10 Best Crib Toys for Babies Reviews in 2018


Entertaining babies in cribs is ideal because they lay there for a long time and we need crib toys to keep them active and smart. However, we need the best crib toys, especially a musical crib toy suitable to soothe and calm the child all through the day. In doing this, the features and accessories of these toys are worthy of consideration because they are sources of entertainment, education, exercise, and they enhance the overall mental capacity and intellectual development of the child.

This review will introduce you to the 10 best crib toys in 2018. You will find out how you can make the right pick for your baby based on the features and functionalities of each of the toys such as crib toys to help baby sleep, best crib toys for 1 year old, crib light up toy, etc.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys
VTech Baby Lil' Critters Moosical Beads
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy
Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys
VTech Baby Lil' Critters Moosical Beads
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy
from $16.65
Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys
Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys
VTech Baby Lil' Critters Moosical Beads
VTech Baby Lil' Critters Moosical Beads
from $16.65
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Our Picks of Best Crib Toys that will Make Your Baby Happy

1. Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys
  • Multi-surface teething makes this teether perfect for assisting in the eruption of front, middle and back teeth
  • When place in the refrigerator Nuby's PurICE technology provides gentle cooling on baby's gums
  • Easy grip design is ideal for little hands and helps with coordination; Dual surfaced teether
  • Combines exercise for young hands, gums, and teeth
  • Age: 3 months and above; BPA Free

Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether is a teething toy with many facets and it exerts a soothing effect on the itchy gums of your child preparing it for the appearance of the temporary (milk) set of teeth, which comprises of canine, incisors, and premolars.  The handle is designed in a way that the baby can easily hold and maneuver the keys into his mouth without hitches.

Nuby Keys Teether is a toy made to provide physical exercises for young ones whereby they are able to move their hands, head, legs, and even use the toy in stimulating their gums, hard palates, and teeth respectively. These children will be able to learn while playing with their toys in the cribs. It is free of BPA and other harmful substances that may be lethal for your child.

Benefits of Using Nuby IcyBite Teether

  • The textured keys are ideal for stimulating and massaging the gums and hard palate.
  • The teether keys contain a purIce gel that has no toxic substances but helps in cooling the itching gums if refrigerated.
  • Enhances hand and eye coordination.
  • It has a comfortable and an easy handle suitable for his young and tender hands to grip.
  • The toy provides a source of physical activity that excites the teeth, hands, eyes, gum, and even the legs.
  • It is a multi-faceted teeter and the child can use each of the sides accordingly.

What We Like: its textured surface that makes it suitable to be used as a teething toy. The product helped my child to overcome teething problems like itchy gum, headaches, and fever because I always put it in his crib every day. With constant use, white shiny incisors started coming out of his gums and after a while, all the others appeared too.


  • Ideal for teething.
  • Valuable as a means of physical exercises.
  • Promotes eyes and hand synchronization.
  • It has bright and attractive colors.


  • It cannot be sterilized by boiling.
  • The teether cannot be frozen in the freezer but kept in the fridge for cooling only.
  • Too heavy for very young children to handle.
  • The keys are not detachable.

This product is aimed at parents of very young children and the users are kids from three months old and above.  If you want to clean this toy, simply wash in warm water using mild detergent and rinse properly. Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether is of the highest quality, durable, user-friendly, and worth buying because it helps to calm itchy gums of young kids.

2. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy
  • Baby discovers 7 classical music tunes with a press of the button
  • Watch the lights dance with each note
  • Includes a volume button
  • Requires two AA batteries (included)
  • Recommended for 3 months and up

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy is a baby toy with seven unique tunes that can be activated using a button. As the music is going on, your baby will be watching the lights beaming rhythmically according to the musical notes.  You can regulate the volume using a volume button.

Some of the musical pieces programmed into this play device are classical tunes by Vivaldi, Rossini, Chopin, and Mozart. This musical collection is formed in a way that the lights dance radiantly and colorfully across the screen of the toy.

