Best Baby Bassinet 2018: Mom’s Guide


According to experts, babies are supposed to sleep in the same room as their parents, for the first 6 months of their lives. Well, moms naturally have no problem with that. Giving birth to a newborn sets the maternal instincts in top gear. And this means that the average mum is very protective of her baby and wants them as close to her as possible at every time. Now, remember that the experts say that your baby should sleep in the same room as you. This should not be mistaken to mean the same bed. There are so many reasons sharing a bed with your baby isn’t a great idea, some obvious, others not so much. But the bottom line is that a baby bassinet is one of the most important purchases you’ll make as a new mum.

Today, we have come to the rescue and have decided to help in the little way we can to ease your burden. We know how stressful it can be picking out anything from an online store these days. Trust us, we saw a lot trying to gather together our top 6 best baby bassinets today. The work was ginormous but, hey, we got it done! In this review, you will not only find a thorough examination of each of the 6 bassinets, you’ll also find some useful tips that will help you in picking the best bassinet for you, as well as pointers to help you make the best use of them.

If you don’t have all the time, here’s a table that can give you the bottom line of all you need to know about each of these bassinets (Note that this article does not contain a review on Baby Bjorn Bassinet)…

Halo Bassinet Essentia Swivel Sleeper Bassinet – Honeycomb Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-in-1 bedside Bassinet Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper30 x 16 x 32 inches Graco Pack ‘N’ Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer Chicco Lullago Travel Crib UPPAbaby Bassinet, Gregory
Dimensions 35 x 19 x 12 inches 21 x 31 x 34 inches 30 x 16 x 32 inches 40 x 28 x 33.2 inches 36 x 27 x 22 inches 16.1 x 8.3  x 31.7 inches
Item weight 44.9 pounds 24 pounds 38 pounds 28 pounds 17 pounds 9.3 pounds
Maximum recommended weight 30 pounds Not specified 25 pounds <15 pounds 20 pounds 20 pounds
Recommended age 0 – 5 months 0 – 5 months 0 – 6 months 0 – 3 months 0 – 12 months Not specified

Best Bassinet for Baby: Comfortable, Safe, Convenient

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1.Halo Bassinet Essentia Swivel Sleeper Bassinet – Honeycomb:

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We love how the manufacturers got the bed positioning of this bassinet just right. Because the bassinet swivels up to 360 degrees, and the stand is adjustable, positioning this bassinet conveniently will never pose an issue. And it does not even require a whole lot of floor space unlike many models. You can place the base of the bassinet under your bed, and keep your room feeling roomy and uncluttered. The walls of this bassinet are retractable and easily lower down so you can move your baby very easily and conveniently. Mums still recovering from a c-section will find that this feature is simply a godsend. It’s also great that the sides of this bassinet are made of mesh. This way, it’s easier to see your baby and know when they need attention. Plus, it also means increased breathability for baby. Plus, there are also pockets around the bassinet. Now, you can easily store your wipes, diapers, and other baby necessities conveniently.


  • Swivels up to 360 degrees.
  • Comes with adjustable stand.
  • Base stays under the bed to create more room.
  • Bassinet walls are retractable making access to baby very easy.
  • Mesh sides increase breathability for baby, and visibility fir mother.
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Well, the sturdiness of this bassinet is also its drawback. This thing can get really heavy! So, don’t expect to be able to move it easily from place to place.
  • It is a bit expensive, especially after considering for how long you’re going to use it.

2.Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-in-1 bedside Bassinet:

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Bring your infant home to this beautiful bassinet from Arm’s Reach Concepts. Yes, as the name implies, the brand loves to keep your baby within your arm’s reach and in the most convenient way possible. The bassinet is so easy to set up. It doesn’t take time at all. And we also love the fact that it is very lightweight at 24 pounds. This makes the bassinet fantastic for carrying around, either from room to room or even from place to place. It’s amazing.

On this bassinet as well, you’ll find loads of side pockets and even a bottom compartment for storage. Have you ever met a bassinet this nifty? Though you’re paying for the price of one item, you’re getting the value of two! Because not only does it work as your baby bassinet, it can also work as an organizer. You can cleverly put all your child accessories on hand in this bassinet and save up some space in your room. And this is added to the fact that the bassinet already has a small footprint in the first place.

To ensure that your baby is constantly sleeping soundly, the sleeping nest is constructed to a height of 4 inches. Plus, in the nest, there is an attachment strap, as well as a resistant plate. Now, you can go to sleep with your eyes closed knowing that your baby is as safe as they can possibly be. Also, thankfully, this bassinet is designed to let in enough air so your baby isn’t choked or suffocated by staying in the bassinet.


  • It can stand alone but you can also bring down one of the sides and attach the bassinet to your bed. This way, it’s even more convenient to bring out your baby for feeding sessions.
  • It comes with storage space for baby accessories.
  • It’s very portable, many thanks to its built-in wheels.
  • It can pack into a compact size ideal for traveling.


  • This bassinet will only work on beds that are, at most, 24 inches in height (i.e., floor to mattress). Any higher, and you’ll need to purchase a leg extension kit sold separately.

