Baby Feeding Bottle Drying Racks Reviews in 2018


Have you ever grabbed your baby’s bottle after they cry for food, only to realize it is still wet? Well, most likely you washed it by hand and it is not dry by the time you need it. If this sounds familiar, then you need a baby bottle drying rack. The thing is, we want our young ones to have the absolute best but, there are many choices in the market with each boasting of almost the same features, yet they claim to be better than the others. So where do you draw the line?

The racks vary in capacity, shape, size, color, and usefulness too thus it’s vital to take your time before making the final decision. For instance, if you want Philips AVENT drying rack, you should make sure its specs match your specific needs and if possible look for previous customer reviews. All bottle racks serve the same purpose, but their slight differences can either break or make it for you!

To help you in making the right choice, we have reviewed the best bottle drying racks together with their pros and cons. Let’s get right into it.

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Best Bottle Drying Racks Comparison Table

Product Dimensions




Holding capacity

(no. of bottles)

The First Years Spinning Drying Rack 11.5×11.4×3.1 1.4 16
OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack 8.5 ×5.5× 2.2 1.2 8
Playtex Smartspace Drying Rack 8.1 x 7.3  x 7.7 1.2 4
Munchkin Folding Bottle Drying Rack 2.38×11.50×9.50 1.9 12
Philips AVENT Bottle Drying Rack 2.8×  13.1× 8.2 1.5 8
Munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack 12 x 12 x 3 1 16
Boon Trip Travel Drying Rack 9.4 x 9.4  x 2.6 1.4 10
Oxo Tot On-The Go Travel Drying Rack 8.5 x 5.5 x 2.2 1.4 12
Stuff4tots Baby Bottle Drying Rack  

11.3 x 3.5 x 3.5


1.8 16
Kuddly Kids Baby Bottle Drying Rack 10.2 x 9.9 x 2.8 1.4 12



Top 10 Baby Bottle Drying Racks in 2018

[amazon table=”26283″]

1.First Years Spin Stack Drying Rack

[amazon box=”B000K53UEI” template=”vertical”]

This is a super affordable drying rack with dual tires that can hold 16 bottles at the same time. Most consumers like its large capacity and cost-effectiveness. When it is not in use, it folds up flat. It occupies an ample counter space hence it’s not the best option for consumers with small apartments. If your baby bottles are narrow, first years spin stack drying rack won’t give you any grief. There have been some complains that it jerks thus does not spin smoothly.


  • High capacity- it holds upto 16 bottles
  • Flexible- it has two adjustable spinning levels


  • Has many parts which make it challenging to clean
  • Does not hold heavy bottles especially those made of glass

2.OXO-Tot Bottle And Accessories Drying Rack

[amazon box=”B004T819JA” template=”vertical”]

This is a flat based rack with only one tire. It holds eight bottles together with their accessories. OXO-Tot drying rack has flexible tines that elevate both the bottles and their parts for maximum ventilation. It also has a cup attached to different parts of the tray like medicine dropper, straws utensils, etc. It has a removable cup used for keeping spoons, straws and other feeding accessories.

The major complaint about this drying rack is its lack of drainage spout hence the water build at the base, and can create some molds but only if it stays for an extended period.


  • Has a large capacity that can fit eight bottles as well as their accessories
  • Has a cup attached to different places of the tray making it ideal for all baby utensils
  • The drying rack is dishwasher safe
  • Has flexible elevate bottles that facilitate ventilation


  • It occupies a vast counter space
  • Has lightly close tines that don’t fit the broader bottles

3.Philips AVENT drying rack

[amazon box=”B00GN0S81Y” template=”vertical”]

This modern, sleek drying rack holds up to eight baby bottles, together with the nipples and lids. Despite its small size, many consumers prefer using it due to its ability to hold many bottles, soothers and breast pumps,. It is stable enough to keep the glass bottles. Philips AVENT has a detachable tray that facilitates the disposal of the excess water. Its design is streamlined and sleek hence it occupies a small counter space. If you want to set the rack on the drying board or the sink, all you have to do is remove the drip tray. You can also remove the tray for storage or when you want to clean it. Philips AVENT has an open design that allows free flow of air and quick evaporation of water for optimum drying.


  • A flexible design that makes filling easy
  • Has a detachable drip that disposes of the excess water
  • A streamlined design that does not occupy much space on the counter


  • The rack can quickly lose its balance and tip over due to the narrow base

4.Munchkin sprout drying rack

[amazon box=”B002A9JCVW” template=”vertical”]

Munchkin sprout is an inexpensive rack with an adorable flower design. It is made from fabulous green plastic and has an inbuilt reservoir that collects the water emptied out. Its unique design matches the bottles pumps parts and accessories perfectly. The plastic base slits make the sealing dicks and the small pieces to remain upright, hence allowing free flow of air.

The award winning bottle rack provides the discerning mums with a functional and stylish method of drying baby bottles and keeping the counterparts clutter-free. Its peg branches can accommodate 12 bottles of different sizes together with their cups and nipples. A slotted and handy dip tray holds the bottle accessories in place for natural drying even the tiniest pieces. The spinning base offers a quick access to the utensils.