 Benefits of Using Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

  • .Enhances musical awareness and admiration.
  • Improves the capacity of the ear to listen and understand sounds.
  • Stimulates and supports optical or visual sensitivity.
  • The beaming lights have the tendency to captivate his attention for a long time.

What we like: its musical composition with seven high-class tunes to keep your young one entertained.


  • This musical toy requires no batteries to function.
  • Easy to cleanse with just soap and water.
  • Ability to regulate the volume.
  • It has a large button that your baby can easily hold and press.


  • The color paint can easily peel off during cleaning.
  • Sound setting is low.
  • The musicals are too short.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy is aimed at parents with young children between the ages of 0 to 3 years. Cleaning of this musical toy should be done with a wet cloth material and mild detergent. It is not advisable to dip it into the water. This is a high-quality product made to last for a long time, as it can attract babies’ attention due to its radiant lights and interesting melodies. It can also stop them from crying and disturbing their parents. The product is user-friendly, durable, and worth buying.

3. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball 

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball
  • Multiple textures & materials engage baby's developing tactile sensitivity & teach baby about variety
  • Chunky sized bumps encourage reaching, grasping, and transferring from one hand to the other
  • Gentle rattle sounds create neural connections in babies brains from birth through 3 years
  • Bright colors & bold patterns are visually appropriate for baby's developing vision

This is a baby’s crib toy made to have multiple surfaces and appearances, as it is covered with different colors of materials. This peculiar feature of the product enhances the child’s ability to feel making him develop gut reaction and sensation of touch. There are brisk sounds coming out from the toy and the bumps are attractive, as he will always reach out to grasp and grip them.

Meanwhile, the shiny colors and large designs are ideal to enhance his vision significantly.

Benefits of Using Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

  • The bright and beautiful colors and designs are suitable to improve the kid’s developing vision.
  • The toy has bumpy balls that are easy to handle.
  • Helps to improve the baby’s sensitivity to due to many surfaces and materials.
  • Promotes the development of neural connectivity due to quick-fire sounds from the beads.

What we like: its solid and large bumps sizable enough to get the grasp and grip of the baby.


  • Easy to grasp, grip, and hold by their small fingers.
  • Highly distinct colors enhance baby’s awareness and attention, thereby improving the eyesight.
  • A combination of various materials helps to promote his sense of feelings and knowing the diversity in nature.


  • The toy can easily rip open and apart.
  • The material used in designing the cover can pull off the toy.
  • Not easy to clean.

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball is produced for parents with babies aged 0 to 3 years.  Although, cleaning it is not so easy but try to keep it neat as much as you can because your baby may be chewing it to stimulate his gum. With proper care, the product is made to last for a long time and continue entertaining babies with its multi-faceted and colored designs.

4. Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle 

Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle
  • Colorful spinning rattle develops hand/eye coordination
  • 3 textured links slide and rattle
  • Oval shaped handle has teethable textures
  • Teething relief
  • Instruction-clean before use with a damp cloth and mild soap

Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle is a beautiful spinning-rattling toy with an egg-shaped handle and teethable surfaces made to promote the movements of the eyes and hands of your baby as he grabs and plays with it. It has three rough glides and shakes items on the handle that produce cracking noises.  This toy is used for relieving babies’ teething issues.

Benefits of Using Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle

  • Gives relief to baby’s teething issues.
  • Easy to grab and spin.
  • The colorful surfaces promote eye and hand coordination.

What we like: the egg-shaped handle that can help the child to grip and hold it tightly before spinning it.


  • The shape and structure of the toy enhance the child’s ability to hold and bite it.
  • No batteries are required to power on the toy before using it.
  • It is a unisex product.


  • There is no care label on the toy.

This toy is made for parents that have babies between the ages of 0 to 3months. Cleaning the toy is done with a damp cloth and mild detergent.  Do not soak it in water to avoid the colors washing away. The product is good for babies to help in relieving their teething issues and with proper care and maintenance; it can last for a longer time.  Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle is user-friendly and worth buying.

5. Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Animal Friends, Blue 

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Animal Friends, Blue
  • FUN AT HOME AND ON THE GO - Take-Along Mobile lets you take the fun anywhere!
  • EASY ATTACHMENT - Goes wherever baby goes. Use on cribs, play yards, carriers, strollers, bassinets and more.
  • CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT - 30 minutes of uninterrupted music, with 5 different engaging melodies.
  • ENGAGE AND DELIGHT BABY - Spinning toys visually stimulate and delight baby.
  • TINY LOVE PROMISE - At Tiny Love, we help parents to encourage their baby's development by inspiring Moments of Wonder that they can share together.

Are you ready to go everywhere with your baby? Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Animal Friends, Blue is a great companion that can keep your child busy and entertained throughout the day. This superb toy can be placed on strollers, car seats, travel cribs, play yards, and more. This automatic mobile toy has about thirty minutes of musicals that keep your baby entertained.

Benefits of Using Tiny Love Mobile Toy

  • It has a good connecting device, which you can use to attach it anywhere.
  • The toy is compact and portable.
  • You can use Tiny Love Mobile anywhere to entertain the child.
  • It promotes visual stimulation due to its spinning nature.
  • It has a Velcro faster, clip, and an arm that you can attach to cribs, strollers, and infant carriers for easy mobility.

What we like: the collection of thirty minutes of wonderful musicals that can soothe your baby to sleep, besides the spinning nature, which my four months old baby likes so much too.


  • Has 30 minutes of continuous musical plays and an auto stop.
  • The battery life is usually twenty hours.
  • It has an arm that can be attached to playards or cribs.
  • The toy has a mobile arm adaptable for diaper bags.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The toy can make a squeaking and an annoying noise when it is spinning.
  • Do not overtighten the clips or fasteners to avoid damages.

Tiny Love Mobile is ideal for parents with children of ages 3 months and above.  The toy is a high-quality product that is portable and can lull your kid to sleep with its thirty minutes of continuous lullabies. It is highly recommended for use during expeditions and other outdoor activities. The product is user-friendly and worth buying.

6. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother
  • Helps your little explorer get a good night's rest
  • 25 minutes of captivating light effects
  • Fits most crib rails with approximate circumference of 10.5"
  • Adjusts to baby's preferences with light & volume control
  • Remote control works up to 15' away

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother contains soft stack and tumbles toys for young hands to grasp and use as building blocks. The toy can mention the names of animals in Spanish, English, and French with a continuous combination of soothing tunes, radiant lights, and entertaining movements to keep baby happy and enjoying sweet sleep.

The scenery on the screen is ocean graphics that keep the child wondering and imagining what a place that could be.

Benefits of Using Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

  • It contains soft stacks and tumbles toys ideal to keep babies busy.
  • The toy is made in a way that children can hold it and play with it.
  • Contains 20 minutes of continuous music and tunes to make a baby sleep off easily.
  • Enables the children to learn animals’ names in three languages.
  • Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother can be operated using a remote control.

What We like: the capability of this toy in saying the names of animals in three different languages, thereby teaching the child French, English, and Spanish.


  • The toy has fabrics made with many textures to develop their skills.
  • Contains building blocks to teach the children how to organize things.
  • Ideal to be used by their bedsides for a soothing sleep.
  • Perfectly fits into all baby cribs using the crib attachment buckle.
  • It has a beautiful ocean imagery.


  • Batteries are required to turn on the toy.
  • Can easily break if not properly handled.
  • The Batteries run down so quickly.

This product is useful for new moms and dads with children ages 0 to 3 years and wants to give them a real-life imagery of the aquatic (ocean) habitat. It is user-friendly and worth buying as it has the capability to soothe your baby to sleep using its combined effects of lights, sounds, and motions.

