20 Baby Shower Gifts Ideas Moms Will Love (2018)


Baby showers have been around since the Baby Boom in the 1950’s. Back then, ladies started organizing these little events for their relatives and friends to give them a little economic head start before the little pink foot is born. Over the years, baby showers evolved into events that are rich with tradition, excitement, and celebration. The biggest part of baby showers, however, remained the same – to shower the glowing mom and her unborn baby with gifts.

Choosing the best baby shower gifts can pose a challenge, especially if there is no registry or wish list. If you are struggling to find a gift that will be unmissable and valuable to the new mom, take a look at our list of 20 baby shower gifts that you can buy online. These unique baby shower gifts have been tried and tested and are loved by thousands of moms around the world.

Our Picks for the Unique Baby Shower Gifts

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1. Ceramic Elephant Lamp Base

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This high-quality, gender-neutral baby shower gift from Pottery Barn Kids is the perfect addition to a baby nursery’s décor. The ceramic elephant has a soft white hue and will provide the room with a friendly and calm personality. The elephant is mounted on a sturdy and beautiful crystal base that reflects some of light to provide a soft ambiance to the area.


This is a baby shower gift that will literally last a lifetime. The ceramic elephant is perfect as a little companion for the baby and an ornament that the baby will cherish and adore for years to come. A nightstand light is a must-have to provide soft mood lighting in a baby’s nursery, especially one that has a friendly presence.

2. Doux Reves Petite Fille Crib Sheet

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This is a trѐs chic sheet for girls from Pemberley Rose with a print that was inspired by a vintage French perfume ad. This high-quality sheet is made from a luxurious and soft cotton sateen fabric and can fit standard crib mattresses that are up to 9” thick. The print is a beautiful hand-drawn illustration of a girl holding balloons with the hand-written words: ‘fais de beaux rêves’, which is French for ‘sweat dreams’.


Cozy and sophisticated, this beautifully designed crib sheet will add a touch of class to a baby’s cot. The sateen cotton’s subtle lustre gives it a luxurious texture and it doesn’t crease as much as pure cotton.  It is durable and machine washable. As a baby shower gift idea for a girl, this one is special and personal.

3. Moby Floating Bath Thermometer

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This fun and entertaining baby bath buddy from Skip Hop is a water thermometer to make sure that your baby’s bath water is the perfect temperature. It has a color-changing LED that clearly indicates the water temperature level in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on what you choose. When the baby is done playing with the thermometer it can easily be stored by suctioning it against a tiled surface. Mom can then use it for hanging a washcloth as the tail fin has the shape of a handy little hook.


An incredibly handy gift to make a baby’s bath time more fun and comfortable. To keep the little one entertained, the thermometer looks like a whale and it can float in water. Gift Moby to your hostess and her baby’s bath water temperature will always be safe and comfortable.

4. Baby Arrival Gift Set

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This baby bath time kit from The Honest Co. contains all the essential products to get a baby squeaky clean and ready for bed. All the products are hypo-allergenic and pH-balanced and include a 2-in-1 bottle of shampoo and body wash, conditioner, face and body lotion, bubble bath, and organic body oil to soothe a baby’s skin. These products come in a beautiful paulownia wood box that can be reused for toys or accessories.


This hamper with baby bath products is right up there with most popular baby shower gifts for mom. Even when someone else gives her a similar gift set, she will still use it eventually as it is a consumable gift. The products in this set are specifically tested and safe to use on all babies.

5. Sophie la Giraffe Classical Creation Set

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If you are a parent, chances are you already know and love Sophie.  This chewable giraffe teether is BPA- and phthalates free and individually hand-painted with food paint that will eventually fade. This Sophie la Giraffe classical creation set is the perfect baby shower gift. It comes complete with Sophie, a high-quality beaded rattle, a gift card, and a beautiful luxury gift bag.


Sophie la Giraffe is specifically designed to stimulate a baby’s senses. The colors, squeaker, bendable ears, horns, and legs, as well as her soft texture, encourage a baby to observe the teether in every possible way. Sophie is especially helpful when it comes to soothing a teething baby’s sore gums and teeth. Sophie is made from Hevea tree rubber and has a unique, singular scent.

6. Baby Photo Cards

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This is a wonderful and creative way to keep a record of every memorable moment in a baby’s life. There is one colorful photo card for every milestone, like smiling or sitting up for the first time. Using these labeled and dated cards in special photographs can be the highlight of a young parent’s life and are almost like a little series of ceremonies to celebrate a baby’s life and the progress they make.


