10 Best Diapers in 2018 for Your Baby


As a new parent, the last thing that you want to think about is what are the best diapers. Standing sleep-deprived in a store’s diaper aisle thinking about the difference between quality diapers and various diaper brands is definitely a place that many parents find themselves in.

Great diapers can be hard to pick out from all the available options, but our diaper comparison of the top-rated diapers available in 2018 can make the process easier. Whether you’re looking for the best diapers for toddlers or newborn babies, today’s information will help you find the perfect fit for your baby’s needs.

Review of the Top 10 Diapers of 2018

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1. Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers

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Pampers is one of the most well-known diaper brands around the world, and their Swaddlers disposable diapers are incredibly popular. We like them for their easy-to-view wetness indicator so that you know when to change.

The first thing that you’ll notice about this diaper is just how soft they are! It’s amazing that you can find something so gentle for this price, but it’s for real. Beyond that, they’re very thin and absorbent, so they sit nicely under your baby’s clothes. They don’t make a creaky noise, and they stay in place.

Another great thing about these diapers is that apart from sizes NB to two, they have also a contoured umbilical notch to ensure that the sensitive belly of your baby is protected. To further protect your baby, the adhesives are designed to be tucked away from the baby’s skin, and the diapers are made of hypoallergenic raw materials.

One drawback worth mentioning is that the diapers do feel damp after the baby goes. While diaper rash isn’t common with them, you will need to change so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.

These diapers are perfect for the parent who has a baby with sensitive skin and wants to be able to have a very absorbent diaper without causing diaper rash. They’re not just good quality for the price, they’re good quality all around!


  • Soft and gentle on sensitive skin
  • Thin
  • Highly absorbent
  • Affordable
  • Tapered leg holes
  • Strong velcro tabs


  • Leaves baby feeling wet
  • Not eco-friendly
  • Scented

2. Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Diapers 

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Luvs Ultra Leakguards is a deceiving disposable diaper. It is so thin that you wouldn’t imagine that it could be leak proof, but they virtually are! The only time we’ve heard about leaks is when a baby needs to move up a size. So, if you don’t want leaks, this is the diaper for you.

Beyond that, the back is pretty sturdy and elastic, which can help prevent blowouts in any babies who are prone to having them. Changing your baby’s diaper is a daunting task since there are moments wherein they kick and move around, but this is not the case with these diapers. They have wide fastening areas and large, stretchy sides that are easy to refasten so that you can change your baby’s diaper in no time.

If you’re seeking an affordable alternative to Pampers, this is the right choice for you. The product is perfect for anyone trying to save money without cutting too many corners on their diaper choice.


  • Very thin
  • Leak-proof all day long
  • Cute design
  • Smell good
  • Super affordable


  • May become moist during overnight wear
  • Strong scent

3. Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers

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Huggies is one of those brands that are very well known, and these particular diapers stand out for their ability to help you do less laundry. That’s right; they can prevent the dreaded blowout.

Little Snugglers have a tight fitting elastic design at the back which prevents leakage, even while your baby is sleeping overnight. Throughout all of that, the diaper even stays dry, so the chances of diaper rash developing are low, too!

These diapers are perfect for parents who are dealing with a baby with frequent blowouts or tummy troubles that make a big mess. Because of their unique fit and design, you’ll spend less time doing laundry.

These diapers may not be as inexpensive as some others, but they’re a good middle ground between price and quality that make them a smart choice for any parent.


  • Stay dry overnight
  • Well fitted around the legs
  • Soft
  • Wetness indicator line


  • Pricier than some other alternatives
  • Recent changes in small size design are confusing

4. Mama Bear Diapers 

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This diaper has been designed to combine safety, leakage protection, and comfort. If you are a parent who is on a tight budget but doesn’t want to compromise quality, this is one of the best choices as it is said to be comparable to some of the most popular brands of diapers.

The diapers are made of soft materials that are free from chlorine, latex, and fragrances, and the breathable exterior has quilted liners to ensure that the pee and poop will not touch your baby’s skin. To lock in wetness and let babies walk and crawl comfortably, these diapers have leg cuffs that are flexible, soft and snug.


  • Secure fit
  • Gentle on skin
  • Affordable
  • Wetness indicator


  • Thick

5. Huggies Pull-Ups Learning Designs Training Pants for Girls

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This training diaper is a great transition diaper that can be used to prevent accidents as your child potty trains while also ensuring that they start learning what it feels like to “go.” The cooling sensation that they give your child when the diaper is wet will ultimately help them learn this, but the diaper will still keep them dry.

