Best Baby Bath Toys 2018: Ultimate Guide and Reviews


Do you struggle each time your son or daughter needs a shower? Every parent does at some point when water time is not enough or they simply don’t want to take a bath in the first place. Luckily, toys are made to go everywhere, even in the water. That is why we took time to look at baby bath time toys that will distract your child as he or she cleans. Before you look at the available baby bath toys Amazon has to offer, reading this guide will provide you with the following:

  • Baby bath toys comparison table
  • 5 Best baby bath toys reviews
  • Baby bath toys buying guide

The main benefit of having toys during bath time is that shampooing your child will be easier and enjoyable. Most of the current bath toys are manufactured to bring forth development and cognitive skills that the child can acquire mentally and physically.

Without wasting time, here is a comparison table to look at before we dash to the main reviews.

Best Baby Bath Toys Reviews

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① Best choice for both boys and girls: Foam Bath Toys Alphabet

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Recommendation: boys and girls, 3-4 years

Summary benefits

As you ease bath moments with your little one, the baby learns coordinating letters, animals and colors. They are large enough for the child to play with and safe to use hence giving ultimate fun time while in the bathtub.

It’s time to stick some labels on the wall and help the kid learn about some animals in relation to alphabets. The Foam Bath Toys Alphabet package does not only provide large sized letters but also non-toxic ones so that your child remains healthy as they enjoy bath time combined with learning.

What we like about Foam bath toys

The alphabets can float on water and also stick on wall surface after getting them wet. Whether you have an iron cast bathtub or the surfaces are smooth, just stick the toys to the wall and attach letters depending on the first name of each animal. When they later learn that A is for alligator and C is for crab, it will be so much fun when doing that by themselves.

As you let them get clean, engaging children in an animal puzzle helps them grab preschool education concepts that they will remember every time they are asked to recite.

A few flaws

If you don’t know the names of some animals, then it can be sometimes confusing. No one wants to mistake the association of letters to animals but there is nothing you can do apart from asking when you reach such a juncture. Also, at times, you find it hard sticking them to the wall and that can bring disappointment especially if all you wanted was to please your kid.

On the other hand, if something is wrong with what you already acquired from the stores, buying this option gives you a 30-day money back guarantee.

What is in the set?

Fun in the bathtub is accompanied 26 large-sized animals and letters. They are all non-toxic and comes with a PVC packaging bag. Parents are advised to keep watch while the child plays and not leave them alone to play.

What parents say

“Our sons and daughters can now enjoy bathing time without protests accompanied by wiggling. After purchasing them for a rainy day, kids can play as they wash which brings another problem – getting them out of water when the time is up. However, at least there is no fighting on the journey to the bathtub.”


  • It’s interesting to stick the labels as the baby showers
  • It provides a learning environment
  • The product comes with a discount (offer varies)
  • Easy to use


  • They may not stick as projected
  • Some letter and animal association scenarios can be confusing

Alternative: You can also introduce them to numbers with Foam Bath Toys Numbers which will still bring the needed fun in the tub.

② 3 Bees & Me Bath Toys for Boys and Girls

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Recommendation: boys and girls, 2-3 years old

Summary benefits

Bath time for kids always has mixed reactions but having toys that they can float, and move them around as they clean provides a perfect distraction. If your baby loves boats, it’s time you got them one. For this set of bath toys, the price reminds us that you don’t have to go expensive to get something that will make bath time a worthwhile.

What we like about them

Four little twin boats in the water are enough fun and safe since they are free of lead, BPA and phthalate. The color your order might vary but a magnet in each boat does not reduce what your baby will try to explore once in the water. After hooking them up from 1 to 4, ‘rowing’ is the next step as the little one showers with no disturbance which makes it a perfect gift for children from 18 months old and above.

Apart from all the fun, babies have an opportunity to learn about different shapes and colors, get some motor skills and give way to creativity and imagination.

