10 Best Baby Ring Slings For Cozy Comfort (2018 Guide)


When it comes to carrying your baby around, one of the best accessories you can reach for is a baby ring sling. These special linen ring sling carriers are phenomenal for keeping your baby comfortable and safe while pressed against your chest. There are a wide variety of different baby sling carrier models to choose from, helping to make choices easy to customize to your personal preferences. With the help of this guide, you’ll easily be able to find the ideal sling wrap for your newborn.

Top Baby Ring Slings Reviews

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1. Kids N’ Such 4-in-1 Wrap Carrier

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Created for the everyday parent, the Kids N’ Such 4-in-1 Wrap Carrier is a modern take on a traditional ring sling, making it ideal for parents that want great and fashionable accessories for their babies. If you’re looking for something to keep your baby close while you go about your day, this is one of the many options available to you.

The Benefits of the Kids N’ Such 4-in-1 Wrap Carrier

  • Breathable cotton:For optimal comfort, the sling is made out of cotton that is breathable in summer and warming in the colder months.
  • Multiple uses:You can use the baby carrier to bring your baby with you everywhere, as a nursing cover, or even as a postpartum belly band, it’s quite versatile.
  • Great for mom and dad:Instead of worrying about bright and vibrant prints, this ring sling is available in a neutral grey and looks great on both the dad and mom.

First & Long Term Impressions

At first, you’re sure to fall in love with the convenience and ease of using a ring sling. However, over time, the tail will become slightly frustrating to deal with, and it’s important to find a way to wrap the carrier, so you don’t have any excess material hanging.


  • Extremely soft
  • Breathable material
  • Easy to wear


  • Not recommended for shorter parents
  • Fabric feels minimally supportive

2. Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling 

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The Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling is a phenomenal choice for parents that like to show off their personal style a boho-inspired fringed ring sling that looks quite different than you would expect. With a little more structure than the aforementioned ring sling, you can guarantee that your baby will be held safe and secure.

The Benefits of the Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling

  • Eco-friendly: For the safety of your baby, yourself, and the environment, all of the materials used to design this ring sling are eco-friendly and include organic hand loomed cotton with aluminum rings.
  • Ergonomic design:To protect the strength of your back and arms, the Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling is created to be far more comfortable than other ring slings on the market as you can easily distribute your baby’s weight.
  • Easy to wash:Even the non-toxic dyes used to create the vibrant color of this ring sling are resistant to washing, making it quite simple to throw in the washing machine at the end of each day.

First & Long Term Impressions

The very first thing you’ll notice about this baby sling is that it’s built to last with high-quality aluminum rings and stitching that is triple reinforced. With that being said, one thing that will become difficult over time is washing the wrap as the rings may cause damage to your washing machine. You should wrap them in a sock or a pillowcase and secure it with an elastic for extra padding.


  • An ideal amount of material
  • Great for hip and chest carrying
  • Comfortable to wear


  • No shoulder padding
  • Slightly difficult to adjust

3. LILLEbaby Ring Sling

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Every parent deserves a ring sling that is equally as beneficial for them as their baby, and with the LILLEbaby Ring Sling, you’ll get the most convenience possible. With added storage pockets for your belongings, you can carry everything that is most important to you in one convenient place.

The Benefits of the LILLEbaby Ring Sling

  • Easily adjustable:Compared to other ring slings, this model is quite easy to adjust with and without your baby, which is ideal for first-time users.
  • Extreme comfort:The LILLEbaby Ring Sling also comes with optional padding to give you more comfort while carrying your baby for hours at a time.
  • Breathable:This baby sling is particularly great for the summer months as it’s made out of 100% linen which is very breathable and comfortable for the caregiver and the baby.

First & Long Term Impressions

Linen is a naturally coarse material at first, which can be a little off-putting when you first unwrap the LILLEbaby Ring Sling, though, with regular washes and the use of fabric softener, the linen will quickly become plush and comfortable. You’ll also love how easy it is to set up the ring sling right out of the box as there are instructions included and all you need to do is thread the material as directed.


