8 Best Baby Hair Brush and Comb Sets In 2018


Taking care of your baby encompasses the hair among other grooming aspects. The problem with many parents is finding the right tools to guide the hair from the beginning. Since our babies don’t come with manuals on how to attend to them, you have to try all the right methods before landing on the ultimate one. With the best baby hair brush to take care of his or her needs, you can overcome the challenges that result from young growing hair.

Apart from making the hair straight and stylish, baby hair brush sets are also known to stimulate the scalp and prevent cradle crap which is a common but not comfortable condition. Here, we have a detailed guide that will show you the baby hairbrush and comb set to go for plus a guide to selecting the appropriate one for the young family member.

Baby Hair Brush and Comb Sets Comparison Table

Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set Brand No. of pieces Bristles type On the Brush
Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb Safety 1st One piece that serves as a brush and comb Rubber bristles
Wooden Baby Hair Brush with Natural Goat Hair Bristles Royal Infant One brush Natural goat hair
Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush Natemia One brush Natural goat hair
Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb Safety 1st Two pieces, a brush and 2-in-1 comb Soft synthetic bristles
Chibello 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set Chibello Four pieces: soft brush, massage brush, comb and silicone massager Natural goat hair
OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set OCCObaby Three pieces: soft brush, massage brush and comb Natural goat hair
Hip Peas Wooden Baby Brush Hip Peas One brush Eco-friendly, non-toxic nylon
Bottom of FormFamiCare 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set FamiCare Three pieces: Soft brush, massage brush, comb Natural goat hair

Best Baby Hair Brush and Comb Sets Product Reviews

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1) Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb

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Cradle cap is an issue that affects many babies as they transit to toddler stage. To help get rid of seborrheic dermatitis, which is its scientific name, Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and comb is here to give you a solution to the rash that comes out of the baby’s hair.

The brush and comb is a 2-in-1 design featuring an innovative contrive that enables you to handle it and experience an interrupted combing session. The lower handle can slide into an adult’s hand to keep it steady. On top are soft rubber brushes that will help in loosening the flakes while the fine tooth comb at the front loosens the tough ones to render the hair as straight.

Rubber is suitable for the soft baby’s head and the growing hair. In this brush and comb, the materials are of high quality to make the brush hair-like projections strong for curled hair and cradle cap issues.  For those who are asking if you can use until the baby reaches two years old, this 2-in-1 can be used until your child outgrows it since its construction makes sure of that.

What parents say

“My daughter had cradle cap that was going from bad to worse. After searching for many solutions that boasted of working but no, I landed on this 2-in-1 brush and comb. I took other measures too to help my young one such as using coconut oil, and the results were amazing. The brush took out tons of dirt, and I had to wash it after a few strokes. Now, the cradle cap is still there but mild, and I always use this tool to get rid of it. What I really liked about it is how you hold it as you comb since it doesn’t slide out.”


  • 2-in-1 design is very innovative
  • A soft brush which is good for baby’s head and hair
  • Excellent handling
  • Durable materials


  • Much hair is bound to pluck out of the baby’s head. If this is the case, use an alternative.

2) Wooden Baby Hair Brush with Natural Goat Hair Bristles

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Natural goat hair is soft enough to be smooth on a child’s head – the reason why it is the defining material on the Royal Infant-made baby hairbrush. The Wooden Baby Hair Brush with Natural Goat Hair Bristles comes in cute packaging to present to your royal toddler.

The goat hair stands on natural beech wood that holds it as you or the training baby strokes the tangled hair to keep it neat, straight and out of cradle cap attack. The wood extends to form a handle that has enough room for the combing hand to give you the ability to work on the hair with ease and stimulate the baby’s scalp. The steadiness of the hair is suitable for infants, toddlers and little kids with fine hair.

If you want to clean it, just hold it under running water then make sure it’s drying upside down. At times, the hair comes out due to continued use. To prevent the brush from leaving the natural goat hair on the baby’s head, brush it on your hand softly or use a micro-fiber towel to do so.

What parents say

“This is a quality hair brush that is perfect for my one-year-old boy. He always touched his dad’s hair whenever he held him, and we thought he liked the style.  The brush turned out to be helpful. It is however not good if your kid has too much hair since it does well only on short fine hair. Luckily, that is what my son has.”