  • Unique design that perfectly holds the bottle accessories.
  • Has a cute flower design
  • A built-in reservoir to collect water that you can quickly empty.


  • Small in size- it does not hold many bottles
  • It lacks bottom grips making it a challenge to use the spinning feature.

5.Playtex smart space-saving bottle drying rack

[amazon box=”B00FZGLP8A” template=”vertical”]

Playtex smartspace is a versatile and affordable drying rack that comes in two pieces; hence you can select the most convenient. It has an absorbent microfiber that can be cleaned by a washing machine. It also includes a side candy dish where you can store baby bottle brush as well as the other accessories that you might want to get hands on. Playtex drying rack provides a space saving design for bottles, nipples, pacifiers and cups to dry naturally while occupying a minimal counter space.


  • Has an absorbent microfiber and a machine washable mat
  • The rack has two separate pieces that fit your needs and space.
  • Has a side caddy for bottle and utensil storage
  • Uses a vertical design that saves the counter space


  • The product listing excludes the bottle and rack setup pictures
  • The small accessories can quickly fall off between the racks.

6.Munchkin high capacity drying rack

[amazon box=”B006SFUCV8″ template=”vertical”]

Munchkin high capacity rack is a highly affordable option for the papas and mamas who need ample space to keep their many bottles and accessories. It boasts of large storage capacity and two rotating tiers. The height is adjustable and therefore, you can keep multiple sizes of cups and bottles. This makes it the best rack for the sippy cups. We liked the fact that this drying rack has a reversible tray drip that can catch or drain water in the sink. It, however, occupies an ample counter space compared to the smaller racks due its big size. It holds a maximum of 16 baby bottles and their accessories. The upper tier can be adjusted to three different height positions allowing you to squeeze more bottles. Munchkin high capacity is actually one of the customizable racks in the market that accommodates all types of baby utensils.


  • Large capacity with a lower and upper tier hence it holds many bottles and its accessories
  • An adjustable height that fits different cups and bottles
  • The pegs fold down flat allowing a secure storage


  • Does not have holders for the bottle tops hence they fall off easily

7.Boon Trip Travel Drying Rack

[amazon box=”B01MDNXVU7″ template=”vertical”]

This is an excellent option for the busy moms and dads. It is highly affordable, durable and comes with two brushes; one meant for bottles and the other for valves, breast pump, and nipples. It has a little reservoir on the side that removes the excess water. The grass blades maintain the bottles in an upright position for quick drying as the excess water collects at the bottom. More to the outstanding features, its bottle brush comes with an integrated nipple cleaner that makes it easy to remove dirt at the bottom part of the bottle. Both the drying grass mat and the drip tray are dish washer safe. We however recommend that you place it at the top of the other baby utensils in the dishwasher to avoid bruising the grass structures. If you have a limited counterpace, your baby bottles will still dry if you squeeze the grass patches.


  • Small in size, thus portable
  • Modern and stylish design that is simple to clean
  • Dual-ended brush for the breast pumps parts, valves, and nipples.


  • The carrying case is somewhat cumbersome
  • Not ideal for those who may need a bigger size

8.OXO Tot On-THE Go Travel Drying Rack

[amazon box=”B00AA7O4CS” template=”vertical”]

If you are looking for a portable drying rack, then this is the ideal choice for you. It folds up into a unique travel carrying case. What’s more, is designed with flexible tines that allow your bottles, breast pump and nipples to elevate, thus ensuring ventilation is improved. The stand of the bottle brush is little and therefore securely fits well in the rack when opened. Its tines are placed on the shorter side, and the rack capacity is minimal hence not ideal for the large bottles and cups. This is however expected because the drying rack is mainly made for travel purposes.


  • Flexible tines elevate breast pump, nipples, and bottles and thus  facilitate ventilation
  • Comes with a bottle brush that securely fits in the drying rack
  • Compatible with travel – has a small capacity and it folds up


  • Small size, hence cannot hold many bottles and accessories

9.Stuff4tots Baby Bottle Drying Rack

[amazon box=”B00SYW3MQ0″ template=”vertical”]

Stuff4tits baby bottle is a super fun and stylish rack with a blooming flower abstract design. Setting it up is very simple- remove it from its packaging and unfold.. It is one of the few products with a lifetime warranty hence, worth its price. Stuff4tits baby bottle drying rack is BPA free, latex free, lead-free and phthalate-free.

This adorable rack fits well for storage and travel since it’s flexible; it can be closely squished to occupy a tiny space of less than 4 inches. In addition to the normal drying bottles spindles, stuff4tits baby bottle rack has small slots at the top used for drying spoons and straws.


  • Unique design that resembles an abstract bloom flower
  • Simple to set it up and use
  • Highly flexible hence suitable for travel
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • It’s dishwasher safe.


  • Does not have a pan to collect the water drips

10.Kuddly kids baby bottle drying rack

[amazon box=”B01IABVHJS” template=”vertical”]

This is a grass-like designed adorable rack where the bottles and other accessories are stashed on the on the “grass” blades to dry.  It is made of two pieces that make it easy to use and get rid of the accumulated moisture. The bottom part holds the grass like structure in an upright position; drying the bottles and its accessories as well as getting rid of the excess water.

