10 Best Baby Blocks to Buy in 2018


In today’s digital age, chances are high that kids are much more familiar with smartphone apps and tablets than they are with traditional toys. Fortunately, there are still plenty of manufacturers on the market who believe in the joy of playing with toys such as blocks.

Baby building blocks allow kids to play and have fun while stimulating their creativity and thinking skills. Along with this, building blocks are a great gift for birthday parties or even as letter blocks for baby shower.

Here, we have put together a handy guide to help you choose as well as make an informed decision on the best baby blocks in 2018.

Top 10 Baby Block Toys on Amazon

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1.Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set

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Made by Infantino, these building blocks are soft, squeezable and BPA-free. This makes them a safe choice for toddlers and smaller children who have a habit of putting everything in their mouths. Along with this, they come in a variety of attractive colors to keep even the most restless toddler occupied.

However, given that numerals and characters are left unpainted, they may be a bit drab for some children.


  • Squeezable
  • Child-friendly
  • BPA-free


  • Some buyers noticed that the blocks had a strange smell

2.Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

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Fisher-Price has always been renowned for their quality products and these blocks are no exception. With plenty of shapes in different sizes and a cover that doubles as a stack and drop, your baby will have hours of fun stacking shapes or dropping them into the bucket. The blocks can also be dropped into an easy-to-carry bucket for quick storage and minimal fuss.

Unfortunately, these blocks don’t feature characters, alphabets and the like. Still, they are a solid choice for parents or soon-to-be parents.


  • It has a cute design
  • Great value for money
  • Babies enjoy stacking them


  • The top cover tends to fall off a lot

3.toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks

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This handmade set of blocks are squeezable, resistant to little nibblers and even emit a loud squeak when squeezed, which is sure to be a hit with any toddler. They are also BPA-free, which makes them safe for kids.

However, the squeaking may throw off some parents if they have boisterous kids.


  • Babies love playing with these blocks
  • Made of sturdy material
  • They don’t create too much noise when they fall to the floor


  • Water might get into them
  • Some babies can bite off the rubber

4.Earlyears Squeak ‘n Stack Blocks Baby Toy

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Painted in vibrant colors and featuring a series of cute characters and alphabets, it’s hard not to love these super-cute building blocks. They are also squeezable, which is sure to thrill any child.

Along with this, they are easily cleaned for quick sanitation and hygiene. However, the constant squeaking can be annoying.


  • Great for stacking
  • High-quality
  • Soft baby blocks
  • BPA-free


  • Some parents noticed that these blocks are quick to get mold

5.Bright Starts Grab and Stack Block Toy

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The size of these king-sized building blocks caught our attention quickly. Covered with soft fabric and featuring cute characters, numerals and alphabets, these blocks are adorable, fun and also educational.

As a result, they make a great choice for any new parent. Unfortunately, each set only contains 4 blocks, which may be a turn-off for some.


  • Light and easy to pick up
  • Great developmental toy
  • Grabs the attention of babies


  • Only has 4 blocks

6.Baby Blocks Shape Sorter Toy

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Kids can have fun stacking blocks as well as sorting shapes with this set of building blocks. Featuring several different shapes and colors as well as a box sorter, this toy is great for helping your baby recognize shades and shapes.


  • Has bright colors
  • Educational


  • Lacks variety
  • It is not BPA-free

7.Playgro Soft Blocks for Baby

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With its vivid colors and myriad of cute characters, what’s not to love about these building blocks from Playgro? The soft padded blocks ensure that they are safe for kids compared to more traditional blocks with sharp edges.

As they are water resistant, these blocks can be a fun part of bath time. New parents or those shopping for new parents will find that these blocks are a great choice.


  • Water resistant
  • Safe for kids
  • Cute and colorful


  • Some parents don’t like that the blocks are covered in plastic

8.Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Match and Build Soft Blocks Set

[amazon box=”B00F1UPFF4″ template=”vertical”]

From Melissa & Doug, these baby blocks toys encourage kids to mix and match their blocks as well as stack them up. With colorful designs featuring pictures, numerals and alphabets that match up, these blocks are a great way to stimulate a child’s imagination.

Washable and child-safe, these toys can be a wonderful gift for birthday celebrations, or even for baby shower blocks decorations.


  • Washable
  • The blocks engage babies


  • Some parents noticed that the blocks give off a chemical smell

9.HABA Baby’s First Basic Block Set

[amazon box=”B000N56UBK” template=”vertical”]

A wonderful introduction to the world of building blocks, these solid wooden baby blocks from Germany will help your baby recognize the different colors. Not only that, they encourage creative development through stacking and building. Each block is painted in a solid color and does not feature any alphabets or characters.


  • They are worth the price
  • Babies and children enjoy stacking them
  • Amazing quality


  • Some customers received chipped blocks
  • Might be too plain for some children

10.Maxim Deluxe Wooden ABC Blocks

[amazon box=”B007B28CQY” template=”vertical”]

Anyone who has ever had a childhood is sure to recognize these wooden ABC blocks by Maxim. Featuring alphabets, animal characters as well as numerals, these blocks are fun as well as educational, making them a great choice for anyone with kids older than 6 months.

