Best Baby Clothes for Your Little One in 2018


Someone little will be joining the family soon which makes it vital for the parents to meet precise specifications, among them, some cute baby clothes. It is an exciting moment that triggers the outfits plan from the day they find out that a baby is on the way. Then a problem comes in – how to choose the right ones from the number of choices presented. It gets harder if it is the first time you are venturing into the idea, and a little stress and confusion are bound to stir up the moment.

That is why you need to get informed on the how to choose cute newborn baby clothes lest you will perform some wrong choices along the way. We all want the best for our little ones so why not prepare in the right direction? Also, the baby will be growing under your care which means that the puzzle is not over yet. Here is a guide for you on how you well can pamper the baby’s closet to make sure that the baby is well catered for among other things.

Most Popular Baby Clothes for Boys

We all agree that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing baby clothes. Well, the baby boy selection is no exception. Your boy needs to look adorable, but it is an elusive decision when deciding on how to go about it. It all starts with knowing what the little boy should wear. It is the only way to get ahead of the long list of the many choices available.

Most of the time is when the kid will be sleeping, but that does not rule style out. Boy clothes will come in different styles and colors and what you are getting depends on comfort, climate and what the boy needs.

Formal Wear

Baby boys look great in a suit or something similar that is formal. On the other hand, you are presented with a tricky situation since the toddlers do not get along with an official presentation, especially when worn for extended periods. That should not worry you. There are comfortable options to look out for that your baby will feel calm when you dress them.

If your boy is not comfortable with synthetic fabrics, consider a onesie in a tuxedo design.

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It is an outfit that most of the parents if not all will choose for their baby boy. The overalls and rompers have a variety of designs and styles that your little lad can accustom to when sleeping or roaming. You can get one with long or short sleeves, either full body or cut just below the bottoms. The dressing is easy, and your baby will be comfortable all through. For comfortable wear and removal, consider a romper with flaps opening at the bottom to make it easy for you when changing the diaper.

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Layered Clothing

They are very crucial for the boys. Layered clothes are great since they will keep him warm when it is chilly. When heading to the kid’s store, some of the pieces in this category include hoodies, sweaters, jackets and snow pants.

Don’t buy everything you see on the market. One sweater and coat, at most two for each, is enough for the baby. Furthermore, they are young so, you are not taking them out too often.

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Outdoor Activities

When they are grown old to start walking here and about, you can purchase swimming costume, trunks and rash guards for example, or hunting outfits if that is where daring takes you. Whatever the activity is for the day, there are unique outfits for the baby to wear and they come at affordable prices.

Go for bright colors when choosing the items since they will help protect the baby. You will be able to spot them at a far distance.

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You can have a collection of some eye-catching pieces to get your baby looking fly. So, this part goes to hats, gloves, socks, and shoes among others. They will complete the outfit for your boy, but there is something more, protecting the toddler against external hazards such as sharp objects or falling items. Boots are another accessory that you will find most parents going for since they love them when they are on their kids’ foot. Go for a pair too!

The most crucial pieces are boots, socks, and hats. You cannot go anywhere without them, and you should not allow leaving without them.

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Most Popular Baby Clothes for Girls

Dressing the girls is even more fun since there is a wide variety for you to choose from when selecting the best pieces. Apart from the essential clothing, there are other baby girl clothes that you will love seeing the kid with, and at times, you cannot leave the house without them.

The goal here is to make them look adorable no matter the outfit chosen for the day. Do you want to impress your daughter as she grows?

Here is what you can consider for her.


They are essential to your newborn girl. The one-piece suits are great for infants between 0-9 months since they feel comfortable all day in them. If you find it hard to choose from the numerous designs available, go for white, and everything will be fine. There are other colors and designs to choose from if white is not your thing and they will still display on your daughter just like you want them to.

Buy them in bulk during the off-season to evade the high seasonal prices when the baby arrives.

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Casual Wear

Choices will be flowing when you want the girl to feel relaxed for the day. There are cute t-shirts and shorts for them just like boys, but you will need skirts to complete the girl look. It’s a stylish affair when you pair a casual shirt with a little skirt for your daughter. That does not mean that she cannot wear pants and shorts. So you need to include them in the baby’s wardrobe.

Are you still thinking about what to choose? Select a tutu with tights which makes them look perfect, casually.

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They range from formal to summer and party ones. That means there is always something for the baby girl to wear depending on the occasion or weather and still look like she walking down the aisle. They are comfortable when worn, and they always seem precious, don’t they? That is why dear parents need to have a few dresses for the infant as part of their clothing.

Dresses are for cool and comfortable weather if you find it unnecessary to include some tights on the girl.

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Outdoor Wear

You are going to tour the world out there with your daughter in the company. That is where clothes for the outside activity come in. They need to look trendy which calls for you to choose what the newborn will love to wear. Don’t be offended if you did not find the right choice for the girl. It is a tricky thing to master and furthermore, you are old so, fashion can get out of hand for you.

