10 Best Baby Changing Tables to Buy in 2018


Finding a good place to change your baby’s diapers is a challenge. You can’t just change them anywhere. This is partly why the diaper changing table was created.

Some moms consider the changing table a luxury. But when you think about keeping good sanitary conditions, having storage for diapers and having an ideal height for changing, there are obvious advantages of a changing table.

As you’d expect, though, nursery changing stations come in many varieties – and prices. So how do you pick the best changing table for you? You can do your own research by wading through the seemingly endless forest of products available online. You might find some ideas at your local stores.

But why not get some help from us? We’ve done the research for you, so you can see the top rated changing tables and choose .

So here we present our best baby changing table review.

Most Popular Baby Changing Tables: Mom’s Guide

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1. IKEA Gulliver Changing Table

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The Gulliver was our winner for this changing table review. We liked the simple, sturdy design, the two additional shelves below, the changing height and most of all, the price. It was painted a light color, which is nice when you think about cleaning. Any kind of soil will not escape your notice.

We felt that the Gulliver is a great value for the mom who just needs an affordable changing table. It’s dimensions make it just the right size, so you can easily make room for it.

Here is a short list of pros and cons.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy
  • Ideal changing height
  • Shelves for storage


  • No pad included, but can be purchased

With all the value put into this inexpensive piece, it didn’t include a changing pad, but you can get one easily, either from IKEA or other places.

Your nursery or bedroom is bound to be tweaked once in a while for functionality. So this changing table won’t be a burden when it comes time to move it to another part of the room.

This was the best baby changing table we reviewed in this group. It was obviously designed with the budget-conscious mom in mind, and they didn’t skimp on quality.

2. Babyletto Hudson Changing Dresser

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Even though the Hudson is in the overall #2 spot, it is the best changing table dresser in our review. We liked the smart design of combining a changing table into a dresser.

With 3 drawers, you have plenty of storage for baby clothes and sheets, and a bonus vertical storage area ideal for diapers and other odds and ends.

As always, though, we need to include the pros and cons.


  • Drawers and shelf area provide ample storage
  • Raised sides on table top
  • Table top has small storage compartments


  • Expensive
  • Made of particle board

Designed for moms who need a changing table and storage in one unit, this was the best changing table dresser combo in our review. The 3 drawers and the shelves behind the right hand door gives you plenty of storage, including the small compartments on top. Raised sides on top, keep your baby safe from falling off.

However, this was a very expensive changing table dresser, and they could have used a better material than particle board. If the outer finish gets chipped away or exposed, moisture will make it swell. It could eventually crumble apart.

Material quality and price aside, the Hudson still a pretty decent changing dresser.

3. Stokke Care Changing Table

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We put the Stokke Care in the #7 position, as it was one of the more pricey tables in our review. However, there were a few things we did like about it.

This was obviously designed to stay in the family as the child grows. This good-looking unit starts out as a changing table, but after the changing era is over, you can adapt it into whatever the child needs. It can be a media shelf, a play table or a desk.


  • Good height for changing
  • Nice look
  • Can be converted to desk, play table, media shelf


  • Mattress not waterproof; no covers available
  • Cheap materials
  • Damaged in shipping

It’s the same old story again. When products are shipped damaged, it’s not always the shipping company that is suspect. It is the manufacturing and QC departments that could be the smoking gun. We had to order another to get somewhat sound parts to assemble in order to be able to review it.

The only reason it isn’t lower in the list is because the others are higher priced. But it’s still overpriced for the lack of quality they put into this product. Don’t waste your money.

4. Badger Basket Diaper Corner

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Badger Basket managed to get another product on our list at #4: The Diaper Corner, It’s designed to make use of a corner space in your home where wall space is limited. In our view, this is a brilliant idea.

Another thing we liked is that the changing pad sets on top so the baby is facing you while you change him or her.

Let’s examine the pros and cons.


  • Decent price
  • Ideal shape for limited space
  • Ideal height for changing


  • Side inserts made of laminate – moisture makes it swell
  • Cheap pad
  • Not built for long-term use

We read a buyer’s comment who advised to assemble in the nursery. We could see why this was good advice. When assembled, the Corner is bulky and awkward, and its odd size could make it difficult to move through some doorways.

Much of this product is made of laminate, and that led to other discoveries. Moisture did no good for the inserts, and eventually the product didn’t hold up after use.

Of course, it was lower priced than many units, so you lose less money encountering the same problems. But if you’re stuck and need a corner unit, just pray you get one that will hold up.

5. Badger Basket Sleigh Changing Table

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The Basket Sleigh made our middle ground spot at #5. We like that it was designed as an all-in-one product where you can change and dress your baby, and stay organized.

With ample drawer space, a nice appearance, and a spacious top for changing the baby, we thought this was headed for a good rating, and a good value for the price.

Let’s now see the pros and cons to see why, as a changing table, it’s just “middling.”