  • Smooth on the scalp due to natural goat hair
  • Made out of natural premium materials
  • Suitable for fine hair
  • Built to last


  • Not ideal for a head full of hair
  • The goat hair tends to pull out after continued use

3) Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush

[amazon box=”B01N1PTHED” template=”vertical”]

Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush resembles what the Royal Infants have worked on, but their fine bristles make it stand out. The brush is made of natural goat hair too which is a perfect head massager to that toddler who still possesses a soft spot. In the process, the scalp gets nourished for better hair growth in the future.

Since cradle cap is a common problem in growing babies, the soft bristle hair brush sweeps out everything that is pouring off to prevent it from building up. The wooden platform that holds all the brush hair and provides a holding handle provides a brush that you or your child can use. That is why it also poses as a training tool for that child who wants to know how to keep their hair. After all, you will not be combing him or her forever.

If you know of a child turning one year old in 2018, take this a birthday gift and wait for the applause. If the parents are not satisfied with the product, you are guaranteed of a full refund, but the brush will be a favorite before such a thought crosses their minds.

What parents say

“My hubby complained when I got this brush since it was a high-end type with a ridiculous price on it. After a while, he looked at his one-year-old small man with his hair all well-groomed, and I never heard him talking about the plastic versions around. My son loves it, and he wants to brush his hair now. He is always quiet as he looks in the mirror, and when he’s ready, the handle acts as a teether!”


  • Natural bristles from goat hair
  • Soft on the baby’s scalp
  • Perfect training tool for a one-year-old
  • Suitable for infants, toddlers and little children with fine hair


  • Cannot be used in water or wet hair
  • Not ideal for a head full of hair

4) Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb

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Apart from the cradle cap brush, the Safety 1st brand has another one set that is suitable for the newborns and older children too. Designed with pink as the primary color, the baby hairbrush and comb set brings all the cheer when it’s time to groom their hair. The ergonomics come in as a noticeable feature that makes it easy to hold and stroke the hair as needed.

The brush has soft bristles to go easy on the young head, untangle the hair and get rid of secretions on the hair to pave the way for better nourishment and circulation. A small comb accompanies the brush with two sides for combing, each side having a different density. The different teeth spacing will enable you to adjust the thickness as you comb.

One thing though, this comb set can only be used for general combing but no for cradle cap issue. For the latter, check the first product on our review which is from Safety 1st too.

What parents say

“This is a set that your child can grow up with as he or she learns to comb their hair. The brush has soft bristles which were great when our daughter was young. For the comb, the density adjustment was a good thought put into the design and handling it is easy even for the little hands. I’ll be recommending this product to my friend who has a six-month-old baby.”


  • Comes as a brush and comb
  • Soft bristles are good for the baby’s growing scalp
  • The comb has the varying density for varying hair amounts
  • Easy to handle
  • Cute design


  • Does not prevent cradle cap

5) Chibello 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

[amazon box=”B076Z4H51N” template=”vertical”]

This is a set that your baby will use from the day he or she was born to when they outgrow each of the pieces. Chibello 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set will be a suitable collection to use on your baby after bath time. The two brushes and comb are natural beech wood, and the soft massager is generated from soft silicone.

One of the brushes has natural goat hair which as we have seen, it’s a great scalp massager that will help you get rid of cradle cap and help the hair to grow in a well-nourished environment. The second brush is deluxe with spaced wooden bristles that will aid in detangling hair when the child is older, and the comb will give your kid some straight, good-looking hair. Having a silicon massager only gets better since it is a way to stimulate the scalp to gain more room for blood circulation.

Everything comes wrapped in a cute box that is ready to present as a gift to a newborn, and the future parents will get something to hold on to until the child reaches teenage. What we like about it is that the materials are all natural making it the best wooden brush set for your baby to use after a bath.

What parents say

“The reason why we love this set is that it has everything for the child to start with and grow as he or she keeps using it. That is why it was the perfect gift for my six-month-old daughter. It also has a nice packaging that you don’t need to wrap if you want to gift it as a gift.”


  • Four pieces to comb hair in the package
  • Made out of natural materials
  • Natural goat hair is suitable for cradle cap removal
  • The wooden bristles brush is good for detangling hair for older kids


  • The brush can only be used on washed and dried hair as opposed to wet

6) OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

[amazon box=”B01DAL4A9W” template=”vertical”]

OCCObaby is a brand that has received many recommendations and here is a 3-piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set for a newborn to grow with. The set comes with a brush that has natural goat hair defining the bristles which are useful for keeping cradle cap away and pave the way for optimal oil distribution in the scalp’s skin.

