6 Best Baby Hats for Winter to Buy of 2018


When it comes to buying best baby hats for our little ones, we like to make no exceptions. A nice warm knit, a colorful design, and a comfy little fit; we like to be extra picky when it comes to any of our children.

The problem with most hats is that either they’re too cold and airy or too tight and suffocating. The little babies need to be kept warm but also aerated. Then there comes the problem of finding the perfect fit for the baby, especially if it was born prematurely. Add a bit of pricing to the concoction, and voilà; you have an entirely new dilemma on your hands.

The best baby hats are not only cute and outright adorable but also quite necessary for the child. So when it comes to finding the perfect hat for the baby, we cannot afford any mistakes.

Most Popular Baby Winter Hats

We have taken the time and pain to list down six of the best baby hats in the market. Choose for yourself.

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1. L’oved Baby Organic Infant Cap

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The L’oved Baby Organic Infant Cap is one of a kind. Not only are these hats comfortable and unique, but can also be found in hundreds of different sizes. These exquisite hats are made of 100% organic cotton, and are imported to ensure the best quality.

The hats are even available in preemie size, to accommodate premature babies. Not only that, but the design is unique and minimalistic, yet cute and abundant.

This hat is our personal favorite, and there’s a reason why. If you didn’t buy this hat, you’re definitely missing out.


  • Available in a variety of sizes, including newborn and preemie.
  • Unique and chic. The colors are various and robust, yet minimalistic and sophisticated.
  • Comfortable and cozy. The hat fits perfectly on the head of the baby, and provides aeration and warmth.
  • The hat can be used outdoors with no worries about the baby feeling too cold.


  • The hat might be too airtight, restricting airflow and ventilation.
  • The colors may be a bit too flashy for some users.

Bottom Line:

While some users may prefer a lesser tight hat, this one is definitely more comfortable and snug. Buying the L’oved Baby Organic Infant Cap will certainly be no regret.

2. Qandsweet Baby Boy’s Beanie Hat

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The Qandsweet Baby Boy’s Beanie Hat is another one of our personal favorites. The hat is designed to be specifically used by baby boys, though they can be compromised for girls too.

The Qandsweer Hats feature a variety of sizes and shapes, and are definitely gracious and sophisticated. They are beanie hats, which have a bit of extra fabric at the back, which basically hangs from the back of the head.

It is made of a blend of cotton and other materials, and is both comfortable and airy.


  • Available for children from 6 months of age to 5 years.
  • The hat is unique and fashionable, and looks modern and trendy.
  • The hat can be worn on both sides. One side has been colored red and the other is striped.
  • It is airy and cozy.


  • Not available for newborns and preemies.
  • Maybe a bit uncomfortable for some users.

Bottom Line:

The Qandsweet Baby’s Boy’s Hat is both fashionable and comfy, so what’s there not to like? The hat has definitely intrigued our interest, and will pique yours too.

3. Redess Winter Baby Boy’s Hat

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The Redess Winter Baby Boy’s Hat is another one that is most fashionable for baby boys. This hat combines beauty and grace and trending designs and incorporates them into one product.

The Redess Winter Baby Boy’s Hat is one of the best baby winter hats, and will surely end up in your cart. It features two layers of protection; one made of knitting yarn and the other of pure fleece.

The product is most reliable, and is sure to keep the baby comfortable and warm at all times. This hat is best as it is both warm and breathable.


  • Two layers of protection supply warmth and coziness to the baby.
  • The inner lining of fleece keeps the head warm but not over-heated.
  • The outer layer of knitting yarn is breathable and protective.
  • The design is flawless and trendy.


  • This hat may be too warm for some users.
  • The design may not satisfy some users.

Bottom Line:

The Redess Winter Baby Boy’s Hat is the best winter hats for use in the cold clammy winters. They keep the baby warm and comfortable.

4. My Swim Baby Sun Hat

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The My Swim Baby Sun Hat is an oldie, and is the most sophisticated and fashionable hat. The My Swim is one of the most delicate and graceful baby sun hats. These hats are known for their flashy and bright summer colors, and for providing shade and comfort for the baby.

These baby girl hats are exceptionally designed to be machine washable and easy to manage. The fabric is 100% polyester and is both delicate and lightweight.

This sun hat will surely keep your baby safe from the harmful sun rays that would otherwise bother her all day.


  • Colorful and playful design keeps the young happy and content.
  • Fabric is ultra-soft and non-toxic.
  • The product is machine washable, allowing your baby to play in the sand without worrying about getting herself dirty.
  • The fit is perfect and comfortable.
  • Fabric is lightweight and easy to wash and dry.


  • The colors may be too bright and strong for some users.
  • The fabric may not be comfortable for some users.

Bottom Line:

All in all, this is the best baby hat for fun on the beach. The polyester is super soft and comfortable, and the hat will surely fit snugly on the baby.