  • Good space on top for changing
  • Fairer price than many products


  • Drawer bottoms not strong enough
  • Began falling apart over time

We had no problems assembling the Basket Sleigh. It looked appealing, and the space in the drawers seemed impressive. However…

The drawers had weak bottoms. They were cheap and couldn’t withstand too much weight, especially after a while. Then after some time, maybe about 3 months, it began falling apart.

While it had some promise at the beginning, it failed in some of the same areas as others lower on our list, but at a lower price. So if all you need is to get a few months out of it, then it might be a good buy. Beyond that, get something else.

6. Modo 3-Drawer Changer Dresser

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At our #6 position, the Modo is designed for plenty of storage while saving space at the same time. It has a nice, sleek look. We liked the safety feature for the drawers as well. Stop mechanisms keep the drawers from being pulled out all the way, protecting the curious baby from injury.

We had pretty good success assembling the Modo – a refreshing change from some of the others we reviewed. Those all got lower places in our list.

Well, it’s time to look at the pros and cons so we can offer our verdict.


  • Stop mechanisms on drawers
  • Nice look
  • Easy to assemble


  • Quality could be a bit better for price
  • Began falling apart after a few months

The Modo assembled fine, without having to get replacements for damaged parts. And the stop mechanisms worked just fine.

However, after just a few months, we were disappointed to discover that it really lacked the quality that should come with a table/dresser combo in this price point. Ironically, the price point kept it from dropping lower on the list.

The Modo had a good start, but seeing that it’s not designed for long-lasting use, we just didn’t think the price made it worth it.

7. Kendall Extra Wide Changing Dresser and Removable Topper Set

Make sure you have the room for this large changing table and dresser combination. This one is designed for the mom who isn’t afraid to spend more to get extra quality. And this product will definitely deliver for her. .

Available in 4 colors, you’ll find the right one for your décor. The construction is solid and includes an “anti-tip kit,” with mounting screws to bolt to the studs in your wall. It’s clear that the Kendall is built to stay.

Here are the pros and cons.


  • Solid construction
  • 7 drawers well-built and plenty of storage
  • Removable topper


  • Changing pad sold separately
  • Very expensive

The Kendall is made with a combo of sap gum wood and an engineered wood, giving it super strength and durability. So you’ll get countless changes out of it, especially if you mount it to your wall with the anti-tip kit.

Two drawbacks – one, it’s very pricey, but good quality is never cheap. Two, for the high price, they could have included the changing pad to sweeten the deal.

So if you want a changing table/dresser combination that will last through the diaper changing and beyond, and you’re not afraid of the price, this is a good buy.

8. Foothills 6-Drawer Dresser 

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At our #8 spot, we have the Foothills 6-drawer dresser that turns into changing table by means of a changing tray. It’s designed for moms who have limited space, and need a changing table with storage built in.

If appearances were a good indicator, this could have had a higher spot in our review, even for the price.

The idea was good, but the execution was off, as you will see in our list of pros and cons.


  • Nice look


  • Damaged, quality control or packaging issues
  • Price too high
  • Paint scratches easily
  • Limited drawer space

This dresser might have been a good one, but it seems that there are some packaging glitches to work out, maybe back as far as quality control. Our experience is not an isolated one, either.

Anyhow, for what they charged for this product, everything should have come together better. The moms looking to buy these products expect better too. They are too busy to be messing around with these issues. They want to get things set up so they can focus on the most important thing – their baby.

So don’t be afraid to check out a different baby changing table. Suggestion: Look further up on our list.

9. South Shore Angel Changing Table

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As we get toward the conclusion of our review, the Angel is #9 on our list. It shared one plus with #10, but the only thing that kept the Angel from losing entirely is that it had one plus that #10 didn’t.

Take a look at the pros and cons, and you’ll see why.


  • Nice look
  • Rounded corners


  • Extreme difficulty assembling
  • Particle board frame
  • Loses sturdiness after some use
  • Packaging issues – damaged or missing parts

The rounded corners added a safety factor, as well as the nice look. But that’s where the pluses end. Assembly was a chore, one, because some parts were damaged or missing. And the assembly instructions overlook the fact that any screws that need to go into the unit are going into particle board without any pilot holes. This usually damages the wood where the screw is supposed to go.

Once assembled, it seemed sturdy enough. But that didn’t last after a few uses. So the look might mesmerize you for a moment, but maybe our experience with it will snap you out of it. Spend your money on something better. You should be able to find one toward the top of our list.

10. DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table

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The Jenny Lind is designed for moms seeking a vintage look in their changing table. For that reason, it qualified as one of our cool changing tables. However, that’s the only good point we found.

This table looked nice, but failed on many levels. As you take a look at the pros and cons, you will see why this table lost out to the other nine.


  • Cool look
  • Included waterproof changing pad


  • Paint chipping, potential safety hazard for baby
  • Evident vulnerability to moisture
  • Damages easy
  • Lost strength over time

So in this case, looks can be deceiving. It had a cool, vintage appearance. The other plus is that it came with a waterproof pad. But none of that helped here.

