Best Baby Girl Headbands in 2018


Baby girls are the best… to play dress up with. Come on, all babies are the best, we sincerely can’t pick one side over the other. But back to the matter at hand, we are talking about the best baby girl headbands in headband history! If you want your baby girl to look even more adorable it makes people shed a tear when they see her, then you need to get her a headband. And there are many types of cute baby headbands out there. From flower headbands to crotchet baby headbands, there are all kinds to choose from. Understandably, this can present some serious issues for mums who want to get the best for their princess.

So, here’s what we did: we did some hard work and researched on the best baby girl headbands available. And from our results, we chose our top five favorite headbands. We even added a buyers’ guide so that making a decision can be easier.

So, if you’re ready let’s cut to the chase. But first, check out our quick comparison table…

  Design Circumference Material Quantity Color Options
Toptim Bow 14 inches Cotton, spandex, and polyester 8 8
Iversan Bow 17.32 inches Cotton and cloth 6 6
Baby Bling Bow One size fits all Nylon 2 2 – mustard yellow stripe and royal blue
Elesa Miracle Crown/tiara 14 inches Not specified 2 Pink
Fmeida Flower crown 14.9 – 19.5 inches Chiffon 1 Pink

Top 5 Baby Girl Headbands on Amazon Reviews

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1.Toptim Baby Headbands Turban Knotted

[amazon box=”B06XK429KX” template=”vertical”]

These are totally adorable knot headbands baby girls would look totally darling in. There are so many reasons we love this product aside its adorableness, though. For one, it’s an economical choice. For such a decent price, you still get 8 different headbands. And that’s not even the best part, each of the headbands come in a different color. This makes this set of headbands perfect for almost any occasion you might have; a photo shoot, her birthday, whatever, really.

Now to some important technical details… The materials of these headbands are totally comfy, even for babies with really delicate heads. There’s cotton in there with polyester and spandex. They do not cause any form of discomfort and since they are really so stretchy, they give room for your baby to grow into the bands. This is a fantastic idea because they are comfy for your baby, aren’t too tight, and will remain usable for your baby for as long as.


  • 8 different headbands in one set.
  • 8 headbands come in 8 unique colors – one for each.
  • Made of comfy materials.
  • Stretches properly to accommodate baby’s head comfortably as she grows.


  • They are not adjustable so they might be a bit oversized for small baby girls.

2.Iversan Baby Girl’s Elastic Hair Hoops Headbands

[amazon box=”B01E00Q5VS” template=”vertical”]

Could our reviews today get any cuter? Well, yes it can. Next up is this super cute headband. And, wait for it, this one comes with a ginormously large, beautiful bow! Baby girl bow headbands are probably the most popular type of headbands mums search for when getting their daughters headbands. And why not? Bows are heart-stoppingly beautiful (*wipes tear*).

This particular bow makes it to the top of our list for other reasons beyond its cuteness though. For one, it is made of the softest, most comfy materials. It’s actually made of cotton and soft cloth. No baby will feel uncomfortable with this headband, we promise you. Not even if your baby is very picky.

Now, one thing that finally seals the deal with these bows for us is that they are adjustable. You actually tie the bow yourself! This makes it qualify as one of the best new born baby girl headbands especially if you’re giving these as a gift. You might not know the girl’s head size and it would be weird for you to ask. But these baby headbands make a very nifty gift idea!


  • Adjustable baby girls’ headbands.
  • You tie your own bow yourself.
  • Comfy materials.
  • Makes for a fantastic gift idea.


  • Baby must be at least 3 months old for headband to fit.

3.Baby Bling 2 Pack: Patterned Stripe and Classic Knot Baby Headbands

[amazon box=”B07DGJPG59″ template=”vertical”]

Baby Bling manufactures all its headbands by hand. So, it’s no surprise that Baby Bling headbands come in high demand as one of the most sought after headbands in the market. So, in our usual style, we bring to you our favorite Baby Bling headbands. This set comes with two beautiful bows each with its own unique style, pattern and color. There’s the royal blue headband, and then there’s the mustard yellow striped headband two.

Made of nylon, these headbands come with all the elasticity to accommodate your baby’s growing head without feeling uncomfortable to her. They are feather light and oh so soft, it’s almost like nothing is even there at all. Baby Bling advertises this as a one size fits all. So, it should accommodate your princess from babyhood to toddlerhood.

Although a bit high end, it’s obvious the high level of quality these bows come with. Anyone with an eye for quality can tell immediately they see your little princess rocking any of these headbands that her momma’s got quite an eye!


  • Two beautiful color options.
  • Nylon material stretches to accommodate baby’s growing head.
  • Material is also very lightweight and soft, almost like nothing is there.
  • High end baby headbands.


  • Some mums might find this a bit pricey for just two headbands.

