10 Best Baby Rattle to Buy in 2018


Everyone knows that rattles can be great toys for infants who are just learning to grip, make sounds and chew on things. That is why you might be curious to know what the best baby rattle in 2018 is.

We’ve compiled a list of different options, with pros and cons as well so that you can get the perfect rattle for your little one as they begin exploring the world.

Top 10 Baby Rattles on Amazon 2018

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1.Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

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These are two simple, colorful rattles shaped like maracas. Each rattle has a soft pom pom top and three beads, which make noises when shaken.

This little rattle is sure to put a smile on your kid’s face with its colorful design and noise-making virtues. What’s more, its size is just right for a developing hand. The rattle can be a little big for babies under three months, but older babies and toddlers will love them.


  • Easy to grip
  • Soft pom pom is good for teething
  • Different textures for sensory development


  • Doesn’t seem to make much noise

2.Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle

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This colorful rattle develops hand-eye coordination by spinning. It has teething-friendly grooves on the handle as well and links in different shapes that move along it.

This is a great little toy that will keep your baby hooked trying to figure out how to spin the rattle and make its delightful noises. The links move smoothly and easily, giving your baby tactile stimulation that isn’t too difficult for his or her developmental level.

This rattle is ideal for babies who are teething and developing their sensory understanding. The spinning rattle will have little ones working out different speeds and modes of movement, while the textures on the handle are great for their gums.


  • Rattle spins easily
  • Can readily be put on stroller or car seat with plastic link ring
  • Lots of textures for teething


  • Plastic may be a little hard

3.Organic Wood Montessori Styled Baby Rattle by Homi Baby

[amazon box=”B073J2C879″ template=”vertical”]

This is a lovely handcrafted rattle made from wood and sealed with coconut oil. It comes with three noise-making links. This rattle will be sure to enchant any baby with its elegant and simple design.

Its perfectly-sanded wood surface is safe for babies to explore with their hands and mouths and the rattle makes a soft, satisfying sound as well.


  • Made from organic wood
  • Smooth surface free of splinters
  • Simple and elegant


  • Rattle may not make much noise
  • The wood may make it trickier to wash

4.Fred BUFF BABY Dumbbell Baby Rattle

[amazon box=”B00UB8BEEM” template=”vertical”]

This is a unique rattle made to look like a black dumbbell. It weighs about one pound, has an easy grip for babies and makes a gentle rattle sound.

This black baby dumbbell rattle is easy to grip for your baby, while satisfying your sense of humor as you watch your little one “work out” with his or her new toy.


  • Easy to handle and shake
  • Made with no phosphates or BPAs


  • Plastic may be a little hard

5.SmartNoggin NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle

[amazon box=”B00BOQXWGS” template=”vertical”]

This baby rattle was designed by a mom and an early intervention therapist to help parents track their children’s developmental milestones. It’s made up of a variety of textures and surfaces babies can grip, with a plastic, smiling face that lights up with different colors.

The changing colors, the rattle and the real mirror on the toy are great entertainment and learning tools for your baby. This toy also comes with a full guide detailing how to use its various features at different stages of your child’s development.


  • Lights up to encourage visual tracking
  • Provides a guide of activities for parents and babies to do together
  • Many textures to explore


  • Quite expensive

6.Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Rattle Toy, Hedgehog

[amazon box=”B00LZKC5BQ” template=”vertical”]

This roll-around rattle toy has many grooves and openings that your baby can grab and features the friendly face of a hedgehog. Not only that, it has rubberized details that are good for teething.

This easy-to-grab and multi-faceted rattle will entertain children with its unique design and give them both something to hold on to and throw as well as something to chew on.


  • Easy to grab in many places
  • Encourages shaking, rolling and tossing


  • It seems the support for the beads is sometimes faulty, causing it to break and create a choking hazard

7.iPlay, iLearn 10pcs Baby Rattles Teether, Shaker, Grab and Spin Rattle, Musical Toy Set

[amazon box=”B071YCHDX1″ template=”vertical”]

This exquisite toy set comes with ten different types of rattles, each made up of primary colors but with different designs, textures and sounds.

There’s truly a lot of variety in this set, with each teether or rattle specific for a different stage in your baby’s development and catering to a different sense. All the toys are made from BPA-free plastic as well.


  • Comes with a container to store them all
  • Sturdy
  • All-around sensory development


  • May be difficult to clean, as water can get into the toys

8.The World of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Ring Rattle

[amazon box=”B001D7KNRY” template=”vertical”]

This colorful rattle was inspired by Eric Carle’s timeless tale, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It comes with a soft plush caterpillar and a plastic, clear ring with beads in it that move around and make noise.

The caterpillar strongly resembles the one from the children’s book, making it a sure favorite toy for fans of the story. There’s different textures to explore and the beads make plenty of noise to keep babies entertained.


  • Original design
  • Perfect grip size
  • Different textures for teething


  • May be a bit hard to wash

9.Sassy Spin Shine Rattle Developmental Toy

[amazon box=”B002L3T9VA” template=”vertical”]

This is a pretty articulate rattle as far as baby rattle toys go. The ends are made up of two round spheres, one clear with spinning pictures in it. The chunky handle in the middle is provided with three rings that make noise as they slide up and down.

Its very colorful designs with many contrasting shades will keep children’s attention focused. The spinning images will delight your baby’s imagination and keep them entertained, while the soft clanking of the rings will provide auditory stimulation.


