7 Best Baby Food Pouch to Buy in 2018


Mums agree that the introduction of the baby food pouch storage was simply genius and a godsend. You shouldn’t feel bad if spoon feeding your baby sometimes feels like a chore. Truth is that you’re not alone. Many mums feel the same way. Babies sure can make the work more difficult with all the cajoling and cleanup you have to do afterwards. And that’s why the baby food pouch will remain one of mum’s favorite things to have for baby.
It is extremely convenient to use seeing as all you have to do is to pop off the colorful cap from the pouch, insert the spout into your baby’s mouth, and voila! Feeding is happening without your input! You can now quickly get a few things done before you’re summoned by your baby again. The beautiful thing about these food pouches is that most of them actually come with organic ingredients (e.g the Sprout baby food pouch), which makes them a healthy choice.
But still, because they are one-off, they tend to be somewhat expensive in the long run. Plus, some parents prefer to make their own baby food, ergo the need for a reusable baby food pouch.
Today, we will be helping with loads of information about all you need to know concerning a reusable baby food pouch. Plus, we will even share with you our favorite ones to help in your decision making. If you can’t spare the time, then quickly peruse the table below for a quick comparison of our top seven picks. An in-depth review, however, comes immediately after.

Best Baby Food Pouch 2018 Reviews

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1.Healthy Planet Clear Reusable Pouches:

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The thing about using reusable food pouches is that you need to be extremely careful about the condition of food that’s in the pouch per time. You don’t want to give your child something that compromises their tender immune systems. And that’s why a transparent food pouch is gold standard for reusable baby food pouches.

The Healthy Planets score highly with us because they are transparent. This way, you’re able to monitor the condition of food in it when you pick it from the fridge before feeding your baby. This can save you a lot of heartbreak. Plus, it’s easier to monitor food levels through a transparent food pouch. You’ll know when to refill without having to interrupt your baby’s feeding session.

For cleaning, the bottom part opens completely. This is very important as it allows you to give the pouch a thorough cleaning. Improperly washed pouches can cause bacteria and other pathogens to fester which are bad for your baby. And still on the bottom, the zipper is double-layered and leak-proof. So, this way, you avoid creating a mess during mealtimes.

These pouches can stay in the fridge, and are safe in the dishwasher as well. We also especially like the fact that it is completely free from BPA (as boldly embossed on the pouch itself). And also, it is recyclable which is good news for our planet. There are two sizes of this food pouch so every time your baby always has a pouch that’s a perfect match for his appetite.


  • Recyclable, eco-friendly pouches.
  • Come with spare lids.


  • Lids could get lost since they aren’t attached.

2.YaYa Double Zipper Leak Proof Pouch:

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If you’re looking for something that gives excellent value for money, then this is what you should go for. Mums on a budget and those who simply can’t afford to splurge will love to hear that these pouches come as a 50-pack. Yes, 50-pack! What does this mean? You can simply store your food right into these babies instead of putting it into a container first and then having to transfer the food out when it’s needed. To avoid spills and messy situations, each pouch comes with a “max level” clearly marked on its body. Plus, the double zipper found at the bottom of the pouch will help to avoid leaks and/or spills.

Another advantage of these pouches is that they clean so easily, especially since water easily runs straight through the pouch. And just so you can do your best cleaning, the pouches were made with rounded corners. This way, food particles don’t get stuck in hard-to-reach corners and you can get the pouch thoroughly washed. If you don’t have the time or inclination to wash by hand, that’s fine too. These pouches do well in a dishwasher too.

Although it’s not transparent like the last pouches we saw, there’s still a way to monitor the quantity and quality of food in the pouch. To the side of each pouch, you will find a peek-a-boo window with which you can glimpse into the pouch. Also, to further ensure that your baby always only takes only safe food, there’s a space on the pouch where you can pen in your baby’s name, the food in the pouch, and date.

And we won’t end this review without mentioning the cute giraffe that’s on the body. So cute!


  • Usable in freezer.
  • Free from phthalates, BPA, PVC, and lead.
  • Excellent value for money – 50 pouches in one pack.
  • Pouches can be labeled.


  • Tops can get lost since they aren’t attached to the pouches.

3.Squooshi Family Starter Kit:

[amazon box=”B072MP29P3″ template=”vertical”]

Oh gosh! This is so much cuteness and adorableness in one kit. If you get your baby this Squooshi Family Starter Kit, you can be sure of one thing; they will hardly eat from anything else anymore. The 6 large pouches come in various animal shapes including a panda, a monkey, and a pig. And for the younger babies with a smaller appetite, there are the smaller pouches as well. These smaller pouches come shaped as a lion and a one other cute animal (whose name we can’t recall. But who cares? They are cute is all). The tops of the pouches are very soft and squishy so your baby can’t hurt himself, don’t worry.

