Best 5 Baby Sound Machine with Buying Tips


Newborn babies are adorable. Although newborn babies sleep more than half of the day, parents sometimes find it very difficult to get them to sleep. Babies struggle to sleep because they have yet to develop a uniform sleeping pattern. They don’t know the difference between day and night.  To help your little bundle of joy sleep better at night, you have to make him feel comfortable and cozy.

Giving him a warm bath before bedtime and singing lullabies to your little ones in a soothing voice helps them go to sleep faster. But there are times when nothing seems to work and you are tired of making efforts to put him to sleep. Using a baby sound machine is the best way to put him to sleep.

To help you choose the best baby sound machines for sweeter dreams, we have listed 5 best sound machines for baby in 2018 with their reviews.

So let’s dive into the reviews to find the best baby sound machine.

Reviews of Top 5 Baby Sound Machine 

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1. Big Red Rooster BRRC111Portable Baby Sound Machine

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This sound machine is unique and stylish. The sound machine generates 5 high-quality sounds including a heartbeat which the baby is already immune to listening in the womb of his mother.

The natural sounds of ocean and rain are soothing for the baby and help him sleep quickly. You can leave the sound for the whole night if you want or use the timer option available which is for 15 and 30 minutes, enough for the baby to calm down and have a good sleep.

Big Red Rooster operates with AAA batteries, it is, therefore, perfect for parents who travel often. It also has a portable clip which makes it easier for you to hang anywhere you want.


  • The sound machine has unique sounds which easily dim away the external background noises and create an ideal environment for your baby to go to sleep
  • The machine is portable and easy to use.


  • The machine has very short battery life, it dies off very quickly and you have to change the battery frequently which becomes a hassle.
  • The plastic clip is too hard. It is not easy to clip and unclip the machine because of its stiffness of the plastic.


This cute little monkey shaped sound machine for your little bundle of joy is a unique sound machine which you should not miss. It will do wonders to put him to sleep. The machine is affordable and gives more value for money.

2. Sound Bub White Noise Machine

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Sound bub baby sound machine has everything you need. It has a variety of built-in white noise options you can choose from to soothe and comfort your baby. Other than that, it also gives you an option to choose from the additional 12 white noise sounds which are free to use in its VoiceShareApp.

It also has a Bluetooth speaker which lets you play your child’s favorite music whenever you want. You can use its auto-timer which includes 30, 60 and 90 minutes timer or you can choose to play it continuously all night long.

The device is portable and easy to carry. It is rechargeable and can be used for longer periods.


  • A wide variety of sounds to choose from
  • It is very convenient to put your baby to sleep while using Sound bub because it allows you to choose your own lullabies for your little one by connecting it to blue tooth.
  • It has a very good and efficient battery life


  • If the battery dies off, you have to recharge the baby sound machine over and over again.
  • Your child can get too dependent on the sounds of the machine while going to sleep.


Sound bub baby sound machine is perfect to put your baby to sleep. If you are looking for a reasonable and affordable baby sound machine, this sound machine is best for you.

3. White Noise Machine

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White noise machine blocks out the external noise efficiently. You don’t have to worry about going to sleep anymore. Not only it is helpful for you to put your baby to sleep but even you will feel relaxed and goes to sleep quickly with it.

Its calming and soothing sounds would put you off to sleep in no time. You can have the perfect kind of rest you long for. The machine generates 6 different sounds which help you dim away the distractions and create a perfect environment to sleep.

The machine is portable and can be easily carried around your house It has a DC adapter and you can plug-it near your bed. It has the feature of auto-timer which allows you to choose the desired amount of time you want it to run for.


  • The sound quality is remarkably good.
  • The machine is portable. The size of the machine is perfect to move around. It is very light to carry
  • The machine has a 30-day money back guarantee


  • The machine has limited sound options available
  • The sound can sometimes get annoying and irritating.


White noise machine is a unique sound machine which lulls your baby away to sleep. If you are looking for an easy to use and portable sound machine with amazing soothing sounds, this sound machine is the right choice for you.

4. BIG RED ROOSTER BRRC 107 Sound Machine

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The machine is very simple and easy to use. The Big Red Rooster BRRC 107 Sound machine generates 6 different sounds which include the soothing sounds of rain and summer night. It helps you put your baby to sleep better.

You have an option of leaving the sound for the whole night or you can put an auto-timer of 15-30 and 60 minute. The sound machine is portable and you can take it anywhere you want.

If you are someone who is traveling all the time, you can easily keep it in your baby bag. The light weighted machine can be easily moved from one place to another. You can use it with batteries or with the AC adapter, both options are available.


  • Excellent playback time.
  • This machine is just the right size to use it anywhere you want
  • The sound quality is loud enough to get the job done


  • You don’t have an option of recording your own voice.
  • The options sound available to choose from are very limited


Putting your baby to sleep is not an easy job to do. This baby sound machine will help you do the task more easily. You don’t have to stress about making your little bundle of joy sleep. With the soothing and relaxing sounds which the machine generates, your baby will sleep quickly with ease and comfort without much of a hassle.