  • Easy to pack in a diaper bag
  • Linen is breathable and comfortable
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Storage pocket is awkward to access
  • Will require washing to get soft

4. Vicsou Baby Wrap

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The Vicsou Baby Wrap is ideal for parents who are always on-the-go and need a reliable baby carrier to keep their little one close at all times. It’s especially great for parents who enjoy versatile items as you can use the baby wrap for not only carrying but breastfeeding as well.

The Benefits of the Vicsou Baby Wrap

  • Optimal support:Even though its material is soft to the touch, it also provides the perfect amount of support for your baby’s head, neck, back, and legs.
  • Removable rings:To give you more carrying options, you can choose to use the rings or wrap the material around your body as a traditional baby wrap.

First & Long Term Impressions

The first thing you’re sure to notice is the length of the material which may seem overwhelming for shorter parents, but as you get more experience working with the sling, it’s easy to put on and take off. You’ll also immediately feel how structured the wrap is when compared to other ring slings.


  • Easy to use while nursing
  • Sturdy once set up


  • Takes time to prepare
  • Very long for shorter caregivers

5. Lucky Baby Ring Sling 

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If you’re someone who loves taking your baby to the beach or the pool, you’ll fall in love with the Lucky Baby Ring Sling which is specially designed for parents who love the outdoors and warm weather. Compared to other ring slings, this unique baby carrier is made of premium mesh, making it remarkably breathable and cooling during the winter months.

The Benefits of the Lucky Baby Ring Sling

  • Adjustable for all parents:The Lucky Baby Ring Sling comes with the perfect amount of mesh which makes it easy to adjust for both mom and dad.
  • Easy to pack:Unlike other baby carriers that are made out of tons of material and are difficult to pack on long trips, the specialized mesh is incredibly thin which makes it the perfect travel partner.
  • Easy to clean:There’s no need to worry about spot treating a baby ring sling anymore as the Lucky Baby Ring Sling can simply be thrown into the washing machine and dryer for easy sanitization.

First & Long Term Impressions

The light and airy feel of this ring sling for newborns is the first thing you’re going to realize, especially if you’ve been searching for the ideal summer-friendly fabric. If you’ve never worn a ring sling in the past, setting it up might be slightly difficult, but over time, you’ll realize how easy it is to put on and take off. Also, as your baby grows, it’s going to become the ideal accessory in your diaper bag.


  • Comfortably displaces weight
  • Keeps your baby cool
  • Dries incredibly fast


  • Cannot be used in the winter
  • The fabric must be even to prevent slippage

6. Maya Wrap Ring Sling 

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The Maya Wrap Ring Sling is an easy to use and adjustable baby carrier for parents who have had difficulty with using one in the past due to a sore back or tender shoulder muscles. With the light padding inside of the material, you and your baby will have a far more comfortable experience when wearing the ring sling for hours on end.

The Benefits of the Maya Wrap Ring Sling

  • Covered pocket:If you’re the type of caregiver who likes to carry one thing at a time, you’ll be glad to know that the Maya Wrap Ring Sling comes with a covered zipper pocket where you can store debit cards, phones, and other small items.
  • Versatile carrying options:In comparison to other ring slings that you can only use on your front, with this particular model you’re able to also wear it on your back and your hip.
  • Stable and hands-free:For parents who have never used a ring sling before, feeling the right amount of stability to be truly hands-free can be difficult. However, with the Maya Wrap Ring Sling, you’re sure to feel its sturdy construction which helps you to know that your baby is safe and secure.

First & Long Term Impressions

The Maya Wrap Ring Sling is sure to impress right out of the box as you’ll immediately notice how soft and comfortable the material is, as well as how unobtrusive the padding is. It’s an incredibly fast and easy sling that you can throw on to wear around the house or for light activity outside, but over time you might experience a couple of concerns.

In order to prevent slippage, you will have to undo and redo the sling otherwise the material will slide through the rings with ease. Also, this means you’ll have to spend the time to readjust the ring sling every time you wear it which can be frustrating.


