20 Best Summer Vacations in America to Fit Your Budget


Whenever we think about going for a vacation, the first spots that cross our minds are popular beach resorts or lively cities that are trending on social media networks. However, these popular destinations go past your budget in the summer season when all of America is planning a vacation.

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank for all summer vacation spots in the USA. There are numerous places you can go this summer without worrying about your budget. Whether you wish to go to a beach, on an adventure, or just live in a city with beautiful skyscrapers, we have it all covered. Here are 20 destinations you can choose from for your next vacation.

20 Best America Summer Vacations

1. Delray Beach, Florida

Delray beach florida


Florida is famous for it being a city on the coast. There are many great beaches in this state that have luxurious accommodations. However, you need to choose the right beach to save enough on the housing, so that you can spend on other things more, such as water sports, boat rides, and food.

Delray Beach has many budget-friendly hotels you can pick from. It is a coastal city that connects to both the downtown and a long strip of the beach. An excellent place for those looking to enjoy both skyscrapers and quality time on the beach.

2. Grand Canyon

grand canyon


The Grand Canyon is a popular vacation destination for people of all nations. On average, around 4.5 million people visit this place on a yearly basis. This location has impressive vistas, Colorado River rafting trips, and miles of hiking trails.

You can save money by opting to camp in the canyon by getting a camping permit for much less than what you’d have to pay at a hotel. You can also leave your car back at home, as during the months March through September, a free shuttle service runs that can take you all over the South Rim.

3. Cudjoe Key, Florida

gudjoe key, florida


If you love going to places for its wildlife and scenery, then this island located close to Miami is the perfect vacation spot. Cudjoe Key has many budget-friendly resorts that you can book and you can also make the most of the trip by visiting either one or both of the two national wildlife refuges. In addition, you can also enjoy crystal clear water and go or a dive. If you wish to see the ocean’s wildlife, you can even take snorkeling and scuba diving trips.

4. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta georgia


One of the busiest and biggest cities in the USA, Atlanta is a great summer vacation spot for people with tight budgets. In this city, you can enjoy visiting iconic filming locations and the historic arts avenue, Fox Theater. You’ll find many multi-cultural people in this southern city with many mouth-watering dishes to try. You can easily find a small bungalow or townhouse to rent in the city and enjoy visits to beautiful parks like the Centennial Olympic Park or enjoy the famous Walking Dead Tour.

5. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Texas


Yes, this place gets pretty hot in the summer, but that doesn’t stop San Antonio from making this list. This city is a great place to go without going past your budget. It has many areas that welcome visitors with open arms for free. You heard that right!

Apart from accommodation and food, you can go to various public attractions without spending a penny. To start off, wandering on the River Walk is free. In addition, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and Brackenridge Park are also open to exploration without having to pay a hefty fee.

6. Dennis, Massachusetts

Dennis, Massachusetts


The town of Dennis is a perfect blend of modern-day conveniences and its traditional New England Heritage. It is filled with villages that teach you how life was lived the traditional American way. You can choose to spend the day in many of the beautiful art galleries or spend an afternoon relaxing on the beach enjoying the sound of the wind and waves. If you pick this destination, don’t forget to visit the Cape Cod Museum of Art, which offers free activities throughout the summer for kids on Fridays.

7. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado


One of America’s best summer vacation spots is filled with active days and lively nights. You can expect to never get bored in this city, regardless of what time it is. You can start off your day taking a trip to one of the top parks that are filled with natural attractions like hills, mountains, and forests. After a tiresome day, take a walk to The Pearl Street and enjoy the nightlife with many affordable bars and clubs. Before ending your vacation trip, you can even spend the weekend having a lovely a picnic on the beach.

8. Dallas, Texas

Dallas Texas


Are you a food junkie? If yes, Dallas, Texas is the place to go for all those who go on vacations to enjoy the different types of dishes. The city is loaded with steakhouses, breweries, and occasional food festivals. The biggest event of the summer, Annual Taste of Dallas, is about to take place on the 22nd of June. This three-day event held at the Gas Monkey Live Venue has over 50 food and beverage businesses selling samples at a low price. In addition, this event is loaded with many other activities and live music to make it an enjoyable weekend.

9. Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina


This peaceful town is one of the five communities located on Bogue Banks. The coastal town is a great vacation spot, perfect for those with a low budget, as most of the attractions are related to the coastal area.

You can enjoy adventurous boat rides and visit aquariums and a maritime museum that are filled with gorgeous marine life. You can also enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, or just take long walks every morning around the coast for fresh air. This place will definitely wean off all your mental and physical stress.

10. Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater, Florida


Clearwater is famous for its sunny weather and as the name implies, the crystal clear water. In this city, you can experience a 3-mile stretch of white sandy shores with many restaurants and hotels on it. You can spend the whole trip trying new water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, or taking boat rides around the coast. At night, you can enjoy a cold beer while sitting in a resort watching the site of a beautiful sunset. All that can be done with a limited budget!

11. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota


I’m sure you didn’t expect this twin-city to make the list, being one of the biggest cities in the USA. However this city is home to many large parks, and above all, it’s lined up with the great Mississippi River. Just because it has many skyscrapers doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend a lot of money. In fact, Minneapolis has many cheap hotels that you can easily afford. If you love basketball, you’ll get to watch many games of the Minnesota Twins during the summer.

12. Orlando, Florida

Orlando Florida


Regardless of this city being the best place families look forward to visiting during summer vacations, we can’t deny the fact that renting a home is quite cheap. Orlando is filled with many amusement parks and also has a great beach to enjoy. This city is best for family vacations, as all kids know where they can find Mickey Mouse in Orlando! Disney World and Universal Studios are the two best places to take your family for a day outing.

13. Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsbury virginia


This city in Virginia is known for maintaining many historical attractions for tourists to visit. It’s a part of Virginia’s Historic Triangle, along with Yorktown and Jamestown. A vacation in this cultural city will be delightful with fireworks, thrills, and many fantastic theme parks.

14. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Yes, there are many coastal cities in the USA where you can travel on a tight budget. Myrtle Beach is also one destination popular for people visiting with their families. You can rent a summer beach house for a low price and use the money on giving your kids the time of their life experiencing many attractions. You can take your family to play mini-golf on one for the 40 course, or take a ride on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel. If you and your kids love baseball, don’t miss a game at the TicketReturn.com Field.

15. Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth, Washington


Are you tired of finding the same old typical American culture everywhere you go? Well, Leavenworth is a Bavarian style village that will give you the change you are looking for. This city in Washington has Alpine-style buildings with restaurants that serve German beer. You can also visit the Nutcracker Museum that showcases many nutcrackers that people have used centuries back. You can also enjoy bird watching, hiking, and horseback riding. Wenatchee National Forest will also give you a good time with flowing rivers and mountain lakes adding to the experience of a great adventure.

16. Anaheim, California

Anaheim, California


The main attraction in this city is Disneyland, naturally. Families come and go throughout the year to experience this magical place. However, if you think that this place is highly priced, you’re entirely wrong. In fact, it’s one of the best places to go for a vacation with a tight budget. This city is home to two pro sports teams as well. So you can even catch a game at Angel Stadium of the Los Angeles Angels or watch the Anaheim Ducks hockey team in action at the Honda Center.

17. Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May, New Jersey


Cape May is the coastal city of New Jersey situated at the tip of it. This city is one of the oldest vacation spots—as of 1976, the town was declared a National Historic Landmark. However, that doesn’t mean this city is only filled with beautiful museums. In fact, Cape May is still popularly known for its excellent beaches. Take your family to the classic lighthouse on the shore to show them how kids two-three decades back used to spend their weekends by riding their bikes near shores like these.

18. Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean city new jersey


Another coastal city of New Jersey that is a must-visit. This budget-friendly vacation spot has a long stretch of beach with a boardwalk that has several shops. Additionally, this city features many theme and amusement parks where you can take rides on roller coasters—and don’t forget the Jolly Roger Ferris wheel that gives a gorgeous view of the beautiful city.

19. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee


This place is popularly known as the ‘Music City’ and is located along the Mississippi River. Memphis is the birthplace of Rock n Roll and the home of the Blues. You can find many affordable places to live in and enjoy live music sessions almost everywhere you go. The nightlife of this city is excellent for a group of young boys and girls, with many clubs to choose from.

20. West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach, Florida


Florida is back to end our list of the 20 best summer vacations in America to fit your budget. This city is a great tourist spot, with many visitors throughout the year. You can find lots of bars, restaurants, clubs, and shops. They also have The Norton Museum of Art, where you can see European, Chinese, and American art. That’s not all; you can always spend a sunny morning on the beach, relaxing with the sound of the waves and the wind in your hair.

Wrap Up

Going on a vacation with your friends and family just got cheaper! There are many places scattered across the States where you can go every summer with a modest amount of savings. The cities and towns listed above are all budget friendly and are packed with great places to have a great time. What are you waiting for? Look up one of the places above, start planning, and get packing!

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