Perfect sizing for all time play

Your child doesn’t have large hands and the toy sizes address this issue. By being small, round and with no sharp edges, there is no harm but full-time water play as the little one travels from the sea to dry land and back. They are also designed to be waterproof so that there is no breakage or becoming wet.

Some of the consumers, however, project that they will eventually get wet and be hard to dry out. Also, children will test every other limit which includes trying to squash them which may lead to breaking, and it’s very easy for them. On the other hand, the manufacturers offer a 60-day money back guarantee if there is any dissatisfaction with what you bought.

What parents say

“After buying them a few weeks ago, baby now look forward to every bath since then. You may be persuaded not to buy due to the water leaking flaw but if it doesn’t appear to be the case, then you have nothing to worry about.”


  • Colors learning moment for the kid
  • The magnets attaching to boats provide another level of imagination
  • They are small-sized – perfect for the baby


  • At times, water gets in and it’s hard to dry
  • Can break easily if your baby is more than an explorer

Alternative: Since they say water leaks into the boats, how about trying the dinosaur toys for boys and girls? They will float and bring fun in the water but the idea of boats will be forgone.

③ Green Toys Seaplane

[amazon box=”B008KCQRR0″ template=”vertical”]

Recommendation: boys and girls, 3-4 years

Summary benefits

All parents will want this if they have a 3-year-old adoring to fly. Most of them actually do at some point. When it comes to durability and safeness, this one is a case winner. Also, when other products boast of being BPA and phthalates free, the seaplane is purely made from recycled materials – from the making to the package.

What we like about it

Besides the plastic making, the toy was made out of ‘keeping the environment clean’ ideas. The plane is made out of recycled milk jugs and the box is from recycled papers.

Older babies will love the idea since it is large enough for their hands and it stays long enough until they don’t need it anymore while in the shower. It also has the advantage of playing with it regardless of whether they are in water or not. As they learn to swim, let them carry it for some quality time in the pool.

The product is quite unique but it will not suit the younger generation. The major factor is a large size that a small baby cannot handle. Until they develop the right coordination for such toys, it is not a good idea to introduce it until they attain at least 2 ½ years earliest.

Things to watch out

There is one issue with the Green Toy Seaplane make that you’ll need to take care of. It is designed to float but that feature will be determined by how your baby handles it while playing. If they immerse it in water for long periods of time, the vent openings on the pontoons will eventually fill it with water.

The design does not allow for quick drying so it will take time for all water to dry out. Your baby, on the other hand, may not give room for that. The floating mechanism slowly begins to deteriorate since you can’t open the plane to allow for perfect drying.

The trapped water may also bring forth to mildew growth.

What parents say

“We love it since they are 100% recycled and guaranteed for longevity. The size is perfect for older babies transiting to children since they can basically play with it anywhere. The price is okay too.”


  • Eco-friendly
  • Made to last
  • You can choose different designs


  • Only made for fun, no skill development
  • Not suitable for young babies
  • Too much play in the water causes floating problems

Alternative: if your kid loves a seaplane, maybe you can introduce a Green Toys Seacopter to keep the fun going and no more resistance during bath time.

④ Baby Bath Toy- Spin N Sort Spout Pro

[amazon box=”B01GIJGIVG” template=”vertical”]

Recommendation: boys, 2 years and above

Summary benefits

There is a chance for you to introduce your baby on how physics works using the Spin N Sort baby bath toy. This is an educational toy that enrols your kid in developing three distinctive skills which are some of the higher end aspects a child can learn. Spinning the gears is simple yet fun while in the bathtub as the little one educates himself about the STEM field, giving him the cognitive ability.

What we like about it

After the development of this kit, it went ahead to win two awards, a success that follows the outstanding record made by the manufacturer’s prior products – the Submarine Spray Station and Musical Duck Race. The major advantage brought by buying the Spin N Sort Sprout Pro is having some vigorous elements that will help the baby have a quiet time in the bathroom and also develop some useful skills.