  • Comfortable for caregiver and baby
  • Easily disperses weight
  • Padding adds extra structure


  • Adjusting the ring sling takes practice
  • Following the instructions can be difficult

7. Vlokup Ring Sling 

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Often times, ring slings can be relatively unattractive as they can seem to be a bunch of material hanging off of the front of your body. With that being said, the Vlokup Ring Sling is a great option for parents that are looking for a little bit of fashion and flare. Available in five different colors, you can find the ideal model for any caregiver.

The Benefits of the Vlokup Ring Sling

  • All-season wear:Instead of having to buy a new ring sling for the winter and the summer, this particular model is designed for all-season wear. Its comfortable linen will keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Breastfeeding tail:Instead of having to undo your baby wrap in order to comfortably nurse them in public, you’ll love the breastfeeding tail that gives you all of the privacy you need. All you need to do is flip the fabric to cover your breasts, and you’re good to go.
  • Good for babies of all sizes:Above all else, you won’t have to worry about buying a new ring baby carrier as your baby grows, as this model is great for babies from eight to thirty-five pounds.

First & Long Term Impressions

The structure and stability of the Vlokup Ring Sling are two of the first things you’ll notice when you set it up for the first time, but the feeling of the 100% linen might be a little concerning as it will be rough to the touch. Luckily, as you wash the baby sling carrier a couple of times, the linen is only going to get softer, making it a luxurious and comfortable place for your baby to rest.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easily adjustable
  • Safe and secure


  • Color may fade with frequent washes
  • Adjusting the ring sling takes practice

8. Beachfront Baby Sling 

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Similar to the Lucky Baby Ring Sling, the Beachfront Baby Sling is a phenomenal option for parents who enjoy spending time outdoors during the warmer months. Designed out of a special athletic mesh that helps to keep your baby dry and cool, they’ll feel incredibly comfortable for hours at a time.

The Benefits of the Beachfront Baby Sling

  • Chlorine-safe:Instead of dealing with a baby sling that is only going to lose its color or become stiff when exposed to pool water, this particular carrier has been tested in chlorine to ensure that it’s safe to use.
  • Lightweight:Carrying a baby around in heavy fabric is more than most people can handle, which is why the light athletic mesh is great for parents dealing with back and shoulder pain.
  • Completely non-toxic:If you have a baby who has the tendency to chew on things, you’ll love how the Beachfront Baby Sling has been tested and certified as non-toxic, even its dyes. Your baby can safely chew and play with the carrier without any concerns about color transfer.

First & Long Term Impressions

At first, you’re going to notice that the athletic mesh is extremely stretchy and it can become troublesome if you don’t adjust the carrier appropriately. Over time and as you get experience with setting it up, you’ll realize how snug and sturdy it can be, giving you the comfort you’ve been waiting for. It’s also great to know that the Beachfront Baby Sling isn’t going to have any color fading as a result of being exposed to pool water or shower water.


  • Great for warm weather
  • Lightweight even when wet
  • Can be worn while seated


  • Adjusting the ring sling is difficult at first
  • The fabric isn’t as soft as other ring slings

9. Bibetts Ring Sling 

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Caregivers who aren’t interested in a sling wrap that takes ages to learn how to use will want to try the Bibetts Ring Sling as it’s an all-inclusive carrier that is easy to use and doesn’t feature any bells and whistles. It’s also a great option for parents that are looking for an organic alternative as it’s constructed using 100% natural materials, making it safe for your baby and the environment.

The Benefits of the Bibetts Ring Sling

  • Stain and sun resistant:It’s impossible to prevent yourself from spilling things on your baby carrier, especially if you wear it every day. With this particular model, it’s entirely stain and sun resistant, which makes it easier to keep clean and beautiful throughout the years.
  • Great for sensitive skin:As the material of the ring sling is made out of flax plant linen, it’s safe for all babies, even those with sensitive skin. The sensitive skin-safe fibers used in this ring sling feel much sturdier than cotton, which gives you the stability you need.
  • Regulates heat perfectly:Similar to other ring sling baby carriers on this list, the Bibetts Ring Sling regulates heat perfectly, giving you a comfortable thing to wear in the summer and winter alike.
  • Gets softer over time:Just like other linen-based materials, the more often you wash this ring sling, the softer the material is going to get. Eventually, it will feel like butter in between your fingers every time you wear it.

