Baby Shower Registry Checklist Must-Haves


One of the most daunting parts of preparing for a baby shower can be the process of registering for gifts! If you search for the words ‘baby shower registry’ on the internet you are likely to receive eight billion search results ranging from practical guides (which this will hope to be) and others telling you that you simply must register for a gold plated set of child dishes. Your friends and family will also try to help you out by throwing suggestions at you and offering advice, which can just add to the confusion. This is where we come in. This article is here to help you register for the basics needed to raise a happy healthy child and then we have added in some non-essentials that can be nice to have as well.

4 Cleanliness Items

Beyond all the other categories of baby shower registry items we will be covering later, this one is probably the most important (besides food) to keeping your newborn happy, healthy, and clean.

1. Diapers

  • Yes, you can register for diapers! Many people often think that registering for something disposable like diapers isn’t any “fun”, but they are needed! Your child will go through potentially ten or more diapers each day and that really starts to add up, especially considering diapers can be expensive. If you are hoping to go for cloth diapers, this is even truer! The covers and inserts for modern cloth diapers can be expensive, so feel free to ask for help in covering your baby!

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2. Wipes and Cream

  • This can be a tricky item to register for, but you should still consider it. Like diapers, they can be a little on the pricey side, but it would be better to register for wipes and creams that are perfume and dye free. You won’t know until you use it if your child might have a reaction to the soaps and medications inside the wipes and cream, so it is better to start off on the right foot with gentle types.

3. Bath Items

Baby bath stuff
  • Another important area. You should register for either a blooming baby mat that holds the baby in place, or a small infant tub. Additionally you should also consider some soft hooded towels, washcloths (at least 4), baby lotion, and gentle baby shampoo.

4. Diaper Pail

  • This item is debatable on whether you actually need one or just use a normal trash can. However, we argue that a diaper pail would be beneficial for helping hide the late night smell of poopy diapers.

2 Safety Items

Another vastly important category (and we haven’t even gotten to the cute registry items) is safety and health. These items will help you make sure you are prepared to care for your baby should something happen.

1. Health Monitors

Baby Fever Monitor

  • A relatively new baby shower registry item, health monitors can help ease the concerns of anxious new mothers. Brands such as the Owlet are discrete little socks that fit over the feet of your baby and monitor the heart rate and oxygen levels of your baby. This is especially important to help make sure that should your child stop breathing while sleeping, you will be notified immediately by a loud alarm.

2. First Aid

  • You should always have a baby-appropriate first aid kit available to you. These first aid items should include a baby medicine dropper, thermometer, and nasal aspirator among other items. Additionally, it is an unusual item to request, but you might consider registering for an infant and young child CPR and First Aid training class.

Baby Feeding

I know, I know. When are we going to get to the adorable nursery, clothing, and toy items that are so much fun to register for?

Unfortunately registering for the practical items should come first.

1. Bottles

Colorful baby bottle
  • Be sure to register for at least four bottles, but six would be better. You might also consider registering for a bottle drying rack and a bottle cleaning brush. A bottle warmer can be a godsend, but it is not 100% necessary. You can also register for formula if you are choosing that route but be cautious. Many babies cannot stomach all types of formula and may need special types, but you will not know this until after the child has been born.

2. Pump

  • If you are planning to breastfeed, feel free to register for a breast pump so you can express milk when you need to.

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3. Nursing Items

  • In addition, you might also want to register for a cream to soothe your breasts, as they can become tender from breastfeeding. You can also register for nursing bras, tops, or a cover-up if you are not comfortable openly feeding in public. If you feel as if you will need one, you should also register for a nursing pillow.

4. Burp Cloths

Baby burp cloth
  • Register for at least six. These will come in handy many times.

5. High Chair

  • Make sure that when you register for a high chair it can adjust as the child grows older, and also that it is easily cleanable.

Baby Nursery Items

We have finally reached the fun stuff!

1. Crib, Mattress, and Sheets

Grey kendall convertible crib
  • This is a must-have for most families as a way to have the child sleep safely. If you want, and know your guests might be able to afford it, or put money towards it as a gift, you should consider registering for a convertible crib that transitions from crib to toddler bed to twin size bed. This will save you money down the line. The mattress should be firm and easily washable. As for sheets, register for what makes you happy, but make sure they will fit tightly across the mattress to ensure safe sleep.

2. Bassinet or Co-Sleeper

  • While your baby is brand new, you might want to consider a bassinet or a co-sleeper that you can keep close to your bed. This will make middle of the night feedings easier.

3. Hamper and Storage

  • With a new baby comes many new baby things, obviously. You should register for a hamper and a set of storage items such as bins to help keep your baby’s room organized.

4. Rocker or Glider

Baby changing table
  • These items are truly optional. Many women do not rely on a rocker or glider for their baby, but others swear by it.

5. Changing Table

  • This item is not necessary, although many people will tell you it is. A more economical version would be simply to register for a changing pad, and place it on top of a dresser. You might find yourself using the floor, a table, or any flat surface, and a traditional changing table will go unused.

Baby Gear

This category of items is mostly self-explanatory, as they are basic items that are essential to caring for a child.

1. Car Seat

  • If you decide to register for one that converts as the child ages, ensure the expiration date will see you through all stages. If not, consider a more traditional set of car seats.

2. Stroller

  • You may want to look for one that can be used with the infant car seat you choose. If not, look for one that is easy to use but comfortable for your child.

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3. Diaper Bag and Accessories

  • Be sure to get one that comes with a portable changing pad.

4. Baby Carrier or Wrap

Mother with her baby boy on carrier
  • These are very nice to have, and will make your life a lot easier.

5. Baby Swing or Bouncer

  • These are not essential but many people will tell you to register for them. They can be a safe way to keep your child contained while needing to do something else, but babies should never be allowed to sleep in them due to an increased risk of suffocation.

6. Activity Mats and Toys

  • These are very nice to have (obviously). For these you should aim for items that have strong contrasting colors, a lot of black and white, and a variety of textures, including natural textures like wood. Babies thrive on sensory experiences and these types of toys will aid their cognitive development.

Clothing for Baby 

Baby's clothing, diapers,shoes

Everyone’s favorite category! There is not much to say about this category other than to make sure that you are registering for not only newborn size clothing but also one or two sizes larger. Your baby may fit into newborn clothing, but it may not! In addition, babies grow so quickly that most newborn sizes will not fit for long anyways. Beyond registering for a few simple onesies, pajamas, socks, and some basic pants and shirts, you should not need to register for much clothing. This is every guest’s favorite item to buy, so you are sure to receive a bounty of adorable clothes.


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