Sometimes parents may realize that they can’t remember the first time their children smiled at them or said certain words. These photo cards are a simple, yet special way to record these memories. The cards have cute and relevant drawings on them to add some visual interest to the photographs. These photo cards can be a baby shower gift that will be embedded into a household’s history for time to come.

7. Finley the Fox

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Finley the Fox is a Rattle Buddy from Finn + Emma. This adorable wool-stuffed animal is hand-knit from 100% organic cotton and has a phthalate-free rattle on the inside. This is a high-quality baby shower gift for cuddling and because it also is a rattle, it keeps babies entertained, alerts them to noise and soothes them when they are upset or have difficulty sleeping.


The Rattle Buddies from Finn + Emma goes back to the basics of baby toys but in an organic and fresh way. Finley the Fox is a stimulating companion for your baby that can encourage the development of motor skills and different senses. The Rattle Buddy is the perfect baby shower gift and can be a lucky baby’s new best friend.

8. Deluxe+ Dock Play Bundle

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Easily one of the most versatile gifts in this list, the Deluxe+ Dock Play Bundle from DockATot is the center of a baby’s young existence. It is a portable docking station where a baby can rest, get a diaper change, play, and do tummy time. The Deluxe+ Dock is made from durable, hypoallergenic materials that are breathable and easily washable.


The Deluxe+ Dock is a gift that a mom can use all day long. It is light, portable, and durable. As a baby product, it is multifunctional and expertly designed to form an integral part of a new mom’s lifestyle. It’s additional toy arch provides the baby with visual stimulation and entertainment while lounging.  If you are thinking of buying a practical baby shower gift, this is the one.

9. Bookroo Box Subscription

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Any mom wants her baby to develop a deep-seated love of books and reading. A baby book subscription can be the perfect baby shower gift, especially if the books are thoroughly researched and difficult to find elsewhere. You can opt to give a Board Book Box subscription as a gift and select how many boxes you want to buy. Simply visit bookroo.com and follow the steps.


Looking at books and listening to stories exposes a baby to a wide variety of words. It can help them build their vocabulary faster and increase their ability to understand spoken language. More than that, it instills a love of books into their hearts. If you are a bit of a bookworm yourself, this gift can be the perfect one for you to give the new mommy.

10. Polar Bear Playmat

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The polar bear playmat from Crate & Barrel is a friendly and personality-filled polar bear that supports and keep a baby company during tummy and play time. The best feature of this polar bear is his stuffed, cuddly arms to keep the baby away from the floor. The ears, nose, and mouth are made from woolen fibers that are soft the touch.


This polar bear playmat with its gingiber design allows a baby to move and stretch without the danger of rolling on the floor. The polar bear is easy to clean and move around and can be an incredibly pleasant, and even decorative presence in your baby’s nursery or on the living room floor. This polar bear playmat is quite large and can be used for older babies as well.

11. Eco-friendly stuffed owl sewing kit

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Beautiful owl from CateAndLevi that you can give to the new mom as a DIY baby shower gift. This is a fun little project for the new mom or the baby’s siblings that are 8 years or older. It comes in a kit containing everything that you need to make this beautiful owl with CateAndLevi’s signature eyes. The entire project can take anything from 4 to 6 hours and is the perfect activity for those idle hours.


This owl, when finished, will be made from premium reclaimed wool. The entire kit is used and nothing goes to waste. This is a beautiful addition to your baby’s plush toys or nursery décor. You can easily wash the owl by hand or machine. It is the perfect gift for the artsy, environmentally conscious mom.

12. Custom nursery art prints

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If you know the baby’s name, you can visit minted.com, choose a wall print design that you think the new mom will like and add the baby’s name to the design. There are tons of prints available that will be suitable for nursery décor. This is a more personal baby shower gift that the new mom will be sure to love.


The framed prints available at minted.com are beautiful and will add tons of personality to a baby’s nursery. You can choose from different fonts and designs and be a fun and exciting experience for you as well. There is a lot of artists that contribute to the print galleries, and you will be sure to find something that suits the new mom’s personality and décor.

13. Labour and delivery kit

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Belly Bandit teamed up with respected brands in the maternity and beauty industry to come up with a lifesaving, multifunctional kit containing every single thing a mom may need on the special day. This includes breast pads, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, lip balm, shea butter hand cream, a Ju-Ju-Be Carry-All pouch, skin therapy oil, probiotics, gluten-free lactation bars, and a portable cell charger.


This gift is worth its weight in gold. Having a kit ready with all these products can have a vast impact on the mommy’s birth-giving experience. When all is said and done and mom and baby go home, she’ll have an assortment of professional high-end products that she can use for her and her little baby. If you think that the new mom may need something for her delivery, this is the gift for her.

