Best 4 Baby & Toddler Drum Sets To Buy in 2018


Getting your children involved in playing drums comes with so many benefits, even more than you could ever imagine. The entertainment and fun factor is the first benefit. Nothing in the world provokes smile more than watching your kid smile as he or she plays the drums. Secondly, in the event that your kid likes playing the drums from a very youthful age, you can urge them to seek a career in drumming as time goes on. It is always an awesome idea to exploit the chance for your kid to get inspired and pick up a musical skill at an early stage. Learning drumming early on would surely allow your children to feel more comfortable on a drum set.

With regards to learning drumming, it is imperative to figure out how to grip a beat, and an awesome approach of doing that is to take the initial steps and tryout! It’s an extraordinary experience and loads of fun for most people to begin their journey of drum mastery. Of course, a full sized drum set is excessively huge for your little tots. Luckily, a couple of the biggest toy brands have manufactured a wide-ranging set of drums that are ideal for your children to utilize. Uniquely built to be extremely engaging, this is an awesome approach to introduce your little tot to the awesome universe of drumming.

Undoubtedly, a drum kit is one of the play toys that you can’t simply resist buying for your toddler or baby. Nevertheless, picking the most suitable in view of the personality and age of your kid can be challenging. Indeed, there are odds that you have never drummed in your life, therefore, you are clueless about the sort of drum set that would be ideal for your child. To help lessen the amount of time you may spend researching about the most proper features and accessories for your child’s drum kit, we have reviewed 4 of the best baby drum sets on the market.

Best Baby Drum Sets Review

For toddlers and babies, the ordinary thought of being able to beat a drum can help open the doors for optimum improvement. That is why we are bringing you the 5 best baby drum sets in 2018.

1.First Drum-Battery Operated Music


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It’s a night lamp and it can also double as a lullaby machine. The First Drum Battery-Operated Drum Set is an incredible baby drum set that is capable of playing up to ten kids’ lullabies to enable them to sleep much faster. And in the event that you don’t like the lullabies, there is an option to switch to superb sea sounds to help calm nerves and allow toddlers and their parents to sleep better.

Be that as it may, since our rundown is about drum kits for little children and infants, you would be happy to realize that this product features a drum surface that is of the appropriate surface zone for the little hands of your toddler. Also, there is an option for you to incorporate background music and also blend in a couple of other nice sound effects. Furthermore, this drum set comes with some fancy lights that are sure to motivate your child to drum as much as possible.


This incredible play to its extremely beneficial due to its nighttime and bed time options. Since it can play unceasingly play soothing lullabies that will put your child to sleep, this toy can still be useful even after your kid becomes tired of it. Also, this drum set has an automatic shut-off feature, which enables you to save battery life whilst keeping your child in bed.


  • Outstanding night time and day time drum set!
  • Continuously plays ten lovely lullabies for easy rest.
  • Features an automatic shut-off
  • Features a follow along selection with pre-recorded sounds and melodies.


  • The location of the power switch isn’t ideal

What We Like About It

The First Drum is a drum set every toddler should own as it can be useful in varieties of ways. It can serve as a sleep enhancer, a night lamp, and as a lullaby player

2.Parum Pum Pum Drum


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It is often said that drumming is so much fun and it has never been truer. It doesn’t really get more fun that the ParumPumPum Baby Drum Set. While this drum set may lack the amount of admiring reviews enjoyed by more popular models from more popular brands, it can surely provide outstanding visual and tactile stimulation for toddlers and obviously, promote the utilization of imagination by babies. This drum set is built to be purely fun by including so many funny but adorable characters into the drum’s and its accessories designs.

For example, little kids will surely admire the drum sticks that have a centipede-like design and finished with a friendly face and a rounded head. The centipede’s small legs provide optimum tactile sensation for toddlers whilst the vivid slim body can as well help in the development of visuals. Also, there are jingle bells that look like ants, clacker and maraca that look like a bee, and shaka-shaka that are shaped like 2 eggs.

All these instruments are in vivid colors with various extensions to enable various types of sensory stimulation for little kids. Also, the ParumPumPum’s drum is ideal for little kids along with a carry leash that is wonderfully decorated in fun forms. While the ParumPumPum might not be your ideal baby drum set or drum set for todders, it can surely give little musicians and drummers a very magical experience.


We greatly love the creative and colorful characters included in this amazing baby drum set. The design and scheme of the instruments make them ideal for a toddler’s increasing imagination, and the fun colors and designs keep toddlers totally engaged.


  • Comes with funny musical instruments
  • Large and easy to grip handles
  • Comes with multiple drum options
  • Ideal for social play time
  • Perfect for creative and imaginative playtime


  • Some components of the instruments are extremely sharp

What We Like About It

The most outstanding thing about this drum set is the incorporation of fun characters into its design, making it an extremely special tool for improving the creativity and imagination of kids.