3.Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper:

[amazon box=”B0716KN18Z” template=”vertical”]

Want to splurge on your baby a little? Then get this bassinet from Happiest Baby. It comes with so many bells and whistles to make your baby sleep safely, comfortably, and through the night. According to the manufacturers, this bassinet was specifically made to cater to every new parent’s number one challenge, and that is exhaustion. Knowing how demanding it is to take care of your kids especially in the first few months, Happiest Baby thought to put together a bassinet that will help you steal a few well-deserved winks that you have clearly earned.

First, it features some white noise. If you know about sleep and related affairs, you know that, even for adults, white noise has a soothing, lulling effect that drives people to enjoy a nice sleep. In addition to that, the bassinet also rocks your baby slowly just like you would have done (okay maybe not exactly like you would have done. It’s just a bassinet after all) making sure your baby falls asleep and stays asleep. In fact, once the bassinet senses even a little fuss from the child, it automatically increases the white noise and rocking to lull the child back to sleep in seconds.

It will also leave you reassured to know that the bassinet comes with clips to help keep your child safe all through the night as they sleep. As you know, back is best when it comes to laying your child and this bassinet ensures that your baby remains on their back. Plus, it doesn’t overheat, it is very durable and it’s a favorite of many.


  • It’s very innovative in that it automatically responds to baby’s cries.
  • Babies sleep for longer in this bassinet.
  • Comes with safety clips to keep babies lying on their backs.


  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • The bassinet has to be used with the Snoo Sack (swaddle). So, if your child hates swaddling, then just abandon ship because you won’t have the amazing experience advertised.

4.Graco Pack ‘N’ Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer:

[amazon box=”B005UV0UDG” template=”vertical”]

Mums can really do it all so why not get a bassinet that can do it all too? If you’re digging that idea, then you should check out this bassinet. It’s a multifunctional unit. So, in essence, you get the value of two important baby equipment for the very affordable price of one. So, what are the two functions you get from this bassinet? Of course, you get a bassinet (napper) and you also get a changing station. Neat, isn’t it? When you consider the cost of getting these two units separately, you’d appreciate the deal you’re getting on this model. In fact, we forgot to add one more thing, and that is that it also functions as playpen as well. So, it’s actually a 3-in-1 unit!

As a playpen, this unit will grow with your baby as they transition from newborn to infant to toddler. Once your toddler reaches a height of 35 inches and can climb out of the playpen, then they’ve maxed out of the playpen and need a much bigger space. The changing table and bassinet, though, will have to be discontinued once the child has reached a maximum weight of 15 pounds. And then the napper should only hold a baby of 3 months at most.

This fantastic playpen with bassinet has the bassinet removable. Plus, the bassinet is really very comfy for your baby, and it also comes in handy as a baby organizer too. It contains nifty storage pockets which can hold diapers, wipes and other essentials, keeping them on hand. Again, there’s a toy bar somewhere along the sides as well which actually contains soft toys. How thoughtful! These will help to keep your baby distracted as they relax in their cozy unit. The unit is also really easy to clean as well.


  • It’s a multifunctional unit: changing station, bassinet/napper, and playpen.
  • Comes with storage pockets.
  • Comes with toy box and soft toys.
  • It’s affordable and allays the fear of parents who are scared of letting go of a bassinet after such a short time and a heavy investment.
  • It’s a very portable baby bassinet with its machine-washable carrying case.


  • Baby outgrows the napper quickly.

5.Chicco Lullago Travel Crib

[amazon box=”B01LPQ45P8″ template=”vertical”]

Keeping things down to earth this time, we present this simple yet sweet bassinet from Chicco. It looks very basic and unassuming but what you want is a bassinet that works, isn’t it? Well, this is a fantastic one. It’s very easy to set up. All you need do is to fix the snap-on legs through the one-piece structure that makes the top part of the bassinet and you’re good. To keep your bassinet clean (and hygienic) for all involved, especially for baby, this bassinet comes very easy to clean. You can take apart the fabrics covering the bassinet and get them washed in your washing machine. Neat and convenient!

Did we mention that this is a really portable baby bassinet? Aside the fact that it is lightweight, it also comes with a carry bag with which you can move this unit about. Whether you’re traveling, moving the bassinet from one room to another or moving to a new living space, you’ll find this bassinet a joy to move around.

We like how the manufacturers made the mattress pad of the bassinet very soft and plush. This will ensure that baby enjoys their sleep in the bassinet. And that’s not all, the sides are made of mesh. This feature is very important to ensure that baby is always easily visible. It’s also important to ensure that your baby is constantly breathing properly. To ensure that the bassinet is always stable on the ground, the snap-on legs come with anti-slip feet. This way, the bassinet is firm on the floor and any chance of sliding is largely eliminated.


  • It comes with a very simple and basic design.
  • It’s compact and portable enough for travel.
  • It doesn’t take any time to set up.
  • Mesh windows for ventilation.
  • Fabric covering can be taken off and washed.


  • It does bend in half to fold up and some parents worry that their babies will feel uncomfortable in it, but as far as we know, that’s not a cause for concern.
  • It seems to be a bit too low for some parents.