First & Long Term Impressions

The main thing you’ll realize at first when you wear the Bibetts Ring Sling is it has a long tail which may be confusing for first-time wearers. However, this tail is great for mothers who intend on nursing while wearing their baby carrier. It also helps block the sun from your baby’s face. Other than that, you’ll enjoy the carrier over the years because it’s simple, straight to the point, and seemingly designed to last.


  • Color does not fade
  • Linen keeps babies cool
  • Stylish design


  • The tail may be long for shorter caregivers

10. Mamaway Baby Ring Sling

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As the tenth and final ring sling on this list, the Mamaway Baby Ring Sling is surely designed for parents who are always traveling from one place to another or parents that are looking for a completely hands-free carrier. Designed with the safety of your baby in mind, you’ll have the peace of mind while wearing this ring sling as it’s incredibly sturdy and comfortable.

The Benefits of the Mamaway Baby Ring Sling

  • Great for plus size parents:Instead of trying to manage with a ring sling that is designed for thinner frames, you’ll love that the Mamaway Baby Ring Sling has the perfect amount of material for plus size caregivers.
  • Integrated padding:There’s the perfect amount of padding in different areas of this baby ring sling carrier such as on the bottom railing and on the outer edges. This padding helps to make wearing the ring sling much easier, especially if you’re not used to being a baby carrying parent.
  • Easy to learn:In comparison to other ring slings that take a while to learn, the Mamaway Baby Ring Sling is easy to use with and without instructions.

First & Long Term Impressions

The most important thing to remember with the Mamaway Baby Ring Sling is that it’s going to take time to get used to, especially if you’ve never carried a baby before. You’ll have to take your time finding the ideal adjustment based on the more dominant sides of your body to not only make sure it’s comfortable, but safe for your baby as well.


  • Cozy and comfortable for babies
  • Enough material for all caregivers
  • Padding for security


  • Difficult to adjust at first
  • Might be too tight for larger infants

Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Ring Sling of 2018

Ring slings can be a phenomenal addition to your collection of baby accessories, but with so many models to choose from it can seem slightly overwhelming for someone who has never used one before. No matter if you’re a dad or a mom, there are some great and unique tips to use to help you find the ideal baby wearing sling for everyday use.

What to Look for in Baby Ring Slings

  • Sizing:It’s important to choose the right size ring sling for your personal body type. With that being said, the majority of them are adjustable which makes them great for the entire family, but at times, you might have to find specific sizes. Ideally, you should always choose a ring sling that is sized to the t-shirts you wear, for example, if you wear a medium shirt then you should buy a medium baby carrier.
  • Breathable material:Put yourself in your baby’s shoes, you wouldn’t want to be carried
    choose the Baby Ring Slings

    around in a device that was stifling, especially during the warmer months. The combination of your body heat and your baby’s body heat can cause them to overheat, which is why the breathable material is best. You will want to find something that is lightweight like linen or cotton, though athletic mesh can also be a great choice.

  • Easy to wash:No matter how cautious you are when using your baby sling, it’s likely it’s going to get dirty, and you’re going to want a material that is easy to wash and won’t shrink. Make sure you choose a sling that can be thrown in the washing machine instead of needing to be hand-washed.
  • Safe materials:Aside from comfortable materials, your baby sling should also be made of safe materials that don’t contain any harmful byproducts or ingredients, especially when it comes to the metal ring that allows you to adjust the sling. Typically, manufacturers will include safety information in the product description.

Tips and Tricks for Baby Ring Slings

Even though they seem simple enough, below are some great tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your ring sling baby carrier.

  1. Test Before Using

First and foremost, you should take the time to test the ring sling before you put your baby in it, and you can do this using a doll. Not only is it easier to set it up without a baby in it, but it’s also much safer.