3. KidiBeats Kids Drum Set


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Having received rave reviews from a lot of buyers across the world, the VTech KidiBeats Drum Set is certainly the trailblazer as regard baby drum sets.  Built to simulate a genuine drum set, this toy comes with tom toms, an upright cymbal, and an inclined bass – although styled in a more kid-friendly way. With this baby drum set, your little kid will never again require a different piano, guitar, keyboard, and other apparatuses to create a group, because the KidiBeats includes everything. Each time your baby goes to play with the KidiBeats, he or she is going to be treated to different symphonious tunes, ranging from the head-slamming kind of rock to the gentler lively sort of pop music.

Furthermore, there are four different playing modes on the KidiBeats to provide your toddler with a fabulous range of playing options that will ensure he or she never gets bored with this magnificent musical toy. Your little child will get the chance of playing the way he or she likes in the Free Play Mode, or he or she can also drum along to the diverse melodies that come built-in already with the toy through Follow-Along Mode. What’s more, since it is from VTech, it truly would be difficult to get rid of learning modes, therefore your kid can still get to learn stuff related to numbers and alphabet but in an extremely perky way.

Regardless of whether your child will use any of these four playing modes or not, the fact that the drum set comes with drum sticks, your child will be happy to spend hours creating a rhythm or sound that is wholly his or hers. There is no imagination or creativity greater than this.


VTech is a stunning brand, and they have been for years. They manufacture toys adapted towards children’s general development. That is the reason the VTech KiddiBeats drum set earned a spot on our rundown! We like the visual and auditory developments this drum provides. Apart from the fact that your kid can learn new tunes, the in-built LED lights are useful for stimulating the visual sense of children, for a really engaging experience.


  • Includes 4 different ways of playing
  • Teaches children numbers and alphabets
  • Comes with a cymbal, 2 drum sticks and 3 drum pads
  • Kids can play nine melodies
  • Teaches your kid about melodies and rhythms whilst engaging all their senses.


  • Comes with only demo batteries

What We Like About It

There is no going wrong with this amazing baby drum set from KidiBeats. The incorporation of two learning modes to two other melodic modes is sufficient to guarantee the optimum development of your kid.

4. Bontempi Drum Set with Stool


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Rhythm is a child’s closest companion and once your kid utilizes the Bontempi Drum Set, he or she is in for an entire rhythmic adventure! This baby drum set comes with 2 drum sticks and a stool, and the drum is incredibly easy to play. This drum set is a really nice model for your child to start his or her integration into the sphere of drum sets. Particularly a perfect drum set such as this one.

Also, the drum set has a very realistic design, which is similar to a real professional set; blues, purples, pinks, greens, and a lot more, making this an instant favorite. You will find a guide at the back of the package to learn 5 songs and 4 drum beats. More than sufficient pieces and drum faces as regard this set: a cymbal, two tom tom drums, and a bass drum pedal.


The drum set comes with a very comfortable and sturdy kid-sized stool. Your child will definitely enjoy sitting and rocking his drums. The included stool is the ideal height for your little kid that will be sitting on it.


  • This drum set includes a great set up
  • Introduces beats, music, and rhythm to children
  • The colors of the set are attractive and fun
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity
  • Incredibly sturdy


  • Might easily mark from the drumsticks hitting the faces of the drums

What We Like About It

The drumsticks have amazing storage slots that children find to be really epic. Children love the fact that there is a place made specifically for storing their sticks after a great session.

Criteria Used To Evaluate the Best Drum Sets

As usual, the drum sets we featured in this article were compared against some criterion for evaluation. Our criterion for evaluating the best baby drum sets include creativity, development, and safety. Continue reading for a more comprehensive analysis of our specific criterion.


As mentioned above, safety is always one of the biggest concern when buying anything

 Evaluate the Best Drum Sets

related to kiddies. Regardless, we must ensure that your kids are happy and safe with their play toys all the times. There is a fairly low risk with drum sets for toddlers. Every drum set we reviewed on this list is extremely durable and have great physical reliability. Apart from the fact that this durable structure will prevent the play toys from damaging after a couple of knocks, it also enables the sound in the chamber of the drum to travel round the tool. In general, the odds of the drums reviewed in this article to break are very small and the odds of them even hurting your kid are even smaller. However, ensure you practice proper and right toy care to avoid permanent damage to the drum kit. 


While play toys ought to be fun always, they also ought to promote your child’s development of required developmental skills. Before choosing our picks for the best baby drum sets, we took hand-eye coordination and general motor skills development into consideration. Since drum kits require your kid to interface with the drums to create a sound, all baby’s drum sets absorb your kid’s psyche and their body simultaneously.  This is very vital to the general improvement of your kid’s motor skills and brain, and this likewise assumes a major part in your kid’s development at a later stage in life. If you want your kid to rapidly develop his or her visual and auditory senses at a very young age, you must get him or her a musical toy. Drum kits are especially simple for little kids to get a handle on in light of the fact that the drum is exceptionally straightforward. Everything a kid has to do to learn and have fun is beat the drum and blast.