These wooden blocks are extremely well-known and well-loved around the world. They even look similar to baby blocks clipart or baby blocks fonts. Unfortunately, these blocks are slightly lacking in color as compared to other offerings.


  • Made of solid wood
  • Has smooth edges
  • Good value


  • Some letters might be missing

Baby Blocks Buyer’s Guide: Does My Baby Need Baby Blocks?

Baby blocks are a classic baby toy. You’ve more than likely seen some in stores, if you haven’t received a set by now for your baby. They may be a classic, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring or useless.

In fact, baby blocks can do a lot for your baby. They help your baby with simple motor tasks like building and stacking, while improving their problem-solving abilities. There are actually many benefits to having a set of baby blocks in your home.

They help your child learn about stacking as they discover concepts like cause and effect when they happen to knock the tower down. Over time, they learn the properties of the blocks, like size, weight, shape and stability, improving their mental capacity at the same time.

In general, you can expect these sorts of benefits from a simple set of baby blocks:

Motor Skills

Your child can develop better motor skills from simply stacking the blocks. Not only that, they improve their hand-eye coordination the more they play. As they grip the blocks, the child strengthens their fingers and hands as well.

Mental Stimulation

Let your child use baby blocks to improve their mental capacity. They will learn to think logically while playing with a set of blocks, as they seek to arrange them in a way that they will not topple.

When your child begins to get older, they’ll be able to figure out how to stack the strongest tower with logical thinking skills.

Mathematical Skills

Using building blocks during playtime helps children develop mathematical skills. Your child can also learn the names of the colors, shapes and sizes of the blocks. They can learn simple math too by adding or subtracting the numbers on the blocks.

As a result, this makes building blocks a fun learning tool.


Your child can learn how to build all sorts of structures using their blocks. They stimulate their mind by matching colors and numbers or building something new. While they can learn a lot from these blocks, not everything has to be logical.

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Social Interaction

Bring along your set of blocks when your child has a playdate. Encourage children to play together so that they learn how to interact and cooperate. Building with these blocks can easily be one of the first forms of teamwork your child engages in.

How to Play with Baby Blocks

You either have a set of baby blocks, or you’re thinking of buying one. Of course, you can simply stack them and knock them over. However, there are a few other simple activities that you can play with your baby for fun and learning.

The Simple Stack

best Baby Blocks

Start with the easiest activity of building and knocking down. Babies love knocking down towers, so much so that many parents find that they cannot even stack all of the blocks before the tower is scattered. Maybe add a song as you count the blocks to engage your baby too.

Pack and Dump

Put all of your blocks into a light tub and set it out for your baby. Let them take the blocks out one at a time or dump them all out yourself. Pack and dump the baby blocks over and over.

You can even involve siblings too: set the tub a little way away and let the older child gently throw blocks into the tub. If your child is crawling, they can also crawl to retrieve blocks after they dump them out.

Vocab Development

Talk to your baby while you play, since talking is so important to help their language and mental development. When your baby is playing with blocks, talk out loud about the color, pattern, or pictures. Older babies can point to these features upon your request.

Other Parents’ Opinions about Buying Baby Blocks

No matter how much time passes, baby blocks never really get old. You might know that you want to get a set for your child, but you might be confused by the amount of options. Here are other people’s opinions regarding which baby block toy to get.

Opinions about Buying Baby Blocks

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks

These classic, charming-looking blocks allow your child to become familiar with the alphabet, numbers and animals that are pictured on them. Lift up the blocks to spell and count with your child without worrying about their safety, since these blocks are printed with child-safe ink.

They’re so pretty and long-lasting that you can continue to use them for years to come.

Mix and Match Blocks

These fun little blocks are made to be large so that your baby can easily pick up and see the designs. Instead of the usual blocks, these fun ones are made with people printed on them, so that your child can mix and match pirates and princesses together.

They’re made to be oversized and soft for fun play and instant giggles.

Our Top Pick of the Best Baby Block

We’ve shown you a few other baby block options that parents simply love, but our top choice has to be the B. toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks. These blocks can be used with children who are as young as 6 months and have numbers and animals printed on the side.

They’re made to have different textures and patterns for your baby to feel. Since they’re so soft, they are completely safe for your child to use. Not to mention that they are completely BPA-free.

When you pick these up, you’ll get 10 hand-sculpted blocks that your child can squeeze. You’ll love the easy transport bag that they come in and that they’re both sturdy and soft. The colors are vibrant, the designs are fun and they stack very well due to their stability.

Children of all ages are able to pick up these blocks easily while running their hands over the intricate designs. Since the blocks themselves are made of light rubber, they can be used in the bath as well without a problem. Not only that, they are perfect teething toys for younger children.

Older children love the designs, along with the slight squeaking noise they make when squeezed. If you’re looking for a set of blocks for your child, the One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks may be the most preferable option for you.

Any set of blocks brings some great benefits for your child’s growth and development though, so any one of the block sets we’ve mentioned will be a great choice. Just remember to clean your blocks in between uses to keep your baby safe and happy.

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