5. Portable White Noise Machine With Shut-off Timer

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This unique sound machine is perfect for your baby to drive him away to his sweet dreams. You can record your nursery rhymes in your own voice for your baby. The best voice a baby hears is the voice of his mother. The sound machine records the soothing voice of the mother to make the baby feel comfortable and relaxed.

When you are not around your baby, and your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, with your pre-recorded soothing voice in the sound machine, your baby will sleep back in no time.

The machine has an Auto-timer of 15-30 and 45 minutes. It is light-weight and easy to travel with.


  • The machine is portable and easy to use.
  • It can be used where ever and whenever you want.
  • The machine gives an option to record the nursery rhymes and lullabies in your own voice


  • The machine does not have in-built soothing sounds.
  • If played loudly, it may affect the baby’s hearing


Mothers love to sing lullabies to their babies and what better it is that you can record them in your own voice with the help of this sound machine. You can easily put your baby to sleep by repeating the lullaby on the machine instead of tiring yourself singing again and again.

Features to Look for while Buying Baby Sound Machine

With the help of a baby sound machine, you don’t have to worry about putting your baby to sleep. With comforting sounds and soothing voices, your baby will drift off to sleep in no time. There are a variety of baby sounds machines available to choose from.

Make sure to look for these features before buying.

♣ No. of built-in sounds

There are a large number of built-in sounds which gives mothers an option to choose the perfect sound she wants for her baby. Some baby machines also have a nightlight which not only helps your baby to relax but also makes it easier for you to have a check on them.

♣ Auto shut-offbaby sound machine buying tips

They also have an auto-shut timer so you can choose the amount of time you want the sounds to play. Some baby sound machines also give you an option of recording your own voice because the mother’s voice helps calm the baby quickly.

♣ Sound equalizer

They also have a sound equalizer which adjusts automatically when the baby starts crying. You can put them anywhere you want, near the crib or hang on the wall.

♣ Design

They are available in different designs. You can choose the one which suits your décor. Teddy-bear and owl-shaped designs fascinate your baby and he enjoys falling asleep.

4 FAQs about Baby Sound Machine

Following are a few questions to keep in mind while choosing to buy a baby sound machine for your little angel.

♠ What is a baby sound machine?

A baby sound machine is a device which produces soothing sounds to put your baby to sleep. They feature high-quality natural sounds like a heartbeat, rain, thunder, ocean along with nursery rhymes and relaxing lullabies.

You can keep them switched on all night or you can put a timer on it. They are available in different designs with different features.

♠ What sounds does the baby sound machine make?

A baby sound machine can produce a wide variety of different sounds. Different soothingbaby sound machine buying tips sounds work for different babies. Some baby sound machines have 4 or 5 sound noises, others have more options. Some sound machines also have a feature of getting your own voice recorded.

You can sing a nursery rhyme or a lullaby in your own voice if it gets tiring for you to repeat it again and again and put your baby to sleep. Heartbeat and ocean wave sounds are common in all sound machines.

♠ Are sound machines helpful to put babies to sleep?

Putting your baby to sleep is a tough job. Almost everywhere around the world, parents put their babies to sleep by singing to them. Babies need background music along with the swaddling and rocking. Baby sound machines are helpful in putting your baby to sleep peacefully for a longer span.

The soothing and relaxing voices coming from the machine float them off to sleep in no time. They are very effective to lull your baby into a deep sleep without any distraction. Sound machines produce a continuous noise which dims out the background noise, resulting in a more peaceful sleep for your baby.

♠ Are baby sound machines safe for your baby?best baby sound machine buying tips

With the advancement of technology, parents now have an opportunity to use baby calming machines to put their babies to sleep. A baby sound machine for sweeter dreams has become a basic element for their little bundle of joy’s bedtime routine. However, it becomes a cause of concern for you whether these machines are safe to use for your baby?

Some baby sound machines can pump out loud sounds that does not mean that you cannot use them safely. You can choose to put them at a distance from your baby’s crib and make sure not use it constantly all night.

Hanging the sound machine on the nearest wall or putting it on a table in the room away from the crib could be less harmful to your baby’s ear.

You simply have to choose the right place for the machine and the right amount of volume. Your baby cannot experience a hearing loss if you use the baby sound machine in an effective way.

Select the Best Sound Machine for Baby

The baby sound machine is a unique tool which helps you make your baby put to bed. The in-built soothing sounds and relaxing tones create a calm and peaceful environment for your baby to drift away in the world of his sweet dreams.

The lilt of lullaby calms the baby and makes him sleep comfortably. It’s a must-have essential for new parents. There are a wide variety of baby sound machines to choose from. It will not be a disappointing experience if you get one for your baby’s comfort.


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