5 Best Apple Peelers: The Most Popular Items in Apple Peelers


An apple peeler is one of those simple devices that actually make life better. You’ll not know what you’ve missed so far until you get the best apple peeler for you.

Have you ever been overwhelmed with a load of apple and similar roots and veggies in your food preparation? Or you’ve had to shuck some recipes because of the amount of peeling, coring and slicing that had to be done? In times like that you’ve wished for a machine that can just do all the work for you. That machine has actually been in existence for years now and thankfully they keep getting more simplified each day.

Top 5 Apple Peelers on Amazon with Detailed Reviews  

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1.Spiralizer Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler

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About the Product

The Spiralizer apple peeler is built to last; it is solidly constructed to see you through many harvest seasons. With this versatile tool, your days of slaving over mounds of apples are over. You can also enjoy preparing recipes that involve a lot of peeling, coring and slicing.


This handy tool comes loaded with many features that include:

  1. Durable and top quality materials. It’s made with strong and long lasting die cast magnesium; this ensures that you get your money’s worth.
  2. Rust resistant chrome plated rod- The rod for cranking this peeler is made from rust proof material to ensure both safety and durability.
  3. Extension prongs with safety cap – The three prongs have a safety cap to avoid the risk of injury when not in use.
  4. Suction cup base – This ensures that the peeler is firmly attached to a flat surface.
  5. Adjustable peeling blade – This allows you to adjust the peeler to remove just the right thickness of skin that you require.


These features afford the user some benefits and these include:

  1. Ease of use and cleaning – The construction makes it easy to use and clean; no complicated set up or operation.
  2. Versatile and functional – It allows you to peel, core and slice your apple at the same time. It also works well for other hard fruits, roots and vegetables.
  3. No waste of fruit – The adjustable peeler blade ensures that it’s just the right thickness of skin that’s removed so your fruit isn’t wasted.


Wonderful though this appliance is, two things can be improved upon and they are:

  1. The instruction manual – This should have been written in proper English with clear step by step instructions.
  2. The grip of the suction cup – The suction cup loses its grip once the countertop is wet with juice. Moving it from one wet spot to a dry one can be tedious.

2.Johnny Apple Peeler by VICTORIO VKP1010

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About the Product

This premium product allows you to peel, core and slice your apple without stress. This apple peeler machine is well constructed with cast iron body and a suction base cup. The suction cup attaches firmly to any surface that’s not porous, allowing you to work with ease. You can even secure it to a cookie sheet to make cleanup much easier.


This functional yet easy to use gadget has many more features and they include the following:

  1. Enamel coated cast iron body – This makes the appliance strong and durable. It can withstand long hours of peeling loads of apples and other veggies and fruits.
  2. Suction cup base – This keeps it firmly attached to surfaces that are non-porous.
  3. Stainless steel blades – The blades have very sharp cutting edges that do not rust.
  4. Three -way operation – It’s a versatile tool that can either peel, core and slice or do all three at the same time.
  5. Adjustable peeling blade – You can choose the thickness of the skin you want removed. As little or as much as you want.
  6. Makes perfect slices – The peeling and coring blade, cores the fruit and makes perfect four inch slices.
  7. 5- year comprehensive warranty – This covers replacement of all the parts including the blades.


These features afford the user many benefits and they include:

  1. Ease of use – It is easy to set up and use and faster too! The suction cup sticks firmly, allowing user to work fast with a lot of ease. What’s more, clean up is a breeze!
  2. Safety – Apart from the high quality of the materials used for construction, this tool is safer to use than a paring knife.
  3. Reasonably priced – The price is just right for the value you get from it.
  4. Well written instructions – The user manual is well written and instructions easy to follow.


  1. Well just like a number of brands, this product has to be attached to a non-porous surface. Any other surface would mean working with both hands which is not convenient.
  2. Secondly the corer and slicer elements are joined together which isn’t quite functional. Because it forces you to either core and slice even produce that don’t need coring, or use a paring knife for them.

3.Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler with bonus core slicer

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About the Product

This tool removes the tedium from peeling apples; it even becomes a fun activity for you and the kids! Made with top quality materials, it is built to last and go through long hours of peeling, coring and slicing tons of apples.  With this product, you’ll wonder how you’d been coping without it as it zips through loads of apples in no time.


This fun and easy to use apple peeler slicer corer has great features; they include:

  1. Spring loaded arm – This allows it to adapt to apples of different shapes, size and variety.
  2. Suction grip feet – This allows it to adhere firmly to a flat surface, making it quite convenient to use.
  3. Stainless steel blade and spike holder – This eliminates the risk of rust and makes the blade and spike holder durable.
  4. Compact and space efficient design – The design makes it ideal for people with space constrains. It doesn’t take up much space on your countertop and is easy to store.


This simple yet functional tool has many benefits and they include:

  1. Eliminates wastage – it removes only the skin of the apple and not the fruit. This eliminates the wastage that definitely occurs when you use a paring knife.
  2. Ease of use – Though it looks like a toy, it makes the work fun. It’s quite easy to use and also safe. No complicated set up and no messy cleanups to deal with
  3. Extra safety feature- The spike holder and the blade have plastic cover/protector for when not in use.