14. Baby bath time solutions

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Sometimes there is sophistication in simplicity. This baby bath hamper from Aveeno contains shampoo, moisturizer, baby body wash, and calming wash containing lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang. Every product in this set is recommended by pediatricians, 100% hypoallergenic and safe. This gift set takes care of every baby bath need the mom may have and didn’t think about.


A baby’s bath products are often overlooked when it is time to buy baby shower gifts. The best thing about this set from Aveeno is that you can have peace of mind that the products are 100% safe for application and contact to your baby’s skin. The calming wash can work wonders for the stress-out and tired new mom that is still getting used to the wonderful change in her life.

15. Elephant knitted shawl

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Another beautiful gift for the expecting mom that she will use all day every day. This cozy blue shawl from JoJo Maman Bѐbѐ, UK-based boutique, has a beautiful white elephant pattern. It is knitted from pure cotton and is soft and gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. It has a size of 37” x 37” and the perfect size to keep your baby warm from top to bottom.


This shawl is the ideal gift for new parents. A mom can use this shawl anywhere and it is the perfect addition to a baby’s stroller or docking station. The beautifully soft blue and white pattern has a subtle and friendly personality. This is a baby shower gift that will last for years and that is guaranteed to have a special place in the baby’s heart when he or she reaches adulthood.

16. Backseat car organize

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This is backseat car organizer from Cozy Greens is the epitome of baby accessory maintenance. This is especially valuable during those hectic days, holiday trips, and social visits. This organizer has pockets of all shapes and sizes, and mom will immediately see what should go where. The high-quality material is durable and completely free of toxic materials. The organizer itself is mobile, light, and easy to carry.


Backseat car organizers are must-haves for new parents. Without them, baby accessories may soon find their way to those hard-to-reach places between car seats and under the braking pedal. If you are looking to buy a gift for an expecting mom that will need some order in her life, this car organizer from Cozy Greens will be perfect for her.

17. Video Baby Monitor

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If you want to get techy, take a look at this DXR-8 CCTV for babies from the aptly named Infant Optics. This video baby monitor is the helicopter parent’s dream. It is also perfect for moms wanting to make sure that their babies are safe and sound. You can point the camera at your sleeping baby and adjust the lens for optimal focus. Both the camera and monitor are equipped with microphones so your baby can hear your voice through the camera.


This compact device lets parents know that their baby is safe without having to get out of bed to go and check. It is especially helpful when you have a babysitter and you want to know that she is coping and that your baby is happy.

18. Musical rhymes book

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This awesome and interactive little musical rhymes book is aimed at child development and visual stimulation. It comes with 40 kids’ songs and 6 nursery rhymes to boost a baby’s interest in music. The lights and sounds work together to keep the baby entertained for longer.


As a baby shower gift, this musical rhyme book is worth solid gold. The baby can enjoy this product for quite a few years and it is mobile so it can go along in the baby’s bag to play dates and scheduled medical check-ups.

19. Super nerdy building blocks

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These awesome building blocks contain 26 different scientific words, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. This is to instill a scientific interest in kids from a young age and make them aware of all the wonders that are out there.


Building blocks are probably the most conventional baby toys out there. Uncommon Goods managed to repurpose this age-old concept into something fresh and stimulating. If you are looking for a tried and tested, but a unique toy, take a look at this product from Uncommon Goods.

20. XL Stroller hook

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Heavy-duty stroller carabiners from Toogli is the ideal gift for the mom to hook grocery bags, diaper bags, or baby accessories to her baby’s stroller or shopping cart. These hooks eliminate the need for dragging a bunch of stuff through busy parking lots and shopping malls.


This is an incredibly sensible baby shower gift for the expecting mom. The practical nature of this gift gives it a wide application range extending above and beyond carrying baby accessories. The cool thing about these carabiner hooks is that they can easily fit into a handbag.

Criteria to Evaluate the Best Baby Shower Gifts for Expecting Mothers


As far as babies are concerned, safety comes first. All products that come into contact with babies should adhere to safety standards. In some cases, manufacturers have to conform to safety regulations of governing and regulatory bodies and bureaus of standards. This ensures that all gifts an expecting mother receive meet certain standards and her that can use them to take care of her baby without fearing that it can cause harm


A mother that recently had a baby is either getting used to being a mother or has one more child to take care of. Either way, practical solutions are the key to a happy life as a mother. It saves time, money, and effort. If you are looking for a specific product, ask yourself if this meets the practical requirement. If it does, you are golden.