And you know how tops can be. Sometimes, they just wander off never to be seen or heard from again. Since that is an unavoidable predicament that must happen at some point, it’s great to know that you have 12 tops for your pouches. So, if any decides to go on self-imposed exile, you’d always have several more.

We like how the bottom can be completely opened. It makes cleaning a lot easier and more thorough. If you’d prefer to hand wash, you can. But there’s also the option of tossing it into the dishwasher. It’s safe there and you can save the time and effort.

To keep track, the pouch comes with an area where you can label the date when the food was made. Now, no one gets to mistakenly feed your child spoiled food.


  • Come in a range of sizes.
  • Spouts are soft.
  • Cute and adorable designs.
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals.


  • Not transparent.
  • Can’t stand on their own.

4.Squeasy Snacker Silicone Food Pouch:

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Most of the best baby food pouches are made of silicone… food-grade silicone that is. A silicone baby food pouch is a really great idea for kids because it is very soft, so it poses no danger of hurting the baby. Plus, being very soft and squeezable, it’s very easy for your little munchkin to feed himself without any interference.

The Squeasy Snacker is an excellent example of a silicone food pouch. It’s somewhat different from other food pouches we have reviewed today in that its wide opening is at the top and not at the bottom. This means that in using your baby food pouch filler, you’d pour in through the top rather than the bottom. With this modification, the chance of spillage is totally eliminated. Even complete liquids won’t spill.

The pouch comes in different sizes and colors to cater to all kinds of personal tastes and appetites, of course. And just to be doubly sure that liquids don’t spill, the pouch comes with a spill-proof insert. Now, whatever happens, you can be confident that there won’t be any accidental spills.

Cleaning is very easy with this baby food squeeze pouch but what makes us most impressed by this particular model is that you can completely turn it inside out. This means that every area can be thoroughly cleaned. You can choose to hand-wash if you prefer or have the time. But if you don’t, that’s fine too. You can always toss it into your dishwasher.

One final thing about silicone food pouches is that they are more durable than most other kinds of food pouches. So, you can cut down on your expenses (raising a baby is already expensive enough as it is) and get something that will last you many happy uses.


  • Pouch is leak-proof and waterproof.
  • It’s very squeezable and flexible.
  • Washes thoroughly very easily.


  • Expensive
  • Comes as single pack only.

5.ChooMee Reusable Food Pouch:

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These food pouches are a tad different from other food pouches that we have been reviewing today. They are quite small, even though they are reusable. So, they look more like trial pouches than standard ones. If you still aren’t quite sold on reusable baby food pouches and you’d like to have a test drive first before deciding on anything, then you could try these ones. The pouches are small and quite inexpensive. If your baby tries them out and likes them and you also feel comfortable with it, then you can move up and probably get something else from our previously reviewed products.

The pouches come in very colorful and attractive designs. Your baby will definitely be blown away by the attractiveness of these pouches. Like we said, these are more like trial pouches, so they don’t come in different sizes. However, the size stays at 5 ounces which, if you think about it, is a perfectly versatile quantity that will work for both older and younger babies alike.

These pouches are freezer okay. They are also dishwasher okay too (just remember to keep them at the top rack alone). And, thankfully, the bottom can be completely opened to help for a more invasive cleaning. To monitor the quality and quantity of food present in each of the pouches per time, you’d find that there’s a peek-a-boo window on the side of each pouch.

It’s a sad thing that the spouts of these pouches are kinda hard but that can be remedied. You could cover them with silicone spouts so they are more comfortable for your baby.


  • Cute and adorable designs.
  • 5 ounce is a versatile size for younger and older babies’ appetites.
  • Cleaning is easy as bottom opens completely.


  • You’d have to purchase silicone spouts for the pouches separately.

6.Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch:

[amazon box=”B00HPD4V1Y” template=”vertical”]

From the looks of these pouches, you can tell that they are specifically made with older kids in mind. They are quite large – about 6 ounces. So, naturally they would be for older babies or small babies with big appetites. Whether they are used by a younger or an older kid, you can be sure that there won’t be any mess. The zipper at the bottom of the pouch is solid and leak-proof which helps to eliminate spills and leaks.

They are completely free from toxic chemicals that could harm your baby like phthalates, PVC, BPA, and lead. Plus, to make cleaning a lot easier, the bottom completely opens. Also, the manufacturer thought it wise to make the pouches without any sharp corners. Sharp corners can present a perfect spot for food particles to get trapped in while remaining very tough to wash off, so we want to avoid them.

We love these pouches because they are not just good for baby food. Your older child’s lunchbox can also feature one of these pouches when it contains their smoothie! We are mums, stretching a dollar a mile is what we do, right?


  • No harmful chemicals present.
  • Large-sized pouches.
  • Can be used across several ages.


  • Available in only one size.
  • Not transparent.