Another bonus is that the velcro tabs are easy to use and adjust, but some people have found that these tabs irritate and annoy their baby, so they try to pull them off. For most people, however, this has not been an issue. Additionally, the colors of the Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins designs were designed to fade once the diaper becomes wet.

If you want a training diaper that has a nice tapered fit and will help your child learn about their body through the potty training process, this is a great choice at an affordable price.


  • Wetness indicator
  • Affordable
  • Easy to fit
  • Soft on the outside


  • Crystals that form on the inside can be itchy
  • Not great for heavy wetters

6. Pampers Pure Protection Disposable Baby Diapers

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If you’re looking to get an eco-friendly diaper but prefer the fit and accessibility of the most well-known diaper brands, this might be the perfect set of diapers for you.

The Pampers Pure Protection Diapers have the same great fit that other pampers diapers have, but the diapers themselves are made without any potentially toxic chemicals such as parabens and chlorine. Additionally, the materials are more ethically sourced than Pampers traditions.

While these diapers do not feel as soft as Pampers’ traditional diapers, that’s not a huge drawback as they’re still softer than many eco-choices.

If you want to be nicer to your baby and the environment, then these are the right diapers for you!


  • Eco-friendly
  • Absorbent
  • Fits snugly
  • Cute pattern


  • Not as soft as pampers traditional
  • Leaks at times
  • Inconsistent wetness indicator

7. Huggies Little Movers Diapers

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If you’ve got a little one who loves to roll, crawl, stand, and dance around, you would need a diaper that stays in place during that activity! The Little Movers was made to do just that, and we think it does a pretty good job.

The diaper itself is made to cover all openings even when your baby is on the move. The leg openings have a wider strip around them to prevent leaks, and the top has a better gripping strip to keep everything inside. All in all, the diaper stands up well to baby activities.

It is worth mentioning that some people found that little leaks could happen overnight with this diaper. While it is very absorbent for a daytime diaper, it can’t always stand up as an overnight diaper. If this is an issue for you, try the Plus version from the same brand.

If you are looking for a diaper that can keep up with your active baby without leaking, this is a high-quality, yet affordable choice that you will want to consider.


  • Stays in place
  • No skin chafing
  • Absorbent


  • Overnight leaking due to the smaller size (you can buy Plus version to avoid this)
  • Not great for sensitive skin

8. Bambo Nature Baby Diapers Classic

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Bambo Nature is another alternative brand of diapers that seeks to give you a solid diaper without causing stress to your baby’s body because of dangerous chemicals. We think this particular diaper does a good job of that, but it’s ideal as a daytime diaper.

This diaper is very thin and light. That’s good for babies who want to look fashionable or are on the move, but the absorbent material can’t always live up to a long day of no changes. If you want your baby to wear a diaper overnight, this definitely is not the right choice.

If you want a fragrance-free, affordable, and easy-to-fit daytime diaper, this is a great choice for any baby.


  • Non-toxic
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Great for daytime usage


  • Not absorbent enough
  • Not good for heavy wetters

9. Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Doublers

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Many parents find that even when their toddler is in the right-sized diaper, they have problems with overnight leaking that lead to too many baths and too much laundry. We think these booster pads are just the solution!

By tucking one of these on top of another diaper, you can effectively eliminate overnight wetting without causing any discomfort or problems for your baby. These dri-fit booster pads stay as dry as a diaper but help prevent leaks.

One issue that people have with these is the placement, but most find that placing the pad towards the front of the diaper and securing it over the top of it is most effective.

If you have a child who is regularly leaking or wearing more than one diaper a night to prevent leaking, try these instead. They will be much more effective, and save you money!


  • Prevents overnight leaking
  • Great for kids that drink a lot of liquid
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective


  • Hard to position at first
  • No adhesive
  • Stays a bit wet throughout the night

10. NorthShore Disposable Baby Diaper Doubler

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An alternative diaper double that many people like (and we have to agree) is the NorthShore Disposable Baby Diaper Doubler. This doubler has a good adhesive strip on it that helps to keep it in place, which means there is less of a chance of your baby leaking.

Additionally, this pad does a great job of staying dry even when full of liquid. That means that your baby will not be sitting in a damp diaper all night. It can absorb a ton of liquid and still feel dry, making it a great choice for heavy wetters at night.

One potential problem with these is the width of the liner, but they can fit into most diapers with ease. If you need a good way to prevent overnight leaks, they’re worth a try!