It is not demonstrative enough since the expectation from the kid is to actively interact with the toy in a bid to explore and build something worth remembering – especially how gears work in the complex world.

He can remove the gears and arrange them as he wishes but a challenge will present itself when putting them in order. In the process of having fun during cleaning time, some skills that come handy in the future avail.

Apart from the gears, the other part consists of a station where mixing and matching of the three cup toys become another to-do task while cleaning up. There is a sprayer, a strainer and a floater model, each of which will help in developing cognitive skills as the baby learns about cause and the resultant effect. Coordinating eyes and hands as they play around will be another skill that this toy will give your child as they clean up.

What parents say

“After adding the batteries, our kids were overwhelmed. Every time we head to the tub, he is always playing quietly by staking the cups, filling them, throwing them back into the water and washing his hands after ‘work.’ Now, they can stay there for an hour or until the water gets cold.”

It’s all fun while it lasts

Well, the organization of the little system is something that a 2-year old can work with. The base makes use of two suction cups for a sturdy holding. The baby is not powerful enough to bring it down. Even after removing the parts, they will stick on one of either sides, so putting them back together will not need a separate place for organization.

The buckets may provide some fun to younger kids but it will not serve its full purpose. Below 2 years of age, a gear system is still Greek to them. Despite the robust nature of this toy, it has some durability issues. Customers project that the batteries die down or the motor simply stops working after 6 months or so. Given that it is an expensive item to go for, purchasing it would be inconsiderable to some parents.


  • More cognitive skills development
  • Helps in hands and eyes coordination
  • Your baby attains some motor skills
  • You get 10 different setups while playing


  • Not for anyone younger than 2 years
  • Very expensive
  • Requires battery power for operation
  • The motor is not durable enough

Alternative: If you don’t like the motor disappointment, or the pricing is too much for you, The Fill and Spin Water Fountain Bath Toys is cheaper and spinning the little wheel will require the water fountain and not batteries.

⑤ Munchkin Super Scoop Bath Toy Organizer and 16 Piece Bath Squirt Value Set

[amazon box=”B06XWTNQFM” template=”vertical”]

Recommendation: boys and girls, 6 months and above

Summary benefits

After getting the right position for the Super Scoop, the rest remains to be adored. You can easily detach it from the mounting suction cups. So, when a quick attachment and removal is required, you are free of the torturing work required during the mounting process. Since the scoop is made of mesh, draining and drying are quicker than expected.

What we like about it

Well, they say there is power in numbers and the 16 different toys confirm that. Before we look at the toys, the scoop is something worth talking about since it’s a real winner in this ordeal. In fact, once you see the scoop, it will convince you enough to buy the package.

Holding the scoop on the wall is through a suction cup which is strong enough to keep it from being pulled down by the kid while in the bathtub. Due to how the suction cup holds the scoop, it is advisable to first read the instructions on the package for a proper setup. One more thing, if you have textured tiles, this will not work for you.

There is a large opening on the upper part of the scoop and handle to aid you in fetching all the toys after baby bath time is over and that’s it.

What about the toys?

For the toys, they are large in numbers and tolerable if not spectacular. The 16 toys come in two sets; 8 salty water animals and 8 freshwater ones. All of them can spirt water to add more fun but that gives them an opportunity to grow mildew. They are all just for fun with no development of higher skills.

What parents say

“The organizer is great! After following the directions on how to stick it on the wall, be guaranteed that it is secure. The toys are colorful and they also provide a chance to teach your kid about animals that live in water. After introducing them to my daughter, she now ‘lives’ in the tub.”


  • The scoop is great for holding all the toys
  • Numerous number of toys
  • Mesh fabric ensures quicker draining and drying
  • Suitable for young ones above 6 months old


  • Risk of mildew
  • Just for fun with no skill development
  • Very expensive

Alternative: Despite the strong suction cup, the kid will still be daring enough to pull it down. You can avoid the cups by going for the Toyganizer Hanging Bath Toy Organizer which hangs with no suction cups.

