4 Best Fun Baby Shower Games that Everyone Will Love


A hallmark of all baby showers besides the invitations, food, and presents, are the games that are played throughout the shower. For a long time, these games have been considered a necessary evil and something groaningly boring or awkward. In fact, many mothers-to-be will request that there are no games at their showers. This is a shame, because newer baby shower games can be fun, different, and hilarious, or simply more stylish as graphic design might change some aspects of older games. Below you will find multiple examples of different types of games to help you plan the most fun baby shower that perfectly reflects the parents-to-be.

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4 Enjoyable Baby Shower Games

Person versus Time Games

 Fun Baby Shower Games
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A staple of baby shower games are in a style that positions the guests against the clock. These games are individual tests of knowledge, reasoning, as well as logic. Probably the most traditional of all baby shower games, these can be updated for modern showers. One way is to make high quality printables with fonts, typefaces, and images that are more contemporary. These also involve games of chance and guessing games.

Knowledge Games: Knowledge based games often involve a cute graphic design on paper, but can be as simple as using only a pen and piece of paper. One such iteration is to create a list of facts about both the mom-to-be and the dad-to-be. You could have your guests select which parent fits the fact and then, after everyone is done, read the facts aloud and have guests hold up lips or a mustache to declare their guess. In a similar vein, you could create a game that requires the guests to match the name of a baby animal with the adult name of the animal, or match a line from a nursery rhyme to the corresponding title of the rhyme. You could also come up with silly names for famous children’s books, such as “An Unattractive Aquatic Baby Bird” for The Ugly Duckling. Finally, for this category, you could include word scrambles, crosswords, or word searches in which the guests have to compete against one another and the clock to see who can finish it the fastest.

Games of Chance: Other individual games are games of chance. One such example of this style of game is to set up a tub of rubber duckies at the entrance to your baby shower. Guests can select a duck at the beginning of the shower, and throughout the party the host can select a number. Whoever has the duck with the corresponding number written on the bottom of it, wins a prize! Another popular version of this game is the Diaper Raffle. Guests are asked to bring a package of diapers with them to the shower, which enters them into the raffle. Their names are then put into a jar and pulled out periodically throughout the shower to win a prize. A final game of chance you can use is to create your own cute scratch card for your shower. Guests can scratch off the covering like a lottery ticket and potentially win a prize.

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Guessing Games: Guessing games are another popular individual activity at showers. Most of these are simple estimation games in which guests are expected to guess how many seashells, jellybeans, pacifiers, etc are in a container. You can also have guests put in guesses for the baby’s gender by having them select a pink or a blue item or eat a pink or blue cupcake. Additionally, it has become a fun tradition to have the guests guess what day the mom-to-be will go into labor by stamping an image onto a day on the calendar in the month the baby is due.

Person versus Person Games

 Fun Baby Shower Games
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If individual games do not sound fun or exciting, or sound too traditional for you, there are also baby shower games that are designed to create an atmosphere of silly competition. These games pit guest against guest, either in direct head-to-head competition or pits the guests against the entire group as they try to complete a goal better than anyone else does. These games normally result in hilarious exchanges and are often the favorites of many baby shower goers.

Diaper Hang: In this game, you will need to hang two clotheslines parallel to one another. The guests are then each given a bucket full of diapers, either cloth or disposable, with handfuls of clothes pins. A timer is set, and then two competing guests are then instructed to try to hang as many diapers as they can within the time limit, trying to hang more diapers than the other person does.

Blindfolded Diaper Changes: This game is always good for a laugh. The competitors are blindfolded and are made to stand in front of a table with a diaper, baby powder, and a baby doll. They are then instructed to take the “dirty” diaper off the baby doll, and then properly re-diaper the doll before the other person can. This game is often split into a guys vs girls competition at co-ed or couple showers.

Pregnant Twister: Pregnant twister is a hilarious game that allows the actually pregnant mom-to-be to sit back and watch her guests make fools of themselves. For this game, guests are asked to strap pillows and stuffing to their bodies to create fake pregnant bellies. After this, they play twister! This game is a fun one for guests who do not mind a challenge and are able to laugh at themselves as they try to bend and twist covered in pillows.

Name That Tune: In this game guests are competing against one another to name a snippet of a song that involves the word “baby”.

Draw the Baby/Build the Baby: These two ideas can be their own games, but they draw from a similar idea. In “Draw the Baby”, guests are instructed to hold an index card to their foreheads, or are blindfolded. They are then expected to draw what they think the baby will look like when it is born…without looking. For “Build the Baby”, the idea is similar. Guests are each given a small amount of playdoh modeling compound. They then try and sculpt what they believe the baby will look like. This can be made even sillier by expecting the guests to be blindfolded. For both of these games the mom-to-be can choose her favorite ones and award those guests the prize. However, you can also create other categories such as “most realistic, creepiest, funniest, and most creative.”

Team Competition

 Fun Baby Shower Games
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Another super fun take on baby shower games are the team competitions. These are not a style that is normally used, but they are quickly becoming more and more popular. They involve teamwork and can foster an atmosphere of fun competition, especially if it becomes guys vs. girls, family vs. friends, etc.

Jeopardy: Baby jeopardy is a classic team event. You can create elaborate Jeopardy boards, or even ones that are as simple as just putting post it notes on a poster board. In the style of normal Jeopardy, there should be different categories of questions (such as Nursery Rhymes, Baby Items, Animal Babies, Disney Movies etc). Under each of these categories, you should also have a range of questions with a variety of difficulty and an increasing point amount, for example from 100 to 500. The answers to the questions should also be in question form as it is in normal Jeopardy. For those who are up to it, including silly double jeopardy questions or final jeopardy is also an option. This game allows teams to work together, discuss answers, and create a feeling of comradery.