The second brush is a massage type that has wooden bristles to aid in hair and scalp massaging which turns out to be perfect for circulation and hair nourishment. It is also perfect for tangled hair with the rounded ends on each wooden bristle. When they grow up, there is a high-quality comb that they can use to keep the head full of hair neat and stylish.

If you are not satisfied with what you get, OCCObaby offers a 100% money-back guarantee, but I don’t think that will be the case when you see how the child likes it.  The brushes and comb can be used on wet hair since it will be easy to clean and dry after that.

What parents say

“This is a great set that comes at a reasonable price. My newborn son received it three months later, and it has been a faithful set since then until now he’s about to turn two years old. The brush was great when he was younger and were able to control the cradle cap issue. Now, he likes the comb since it is easy on his hair. Overall, it has proved its worth. ”


  • Made of natural materials
  • 3-piece set good for child hair-combing needs
  • Easy to clean after use


  • Wood bristles on the massage brush are vulnerable to breaking after continued use

7) Hip Peas Wooden Baby Brush

[amazon box=”B00EE9AD32″ template=”vertical”]

Here is a cute hair brush for the small baby turning into a toddler. Hip Peas Wooden Baby Brush is small which is perfect for the toddler as you both work on the fine flyaways that do not follow the brush orders.

The natural wood is responsible for holding the soft bristles to help in massaging the scalp while brushing out the dirt and falling hair.  It is also gentle to touch and resistant to water on wet hair, so you are good to go at any time. If you are worried about many times you need to clean it, you can do it after use without worrying about the bristles. It is also made out natural and safe materials that your child will use until they get older for another set. No chemicals nor fragrance was used in the manufacturing process.

What parents say

“The packaging attracted me to buy this hair brush for my daughter who will be turning eight months old next month. The brush is small, and that’s good for the kid while the edges go smoothly for safety purposes. I don’t like children near sharp objects. She loves it and any daughter will when you show them how to do it. I definitely recommend it.”


  • Small for the baby to handle
  • Soft bristles
  • The wooden handle provides safe material


  • Not suited for older children

8) Bottom of FormFamiCare 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

[amazon box=”B07C7SG5X4″ template=”vertical”]

Last but not least is a new baby hairbrush and comb set that comes as a set of three premium pieces – a soft wooden brush, wooden massage brush and a high-quality comb. Famicare 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set is a piece that you will be glad to introduce to your newborn and watch him, or her grow with it.

The brush has natural goat hair as the bristles which makes it smooth for the soft spot as your infant grows into a toddler while the wooden brush with massage brush will detangle the curled hair and stimulate the scalp for more circulation. The hairbrush is suited for cradle cap removal, and the massaging type will be useful when they grow older, and the head has more hair than before.

The third piece goes to the comb that your child can use as a first comb to keep the hair straight after outdoing the others after learning how to use it. The wooden material on the first two brushes is out of natural beech wood which stays tough in water or wet hair, and they are safe for kids’ use. All materials are natural and therefore eco-friendly even after disposal.

If you are not happy with what you get, Famicare has a 100% money-back guarantee policy, so you have a customer service that is ready to listen to your grievances.

Product results after testing

The natural goat hair on the brush is smooth on the baby’s scalp, and it’s steady to remove cradle cap and smoothen the hair. The handles on all pieces are comfortable to hold and smooth to touch which is a good thing for the kids, and it also prevents sharpness occurrence in any of the corners. Using the massaging brush was great since the bristles are sparse and strong to detangle hair without causing pain due to the rounded end points.

Baby Hair Brush and Comb Buying Guide

Best Baby Hair Brush

Now that you are aware of which products to look for when selecting suitable baby hair brush sets, let’s see what the benefits of having the right tools for baby hair are and how you decide which one is best your little one.

The Gains of a Baby Hairbrush

When you are out for a brush that will take care of your baby’s hair after a shower, it is tempting to look for a brush that will just brush the hair and make it look neat. On the other hand, there are many benefits realized from having dedicated baby combs and brushes apart from making the hair look great.

Let us see what they are all about.

Scalp stimulation

We have mentioned about brushes enabling scalp stimulation in the reviews above. Even if you are using the softest brush available, it is bound to massage the scalp by brushing so that the hair follicles can get nourished by the blood vessels circulating blood and nutrients in the head. You, therefore, increase blood flow and give way for healthy hair growth.