  1. Adjust the Ring Properly

Finding the perfect placement of the ring is important, especially so you don’t have to continually adjust it through the day. The rings should be located on the top part of your shoulder, closer to the outside because the closer they are to your neck, the more uncomfortable it will be.

  1. Spread it Across Your Back

The key to comfortably wearing a baby ring sling is to distribute your baby’s weight properly, and this is done by spreading the material across the entirety of your back instead of focusing all of their weight on one area of your body.

  1. Hold Your Baby as You Tighten

Tightening your ring sling with your baby sitting in the sling is only going to make the task tougher, which is why it’s always better for you to lift them a little bit, so there’s less tension on the material. This will help you to easily adjust the ring sling without any difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Ring Slings

Do I need a baby ring sling?

If you’re the type of parent who enjoys having the freedom of using your arms and bringing your baby with you everywhere, a ring sling is definitely a necessity. Once you have the ability to use one, you’ll start to question how other parents live without them.

Should I buy a baby ring sling new or used?

In comparison to other baby accessories where it’s recommended you buy them new, there’s no reason as to why you can’t buy or borrow a used baby ring sling. All you’ll have to do is make sure that it’s thoroughly disinfected and sturdy enough for your baby to sit in for hours at a time.

How do I use a baby ring sling?

Questions About Baby Ring Slings

Using a baby ring sling is easier than most people assume, especially once you get the hang of it. First, you’ll need to set the ring sling up to where there will be enough room for your baby to breathe and relax. Second, you put the baby inside of the ring sling, and third, you adjust it for optimal comfort. The majority of sling wraps you buy will come with additional instructions to guide you through the process step-by-step.

How do I clean a baby ring sling?

Cleaning a baby ring sling is all dependent on the model you choose, but the majority of them are easily washable in a washing machine on a gentle cycle. However, if you come across one that can only be hand-washed, it’s recommended that you use a mild detergent and wash the sling under lukewarm water, allowing it to thoroughly air dry.

Are there baby ring sling accessories that I need?

When you purchase a ring sling, you’ll notice that there aren’t any accessories that you need as the unit is designed to be all-inclusive and easy to use.

When should I use a baby ring sling?

There are plenty of instances when you might want to think about using a linen ring sling, it all depends on your personal preferences. If you’re doing dishes and you need your hands, or even if you’re taking a brisk walk around the mall, they can be very handy.

What People Think About Baby Ring Slings

If there’s one thing that can be said about a baby sling carrier, it’s that it will typically have a resounding amount of positive success stories. This is what helps to make them as popular as they are and some of the most common positive opinions include:

  • Feeling closer to your baby:Wearing a baby carrier is a phenomenal bonding experience for the parent and the child alike. Not only will they feel physically close to you, but you’ll have a stronger emotional bond simply because you’re spending more time together.
  • Breastfeeding support:For first-time mothers, the idea of breastfeeding can be daunting, but with the help of the right ring sling, you’ll have the perfect amount of support to keep your baby comfortable while you feed. Not to mention they’re also great for reducing reflux or colic in babies.
  • Calmer and happier baby:We all know that babies cry when their needs aren’t met, but it has been proven that ring slings help to promote a calmer and happier baby simply because they are being heard, seen, smelled, and touched. They’ll also feel far more comfortable because they can see and touch their caregiver.

Our Top Pick is the LILLEbaby Ring Sling

Once you’re ready to make your final decision, the best baby ring sling we’d recommend is the LILLEbaby Ring Sling because it incorporates everything that you could ever need. Not only is the linen material breathable for all seasons, but it’s also easy to wash and retains its luxurious color and becomes softer every time it’s put in the washing machine.

It’s also important to note that the LILLEbaby Ring Sling is not only comfortable for you as the caregiver but for your baby as well, making it easier for them to nurse in public or fall asleep against your chest while you’re out and about. We also love the added storage pocket to help keep your items close to you at all times, even if your diaper bag isn’t easily accessible.

Overall, its style, ease of use, and accessibility surely make the LILLEbaby Ring Sling the best baby ring sling you can get your hands on in 2018.


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