6.UPPAbaby Bassinet, Gregory:

[amazon box=”B01MZ0PPVJ” template=”vertical”]

For mothers constantly on the move, here’s a bassinet to match your lifestyle. This model is actually a stroller with a bassinet included. It is really stylish and super convenient to move around. And even at that, it favorably competes with other similar units from other brands. For instance, it can conveniently hold your baby from birth till they are a maximum of 20 pounds. It’s great for overnight sleeping, and the mattress embedded is also removable. In fact, the mattress pad itself is breathable, and vented (as is the base too), which adds to your baby’s comfort in his cozy unit.

Another plus for this stroller/bassinet is that you can get your baby to fall asleep on your walk together without bothering to rack your brain on how to get her out of her stroller and into her bassinet without waking her up. This makes everything a whole lot easier for all involved.

This bassinet also comes with a canopy shed which can be extended depending on your needs. With an SPF of 50+, it protects your baby from the harshness of UV rays. This canopy can also be unzipped to increase airflow around the bassinet too. In fact, this bassinet is perfect for the outdoors as it even comes with a bug shield to keep the creepy, crawlies out of your baby’s hair.

To keep your bassinet clean and neat, the mattress is removable and also washable. Now, you can be sure that your baby is resting in a clean and healthy spot under your care. Because this unit is primarily a stroller, but with a bassinet, it does not come with a stand, even though the bassinet will fit on a stand. If you intend to use your bassinet with a stand, though, then you’d have to purchase that differently from the bassinet.


  • The bassinet is easily added to and removed from the stroller.
  • It’s been approved for overnight use.
  • Mattress is removable, machine-washable, and breathable.
  • Comes with a canopy (SPF 50+) and bug shield.


If you intend to purchase the bassinet stand sold separately, then everything can add up pretty quickly.

How to Choose the Best Baby Bassinet

These days, bassinets are becoming more and more popular alternatives to cribs for newborns and infants. While they are smaller than cribs, these bassinets actually boast a lot of wholesome benefits to new parents.

Let’s examine some of them…

For instance, nursing your baby in the middle of the night is a whole lot easier from a bassinet than from a crib. This is because, with a bassinet, you don’t necessarily have to leave your bed in order to pick up your baby. New moms still recuperating from a C-section will find bassinets to be especially useful. Also, most bassinets are designed to be the same height as your bed, so during the night, you can easily reach for your baby to comfort them, if need be.

When to Get a Baby Bassinet

The best time to begin using a bassinet is from the moment your baby comes home the first time. You can continue using the bassinet until your baby grows to a certain weight as recommended by the manufacturers. But the general rule of thumb, though, is to keep using until your baby is beginning to move around on their own, roll over, or push their hands up. This will usually occur anytime between 3 and 5 months old.

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Features to Consider

Rocking and Non-Rocking bassinets: A rocking bassinet is nice until your baby can move around on their own a bit. If you’re going for a rocking bassinet, ensure that it can also be used in a stationary mode. Else, it could tilt your baby to a side and pose a suffocation hazard.

Portability: A portable bassinet is always a plus and wheels are even an added advantage. Only ensure that the wheels also have a lock function else their older siblings might decide to take baby for a spin. The bassinet must also be easy to assemble and disassemble.

Mattress: The mattress must be able to offer strong support for your baby. There mustn’t be any part of it that dips easily when pressed. This can be very dangerous for your baby because they don’t know how to remove themselves from situations. Also, the mattress shouldn’t be too padded, else your baby’s face could press into the mattress and your baby could suffocate. As for frills, limit them to the outside of the bassinet, they must not be found within the baby’s actual sleeping space.

Baby Bassinet on Sale: It’s okay to get a baby bassinet on sale if your budget is really tight. However, two things. You should check out for recalls, first. And then perform all the routine checks as we have highlighted above, and you’re in the clear:

Bells and Whistles: Bells and whistles are not compulsory in a baby bassinet. The features mentioned above are the absolutely most important features. Once those are cleared, you have a great baby bassinet in your hands. However, if you can afford to, why not? You can even choose to purchase gender-specific bassinets. Yes, they do exist. Lots of manufacturers carry baby bassinets for boys different from baby bassinets for girls. Of course, these will cost more than the traditional unisex bassinets but then, you wanted to splurge, right?

Other People’s Opinion: For mums recovering from a c-section, the absolute favorite was overwhelmingly the Halo Bassinet Essentia Swivel Sleeper Bassinet because of its convenience. The Graco Pack ‘N’ Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer was also another strong contender for favorite bassinet. Most mums opted for this model over other bassinets because of its 3-in-1 function, not to mention its give-away price too. Perhaps, the most loved of all bassinets on review today is the Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper. Most parents are sleep-deprived and any opportunity to get someone to share the work in the night shift is absolutely welcome. This bassinet offered to help with that. No wonder it is so loved!

Our Favorite…

Our top pick isthe Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-in-1 bedside Bassinet. Of all the bassinets on our review today, this one (most comprehensively) captures all the features we consider very important in a bassinet and even adds some extra features. The storage pockets, portability and wheels, are thoughtful add-ons that make this bassinet such a darling and practical model.

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