7 Best Belly Bandit for Post Pregnancy Recovery (2018 Reviews)


After giving birth, the belly is large and fighting it to get back will bring all the solutions to the table. Women from across the world are praising these belly wraps and postpartum girdles. These products are flying off the shelves so fast that they’re often out of stock. And there are women returning to their pre-pregnancy body with little effort. It’s not just a fad.

Belly wraps are here to stay, but do they really work? How do you use these wraps? When do you wear belly wraps? I’m going to fill you in on the details and also review a few of the best Belly Bandit products just for you.

Belly Bandit Reviews: Products to Restore Your Perfect Belly

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1. Belly Bandit Original Review

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The Belly Bandit postpartum girdle is sleek, sexy and created to return your body to its pre-pregnancy shape. You can have your slim, toned tummy back to perfection. Belly Bandit’s Original is made from 75% polyester and 25% lycra.

You’ll slip on the Belly Bandit, and it fits like a glove. Sizes XS – XL are offered along with three color options.

A latex-free compression core will adjust around the belly, hips and waist to help the skin return to it’s normal elasticity. The added support to the back, core and legs will have you holding and nursing your baby in extreme comfort from day one.

You want to return back to your ravishing self, and Belly Bandit’s original offers:

  • Faster slimming
  • Healing acceleration
  • Stretch mark minimization
  • Support when breastfeeding
  • Quick inches loss

Accelerate the healing process, adjust the original as your tummy shrinks and be back to the old body you love faster.

If you’re dying to fit in that bikini again or to look like your old self after pregnancy, you’ve found the product that is specifically designed to help you reach your goals.

You owe it to yourself to have your old body back.

2. Belly Bandit B.F.F Postpartum Belly Review

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Belly Bandit’s B.F.F postpartum belly wrap can shrink your belly back to pre-pregnancy size while also providing you with the support you need to relieve C-section pain and discomfort. It’s the addition I recommend to all of my friends that have just had a baby.

Made in the United States, this belly wrap comes in cream and black colors.

Modal (60%) and tencel (40%) are used in the design of this belly wrap. Soft, comfortable and slimming, this belly wrap works like magic to reduce those stretch marks and rid you of those added inches to your waist.

Support for your core, legs and back is provided.

Intentionally designed to shrink you, this model is latex-free, and has six support panels and two compression panels to reshape your body.

Say hello to your new B.F.F. with:

  • Added support when breastfeeding
  • Stretch marks that disappear
  • Double the compression power
  • Inches that melt off
  • Healing that is put into overdrive

Your new B.F.F. will help you return to your pre-pregnancy body without all of the fuss and hard work needed.

It’s our little secret.

3. Belly Bandit Viscose Review

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If you’ve been reading Belly Bandit Bamboo reviews, you know that this viscose postpartum belly wrap is one of the hottest products on the market. Women can’t buy this belly wrap fast enough – it sells out super fast.

But when you see those Belly Bandit before and after pictures, you’ll know exactly why women love this belly wrap.

The results are insane.

Bamboo fabric is used to make this one of the softest belly wraps on the market. If you have a lot of soreness or had a C-section, you’ll love the softness of this belly wrap. You’ll be able to restore your:

  • Comfort
  • Pain-free back and legs
  • Skin back to being stretch-mark-free
  • Tummy without those extra inches

Bamboo also offers antibacterial and moisture wicking properties to ensure complications are kept to a minimum. All you need to do is wear this belly wrap for 6 – 8 weeks.

4. Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset Review

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The Mother Tucker corset is sexy and can help you see Belly Bandit results fast. You’ll remember that earlier we discussed this line of products. You’ll want to use this corset after you finish using the belly wrap.

This model, offered in nude black, comes in small, medium and large sizes with a double compression design.

You’ll find the soft boning to be comfortable day and night. Nylon (70%) and Spandex (30%) are used to make this corset. Double-layered material is used for compression, and there’s a 6-hook design that allows for greater compression and adjustability.

Beauty has never been this comfortable before.

And you’ll look better in your long dresses or tighter clothing this summer, too. The corset keeps everything nice and snug to make you look slimmer.

No one will even notice you had a baby.

You’ll turn back the clock.

5. Belly Bandit Upsie Support Band Review

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The Upsie Belly Pregnancy support band is a little different than the products I just discussed. The difference is that this support band can be used while pregnant. You’ll find that the Upsie is a must-have item, and it has a great fit, too.