The wood frame weakened over a short time, so it’s evident that it won’t stand up to long term use. Moisture, even baby urine, can discolor the finish and further weaken the frame as well. Even without the moisture, the finish gets scratched and damages easily.

But most importantly, the obviously inferior paint chipped right out of the box, and more so when assembled. Do you want your baby exposed to a safety hazard like paint chips? We didn’t think so.

Criteria Used to Evaluate The Best Baby Changing Table

Do I Need a Changing Table?

To many moms, a baby changing table seems like a luxury. Other moms want to maximize their storage space, having a centralized place to change the baby, or to just get better organized. These situations make the changing table more of a necessity than a luxury.

Things To Consider When Selecting a Changing Table

First, consider why you need it. Is it to have an ideal height for changing the baby? Maybe you need some extra storage for clothes, diapers, etc.

Price is also important. Lower-priced products can do the job. But if quality is your concern, prepare to spend a little more.

The Different Types of Changing Tables

Basically, there are two types of baby changing tables on the market:

  1. Changing table only – you have your table top and a few shelves for storage.
  2. Changing table/dresser combo – a smaller dresser drawer unit with a changing top, which is usually removable.

When Should I Use a Baby Changing Table?

Many moms like that changing tables usually are situated at an idea height to minimize bending, and easing some of the back pain they often have during and after pregnancy.

If you have a lot of back pain, and changing the baby aggravates it, consider buying one.

Should I Buy a Changing Table New or Used?

This is a personal judgment call. If you’re buying from someone you know, buying used might be okay. Just make sure it’s been cleaned thoroughly before using.

Most moms, though, prefer to buy new to ensure that they’re getting an unsoiled product delivered to them.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Changing Table?

When you’re not using the table, wiggle it a bit to see if the structure is still sound and solid. Many models have been reported to be made of cheap materials that don’t hold their sturdiness after even minimal use. Others have reported the products to actually fall apart.

How Do I Use a Changing Table?

You basically place your baby on the changing pad, usually provided by the manufacturer, and do what you need to do. You will have access to diapers, clothes and other necessary items at your shelves or drawers, depending on which product you decide to buy.

How Do I Clean a Baby Changing Table?

Moms may differ on the best way to clean their changing tables. The best answer we can give here is whatever will be safe for your baby. Be careful with cleaning products. They may have harmful chemicals. Otherwise, water mixed with antibacterial soap may be all you need.

What Changing Table Accessories Will I Need?

In most cases, you may not need to buy anything else. Most units are designed to assemble and go. Unfortunately, some manufacturers might require you to buy items separately that others provide, like changing pads, anti-tip hardware for mounting to your wall, etc.

Other Baby Changing Table Tips & Hacks

There isn’t much you can do with a changing table besides change your baby. But once the changing season is over, there are some interesting ideas to transform it for other use. We have seen them turned into garden carts, small desks, or other household storage units.


  1. Are they made of safe material?Most manufacturers must indicate that their materials are safe for babies.
  2. Are they expensive? Changing tables vary widely in price. Do your homework.
  3. Are they made well? Again, do your research, read the reviews from customers and authority sites.

Other People’s Opinions

Some people have a great experience with a product. But others testing the same exact product have a nightmare of an experience.

Let’s see what people thought of our winner, the IKEA Gulliver Changing Table. To be fair,opinions about baby changing tables we’ll include negative comments.

Consumer #1: “Adding of several small baskets, this changing table held all his diaper supplies, and clothes, blankets and other things.”

Consumer #2: “This was difficult to assemble, and only the IKEA pad will fit it, which you have to purchase separately.”

Consumer #3: “Sorry that this is review is so long, but I just had to rave about this changing table…”

Consumer #4: “This was a good value for the reasonable price. It’s sturdy, and seems to be well made. Easy access to the shelves made changing really efficient. I really appreciated the height as well. Not too much bending. Great job, guys!”

Consumer #5: “They called the color “white” but it is more of an “off-white”. Otherwise, I’m pleased with this table. Four stars.”

As you can see, most people loved this product, while others hated it. These buyer’s opinions can be helpful in your search. However, whatever choice you make is yours to live with.

Our Top Pick of the Best Changing Table for Your Baby

In our review of the 10 best baby changing tables, we found the IKEA  Gulliver to be the winner. It was sturdy, had an ideal height and turned out to be the best value of all of the tables we reviewed in this list.

We found a few winners, and plenty of losers in this bunch. And we hope that we can also open the eyes of manufacturers with the concerns we encountered, so they can serve their customers better.

We hope our review of the top ten baby changing tables was helpful to you. We take pride in helping consumers, and it was our pleasure to do this grueling research for you. We suggest that you bookmark this review for easy reference.

Whether you choose our winner, any other in this review, or decide to keep searching, we wish you the very best in finding the right baby changing table for you!

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