5. Twinklebell Baby Toddler Hat

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The Twinklebell Baby Toddler Hat is why we’re obsessed with baby hats. These hats are not only fashionable and trendy, but also fun to wear and easy to wash. The Twinklebell Baby Toddler Hat is designed for toddlers aged 2 and above. However, the best part about these hats is that they’re available in newborn sizes as well.

These hats are essentially sun hats originally made for baby girls and toddlers. The sun hats feature a drawstring at the front to fasten the hat, and are made of 100% breathable cotton to minimize discomfort.

The Twinklebell hats have certainly shown their best potential.


  • Available in sizes from newborns to two-year-olds and above.
  • Colors are wild and various, and will surely be a blast to wear.
  • Provides premium shade and protection.
  • Made of 100% cotton that is 50+ UPF and breathable.
  • Will keep the baby’s head aerated and comfortable.
  • Sizes fit perfectly


  • Size may be a bit unfitting.
  • Some users may not like the colors or the design.
  • Brim may not be stable enough.

Bottom Line:

While the Twinklebell Baby Toddler Hat has its own unique grace, we can definitely say that it stands out from the rest.

6. ECYC Newborn Beanie Hat with Dolls

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The ECYC Newborn Beanie Hat is a personal favorite of ours. This hat not only features beauty and grace, but it also comes with a cute little teddy bear.

All this at a relatively cheap price. How much better can it get? The hat is one of the best newborn baby hats, and is specially designed to imitate a bear’s ears. It’s cute and lovely.


  • Made of mostly wool, facilitating ease and stability.
  • Imitates a bear’s ears to promote playfulness and cheeriness.
  • The fabric is airy and will keep the baby warm yet feeling great.
  • The colors are simple yet graceful.
  • Comes with a toy bear doll to enhance the baby’s mood.
  • Suitable for newborns.


  • The size may not fit some users.
  • Not available for preemies.
  • Color choice is limited.

Bottom Line:

These are by far the best crochet baby hats and baby hats with ears. Buying these will be no regret, and although they promise free returns, you definitely won’t want them.

Mom’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Hat for Baby

As stated earlier, there are tons of factors that we like to keep in mind before setting out to buy the best baby hats. Although those factors differ vastly from parent to parent, we’ve taken the convenience of listing down a few of the most commonly considered factors.

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1. Size

Size is an obvious factor, but we thought including it was a must. When considering buying hats for the baby, it is important to choose one that fits the head perfectly. A hat that is too loose will droop over the forehead and cause discomfort.

A hat that is too tight will restrict airflow and might not cover the whole head, leaving a good portion of it exposed to the cold. A hat that fits perfectly, however, will stay fit and comfortable.

2. Designbest Baby Hats

Although the design isn’t a necessity, you don’t just want your baby to be just comfy, now do you? After all, the only reason we have babies is so they can melt us with their outright cuteness.

Buy a hat with colors that you think will be perfect for the baby, and try to keep it simple yet playful. Buy multiple at once and get creative.

3. Comfort

Comfort is another factor that plays when choosing the best baby hat. Comfort is necessary as babies put up tantrums quite frequently.

Choose a hat that both fits the baby perfectly and causes no other form of discomfort or pain. Make sure that the hat is breathable yet warm and cozy.

Baby Winter Hats FAQs

Is breathability really necessary?

Yes, definitely. While most young moms and dads may not be familiar with the concept,frequently asked questions about baby hats getting a hat that does not restrict airflow to the baby’s head. A good breathable hat would be a knitted one or a fleece one.

Not only are these carefully crafted with lots of spacing in between, but are cheaper and can even be made at home. Try to buy one that is flexible and soft, and allows airflow to the head to avoid overheating. If still in doubt, consult a local parent.

Why does my baby need a hat in the first place?

Apart from aesthetics, baby hats are crucial as they can perform a variety of functions.

Firstly, they regulate the temperature within the hat. So that the baby’s head remains warm and doesn’t get too cold, as that can pose some complications.

Secondly, they protect the baby’s delicate little head from injuries and grazing and the like. It is important to cover the baby head to toe to avoid complications later on. Refer to the Buyer’s Guide above for choosing the best baby hats.

Are these hats washable?

Most of the hats are manufactured with a material which is washable. However, you should read the manual/description of the product to confirm if they’re machine washable or need a hand wash.

Pick the Most Comfortable Hat for Your Baby

All babies have their own requirements, and we believe that deciding the best baby hat should be a part of our priorities. After all, nothing’s worse than a cranky baby.

Especially in the middle of an event or a family outing. Choose the best baby hats wisely, as these can shape up the way you bring up your child and be crucial for the child’s health.

Factor in your decision the fact that no one can decide which hat is best for them better than the babies themselves. So keep them in mind, and set out to find the best brand out there!

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