7. Lamaze Freddie Firefly

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly
  • Mirror play helps baby learn how to focus, track images and explore the face
  • Clacking rings awaken auditory senses
  • Fun jingle sound will delight and keep baby entertained, capture baby's attention, and engage baby's hearing
  • Soft velour body and multiple textures on the wings keep baby engaged
  • Tethered ladybug teether helps to sooth baby's gums

This is a crib toy with clicking rings useful in stimulating the auditory nerves. Besides, Lamaze Freddie has a mirror that aids the child in seeing his face, looking at shapes, and enhancing his viewing potentials as he learns to observe imageries.  The exciting tinkling sounds will get the child’s attention and keep him entertained throughout the day.  You can offer it to him as a teether, which he can use to calm his itchy gums.

Benefits of Using Lamaze Freddie Firefly

  • The beaming colors and multiple designs are useful in helping the child maintain focus on an object.
  • Ideal for use by babies from 0 months up to 3 months and above.
  • The ladybug’s tied antenna is suitable for biting and chewing as it stimulates the child’s gums.
  • It has a clip, which can help you to attach it easily on diapers bags, strollers, and even carriers.

What we like: the way the rings clack together producing a sonorous effect that improves the baby’s auditory system.


  • The toy has a soft velour body.
  • Enhances your child’s hearing and sight capabilities.
  • Lamaze Freddie is regarded as a versatile and an engaging toy for the child.
  • The toy has a ton of different textures on it that excites the child so much.


  • The toy comes with poor stitching and finishing believed to be manufacturer’s fault.
  • Difficulty in cleaning it as it always changes color after the first washing.

Lamaze Freddie toy is an ideal toy desired by parents whose babies are between the ages of 0 months to 3 years. The toy can be used to improve the child’s focusing capability by using effects on the mirror, which enables him to see images and shapes including his own face. It is user-friendly and worth buying.

8. VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy

VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy
  • Shake the easy-to-grasp Rattle and Sing Puppy to hear the colorful beads rattle
  • Rattling the puppy also causes the puppy's cheeks to light up and introduces the concept of cause and effect
  • The music button plays fun phrases, sounds and songs; features 20+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
  • Colorful, crinkly ears provide visual and tactile stimulation; two textured rings rattle and turn to build motor skills
  • Requires 3 LR44 batteries (batteries included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use); intended for ages 3 months to 2 years

VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy is very easy to grip and hold. The toy has a powerful music button, which the child can press to release interesting music with exciting tunes and sounds including the rattling of those beautiful beads. This toy can produce more than twenty songs combined with other interesting sounds and phrases that the child can mimic tactically.

Benefits of Using VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy

  • The child can develop motor skills with the clacking of the two bumpy rings.
  • Pressing the music button causes the toy to release exciting songs, sounds, and phrases accordingly.
  • Viewing the two beautiful ears enhances his visual development.
  • The toy is also great for pussies, as they can play with it to hear the sounds and singing.
  • Helps in teaching the child the law of cause and effect.

What we like: the blend of interesting sounds and phrases, which the child can easily imitate to develop his auditory and oratory skills.


  • This VTech Rattle and Sing Puppy is easy to hold and shake.
  • Just with a shaking, he can rattle the puppy and the cheeks will give out lights while the beads will clatter accordingly.
  • It is a source of entertainment for babies and kitties too.
  • The size of the toy fits into a baby’s handbag easily.


  • The toy is a bit heavy for a baby to hold and swing he might hurt himself.
  • The metal soldering on the ears could be harmful if a baby eats it.
  • Requires 3 LR44 batteries to function.

A cute and wonderful puppy made for new parents whose babies are between the ages of 3 months to 2years.  This toy is ideal for teaching the child about cause and effect experienced as he rattles the puppy by shaking it and it begins to produce light through the cheeks. It is a product worth buying by every parent, as it is user-friendly too.

9. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy, Blue 

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy, Blue
  • Includes 4 hanging toys that provide fun, sensory interaction
  • Easily wraps around car seat handles, most strollers and cribs
  • Age Range: 0 to 12 Months
  • BPA Free
  • Toy

Keep your baby active and agile with this exciting baby toy, Infantino Spiral Activity Toy. This toy is made exclusively for wrapping around car seat bars and strollers.  There are four unique toys well arranged for your baby to entertain him. He will enjoy lots of fun and thrilling moments because these hanging toys will excite his senses and help in developing his motor neurons. Moreover, Spiral Activity Toy will help to improve his visual skills, as he tries to identify and use the toys one after another.

