Top Ideas and Tips on Baby Room Decoration


Being a new parent means making many decisions as you dive into a new role of parenting. As you prepare for the coming baby, among the things to be done, include designing a room or space to accommodate the newborn. There are joy and high expectations since you will be extending a hand of love and care to the new family member.

At times, the jovial mood turns into confusion when you start figuring out on where to begin. That is why we have a guide for you that includes DIY baby room decoration ideas and tips that you will be more glad to know than not. It is a struggle that every new mom faces and searching for answers become even harder than thought.

To help you ease the stress, you will learn about:

  • DIY Baby Room Decoration tips for starters
  • Baby boys room decoration ideas
  • Baby girls room decoration ideas
  • Gender neutral approach
  • Baby room decoration games
  • More room designing tips

Now, breathe in and out, because we have you in check here. Let’s get started.

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12 DIY Baby Room Decoration Tips for the New Parents

1. Everything should be within easy reach of the changing table

There will be many adorable things in the nursery, but most important of all is how you will be able to get everything you need when attending to the baby. Where will be the diapers, wipes, laundry hamper burp clothes, and the poop bucket? You do not want to risk getting your eyes off the little one only for them to roll off as you are grabbing the towel or something.

2. Create space

baby room decoration tips

You will be carrying your baby during the day and night so, expect that a misplaced toy ordoll might cause you to trip as you walk back and forth. Utilize the storage units available to keep away things that are no longer in use.


You can look for inexpensive but elegant items for the nursery resemblance such as lamps and storage bins but don’t crowd the room. That coffee table can serve as a play table if it is not glass or purchase an adjustable play table that the kids can use to play at a lower level then adjust later for dinner.

3. Consider washable wallpaper

It is worth the while when you decide to clean. You will thank us later when some pee lands on the wall.

4. Mimic the dark

When you want the baby to sleep, soothing them to it sometimes doesn’t work. That is why you need to design the room in a way to imitate darkness when it is time for a nap. Babies know when it is time to get out of their confinement, and the light is one of the clues. So, to get them thinking that it is night time and they need to sleep, have a darkening curtain or a window shade to bring the ‘night.’

Go for nightlight bulbs at you are your nearest electrical appliances supplier to help you transform the lamp into a baby room décor accessory. With such bulbs, you can make any light a nighttime light.

5. Get a theme

If you do not know where to begin, you can start by thinking what kind of exploration you might want your child to get. As we will see in the ideas section, there are many ideas to incorporate from being adventurous and traveling to an animation movie you love so much and would like your kid to get associated with while in the nursery. Whatever you pick, whether the beddings or the wall décor pieces, there will be a unifying idea all around that will be part of your baby.

6. Do you mind having a mini crib?baby room decoration

Before your bundle of joy arrives, you might get worried if there is inadequate space to host and carry of the needed stuff. On the other hand, if you that a mini crib exists, then you may realize that is also a space that is perfect fit for a nursery. You will use it anywhere and fold it when you want to move which is an ideal solution for the case of a newborn. You can hold on to it until the baby is ready for a bed.

7. Add some art to the décor

In the course of your life, you may have acquired a piece or two that you would want your baby to possess in the room. They may be expensive or not, in line with the theme or not at all, but the baby will become aligned with the family’s taste of collection over the years.

Don’t blame yourself if there is nothing to show. You can consider going for fabric swatches which are inexpensive, unique and loveable if you have a girl.

8. Keep a reminder of your loved ones

You might be leaving away from those who are close to you, but you can bring them close to your kid by having elements that signify their presence. You do not need to include every masterpiece granted to you as a gift for the newborn. If they happened to match your taste, that is much better. It will aid in adding more love and memory into space. Some examples include:

  • Something that used to comfort you or your partner during early childhood days.
  • Gifts from loved ones that match your decoration idea.
  • Framed photos of the kids with their grandparents. It will serve as a good reference point when telling the family line story.

9. Choosing color

We love or are lured to going white and bright. It looks great until you start noticing stains on the wall or the upholstered glider chair. That is where you hear of experienced mothers and fathers saying that grey is a color too. It is a good idea if you have a color that is easy to wipe or consider covering the bright surfaces which something that can be replaced or washed.

Some color ideas to consider:

  • Yellow shade: It is a great option especially when you get something between not too bright, creamy or buttery. It works well for both genders.
  • Pink shade: It is for the ladies so a baby girl will use this option. The task comes in when choosing the right color tone. Going for a mixture of pink and white means having a gentle approach to a perfect choice for wall color.
  • Violet shade: Another one for the girls, a soft violet shade with a gray touch goes along with many colors from the assets in the baby’s room.
  • Green shade: It is always unexpected and a tricky color to utilize if you are not good at it. However, using a cheery hue that resembles the spring is an excellent way to bring the outdoors in and being gender neutral.

10. Opting for a gender-neutral approachbaby room decoration

The color options bring in this point. Don’t be one-sided after your first kid because it was a girl or a boy, especially if you expect another one after some years. After you have done everything, then the kid comes, he or she will have different interests at first before growing to know that there is a bear doll to comfort them when you are gone.

The paint and wallpapers are for you and other adults like you to see how adorable a nursery room can be until your kid grows old.

11. They are small, so can be the room

Babies are tiny so even designing a whole place for them is more than enough. Don’t get me wrong, they deserve it but don’t turn it into a small kids’ store either. There is pressure all around you from the waiting to how you will design, not to mention the nosy friends and relatives who pose to have all ideas related to raising your little one. After birth, you will realize that most of the things would happen or bought later.