It is free of PVC, and phthalates. The affordable bottle drying rack has a small base, hence suitable for the small kitchens that have a limited occupation space. It has a full no-hassle guarantee meaning that if the product does not satisfy, you are fee to ask for a refund.


  • Free of PVC. BPA and phthalate
  • 100% guarantee full refund if the customer is not satisfied with the product
  • Perfect for large baby bottles


  • Water is trapped at the bottom- frequent drying is needed to prevent mold formation
  • The grass blades are a little too sharp

What Makes a Great Baby Bottle Drying Rack?

Baby Bottle Drying Rack

If you have a baby, then washing bottles automatically becomes part of your daily routine. Some bottles may, however not be easy to dry due to their design or number of parts. This is where you need just the right baby bottle drying rack. But what do you need to consider when shipping for one? Before you make a purchase decision based on the cost factor alone, consider these ones too:

Space it occupiesMost kitchens are filled with other appliances, meaning limited space. Ideally, you cannot find one that does not swallow up some counter space and you may see the need to go for the multi-tiered rack that accommodates multiple baby bottles and their accessories. If you have unlimited space, select the large- based one that ensures your bottles dry much faster.

Ease of cleaningSome baby bottle drying racks area hassle to clean than others. It would be a bad purchase if you spent more time cleaning the rack than using it. Additionally, make sure that the cleaning bottle brushes eligible for use. There are some that don’t fit in the bottle well. If you get a baby bottle drying machine that has an outlet, you will take less time cleaning it as the excess water will be drained out each time to hang your baby accessories. This means there will be no formation of mold, and this will keep kitchen hygiene on point. For convenience, you can choose the drying racks that come with a cleaning bottle brush.

The holding capacityThis depends on the number of bottles and accessories you have. If you have many bottles and cups, look for a bigger unit to avoid storage inconveniences. Remember, the holding capacity also determines how sturdy your rack will get. If you have glass bottles and accessories, you need a stable baby bottle rack to achieve stability. Glasses exert more pressure than the plastic ones hence we advice that you choose a rack that will be equally balanced to prevent the bottles from falling off.

Your kitchen décorIf you are very particular about the appearance of your kitchen, you will not have to compromise that with a baby bottle drying rack. There are some eye-catching racks with more artwork than others, hence, carry out enough comparison before making your purchase.

Benefits of a Baby Bottle Drying Rack

Provides dryingOnce you are done with hand washing your baby bottles, they remain soaking wet until you use a dry towel to wipe them. The other alternative way is shaking them vigorously to obliterate the water. To save you from this familiar scenario, you need a baby bottle drying rack. Most bottle racks keep the bottles in an upright position; hence they dry quickly. It also saves your time.

Staying OrganizedOne primary benefit of purchasing a baby bottle drying rack is to organize your utensils. This unit separates the storage of the baby’s accessories from the others. Keeping them at a particular place makes it easy to get them when needed, and do not get tampered when taking the other family utensils. This organization allows you to monitor them more easily.

Space managementA single baby bottle rack can hold up several baby utensils at ago, especially if it has more than one tier or if it has a broad base. For example, some racks can hold up to a maximum of 16 bottles. Notably, racks play a significant role in the small apartments that do not have a large holding capacity.

PortabilityIf your main purpose of getting a baby bottle drying rack is to carry it, then you will most probably get the racks that can be folded after use. They have a small holding capacity that only accommodates the accessories you will need when you are out and hence they can fit in the little bags. This ensures that your baby’s needs are well sorted out even when you are not indoors.

MultipurposeA baby bottle drying rack is not limited to just holding the bottles. You can keep your cups. When your baby grows up, you can still use the rack to hold other utensils like wine glasses.

How to Wash and Maintain a Baby Bottle Drying Rack

Although a baby bottle drying rack does not attract many germs as compared to a towel or kitchen sponge, it can still accumulate some ickies. If your drying rack is dishwasher safe, consider putting it in the cycle on a monthly basis. If you hand wash it, be extremely keen to avoid leaving dirt traces.

Always, ensure that your hands are clean before handling the baby bottles and the cups. Keep your phone off the kitchen when doing the cleaning or taking the baby accessories. The phones contain invisible germs that can be transferred to the drying rack and its contents. It might not be possible to maintain a 100% hygiene standard on your baby, but it’s wise to try your best.

If your baby bottle drying rack does not have an outlet, drain the water manually to prevent molds.

Our Top Pick 

Philips AVENT drying rack

All the above-discussed baby bottle racks are equally useful based to your specific needs. However, Philips AVENT drying rack tops our list based on its features an usability. We found it affordable and highly compatible. Apart from holding up many bottles at ago, it is highly stable and you can even keep your glass bottles and still maintain its balancing. Phillips AVENT boasts of a detachable tray that facilitates the disposal of the excess water. It has a streamlined and sleek design that makes it occupy little space on your kitchen’s counter. Its flexible design ensures that it keeps as many baby bottles and nipples altogether.


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