Benefits of Using Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

  • Helps in developing his sensory and motor neurons.
  • Infantino Spiral Toy consists of four unique toys.
  • Keeps your baby active and agile as he has a collection of toys to play with.
  • Improves his eyesight by trying to identify each of the toys and use them accordingly.
  • Can be used as a gift item for baby’s birthdays, Christmas gifts, and baby showers.

What we like: the symmetrical arrangement of these toys before the child to ensure he easily grabs and plays with each of them accordingly. Moreover, his ability to properly track the position of these toys will boost the strength of his eyesight.


  • The toys are placed close to the reach of the child to ensure that he grips and plays with them.
  • Four funny toys are kept to give him pleasure and entertainment.
  • Infantino Spiral Activity Toy is made to wrap around strollers and car seat bars.
  • The packaging is free of BPA and other harmful substances.


  • The Spiral Activity Toy does not uncoil but stays affixed to one spot.
  • Can easily fall down to the side of the stroller.
  • Poor packaging.

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy is an attractive product that can coil around your baby’s seat handle or the stroller’s handle and keep entertaining him all the way.  With this toy, your child will be able to develop his sensory and motor nerve cells, as he tries to focus, recognize, and use each object accordingly. The product is user-friendly and worth buying.

10. VTech Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads 

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Moosical Beads
  • Musical baby toy features a variety of fabric textures for baby tactile development; cuddle up with the soft cuddly stuffed animal cow
  • Music toy has an easy to grasp bead ring; bead ring has light-up buttons, and a spinning square for fine motor skills development
  • Talking and singing stuffed toy for babies comes with 30+ playful songs, melodies, sounds and phrases; allows kids to have a moosical good time
  • The size of the plush cow toy makes a great crib toy, or even a diaper bag toy for babies
  • Musical stuffed animal is intended for babies 3 months to 24 months olds; 2 AAA batteries included for demo, use new batteries for regular use

This musical toy is stuffed with different qualities of cloths to give your child a cutely packaged animal. There is a bead ring with light up knobs and a rotating square necessary to improve your child’s development of motor aptitudes. You will find over thirty musicals including sounds, tunes, songs, and even phrases ideal to give your baby quality nice time. By pressing the light up buttons, you will hear the phrases and songs accordingly.

Benefits of Using VTech Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads

  • Promotes your child’s physical awareness.
  • Helps to teach your child about colors, letters, shapes, sounds, numbers, and other interesting things.
  • Enhances the activities of your child’s sensory and motor neurons.
  • VTech Lil’ Critters helps your child to relax and enjoy the day without getting fussy.

What we like: it introduces letters, sounds, shapes, numbers, and other necessary details to your child making him develop his learning skills efficiently.


  • It features different qualities of materials necessary to build your child’s physical consciousness.
  • By pressing on the square bead and light up buttons, the songs, tunes, phrases, and sounds will begin to resound.
  • VTech Lil’ Critters Toy teaches letters, shapes, numbers, and colors respectively.
  • Counts all the alphabets from letters A to Z.


  • The toy cannot count more than numbers 1, 2, and 3.
  • The middle button always interrupts the singing or reading by moving uncontrollably.
  • Sometimes, the package comes in a color different from the original one.

VTech Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads is ideal for parents with babies between 0 months to 2 years.  This toy will teach the child how to say the letters of the English alphabet, numbers, sounds, colors, and tunes respectively. It is user-friendly and worth buying.

Our Top Pick of the Best Crib Toys

However, having made a careful review of the 10 best crib toys in 2018, our favorite pick is the VTech Lil Critters Moosical Beads because of its ability in teaching the children the English alphabets, colors, shapes, sounds, and numbers, although, it ends in number 3.

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