  • Stay in place
  • Easy to position
  • Highly absorbent


  • Thin
  • Too wide to fit some diapers

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still having a hard time picking out which of these diapers will be best for your baby, you might not be sure about what your specific needs are. Let’s run through the most important aspects to consider when choosing the right diapers for your situation.

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What are the Different Types of Diapers?

The first thing that you need to decide on as a parent is whether you’re going to use disposable diapers or you want to try using cloth diapers when possible.

Cloth diapers are washable and reusable diapers that get cleaned after each use rather than thrown away. They are less convenient than disposable diapers, but some people really love that they do not create as much waste and tend to be more natural and gentle for your baby.

Other people only trust the convenience of disposable diapers, which are definitely the

Different Types of Diapers

most commonly used type of diapers. These diapers are simply tossed when you’re done with them. No cleaning required!

If you choose to go for cloth diapers, you’ll likely want to pick up some disposable diapers for times when they will still be needed like when you’re out of the house, when someone else is watching the baby, and when you send them to daycare. In these situations, using disposable diapers is definitely preferable.

To choose the right disposable diapers, we’ve put together some useful information about today’s top picks.

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How to Choose Diapers?

Choosing the right diapers can seem like a difficult task, and that’s because it is! Most people aren’t well versed in the minor differences between diapers, but these differences can make all the difference.

Here are the criteria that we suggest to be used when choosing the right diapers.

  1. Narrow your choices to those available in your baby’s current and next-size-up size.
  2. Choose diapers that can hold more liquid.
  3. Choose diapers that have dry-fit features. This means that even after your baby goes to the bathroom wearing diapers, the diaper will not be wet or damp. This prevents diaper rash from occurring.
  4. Look for diapers with leak-proof features such as stretchy leg holes and size tabs to make them fit better. The fewer leaks, the less laundry you will have to do around the house.
  5. Consider the price. Are they affordable?
  6. Consider the materials used. Are they safe for your baby?
  7. Consider your baby’s gender. Boys need a diaper that is more fitted in the thighs than girls because of the difference in how they go to the bathroom.
  8. Consider how active your baby is. Are they a toddler? Already on the move? If so, you’ll want to go with something trimmer and less bulky so that their diaper does not impede them.

Those are just a few of the many factors that you should consider when choosing a diaper for your baby, but they’re the most important.

It’s worth noting that you should try to buy in bulk when possible. Why? Because it’s cheaper that way! It’s always less expensive to buy diapers in bulk, so buy a lot (but not too many). After all, you’ll probably need them.

When Should I Use Disposable Diapers?

should we use Disposable Diapers

As previously mentioned, it’s up to you when you want to use disposable diapers and when you want to take the cloth route. The best disposable diapers make it super easy for a parent who is on the go, such as the best pampers for newborns.

But if you are patient and would spend more time at home, investing in cloth diapers can actually save you money in the long run.

You’ll need to use disposable diapers when at daycares and probably at other times out the house, but using cloth diapers can be considered a simple way to save some money as a new parent.

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Should I Go Natural?

There are many types of diapers showing up on the market today that are eco-friendlier than the classic disposable diapers most people were raised in. The best natural diapers and the best organic diapers do not contain any fragrances, chlorine, or other chemicals which do not pose a direct threat to your baby but aren’t great for the environment.

My baby has sensitive skin; now what?

There are diapers for sensitive skin, and that’s what you will need to look for. Good diapers for diaper rash do not get wet or stick to your baby in difficult places whenever they are damp. This type of sticking is what causes diaper rash, so you will want to look for those that are gentle and moisturizing to help your baby’s sensitive skin.

All Time Favorites

Everyone’s got different opinions about which diapers are best. To help you make your decision, we’re here to share a few other peoples’ opinions on what diapers are best!

Lucie’s List: This eco-mom prefers Earth’s Best TenderCare over any other diapers due to how soft they are on the environment while also being truly effective. Finding both of these things in one diaper can be hard.

Baby List: This ranker site mentions Luvs Super Absorbent Leakguards as one of the most budget-friendly, yet effective options loved by all of their users. They work, they’re affordable, and they look pretty darn cute.

Baby Center suggests Pampers Baby Dry as one of the top-rated diapers for parents looking for dri-fit comfort. They also have a wetness indicator which makes it easier to know when it’s time to do a change.

Our Favorite Diaper

Our top pick is the Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers. These diapers simply stand out as the best all-around choice for parents who want a soft, disposable diaper that can withstand days and nights with your baby.

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