many mums who don’t want plastic within a 10-meter radius of their babies. And definitely not a baby food pouch spoon either. The green ones especially end up going for the Baby Pinch Boutique Fine Bamboo Spoons. Even though these are a more expensive option, mums in this category understand and accept that if it only removes the option of plastic from the feeding of their kids.

Our Top Pick Is…

We go with the Baby Pinch Boutique Fine Bamboo Spoons. We had to go with these ones for two reasons. One, they are attractive, two, they are completely safe. They might be a little pricey, but for the peace of mind they offer (not to mention the stunning quality); we think they are well worth the price.

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