Although we could have included creativity under general development, we felt that it was too vital to be under something else. The creativity and imagination of a child is one of the most precious aptitudes to their general success. Being creative implies that a kid can take care of complex issues, comprehend advanced ideas, create stories, and a lot more. Like every musical toy, drum kits are capable of cultivation the creativity and imagination of your child. When your kids use a drum set to play, they practice melodies, rhythm, and difficult tunes from their minds. It is really astounding what a little kid can concoct with only their hands, and a baby drum set provides them with a chance to take every one of those lovely manifestations of their minds and manufacture them with music.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Baby Drum Sets

If you are looking to choose the best baby drum sets for your kids, there are some factors you must take into consideration. Besides design and safety, below are the other factors you must take into consideration when buying the best baby drum sets.

Construction and Design

Depending on the kids’ age, baby drum kits are meant to be lightweight so that kids will be able to carry them around easily. This is why they always feature convenient handles, making them easier to use. They usually come with cartoon illustrations of some plants or animals to ignite the kid’s imagination while simultaneously crating interest. Majority of drum kits come with additional accessories that enable the child to remain busy when beating the drums with drumsticks have tired them.

For babies or toddlers, most drum kits feature baby-activated sounds and lights. Your kids can also utilize it themselves, which aids the stimulation of their cognitive development whilst moving with their hands and arms help their physical development.

Performance and Ease of Use

To enable the child to improve in every aspect, drum sets for toddlers or babies feature

Selecting the Best Baby Drum Sets

numerous play modes; music, learning, and common fun modes such as silly sounds. They include an appealing handle to enable them to bear it and continue playing regardless of where they are. Apart from the fact that the vivid colors help them enhance their hand eye coordination, they help them find essential components as well, such as particular buttons. In order to ensure that the child remains in control, most baby drum sets come with a button to control volume.


Another important factor to take into consideration is how the drum kit is powered. Most baby drum sets are battery-powered, like most of the drum sets on our list. With this, your chance gets the flexibility to play wherever and whenever they like. Steer clear of mains-powered models because they are very restrictive.


Some other important features you must check when buying the ideal drum set for your kid are interactive sounds and lights. We recommend you to pick a baby drum set that features fancy lights that flash at your kid when he or she plays with it. This will greatly help stimulate the mind of your child and increases their cognitive developmental skills. Other vital features you need to check for are attractive and vibrant colors, which also stimulate the mind of your kid and make the kit more appealing.


Playability is an extremely important consideration when choosing a baby musical toy. Excellent features to check out include effortlessly identifiable buttons, large controls, and enormous drum pads. This is going to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your child while learning to play the drum. It also maximizes the enjoyment they derive from the toy.

Benefits of Drumming for Babies and Toddlers

There are several literature and studies showing how drumming affects the development of children. Even kids with unique needs significantly benefit from playing with musical instruments as such. Kids can greatly benefit from playing drums that is greatly recommended to expose them to this lovely art of sound and rhythm creation at a very young age. Below are some benefits of playing drums for toddlers and babies.

  • It boosts optimum development of the brain. Baby drum sets are different from adults
    Drumming for Babies and Toddlers

    own. Those made for babes usually come with a lot of sound effects, colors, light shows, and textures that are adapted towards improving sensual processing which results in the development brain.

  • It establishes the basis of fine and gross motor skills. When babies beat a drum, they do it with the power originating from the whole arm length and not really from the hand or wrist.
  • It gives the basis for hand-eye coordination. Percussion needs the incredible coordination of the various groups of muscles which take input from auditory and visual cues as well. It’s this incorporation of sensory data and its resultant motor purpose which establishes basis for the coordination of visual motor.
  • It also helps release repressed energy in an extremely constructive way. Babies also get stressed. Drumming provides them with a way to discharge the negative energy as well.

Our Favorite Drum Set

Playing drums or learning how to play it can benefit toddlers and infants in a lot of ways. It establishes the basis for optimum development of the brain, fine motor development, and hand eye coordination. It is also awesome for handling stress amongst toddlers. Our 4 best baby drum sets are sure to help you achieve these objectives for your little tot.

However, if you haven’t been able to figure out the right model for your child, we recommend the VTech KidiBeats Drum Set. It features 4 different modes to play, comes with a cymbal, 2 drum sticks and 3 drum pads, and teaches children alphabets and numbers. If you are looking for the best drum set for your baby, then look no further than this amazing musical toy from VTech.


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