Made with 92% bamboo and 8% spandex at the core and 75% polyester and 25% spandex elsewhere, this support band works to:

  • Increase circulation
  • Increase blood flow

The unit comes with a hot and cold pack to add extra relief to your tummy. This model helps ease sciatic pain, back pain and leg pain. The Upsie adds support to the back, abdominals and hips.

The band fits right under your clothes and has a neat pouch that will hold the hot or cold pack in place.

It’s the perfect, discreet way to find added comfort when you’re pregnant.

6. Belly Bandit Belly Shield Review

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The Belly Shield is a great option for the plus size woman, but it also comes in extra-small to accommodate most sizes. This model can be worn alone or under the Belly Bandit, and it’s made from 82% polyamide and 18% elastane.

Developed in the United States, women across the world use the “shield” to help them avoid:

  • Rubbing
  • Chaffing

If you’re wearing a belly wrap or postpartum girdle, this is an accessory that you’ll want to wear, too. What’s great is that this model will help your skin soak in more moisture to keep your belly from getting too dry.

There’s also evidence that this product can help your body retain more nourishment, too.

It’s a great product to have alongside a belly wrap.

And it’s so affordable, you can confidently add it you’re your after birth routine.

7. Belly Bandit C-Section and Recovery Review

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Dynamically designed for women that have had a c-section, the C-section and recovery undies are a must-have for any woman trying to heal faster from a C-section. These panties are made in both black and pink colors, and they’re made from 82% polyamide, 15% spandex and 3% silver yam.

These panties work much differently than the girdles and corsets mentioned earlier.

The goal of these panties is to protect your incision area to eliminate:

  • Odor
  • Bacteria

It’s your safeguard after having a C-section.

And the compression will help reduce the discomfort and swelling that occurs after a major surgery. You can also use these panties after a natural birth, too.

Moisture-wicking, the material helps to keep you fresh, dry and cool all day.

These undies are a great accessory to use alongside your Belly Bandit, helping you maintain maximum comfort while your incision area heals. When you use the right garments and tools to help speed up your healing, you’ll find that you can return to your pre-pregnancy body faster.

Belly Bandit reviews all point to one thing: faster healing. Your body can use the help during the recovery process, and this is what Belly Bandit offers. With just a few weeks of wearing this belly wrap, you’ll find that the healing process is sped up and your stretch marks and bloating are obliterated.

You’ll shrink those inches out of your life faster, too.

How Does Belly Bandit Work?

Elastic Belly BanditRead belly wrap reviews, wear the wrap and see results. Reaching your goals is almost as simple as this. You’ll need to do a few things to get your body back, but this belly wrap works differently. I thought this was some sort of scam product – you know: the too good to be true product.

It does sound too good to be true until you do your research.

What’s so special about Belly Bandit?

This is the first medical-grade compression shapewear. Tested, refined and proven to work, this belly wrap was designed around the specific needs of a woman’s body after she gives birth. When you choose Belly Bandit, you’re opting to use a product that works on more than just the mummy tummy that you want to hide away.

Belly wraps help you:

  • Shrink your waist and hips back to normal
  • Speed up the healing process
  • Boost your confidence
  • Decrease the feeling of swelling and bloating
  • Support your upper body while breastfeeding
  • Comfort the sore midsection after a C-section
  • Restore your stomach muscle memory
  • Minimize those pesky stretch marks

You’ll lose inches faster, reduce the swelling and help your body return back to the pre-pregnancy body you know and love. Think of a belly wrap as a gentle nudge in the right direction so that your body can be restored again.

But, how does this product work at its most basic form?

Woman hands compresses the the fat on the waist on a white background.Compression.

The medical community has been using compression for centuries, and this is proven to help provide constant pressure to help with body shaping and reduction in stretch marks. The custom compression helps the body flush out all those fluids and allow the healing process to occur faster.

Swelling and bruising are minimized.

A patented Power Compress Core is used to directly apply the pressure needed by the body to help the hip and waist joints feel better and remain pain-free. When you have a baby, your body will produce Relaxin – a hormone. The hormone helps the body prepare for pregnancy, so it loosens the joints and allows them to expand.

Compression provides support to these joints, and allows them to return to their normal size and position faster.

Relaxin continues to be produced for up to 8 weeks after giving birth.

So, you’ll wear the belly wrap to help provide support for these joints, shrink the uterus back to normal and stabilize the pelvic floor. Spine support is also provided. You’ll look and feel better much faster when you choose to use a Belly Bandit wrap.

What is The Main Difference in Belly Bandit Wraps And Which is Most Effective?