Calm and comfort effect

Did you know that brushing a newborn’s hair can make them relax and even sleep? There is a calming effect brought about by brushing or combing hair that can act as a remedy when you have trouble making the child stay quiet and settled. Just attend to their hair and watch them calm down and doze off.

Scalp massage

You are using a brush to traverse through the hair population on the head. In the process, you are pressing the scalp slowly as the brush moves which creates a massaging effect. If your child loves it when it’s time to brush, you can go on and build the waves on the shoulders and neck area. The advantage of massaging your baby is that it stimulates the nervous system. If you do it often, your child will grow to have a robust central nervous system with an activated brain.

Cradle cap treatment

It is one of the major reasons why you will go for a unique baby hairbrush. Most of the brushes above are made to handle this problem by preventing it from occurring or getting rid of the flakes that come as a result.

Keeping the hair in shape

It is the primary purpose of getting a brush and comb in the first place. Children take long before you decide how the haircut should be done so until then, a hairbrush for baby with an accompanying comb will allow you to style it to the best appearance. Most parents don’t like their kids looking shaggy in daycare or the company of other children. Getting some hair tools becomes the only option.

How You Know It Is a Suitable Baby Hairbrush and Comb Set

Any products that you buy for the baby have to be cross-checked for safety, ease of use and the overall effect on the baby. Since there are features to look out for when selecting the best hairbrush for toddlers, here are the main ones to consider before picking the final choice.

Baby Hair Brush

What are the bristles made of?

A hairbrush has a simple and universal design – a head full of bristles and a handle to hold it, that’s all. Since the bristles will be used to brush the infant’s hair, it, therefore, becomes the essential component on the brush.

That is why our review is filled with brushes boasting of using natural goat hair for the bristles. They are soft on the scalp not forgetting that your infant still has the weak spot which makes them ideal for infants to toddlers who are about to hit the one year bracket.

Most of the affordable baby brushes you will find have plastic bristles, but the problem is that they are sturdier than what you get out of animal hair. On the other hand, brushes composed of synthetic bristles also get the job done since they are soft just like the animal counterparts.

With that, it is always up to you (the parent) to know what to go for since preference and budget are also part of the constraints.

The use and practical application

Before your child knows how to attend on his or her hair, you are the one who will be doing the task as you train them. That is why you need the brush to be stable on your hand and as comfortable as possible.

Some brushes will never give you the comfort you are looking for. You may get a comb or brush with short handles which might also be thin. Such features give your hands more holding work not to mention that you are using them to stroke the hair and keep the child’s head in a steady position.

It is therefore advisable to look at the brush design before purchasing it. Check if the handle has the ergonomics that enable to hold it properly. If you find what you are using uncomfortable, higher are the chances that you will not use it often, and that limits the usefulness of the brush and comb set you just spent on.

Allergic reactions

As you continue to use hair brushes, you may note that certain types make the kid to develop an allergy. For example, if you notice that goat hair is not good for the kid due to the reactions, go for the synthetic bristles and give it a shot. On the other hand, there are numerous hypoallergenic hair brushes available on the market, and our reviews have products that address the same.

Is it easy to clean?

The brush and comb go through the hair every day so, they are vulnerable to dirt and the cradle cap for the affected kid. Since you don’t want to use a dirty brush on the already cleaned baby’s head, cleaning it before you use is of utmost importance.

Look for a brush that is easy to wash and dry after that. Any brush that compromises that should not be in the baby’s collection of grooming tools.


You want to spend the right amount on a baby hairbrush and comb set, but you also don’t want to overspend. The variety available paves the way for cheap and expensive products, but you get what you purchase, so it is advisable to avoid inexpensive options unless they have an unbeatable reputation. Experience has shown us that cheap is expensive and that also applies to all baby hair brush sets.

Choosing the Best Baby Hair Brush

Looking for the best baby hair brush is not an easy task. That is why we don’t advocate for buying the first item you land on without proper research. There are many options out there, and that is why we prepared a guide of the 8 best hairbrush and comb sets to aid you in easy digestion of what you want based on your baby’s prototype.

A perfect brush and comb set should be easy to use and clean not forgetting that the child has to enjoy every bit of it. It should also encompass tools that your child can grow with. Something like the Chibello 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set and Bottom of FormFamiCare 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set are excellent examples of what you should look for.

As you choose according to preference, we have products in the reviews section to go through and see if there is something worth trying.


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