Best Baby Rompers to Look Out For in 2018


After you give birth to your baby, your friends will inquire about the gender. Why? Because among the items they are going to buy, baby clothes will be in plenty. That is why you don’t need to budget for every piece of cloth that your baby will be wearing. Also, they will be growing fast; it is a good idea to do it in moderation.

We asked some moms about what they would concentrate on when buying clothes for the baby. Apart from the expensive suits, matching dresses or the cheap onesies, baby rompers do come in handy too since it’s one garment that your baby can wear while at home or away instead of having too many pieces. It also makes life easier since babies get dirty often. The less you dress them, the less laundry you have to attend to.

On our end, we compiled a list of cute baby rompers to look for after the newborn comes or as you trudge on. There are baby boy, and baby girl options to check out. All the included designs are brilliant for the little one to dress.

Baby Girl Rompers

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1.Carter’s Baby Girls’ 2-Pack Romper

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Carter’s Brand has been around for quite some time, and their baby clothes are something worth reckoning. Here is Carter’s Baby Girls’ 2-Pack Romper that is 100% cotton which serves as a suitable material to allow for skin breathing. Another benefit of using cotton is that it does not itch the skin. Putting them on is easy since they snap all the way down to give a full opening as opposed to halfway or leaving the leg holes. At the top is a collar-free zone with small cap-sleeves for the shoulders containing flutter details.

What is your baby’s size and weight? Carters baby girl rompers have a weight and age chart for comparison. So, if your baby’s weight does not correspond to the adjacent age, you can still get the appropriate size based on how well you know your baby. The variety includes all babies from newborn to 24 months old. This snap-front design has nickel-free snaps for safety purposes as the child wears it and washing it in the machine does not compromise on the quality.

The pairs also have some choices if you don’t want the advertised pieces.

What parents say

“We loved these rompers the moment they landed. They are easy to put on and off which makes it suitable for diaper changing. I love the chart that Charter has since kids’ age does not necessarily correspond to how they weigh. The bottom part is slightly loose, and that would require baby girls with chubby legs. This is much better than the onesies that you have to pull over the head.”

2.PrinceSasa Baby Girl’s Floral Print Ruffles Romper

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Are you looking for a romper for your baby girl’s birthday party? You can’t go wrong with baby girl ruffle rompers with all the floral prints to flatter everyone in the room. Princesasa Baby Girl’s Floral Print Ruffles Romper is another one that features 100% cotton with a snap diaper closure at the bottom. When it’s time for a change, you have a comfortable way to access the diaper without having to remove the whole clothing or messing it up.

It also comes with an adjustable and elastic headband to match the romper. The design goes on to reveal a bare back, and the materials meant to cover are concentrated to form three layers of cake smash skirts on the hips area. That is what makes all the little girls adorable after wearing it. The fabric allows air movement to keep the baby fresh and it’s also soft on the skin. Whether you need it for everyday wear or photo shootouts, it will serve its purpose.

A note from the manufacturer states that you should be aware of counterfeit clothes in the name of Princesasa. You should only get it from Pompomkid as a recommendation. The available sizes include all baby girls between 0-24 months. Also, due to the camera effects among other issues, you may not get the exact color as it appears in the pictures.

What parents say

“Everyone we met said it was adorable after I put it on my 7-month-old daughter. The size I ordered for her is a perfect fit with more room for growth – another reason why I like it. Tying around the neck allows you to leave more slack for growth purposes. The cotton material is also great for the baby’s sensitive skin, and we also admired the matching headband. I’ll be ordering another dress for my older daughter to match what we have here.”

3.Baby Elegant Rosettes Pearl Lace Petti Romper

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Another one for the photo shoot out goes to the elegant baby girl lace romper that includes one romper and a matching headband. The material is polyester, and the stretchy rompers also come with straps for the tying.

The lace stretches to allow wearing for several months before considering a change. For the size, they include all kids from 0-3 years old with nine colors to choose from. If you are looking for a cute baby romper for the girl to match with her grandmother’s pearls before taking the photo, here is something that takes their breath away.

What parents say

“My daughter wore size 3-6 which was a nice fit with some room for growth. I took her for the photos, and the first comment from the photographer was about the romper. I took some pearls to match after seeing the idea on the internet pictures, and the photos are just great, to say the least. Since the lace is stretching all the way, she will be having it for the next three months before I decide on what to go for next.”

4.Viworld Infant Baby Girl Sleeveless Ruffles Romper

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The last romper for the girls is the Viworld Infant Baby Girl Sleeveless Ruffles Romper that has the right cotton blend for a comfortable fitting that allows cooling of the body with no room for itchiness. If you are looking for baby girl summer rompers to face the sun, the stylish design is perfect for the bright days since the sleeveless shoulder straps, and an open back paves the way for cooling. That is why it also serves as an ideal bodysuit or jumpsuit while in the sun.

Disclaimer information says that you should only buy this romper from Viworld for better quality and faster delivery. After getting the right piece, you will now get the girl ready for whatever occasion that suits the dressing. Available sizes include all kids between 0-2 years of age.