In the different belly, bandit wraps none is more efficient than the other. As long as you are diligent, they are equally valid. However, the fabric used brings differences in construction. Some such as the bamboo and BFF are made of natural fibers that are anti-microbial and also eco-friendly. What makes them the perfect choice for C-sections is that they are moisture wicking. Moms who achieve better results have reported about wearing immediately after giving birth.

When to Use Belly Bandit

You’ll want to start using your Belly Bandit immediately after giving birth. The general rule of thumb is to wear your belly wrap for 6 to 10 weeks. I recommend wearing your wrap for at least 8 weeks so that the body stops producing the Relaxin hormone.

If you’ve waited a few weeks already, Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker line is a great option.

This line of products includes:

  • Tank topsWoman in white tank-top on blue background.
  • Leggings

Moms are recommended to use this line of products after they use the Belly Bandit wrap because it will help the body heal even further. It’s all about the support your body needs after pregnancy.

And the support is much needed at this point.

Your normal clothes aren’t designed to provide you with the support you really need to help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body.

How to Wear Belly Bandit

You’ll wear the Belly Bandit all the time during the day. You can sleep with the product, too, if you want. The manufacturer states that a person should wear their Belly Bandit during the:

  • Day
  • Night

The only time you must remove your wrap is when you take a shower. This will ensure that your body has the support and compression needed to heal as quickly as possible. If you’re after the best results, day and night wear is your only option.

Don’t worry, everyone loves the comfort level of their belly wrap.

If you’re new to the whole Belly Bandit reviews craze, you’ll want to know how to apply this wrap properly so that you don’t suffer from discomfort or lessen your results. Follow these steps to properly apply your belly wrap:

  1. Wrap the belly wrap around your core
  2. Tighten so that there’s constant pressure on your belly

It’s that simple. You’ll know if the wrap is on properly if: it’s snug, but doesn’t cause you to suffer from issues with:

  • Breathing
  • Circulation
  • Discomfort

If you follow these recommendations, you’ll be on the fast track to getting your pre-pregnancy body back. You have to use this wrap for just 6 – 10 short weeks – it’s worth it to restore your stomach back to its pre-pregnancy look.

Belly Bandit Sizing Chart

Pregnant woman is looking at her belly.Sizing is very difficult, and this is one area that you’ll need to pay very close attention to when ordering. First and foremost, every pregnancy is different, so while you may have been a small before, you may not fit in a small just yet.

Sorry ladies – it’s a part of being pregnant.

And a lot of women have an easy time forgetting just how much their bodies have changed and how different their sizing may be now.

The company does offer a sizing chart, so I highly recommend looking at the chart and measuring yourself to make sure that the product fits.

Sizing may be slightly different for every different type of product chosen.

Take your time to find the right size before clicking buy.

Belly Bandit FAQs

After giving birth, the belly is large and fighting it to get back will bring all the solutions to the table. One of them will be a belly bandit which among other things that you can do, there is a lot of confusion from the choice you buy to how and when you should use it.

The following information answers all those questions that new mothers and others seeking belly bandit solutions might ask themselves.

What is a belly bandit?

Belly Bandit is a wrap whose purpose is to tighten and shrink a woman’s tummy following childbirth. Using a postpartum girdle is different and should not to be confused with waist training. Waist training refers to extreme binding with an intent to form the overrated hourglass figure. On the other hand, using a postpartum girdle is not intended to cause physical changes to one’s body that would not have been on its own. Waist training can also cause permanent harm to the woman’s internal organs as they are squished. Wearing girdles is short term and only for postpartum recovery. It is meant to:

  • Recover after a C-section birth.
  • Relieve the body from lower back and muscle pain.
  • Make you feel confident and comfortable again.
  • Get the body active after childbirth.

When should I start wearing the belly bandit?

You should start wearing the belly bandit in the first 24- 48 hours after delivery. Even in a C-section delivery, some will recommend using it the day after, but it is okay if you want to wait. Using the belly bandit after a C-section helps in decreasing the post-operation recovery time. This is due to minimization of the associated incision pain which allows for excellent mobility after the baby delivery surgery. It is however recommended to consult your physician before its use. He or she will tell you the necessary steps and time to use it.

Is belly bandit worth it?

Yes. This medical-grade device can help your body heal faster and provide you with an immense amount of support, too. If you want to speed up the healing process, it’s best to start as soon as possible after delivery.

Can I use belly bandit after a C section?