Diaper Fashion Show: Diaper fashion shows are a hoot! Separate the guests into several different teams and instruct them to come up with an outfit made out of diapers and wipes. These can be cloth diapers, disposable diapers, or a combination of the two. The teams then go to their own areas to construct their outfits within a realistic time period of about 10 minutes. They can use strong, clothespins, diaper pins, etc to help hold the diapers on and affect the shape. After the time period is up, the teams then nominate one person to narrate the design and try to market it to the other guests and guest of honor while the model struts their stuff on a “runway”. The hosts and expectant parents can then either give scores from 1-10, or only the expectant parents can choose the winning team.

Chopstick Pacifier Relay: This activity can be person to person in a head-to-head competition, but it is oftentimes funnier and harder when presented as a relay. In this game, guests are separated into a typical relay team of four competitors or more. On one side of the relay space, there is a pile or bucket of pacifiers and on the other side of the relay space, a bucket. The first relay racer must hold a chopstick in their mouth and try to slide as many pacifiers onto the chopstick as possible without using their hands. The racer then needs to walk or run over to the next person in the change who is also holding a chopstick in their mouth. They need to pass the pacifiers from person to person, without dropping any of them, until they reach the last racer who then dumps the pacifiers into a bucket. Whichever team can move all of their pacifiers from table to bucket first are the winners.

Feed the Baby: Feed the Baby is a partner game in which the guests are split up into pairs. One member of the pair can either wear a poncho, or stick their faces into a cut out. The other partner is then blindfolded and they are given an open jar of baby food with a spoon. The blindfolded partner makes their way over to the other partner, and attempts to feed them the baby food. This game is hilarious, messy, and fun to watch for other guests. Whichever team can feed the “baby” the most food wins.

Diaper Toss: An easy to make team game for your baby shower is the diaper toss. This game can work between pairs, or even for entire groups. Each person is given an empty diaper box and is expected to throw diapers from box to box. As a paired activity, this works much like the Pacifier relay, in which the goal is to move diapers from one place to another the fastest. An alternative to this is to see which team can toss the diapers back and forth to one another without dropping them for the longest amount of time. If you want to use the entire group for this activity, you can create a game where every guest is expected to help toss diapers from place to place.

Productive Games

 Fun Baby Shower Games
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All of the previously mentioned games are fun ways to participate in a shower, but what happens if your guests aren’t competitive or into making fools of themselves? This is where productive games or activities can help save your shower from boredom and still keep your guests involved.

Handmade Activities: This is a favorite of many hosts and parents-to-be. These types of activities ask the guests to unleash their creative side and help create custom gifts for the impending baby. For this, guests might use paint or markers to design and decorate baby clothing items such as onesies, shirts, or bibs. As long as they are given fabric safe paint and markers, especially with brands that are also safe against the skin and non-toxic, this activity can help create adorable and fun items for the baby. Another option, should the mother be carrying a little girl (or not care about gender norms), guests can help build cute headbands. Simply lay out the different parts needed, such as fabric flowers, beads, and elastic bands, and walk the guests through how to construct one. After that, let them run wild and create fun accessories for the baby. If someone knows how to construct a quilt, guests can also decorate a quilt square to be turned into a blanket for the baby.

Advice Activities: Another creative outlet for guests can be to allow them to write pieces of advice or write notes for the parents-to-be. A silly take on this idea is to give the guests several diapers. They can then write messages on the diapers, or doodle pictures. These diapers are then placed into a special box, and will be used by the parents-to-be for late night diaper changes. They will hopefully provide the stressed out new parents with heartfelt support or a boost in their humor. If that is not your style, you can also create a series of envelopes for the new parents in which the guests are expected to write snippets of advice or encouragement. This is especially nice if the advice is coming from experienced parents or grandparents. The final version of this type of activity you might consider is to create a time capsule of predictions for the baby to be opened when they are eighteen. Guests can write predictions about the baby’s life, or include items or drawings. This allows the guests to feel like they will be involved throughout the child’s entire life, and not just its infancy.

Art Activities: Similar to the handmade activities, these focus more on the artistic pursuits. These can range from having guests each paint a small canvas to be assembled into a bigger piece of artwork to be displayed in the baby’s room. Another idea is to allow guests to create an image or sentence for each letter of the alphabet, which can then be turned into a book for the baby. If the parents are hoping to display the alphabet in the baby’s nursery, the guests could also each select a decorative or wooden letter and paint it. If the parents have a specific color scheme in mind, they can choose to only provide those colors of paint. If crafting is more your guest’s style, they could create a letter monogram with buttons or other materials, to be hung in the baby’s room. In the same vein, creating other types of images out of buttons, such as baby animals, is a fun and creative way to decorate the nursery. Finally, guests can be invited to decorate plain wooden blocks for the child to play with as they age, and it also serves as a functional guest book.

Baby shower games used to be considered passé and outdated. They were awkward or downright painful attempts to extend the length of the shower and many people actively tried to avoid them. However, baby shower games and activities are changing. They have become more personal, more competitive, and in general sillier and more fun. With these ideas, your next shower is sure to be a hoot for you and your guests, and will become an event that no one will want to forget!


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