What parents say

“This is a great romper for the price and girls too. I purchased it for my girl’s first birthday, and they matched the floral crown that she had to wear that day. The size I ordered was for a one-year-old, and it fits well with little room for expansion. She seems to enjoy it while in the heat so, it will be great until summer ends.”

Baby Boy Rompers

5.Carter’s Baby Boys’ 2-Pack Snap up Romper

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The first one in the boys’ world is the carters rompers baby boy design that comes as a pair when you order. Made from 100% cotton, the material is suitable for the baby’s skin due to the softness and lack of itchiness. However, you have to order from the carters if you want high-end delivery.

Dressing your baby boy is easy thanks to the full snap closure mechanism that does not get in the way of diaper changing. The snaps are free of harmful materials and are adequately reinforced in the front-design panel. The rompers are suitable for warm days due to the short sleeves with banded cuffs to prevent cloth shredding or to pull out strings when worn. All the other outlets are also banded for the same.

What parents say

“The rompers are great when it comes to comfort, but the sleeves need to be larger for chubby arms. The material offers a smooth inner surface which is excellent for his extra sensitive skin. For the sake of better sizing, order a slightly larger one than what you intend to purchase.”

6.Baby Boys Toddlers Sleeveless Blue Whales Print Romper

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For those of us who need baby boy summer rompers for the beach or simply enjoying the sun, here is Baby Boys Toddlers Sleeveless Blue Whales Print Romper to fit all babies between 0-24 months. The material is a blend of cotton and polyester which is safe for the kids. It is lightweight with a slight stretching room which makes it the appropriate summer outfit for that boy who is chasing his father to become the man.

On top is a sleeveless design that has buttoned straps for easy removal. The body part is scattered with whale prints, and the lower legs part is also in a snap-closure specification for comfortable diaper changing. One thing you need to note is that the legs part goes to the thighs and not the knee.

What parents say

“We bought this for our two-year-old young man, and it was great for the pool. It fits him well, but we feel the material was suited for girls – very soft and silky. Anyway, it is the best feeling on the skin when worn. I have no objection.”Top of Form

7.Dressy Daisy Baby Dragon Ball Jumpsuit Romper

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Choosing baby boy dressy rompers for your little one gives him the image of a protagonist. If you would like the Baby Dragon Ball Son Goku Jumpsuit Romper for your baby’s Halloween party attendance, you won’t be wrong on this option. Upon delivery, which takes 8-12 working days, you get a one-piece jumpsuit romper that has buttons on the lower part of the legs for fastening and easy removal if the boy needs a change.

The material is polyester, and you can fasten the room left after wearing using the straps that go to the front. Whether you need it for the Halloween, a theme party or day-to-day wearing, this is a perfect choice to go dressy and feel the air circulating as the child walks or crawls around.

What parents say

“The romper came just as advertised so, kudos to the distributors. The baby boy is one and a half years old, so it left little room after wearing. The back is cute too with no fading scenery, and we like how it is easy to change the diaper. You don’t have to remove the whole romper. He dresses it when it’s sunny outside and doesn’t seem to complain.”

8.U.S. Polo Assn. Baby Boys’ Woven Romper

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The last one for the boy-child goes to baby boy polo rompers that feature a 100% cotton material fit for machine wash. The Woven Romper comes with a checked painting all over and front buttons for wearing and removal access. On top is a collar that resembles those on shirts and short sleeves cover the shoulders. On the right side of the chest is a small pocket to keep his ‘valuables’ with the Polo logo on it.

The bottom part has the legs area with snap buttons for easy access especially when it comes to changing the diaper. Overall, it is a great romper to dress your boy on not-so-hot weather and its machine washable when it’s time to clean it up. You have three colors to choose from so; they are not short of variety.

What parents say

“My son was six months, but he was a chubby fellow then. We bought this one towards the end of last summer, and he fits well in the 6-9 months old category. The only downside is that he didn’t wear it for long before outgrowing it. The material is okay for the kids, and it was somehow stretchy. I will be recommending it to a friend who is holding his kid’s birthday.”

Choosing the Best Baby Rompers for Your Little One

Rompers save all moms from dressing the baby too much even when they also need to breathe. We have given you a selection for both genders so that you don’t go mixing up. However, if you find unisex pieces, it’s all right so long as they follow the following:

  • Safe material:All baby clothes should be safe from anything hazardous. Cotton and polyester are acceptable materials.
  • Bloomers at the bottom:All rompers have short legs. Actually, nothing should go past the thighs, and that’s for the boys mostly.
  • Comfortable wear and removal:Make sure what you buy does not require so much effort to remove or change the diaper.
  • Machine washable:You don’t want a cloth that does not go into the machine unless you can hand wash and most mommies will not have time for that.

There are other preferences such as the design and pattern. That is your decision to make based on the gender and what you want for them. Otherwise, you can try out what we just reviewed and if you already have, feel free to comment below.

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