Yes. Belly Bandit is designed to help support the body following a C section. You’ll want to make sure that you consult with your physician to make sure that it’s okay to wear the belly wrap. Since you may have complications following surgery, it’s always better to discuss your options with a physician than risk infection or other complications.

In the case of a C-section, a belly bandit is recommended above and beyond especially the bamboo and BFF due to their fantastic anti-microbial and anti-bacterial qualities. Its moisture-wicking nature helps which is vital during this period when hormones change and transition back to normal. Always check with your physician about when to start wearing the belly bandit based on your delivery. The belly bandit should go over your incision keeping it nice and safely compressed to avoid irritation.

Does belly bandit really work?

Women all over the world praise the Belly Bandit brand and state that belly wraps and the postpartum girdle work very well. You’ll need to try it out for yourself, but for the vast majority of women, the Belly Bandit will work well.

You’ll need to do a few things on your end to amplify the results further:

C-section deliveries may require you to wait months before lifting weights or doing any strenuous activity, so you’ll need to discuss how much exercise you can engage in and when. Never do too much too fast to ensure that the healing process can occur without any complications along the way.

How early can I start wearing the belly bandit after delivery and how long does it take to see results?

We recommend wearing the belly bandit for the full amount of time spanning 6-8 weeks. To achieve maximum results wear the belly bandit around your waist day and night. One can take it off to shower then wrap it right back up. It should fit snug exerting constant pressure to the belly but at the same time not impacting on breathing, circulation or causing any discomfort to your ribs. If any trouble occurs, it should be removed, and see the doctor if it persists. When trying to reach one’s pre-pregnancy size, diet changes accompanied by exercise play an integral part.

What is the best time to buy the belly bandit?

When purchasing the belly bandit before giving birth, one should measure the largest part of your tummy all the way around your abdomen. This can be done in the 8th month of the pregnancy as many women are usually the same size after the pregnancy. Choose the band that corresponds to your lower stomach area. If it is just before delivery, one should subtract 3-5 inches from their belly size measurement and select the band corresponding to that size. If you choose to purchase the ‘waistband’ after giving birth, select the band corresponding to your belly measurements.

Can a belly bandit be used some way else?

Belly Bandit can also be used for:

  • Back surgery
  • Back pain
  • All stomach surgeries such as gastric bypass
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tucks
  • Hysterectomies
  • Bowel resections

A perfect belly bandit for you should wear well under clothing and be adjustable with no complicated zippers or contraptions.

Is there any sense in wearing it if I had my baby over a year ago?

Although wearing a belly bandit is recommended right after giving birth for 6-8 weeks, one can wear whenever you feel that your tummy needs to be in proper shape. Extra back pain and improved posture are some additional benefits of the product. One tends to be more active when feeling better leading to more movement. That is why an exercise, once in a while, helps as you wear it.

Just ask any trainer; you use your core muscles to tone and build strength. You can wear it to serve as a reminder of your core and engage. You look better in wearing clothes you stuffed away due to those ‘extra roles’ and still look slimmer. We know it needs every little bit of help, so if you didn’t just give birth, or your joy came a month earlier, why not?

This is an excellent question as many women in other cultures bind up until a year after delivery, and we shall answer it for you. Results may vary and right after birth is the best time to do this. If you have doubts about wearing the belly bandit wrap because you might be ‘too late’ we suggest trying out the Mother Tucker, the ultimate tummy sucker.

It gives you full tummy compression although not being as tight compared to the belly bandit. It is also highly recommended to moms after using the belly bandit.

Is my belly bandit still working if I can see creases and waves? Is it normal?

The creasing is due to the belly bandit forming towards the waist area of your body to wear more comfortable. So yes, creases are usual as, without it, you would find it hard to do daily activities. What you need to note is that they do not affect the belly bandit’s tensile strength hence not affecting the best results from it. One should continue wearing the belly bandit as usual.

How to choose a postpartum belly wrap that is best for you?

Picking your best postpartum belly wrap should not be too hard as there are many models/brands to choose from. One should consider the following aspects while choosing:

  • Comfort:You should aim at getting one that will not cause itch or cut into your skin as you wear it. Remember that you are wearing it all day for 6-8 weeks to achieve the best results.
  • Invisibility and wearable:You should get one that is discretely hidden underneath as the belly wrap is worn under your garments. Consider its ease to come off and put on as belly wraps happen to slide down when moving.
  • Effectiveness and Quality:What works for someone else may not work for you. So, it is best to look up the available belly wraps and their reviews to come to a decision. Choose one that you can afford and one that meets your needs.



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