Nothing is as important to a new mom as her baby’s overall well-being. Any cleaning products, toys, clothing, nursery accessories and educational product should contribute to the overall wellbeing of the baby. Any product that poses a hazard or inherent risk of sorts will end up in storage or the trash.


A baby shower gift that is educational or that contributes to mental or physical development will always be a good gift. There are many areas of development that can be improved by specialized toys. Remember that some toys are extensively researched and developed to stimulate a baby’s physical or mental progress. This goes hand-in-hand with intellectual property registrations and extensive marketing efforts and you can expect these products to more expensive.

Different Types of Baby Shower Gifts Moms will Love

Baby Shower Gifts Moms will Love

Gift baskets

These types of gifts generally consist of multiple related products like bath accessories. They are specifically compiled and marketed to people who are looking to buy baby products as gifts. It is always a good idea to consider these baskets as the most popular products are usually bundled together and sold as individual products.

Baby shower gifts for moms

These gifts are mostly products that were developed for maternal use during and after pregnancy. Products that are aimed at providing an expecting mom with comfort, personal care, preparation, and education are always a good baby shower gift idea, even if a baby will never see or come into contact with the product.

Personalized or custom-made baby shower gifts

These types of baby shower gifts can work incredibly well, especially if you are familiar with the new mom’s personal style, the baby’s gender, and the baby’s name. There are so many businesses that specialize in selling customized baby products. Many of them are online and many of them perfected personal services like door-to-door-shipping and gift wrapping. If you’d like to do something special for the expecting mom, these types of gifts are what you should go for.

Funny baby shower gifts

These types of gifts contain an element of comedy. This can include things like a funny phrase on a baby grow or it can be a t-shirt a mom wears around the house with some quirky sentence joking about the life of a mom. An example of funny baby shower gifts is a dummy that makes it look as if the baby has a big, carefully manicured mustache. These types of gift can be entertaining, but make sure it is in good taste and that it will not offend anyone.

DIY baby gifts

Assembly kits or gifts that you made yourself can be personal and very special to an expecting mother. These types of gifts typically require from you or the baby’s mom to spend time and effort and to invest some creativity and personality into the finished product. This can make for a unique gift and, most of the time, a fun arts and crafts project.

Affordable baby shower gifts

When you are cash-strapped, this category of baby shower gifts is for you. Cheap baby shower gifts will not necessarily be less useful, educational or valuable. The input costs of certain products are so low that you may find products that are very affordable, but still durable and high-quality. If you are willing to take some time to shop around, you will find them.

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Other Baby Shower Gift Buying Tips and Hacks

Baby Shower Gift ideas

Before buying gender-specific baby shower gifts, find out if the expecting mom actually does like pink or blue. After the gender of the baby is announced, it may be tempting to go all out gender-specific, while there may be many other gender-neutral gifts that the mom may desperately need.

Don’t be afraid to buy ‘boring’ gifts. Sometimes gifts like diapers, soap, and nappy liners are the most needed and are the most valuable to an unexpected mom. Consider the parents’ lifestyle as well. If they like to travel, for example, an accessory that makes traveling with a baby easier.

Other People’s Opinion for Baby Shower Gift

It may be worth your while to consult other people before buying a baby shower gift. People that have known the expecting mother longer than you can provide you with more information on the mom and dad’s lifestyle, buying behavior and personal preferences.

If you have never had kids and feel a bit out of touch on the subject of baby shower gifts, you can ask your friends that do have kids to weigh in on your different gift choices. As parents, they may know if a particular product will be useful to an expecting or new mom as a baby shower gift or not. They may also know of better alternatives that might be available online.

You can also check out online product reviews of the gifts that you are considering. Read about people’s experiences with the products and how they experienced the particular seller’s service and product quality.

Choose the Creative Gifts for Baby Shower

In the case of most baby and toddler products, the work was already done for you. Before sellers release a new product into the market, most of them do product and market research to make sure that it provides value to parents’ life and that it has good quality. By simply reading online reviews, you’ll find out how parents experienced the baby product and if it did indeed solve a specific problem that they had.baby shower gift

Give yourself enough time to search for a product that you will be comfortable giving your hostess as a baby shower gift. Make sure that you use quality gift wrapping or a gift bag so that the gift looks nice and presentable.

It can be difficult to know if the product you are thinking of buying will be the perfect baby shower gift. People differ from one another in their lifestyles, needs, and the way they raise their children. There is, however, one common denominator, and that is the love that people have for their children. If you remember this and incorporate this into your decision-making process, you may find it easier to find something that you genuinely believe the expecting mom will appreciate and use.

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