A tip here would be to dress them up in layers. When it is warm, you can remove a layer and then get it back when the weather is cold.

Are you out for a swim? Well, this one is for the grown babies. They can wear a one-piece bathing suit or an adorable bikini which makes them look like the grown good-looking ladies in the pool. Just like the boys, you can buy rash guards which a popular choice for both genders.

If you do not want to keep applying the sunscreen on the kid once in a while, a rash guard will sort it out.

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Girls look splendid when there is a little color added here and there. Bows, headbands, and sunglasses are what your daughter will love to wear, and they can match some of the outfits already possessed.

When going out, do not forget to carry a hat, booties, and mittens, especially when the weather is cold.

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11 Tips for Buying Baby Clothesbest boys clothes

This goes to all those who have kids or are expecting one.

1)   Always be one size ahead: Well, they do grow up quickly, don’t they? It is not hard to find a 6-month old wearing pieces fit for kids between 9-12 months. One thing you need to note though, always be aware of the season. Get summer baby clothes when it is sunny and winter outfits when it is chilly, and not vice versa.

2)   Information about sizing: Here are some general guidelines. You need to know that sizing varies between various companies, same as adults. Also, the number on the label does not necessarily correspond to your child’s growth rate.

Age Size
Newborn 0-3 Months
3 Months 3-6 Months
6 Months 6-9 Months
9 Months 9-12 Months
1 Year 12-24 Months
2 Years 25-36 Months
3 Years 36-48 Months
4 Years 48 months and above.


3)   Purchase in small quantities: Babies will quickly outgrow the clothes bought, so you do not need to buy a lot. Also, until you meet the baby, you will not know what size it will start with which makes it crucial to lay low for a while.

4)   Be choosy on up-market wear: There is no point of buying high-end clothes such as plain tops or vests. Leave that for the jackets and other bulky clothing. Consider mixing them up with cheap but branded clothes, and you will have a better impression at lower prices than what you will spend on all high-end buying.

5)   Keep track of upcoming months: It is a good idea if you plan on buying baby clothes in advance. If you have a one year old kid for example, buy clothes for 18-24 months in readiness for the next winter or summer. Are you in an expensive baby shop? Check if there is a price that reflects discounts on it. It is not a wonder to find bargains of up to 50% or more.

6)   Consider secondhand babywear: It is somehow devastating when an expensive piece is quickly outgrown. Don’t worry, kids will do that, and it will not be the first time. To curb the frustration, take advantage and get what other people are throwing away. Some items will still resemble new when you collect them indicating that they were rarely worn.

7)   Value for money: You want the best which leads to temptation on buying expensive clothing for your baby. It is okay as long as the cost relates to what you want to purchase. Trousers and dresses can be worn long enough which justifies on spending more. However, you should avoid paying inflated prices for special occasions outfit. Wait for things to cool down or check if you can borrow some for occasions.

8)   Children are comfortable in soft fabrics: Newborns have sensitive skin which decreases as they grow older as opposed to adults. Experts call for cotton, but a soft cotton blend on certain outfits will also work. It is much better when you consider organic fabric which is smoother than the above mentioned, but you will cough more. Clothes will come with tags where handling, size and washing information is printed. Sometimes, they irritate the skin, causing some redness at the back of the baby’s neck, where the tags are placed. You can consider those without tags, or they can be somewhere else, say on the lower part of the lining. You can also cut them out.

9)   Comfortable garment put on and remove: Go for snaps and zippers as opposed to buttons. If your baby has a habit of wriggling, then the buttons will give him or her a hard time. Zips also tend to jam so some brands will have magnetic snaps – much better. For the case of newborns, look for clothes with neck spaces that can stretch or with snaps at the collar. It will be easy for you to slide over their head when removing.

10)     Stretchy elastic pants too: Sometimes, you want to match with the baby, so you go to the stores for a pair of jeans, just like the ones you are wearing. It is okay, but the trousers need to have an elastic waistband if you do not want your baby to have a ‘strangled waist.’

11)     Make it easy when changing a diaper: Most of the bodysuits on the market have snaps at the crotch. Disregard those infant overalls that are complicated when putting them on or removing them. In the case of a diaper blowout, get a bodysuit with envelope folds at the neck area so that it is easy for you and the baby when removing since they can be pulled down without stress.

Choose the Best Clothes for Your Baby

Baby clothes shopping is a matter of how right you are when choosing the correct clothing. Boys and girls will have different needs, but some of them are unisex which means both boys and girls can acquire them, for example, a onesie.

If your baby is not yet born, go for few items to get ready since you will have all the time in the world to choose what suits them when they arrive. The theme is dress to impress. With the above guide with you, everything will be simplified as you look forward to achieving the baby dressing motive.

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