4.Elesa Miracle Baby Girl’s Shiny Crown Headband Set 

[amazon box=”B06XCH3BZ4″ template=”vertical”]

What’s better than baby girl crown headbands? Pink baby girl crown headbands! And what beats pink baby girl crown headbands? Shiny pink baby girl crown headbands of course! Every princess needs her tiara and you can’t allow your baby walk around without one. And that’s why you need to get these headbands. A set comes with two stunning pink tiara headbands that are shiny! We can only imagine how adorable your princess would look in any of these.

With their circumference of about 14 inches, these make great new born baby headbands. And they’d even continue to fit your baby as she grows. This is a very handy feature because your baby would love these so much she won’t ever want to take them off.

To wrap this up nicely, these two headbands actually come in a gift box that’s also pink in color. If you’re going for a baby shower or a birthday, it would be an aberration to go without one of these. Get it!


  • Crown/tiara style headbands.
  • Comes with gift box.
  • Glitter does not fall out.


  • One or two quality assurance complaints from certain customers.

5.Fmeida Baby Girls Flower Crown Headband

[amazon box=”B075DFJYKZ” template=”vertical”]

And we bring this cuteness overload episode of our reviews to a close with this pretty flower headband from Fmeida. Made of chiffon, this is a very soft, comfortable fabric for your baby and we are so in love with it. One thing is sure mums, your baby is going to wearing this headband for a very long time to come. It’s designed to accommodate baby girls between the ages of 0 and 4 years. And being adjustable, you can be sure that it will definitely grow with your baby for sure.

We love how this headband adds a soft prettiness to your baby’s face. It makes a fantastic prop for photo sessions or even for her birthday party. To maintain this headband in the best of conditions, the manufacturers recommend that you wash this headband by hand alone else they might lose their shape.


  • Pretty floral design.
  • Great for babies between 0 and 4 years.


  • The manufacturers say this is a pink headband but it’s more peach than pink.

How To Choose The Best Baby Girl Headbands

There are quite a number of different options open to you with respect to baby girl headband. If you don’t know what matters the most, you could make a poor choice. So, to help with your decision, we are going to share some of our best tips for picking a baby headband. But before then, we thought you should know that there are different baby headbands. Types of baby girl headbands include:

Baby Girl Headbands

  1. Fabric baby headbands.
  2. Lace baby headbands.
  3. Jersey knit baby headbands.
  4. Crochet baby headbands.
  5. Ribbon baby headbands.

Now, on to our tips…

  1. Material: Choosing the right material for your baby’s headband is super important because it determines a lot of things. One, it determines whether your baby will be comfortable in her headband or not. Two, it determines if the headband is safe for your baby. And three, it determines whether the headband will last or not. To be on the safe side, it’s always best to go for natural fabrics. Think of bamboo yarn and cotton. Yeah, good old cotton will always be your best friend.
  2. Also, you must ensure that your choice of a headband is breathable. You know how it works, you should treat a headband like baby clothing. It comes in contact with your baby’s head, you know? So, make sure it’s breathable.
  3. Circumference: You need something that is the right size for your baby. You must make sure that the fit is comfortable and not too tight or too loose. Headbands that are too tight will be uncomfortable and even dangerous for your baby by restricting blood flow to the brain. If you’re lucky, your baby would yank it off her head when she starts feeling uncomfortable.
  4. Now, if it’s too loose, then it might slip and fall off your baby’s head. Babies are not adults and when a headband falls to their necks, they might not be able to take it off themselves. If left unsupervised, babies can hurt themselves from struggling with a loose headband hanging at the neck. It’s a serious choking hazard.
  5. It’s best to go for headbands that are made of elastic to ward off this situation. If your headband is stiff, then you’d have to take measurements of your baby’s head to get a perfect fit.
  6. Accessories: If a headband is going to come with an appliqué, then it must be affixed properly and securely. Baby headbands should be treated just like every other kind of item purchased for a baby. Avoid small parts like a plague! If you want to get a baby headband, make sure you do not get one that comes with small parts like tiny beads or pearls. Here’s the problem with that, if these things fall, they can easily become choking hazards real quick. This is why it is always best to choose headbands that are embellished with bows, fabric flowers, or ribbons. You won’t always be there with your princess. So, please try to ensure that even when you’re not there, she’s still well protected.

And those are our top three tips for picking the best baby girl headbands out of the multitude. And yeah, we left out one thing…

Sometimes, you might not be able to afford a decent headband for your princess but hey that does not mean she has to go without one. And that’s why there are DIY baby headbands! The amazing thing about it is that DIY headbands aren’t just for people on a budget alone, they are excellent avenues to get your creative juices flowing. Try it out today, who knows what you’ll create?! The satisfaction of having done something for your princess to make her look stunning isn’t even clocked in yet and it’s still such a rewarding experience!

Our Top Baby Girl Headband for You

Our choice? Drum roll… The Iversan Baby Girl’s Elastic Hair Hoops Headbands! These are our headbands of choice for so many reasons. But the primary reasons are that you tie your bow yourself and they are adjustable as well. That means they work as new born baby girl headbands. And you can tie a bow that’s as big and beautiful as your princess’ smile! Also the materials are super comfy and baby girls love them. So, what can we say?!

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