Baby Bath Toys Buying Guide

Now that you know what you need to consider when buying baby bath toys, you may also need a guideline since you will meet so many of them out there. The toy you select is supposed to bring maximum fun while in the tub otherwise, it will always be a disaster when it’s time to wash and clean. We will give you information regarding the types of baby bath time toys available, how to select them based on the age and cleaning up before summarizing. We hope that will do.

Types of bath toys available

best baby bath toys

  • Pouring toys:They are toys with a hollow space that can pour water after input.
  • Motion toys:These are toys whose motion is caused by pouring water on them. The effect of water addition could cause wheels to turn or make some little movable characters in them among other features.
  • Floating toys:Any toy that floats is in this category. The baby will sail and sink them in as they imagine all the beautiful tales while showering.
  • Squeezing toys:They include any toy that can stream out water when squeezed. The effect teaches the baby the effect of a cause.
  • Bath books:Have you ever thought that there are books for the baby made for bath time? They are made of plastic and the pages turn just like a book to keep the baby engaged as he or she bathes.

Things to look out for when buying baby bath toys

  • Does the toy have holes which could let water in and attract mildew, bacteria and mold?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Are they toxic or made from harmful materials?
  • Can it dry quickly after a bath?
  • Have you considered a baby bath toys storage where they can dry and rest until the next bath?
  • Can the toys be used for another purpose except for bath time? Consider this question if you want a multi-purpose toy.

Selecting baby bath toys based on age

0-6 months

Babies in this age bracket would like to see the primary colors. So, if you have something that highly contrasts, then bath time will not be a problem. They should also be soft and light for easy handling while in the tub. Most of the toys made for toddlers below six months are horizontal in nature.

Here is a list of the toys to consider:

  • Sensory toys – noisemakers and movers.
  • Teethers and rattles – something to chew as the teeth come out.
  • Crib toys with necessary accessories

6-12 months

It is during this era that the baby becomes aware of the surrounding. They still want to touch and grasp things, sit, stand, craw and much more, their teeth is also developing.

Here are some of the toys to consider:

  • Balls
  • Cups or hollow containers
  • Movable toys
  • Animals
  • Most of other infant bath toys

1-2 years and above

Now, he or she is in the age when they can finally get busier with the toys. They have more energy than before and there is more locomotion and sense of independence. Toys that assist them in developing skills that and have a better understanding of what affects them.

Most of what we have discussed in the reviews will suit this age bracket so, consider anything there including the alternatives and you will be good to go. One thing you need to remember though is that first check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that the toy you choose fits your baby.

Cleaning baby bath toys

If you found dishwasher-safe toys, then cleaning would be easier. However, most of the toys do not allow thorough cleaning especially if there is water in and out features. Like we said earlier in one of the reviews, cleaning such toys can be difficult and it is always better to open it for maximum drying. On the other hand, if the design allows for a quick wash and dry, then you have no problem at all with keeping them clean.

What Do People Say About Baby Bath Toys?people say about baby bath toys

Well, buying toys is vital when it comes to growth and development of your baby so they cannot be disregarded. Some parents think that taking toys to the tub is an escalation of matters but if that is what will make them have a thorough cleaning, then so be it. For parents who have saved enough time and kept drama at bay when washing their little ones, baby bath toys came to the rescue after trying so many things.

Top Pick for Baby Bath Toys

Every chosen product on our review deserves giving a shot. They will all calm the child during bath time. However, the Foam Bath Toys Alphabet won our hearts since it provides two things that are vital to the baby: fun and education. Bath time will be uninterrupted and on the other hand, the baby will be busy sticking letters on the wall and finding the matching animals. You will have to show them first of course. The only unlikable thing about the alphabets is that they may not stick as intended or for longer periods.

Another one worth considering is the third one reviewed, the Green Toy Sea Plane. It is for older kids and durable enough to keep them busy.

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