There is a general consensus on how great this simple yet functional device is. However there’s still room for improvement in the following:

  1. Corer – The bonus corer is cheaply made and doesn’t work well.
  2. Angle of peeling – The angle of peeling leaves a substantial amount of skin on the bottom and top of the apple.

4.Kitchen Basics® Professional Grade Heavy Duty Apple Peeler, Slicer & Corer

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About the Product

This Kitchen Basics apple peeler machine helps you peel your apples in seconds! With it your food prep time is cut down drastically. It is a simple device, not complicated but sure saves you a lot of time and stress. You no longer have to avoid recipes that call for ingredients that require peeling, coring and slicing.


This simple yet function kitchen appliance has a lot of features; some of them are:

  1. Solid construction – It is made with strong long lasting metal; described as heavy duty professional grade. This guarantees you years of hassle-free performance.
  2. High precision stainless steel blades – The blades are rust proof and provide precise peeling, coring and slicing of your apples.
  3. Rubber suction base – This helps it to stick firmly to your countertop for ease of use.


  1. Ease of use – It is not complicated to set up and use. It provides painless operation.
  2. Saves time – This appliance helps to save time and also efficiently peel your apples and veggies.
  3. Versatile – You can use it to either peel, core or slice. If you want to use it to peel potatoes, you can remove the corer.
  4. Ease of cleaning – There are no hard to reach areas and complicated parts. This makes it easy to clean.


  1. This brand is a bit bulkier than others which means that it would take up more space. Not ideal for people with space constrains.
  2. The peeler doesn’t deal well with large apples.

5.Norpro 865 Apple Master-Apple Peeler

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 About the Product

The Nopro Apple Peeler makes short work of peeling apples. It also enables you to peel, core and slice your apple in no time. It doesn’t work for only apples but on produce such as potatoes, beetroots and pears. It’s well designed and wouldn’t deface your countertop even if you leave it out. The three way operation gives you the option of peeling alone or coring and slicing. Now you can experiment with all those recipes with ingredients that call for a lot peeling, coring and slicing.


This wonderful kitchen appliance also comes with other features that include the following:

  1. High quality stainless steel blade that stays sharp – This allows you to work for long without having to change the blade or think of how to sharpen it.
  2. Vacuum Base – This allows you to secure it onto flat non-porous surfaces.
  3. Clamp – A clamp is included to help attach it to surfaces that are uneven.
  4. Instructions and recipes attached – It comes with clear easy to follow instructions. The recipes attached give you the excuse to peel more apples and experiment more.


  1. Ease of use – It is simple to set up and you can change the elements for different applications.
  2. Easy to clean – The construction is simple which makes it easy to clean.
  3. Saves time – It does the job of peeling, coring and slicing in seconds; this allows you to get more work done in less time.


  1. Though this tool works fast and efficiently, it can create quite a mess but thankfully it’s easy to clean.
  2. Another sore point is that it works well only for hard apples and fruits, roots or veggies. The force of the prong is too much for soft varieties of apple such as Macintosh.

All these apple peelers that we have reviewed are manual machines. There are electric apple peelers and also automatic apple peelers. However, those models rarely have the three way operation of peeling, coring and slicing.  For those who really want the electric apple peeler, you can check out KitchenAid apple peeler, which is an automatic apple peeler. It also peels, cores and slices but note that it is an attachment to KitchenAid stand mixers.

What is An Apple Peeler?

An apple peeler is a simple device that is used to trim off the skin of an apple. Most models available these days are usually apple peeler corer slicer. This means that they’d peel the apple, core and slice it.  There are also electric apple peelers or automatic apple peelers as they are sometimes called .Though originally designed to peel apples, apple peelers can be used to peel hard vegetables, roots and fruits. These include potatoes, carrots, pears, beetroots and cucumbers. There is a video about apple peeler application.

Tips to Help You Buy the Best Apple Peeler for You

Before you make up your mind on which apple peeler to purchase, let’s quickly give you some helpful hints. This would alert you to what to look out for as you go shopping.

  1. Ease of use and convenience – Look out for a product that’s easy to set up and use and also not complicated. This means that even your kids should be able to use it.
  2. Speed – The essence of buying an apple peeler is to get the job done faster. There’s no sense getting a machine that you have to crank for minutes before you finish one apple.
  3. Safety – Safety is a very vital feature especially since we expect even kids to be able to use the tool. Look out for brands that have strong suction base so that the machine stays stable and firm. You should be able to place it on any surface without it sliding around.
  4. Versatility – It should be able to peel apples of any shape and size and also work for other fruits and veggies.  If however it does strictly apples, then the price should be well worth it.
  5. Ease of maintenance – You should look out for a gadget that’s made with rust proof materials. It should also be easy to clean.
  6. Space efficiency – Since this is not an everyday appliance, you should be looking for something that’s easy to store. You don’t want an appliance that would take up too much space on your countertop. And when it’s not in use, shouldn’t require so much storage space.
  7. Warranty- A manufacturer’s warranty is a factor to look out for. This helps you to purchase with confidence.

One final recommendation is that you read a lot of buyers’ reviews to know what people are saying about the product. Don’t just buy a product because it looks nice or it’s affordable. Ensure that it fits your requirement.


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