7.Kiddzo Reusablle Food Pouch with Spoon:

[amazon box=”B00ZSKTQB6″ template=”vertical”]

This nice pouch comes with a baby food pouch spoon so feeding can be mess-free. Plus it can stand on its own, making it easy to fill up and to store away. So, the pouch already saves you two inconveniences. We’re off to a great start already, don’t you think?

And this is another product that gives excellent value for money. It comes with 50 pouches in a single pack. Look how much you get to save! They are quite economical as they can be reused for up to a dozen times. And so you can sleep easy, we confirmed that the pouches do not contain toxic chemicals that could harm your baby like PVC, phthalate, BPA, or lead. It also stores in the freezer to make things very convenient. However, there’s one slightly unforgivable inconvenience about this particular pouch.

The spout is on the side…

Cleaning a food pouch can hardly be more difficult than this. If you’re wondering why the spout is by the side in the first place, it’s because the pouch opens at the top. And since it opens at the top, the spout can’t be anywhere else but the side. As a result, you can’t have water running through the entire pouch so cleaning is going to be a tad difficult.

Even though this may discourage some mums, a lot of mums still do not seem to mind. The pouch still has raving reviews on online commercial platforms. Maybe it’s not so bad after all.


  • Can stand on its own.
  • Comes with a baby food pouch spoon.
  • Fills from the top.


  • Can be awkward for baby to self-feed with.
  • Only one size available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you need to get Reusable Baby Food Pouches

 Baby Food Pouches

Convenience: Since they are simply squeeze and suck, babies can easily feed themselves without your intervention. This can afford you time to get a few other things done.

Saves money: Disposable baby food pouches are expensive, especially if you decide to

get the organic ones. You can find them within a price range of $1 to $15 sometimes. That’s pretty expensive, even at $1; considering how many you’d have to buy. Instead, you could get a reusable pouch and make your own food instead to save cost.

Healthier Option: Since you’re the one making your baby’s food, you are in control of the quality and quantity of ingredients that go into every meal. This way, you’re always sure that your kid is eating right.

Neater Option: Whether the baby feeds from the pouch directly, or you squeeze her food onto a spoon to feed her, reusable food pouches are a much tidier option.

Eco-friendliness: Most disposable food pouches can’t be recycled but reusable ones can.

What’s the Ideal Age to start my Baby off on Food Pouches?

Once your baby is old enough to start taking solid food (usually around 4 to 6 months), you can begin using food pouches. But in the initial phases, squirt the food into a baby food pouch spoon and spoon feed your child until they can do so on their own. However, even when they are old enough to feed themselves, still monitor them so they don’t accidentally choke themselves.

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How do you clean your Baby Food Pouches?

The most important piece of advice we can give you concerning this is to follow your manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. But generally though, most food pouches can be cleaned in three steps:

  • Take off the top.
  • Open the zipper at the bottom.
  • Wash the pouch thoroughly with warm, soapy water to take out every trace of residue.

Factors to Consider when Getting a Reusable Baby Food Pouch

Getting a Reusable Baby Food Pouch

Size: You should know your child’s appetite so you can buy a corresponding size (or a bit larger) for her. It’s best to fill with a smaller quantity of food so that it can be topped off if your baby isn’t satisfied. Since babies can’t eat leftovers, overfilling ends up being wasteful.

Material: It should be free from phthalates, PVC, BPA or lead.

Ease of cleaning: Look for pouches that clean easily. Bottoms that open completely, round corners instead of sharp corners – these are features that would make your pouch easier to clean.

Make your own Baby Food Pouch: If you’re hard pressed for cash, there are lots of tutorials online that can teach you to make your own baby food pouch. It might not be as excellent as manufactured ones but it will work.

Other People’s Opinion

Even though the Kiddzo Reusablle Food Pouch with Spoon appears inconvenient, many mums till seem to be loving up on these pouches. Maybe it’s because of the value for money it gives though, but this pouch enjoys scores of 5-star ratings on ecommerce platforms.

Mums also share similar sentiments for the YaYa Double Zipper Leak Proof Pouch as well. We shouldn’t be surprised as the fact that they are economical already gives them an upper hand. However, we will advise mums on this teams to get a baby food pouch organizer so they can keep their space organized and clutter-free.

Another product that many mums can’t get over is the Squooshi Family Starter Kit. A lot of mums agree that they couldn’t get it out of their baby’s hands anymore once they got a hold of them. They are so adorable and they even come in different sizes too.

The Squeasy Snacker Silicone Food Pouch was another favorite of mums, however, its fatal flaw is that it just comes as a single pack. Many still got it, though, with most using it more as a water bottle.

Our Favorite

As for us, we pick the Healthy Planet Reusable Pouch as our overall best baby food pouch today. The reason we picked this particular one is because it’s the one pouch on our review that comes with the highest number of features necessary in a baby food pouch.

It comes in two sizes to cater to your child’s growing appetite. It’s transparent to give you a good view into the pouch at all times. It cleans easily. And lastly, it’s recyclable and free from toxic chemicals that are bad for your baby.

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