  • Lots of textures to explore
  • Great handle for learning to grip
  • Spinning images are great for sparking creativity


  • It seems that it is not perfectly sealed, so water may get in and ruin it

10.HABA Kringelring Wooden Baby Rattle & Clutching Toy

[amazon box=”B0002HYCMI” template=”vertical”]

This German, handcrafted wooden baby rattle is composed of a ring of colored beechwood beads strung together on an elastic band. The ring hosts two smaller plastic rings made of non-BPA plastic.

This simple and elegant design will delight children and adults alike. The colorful beads are water-stained, so there’s no risk of your baby being exposed to toxic paints.

This wooden baby rattle is great for babies of about 4 months to 9-10 months. They need to be old enough to grip the ring, but older kids might get bored of the very simple design and favor more interactive toys.


  • Great materials
  • Perfect size for grip
  • Interesting colors


  • The beads can be moved around, leaving spaces between them where a baby’s lips can get stuck

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Baby Rattle


Above all things to consider, it is extremely important that any rattle you buy meets safety regulations. Check to see if it is toxic-free and if any paint used is lead-free to avoid health hazards. This is because babies will want to chew on them a lot.

Also, the rattle should not be too heavy and pose a risk if the baby accidentally drops it on themselves. Another safety tip is to select rattles that do not pose a choking hazard, either due to the size of the rattle itself, or any small parts and accessories.

[Relevance: Baby Safety Issues at Home]

Age Appropriateness

Baby rattles are usually classified by age, but if yours is not, here is the basic guideline. Babies that are zero to three months will be keen on visually-colorful rattles that their parent holds for them.

From three to six months, the infant will be able to grasp objects and therefore, will require a rattle that is not only visually beautiful, but makes soft noises as well. Sudden or harsh noises may startle babies in this age group.

Children from six to nine months have better motor skills and will be interested in rattles that have interactive buttons or parts as well as music.

Infants that are nine to twelve months will typically require rattles that can double as teethers, since this is when the first few teeth start appearing. Rattles may also be used by toddlers as long as the child still finds them entertaining.


Rattles can be constructed by many materials, though plastic or rubber will be the most popular. However, a wooden baby rattle will be best for older babies and can be expected to have a longer life expectancy.

Babies will chew, gnaw, bite and constantly wet a rattle, so it is important to get a heavy-duty material that is also lightweight.

How Do I Clean a Baby Rattle?

Best Baby Rattle

Baby rattles will quickly require cleaning due to the culmination of germs from constant handling, saliva and more. In fact, a good washing once a week is recommended for rattles that are used daily.

Sterilizing rattles after illness or a playdate is another tip to avoid acquiring old germs again or passing on new ones. However, the cleaning process will depend on the type of material the rattle is made from.

Remember to use a mild soap or a special baby soap when cleaning to avoid harsh chemicals.

Plastic Rattles

Plastic is quite easy to clean and can be done with a mixture of water and soap. Simply dunk the rattle in warm, soapy water and start scrubbing. An old toothbrush will help you reach those small crevices and nooks.

If the rattle has buttons or lights that make it unsafe to dunk in water, wipe with a moist cloth that has been sprayed with a disinfectant. In addition, most plastic rattles are also dishwater safe. Just air dry the rattle afterwards and you are set to go.

Wooden Rattles

Wood hates water, so do not fully submerge any wooden rattles to avoiding warping. Instead, clean gently with a moistened cloth. You may use soapy water or a mixture of distilled vinegar and water to moisten the cloth with.

If you use soap, wipe the rattle down afterwards with just water to get rid of any residue.

Fabric Rattles

Baby rattles made from fabrics can be put into a pillow case and tumble-dried for fifteen minutes for a deep clean. Another way is to simply put it in the washing machine or wipe it down with a baby wipe.

Other People’s Opinion

Grab and Shake Rattles

There are plenty of rattles to choose from, but the most commonly listed in other people’s reviews include grab and shake rattles or those with musical components.

Popular brands such as Fisher-Price and SmartNoggin offer rattles that “grow” with your baby in different stages. It is also popular to buy baby rattles with unusual designs or made from organic textiles, such as the Green Sprouts Chime Rattle made from organic cotton.

Easy-to-Grab Rattles

For many of the rattles, reviews praise the visual attractiveness of the toy and the appeal it had with their children. Many parents look for easy-to-grab rattles that make musical or rhythmic sounds and ones that are visually pleasant.

Unisex and Dishwasher Safe

Most of the popular baby rattles are unisex and are dishwasher safe. A small, non-bulky shape is also preferred to avoid frequent drops because of a non-ergonomic design.

Our Favorite Baby Rattle

This iPlay, iLearn 10-piece set is the complete deal that will aid your baby’s fine motor skills from zero to twelve months or more. Each rattle has a unique design, grip and task that will boost exploration and motivate interest.

Colorful and with different sounds, your baby will not miss any of the stages of visual, tactile, or hearing development. What’s more, you get a total of ten baby rattles for an affordable price. The set includes all the pros that other parents look for but conveniently packaged into one.

Furthermore, all the rattles are durable and made from plastic. You will get a collection of versatile rattles that are sure to entertain and keep your baby learning for a substantial amount of time.

This particular set also comes with a storage container to avoid misplacing any of the baby rattles. It’s a handy set to have around that will help your baby develop and refine his or her skills but is also quick and easy to put away.

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