Co-Ed Baby Showers: Tips and Tricks to Throw a Great Shower


As time moves forward and society progresses with it, certain things that were once considered taboo are beginning to relax and change as well. Baby showers are one example of this. For most of the time in recent years that we have been celebrating new babies with baby showers, they have been strictly “female only” events. Men have been shunned from the celebration, even when it is their child that is being born! Well, now for those who feel the need to buck this outdated tradition, there is an answer! Co-ed, or mixed gender, baby showers are becoming not only more common, but also more accepted by society. If you have many male friends, or your partner really wants to be included in the celebration, you can do that! As co-ed showers become more commonplace, couples are seeking exciting ways to throw their own, which is what we are here for!

5 General Advices for Co-Ed Baby Showers

1. Be aware that this party is for both men and women. Don’t go crazy with the frills and pastels!

2. Choose games and favors that are also both gender-friendly.

3. Co-ed showers are normally much less formal than traditional showers.

4. Make sure Dad-To-Be is included! Let him help unwrap gifts.

5. Treat a co-ed shower the way you would treat a regular hang out and party with your friends and family.

Co-Ed Baby Showers Invitations

Co-Ed Baby Showers

Invitations for a co-ed shower can be one of the most fun aspects of planning for the shower, whether you are the couple in question or simply a loved one who is throwing the shower. Because co-ed showers are still relatively new for many people, be sure to include that the shower is for both men and women! A great way to do this is to either call it a “couples shower” or a “families and couples event”. When you address the invitations make sure to address them to both the wife and husband for couples, or for both male and female relatives and friends. This helps convey the idea that everyone is invited if guests see both female and male names on the guest list and invites. It is also a great idea to include colors and themes that are gender neutral. You should also be sure to include both the expecting parents’ names on the invitation as the honorees. As for party theme, you should choose something simple like a BaByQ (barbecue party), tropical, or some other theme that both men and women can enjoy. Some ideas of wording for invitations are as follows:

  • “Join us for a Baby Bash!”
  • “A baby is brewing! Join us for a beer and barbeque party honoring the new parents!”
  • “Please join us for Nacho Average Baby Shower!”
  • “A bun is in the oven, burgers are on the grill, it’s the perfect reason to celebrate and chill!”
  • “It was a joint effort so it’s a joint shower!”

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Co-Ed Baby Showers Food

While petite and adorable appetizers mixed with delicate salads and cutesy desserts have long been the tradition at baby showers, now is the time to throw all of that away! Believe it or not, food can come across as more “girly” or “boyish” and so it is better to choose crowd pleaser food that everyone can enjoy regardless if the person eating it is your husband’s frat brother from college or your great aunt.

1. Pizza

Co-Ed Baby Showers

Pizza is the eternal party, hang out, and have a good time food. While ordering delivery is perfectly acceptable, if you want to class the event up a little, you could have pizza-making stations! Simply lay out the ingredients and let guests go to town creating their own mini pizzas. This idea works well with a light salad, or breadsticks as a side.

2. Wings

Another guaranteed crowd pleaser is chicken wings. They’re easy finger foods to grab and go, and you can offer a wide variety of flavors and heat to appeal to many people at once.

3. Taco BarCo-Ed Baby Showers

Nothing is more fun than a taco bar (except maybe the pizza station mentioned above). Just like the other food options, this one is fully customizable for everyone who attends your shower! It also adds a layer of casual to the event, if that is what you are hoping for.

4. Food Trucks

Food trucks are another great option if you live somewhere they are plentiful. It will certainly be a unique experience for your guests!

5. Drinks

For beverages, you should provide some soda and juice for the kids and people who choose to not drink. You can also provide bottled water. Another great idea is to offer mocktails for the expectant mothers, and craft beers or IPA’s for anyone who enjoys a good beer.

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Co-Ed Baby Showers Games and Entertainment

Co-Ed Baby Showers

It is hard enough to plan games and entertainment for a typical baby shower that doesn’t leave your guests yawning or embarrassed, so when it comes to a co-ed shower, you need even more creativity! Anything as generic as “Baby Crosswords” or as socially embarrassing as “guess the melted candy bar poop game” will be sure to have the male guests fleeing, and probably a lot of the women as well. The key to successful co-ed shower game is to make it silly but fun, and allow guests to choose whether they want to participate or not. Many people would prefer to mill about and socialize, and allowing them to do so will help create a no-stress atmosphere.

Crafty Ideas: If you want something fun and creative to do with your guests, something crafty or artsy just might be the ticket! You could invite your guests to tie-dye different pieces of white baby and little kid clothes, let them decorate white onesies with fabric paint or fabric markers, or have them each decorate a square of fabric to be turned into a blanket for the baby. For something extra silly, you might also invite your guests to decorate a pack of diapers to keep the new parents’ spirits up during those late-night diaper changes.

Prizes: If you are going to do games, such as guess which beer is in the bottle, a diaper raffle, or some other fun idea, be sure the prizes for the games are cool for both genders. Steer away from the plants, cute flowers, or bath items and instead go for gift cards for things like iTunes, restaurants, or amazon. Everyone loves a good gift card. You could also choose movie tickets, a snack kit, or something similar.

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Co-Ed Baby Showers Favors

Co-Ed Baby Showers

For things like favors, they can be hit or miss depending on your guests. Don’t send home manicure kits or kitschy cups filled with rubber duckies and other items when you have mixed genders. A great idea is to send your guests home with mini bottles of wine or beer, food treats like candy or cookies, or even little succulent plants for them to plant to remember to think of the parents to be.


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