12. Don’t overdo it; Babies will not care that much

The nursery is the most exceptional place for the baby to stay. However, if you do not have the resources to reach out for that nautical wallpaper that you saw at your friend’s place, don’t beat yourself up. That hand-carved crib that the baby can stick in will be useful for a while, and they will be happy to be there with you around anyway.

Another thing, you are pregnant as you think of how everything will be arranged. The sudden and extreme energy drives you to squat, kneel and move around as you get everything in order. With such intense activity, there is a high risk of your body aggravating to an early labor or severe pain. There is no point in risking having your newborn earlier because of the preparation.

10+ Amazing Ideas about Baby Room Decoration

Now that you have the necessary points to help you as you think of how to design the baby room, here are some ideas that you can use to make the place a comfortable habitat for the kid.

There are essential factors to ponder in the process of nursery creation: adequate lighting, ventilation, comfort, and safeness among others. That should not deter you from getting trendy and have a captivating look.

After watching some of the cute DIY baby room decoration options, below are boys’ and girls’ room decoration ideas that will remain relevant for the next couple of years.

Room Decoration Ideas for Baby Girls

Flower Themes

Room Decoration ideas for Baby Girls

Floral designs for a babygirl’s room have been a favorite approach since designing a baby room became a concern for parents. Recent technology advancement has brought in more creativity that has swayed the enthusiasts from the vagarious designing nature to using flower decal or 3D at on some wall spots. They can act as crucial points in the nursery such as the crib area or the changing table.

On the other hand, having 3D decal means being aware that they will accumulate dust later. So, make sure what you choose is easy to clean.

Animal themeRoom Decoration ideas for Baby Girls

It is very common in nursery decoration but the trend here is having an animal theme with little whimsicality. If you choose to go for the cats, for example, don’t have everything resembling a cat or filling the wall with cat-themed wallpapers. Do it sparingly such as few stickers on several spots such as near the crib or next to the window. It is also okay to find beddings with cat drawings, and cat toys in the room.

Water coloringRoom Decoration ideas for Baby Girls

Watercolors have been seen on wallpapers, in-house wall paintings and the carpet but the ingenuity has extended to girl room decoration. They appear soft on the colored places no matter the chosen color, which welcomes you to a relaxed mode while in the room. Use it on the walls (wallpapers come in handy), the beddings, and lampshade among other areas.

If you are wondering on what to color to pick, water coloration can be expressed in pink, peach, light blue, yellow or leaf green. Use the creativity around you to make the nursery tuned to the rhythm.

Food ThemesRoom Decoration ideas for Baby Girls

It is a child’s happiness to eat sweet things in sweet treats, so it is recommendable to have a little-sophisticated food-themed nursery for the girl. A good example is incorporating patterns such as fruits, donuts, and ice creams. They can go to the wall with an addition of ornaments such as food-patterned duvet.

Here is a video for you to check on more baby girl room decoration options.

Room Decoration Ideas for Baby Boys

Nautical ThemeDecoration Ideas for Baby Boys

It is a classic choice for your baby boy that you cannot go wrong if you decide to take the approach. The designing methodology features the use of a range of blue shades and white color schemes for a bright but calming effect for the baby blue color option or a dull but sailor’s appearance for the navy blue case.

Whatever you choose for the walls and beddings among other accessories will be driven by the colors you want to match the sailing adventure. Consider items such nautical themed mattresses, sailboats hanging from the ceiling and fish creatures either drawn or fixed somewhere on the wall.

Nursery Safari themeDecoration Ideas for Baby Boys

There will be many animal friends here to entertain the baby boy. You can use African designs or a modern approach to include animal characters and prints when decorating the nursery. Fetch some wallpapers with animal paintings on them with characters fixed on the wall, hanging or carvings for the boy to play with.

Consider rugs with animal color printing on them, and this goes for the beddings too and a crib that matches the occasion.


Rustic ThemesDecoration Ideas for Baby Boys

A rusty touch with a furry companion makes nurseries have a camping experience yet cozy for the baby to rest and sleep. Carrying out the procedure deemed for this theme may include a wood-paneled wall on one side and grey serving as a neutral background color for the nursery.

Bring in some woodland animals and a furry blanket to complete the look. Another idea is including an owl in the room. They are wise and somehow mysterious, making it a perfect element in the design.

Grey shade themeDecoration Ideas for Baby Boys

It is a neutral color which blends well with white polka dots on the walls to make the room more cheerful. Have some grey looking animals hanging on the walls on above the baby’s crib.

It is not hard going with grey everywhere from the crib to a variety of decorations with various gray shades. It becomes easier when the characters match the design. A good example is considering a rhino or elephant decoration for the baby room since most of the rhinos and elephants are gray in color.

Here are more ideas on how you can do it yourself for the boy-child.

Gender neutral themes

Choosing a color scheme is vital when determining the nursery’s atmosphere. That is why a boy’s nursery will look masculine while a girl nursery will have colors such as peach and pink. The essence of having a gender-neutral approach is for the space to accommodate another child after some time. You don’t know what gender they will be, so this is a chance to reduce the conversion hassle.

The question is, how do I choose something that is in between? For the colors, look for ivory, teal, green or coral. Neutral patterns may include the forest, polka dots, ocean life or a favorite cartoon or animation.

Elegant but minimal nurseriesGender neutral themes

People are moving to urbanized houses of late which calls for an efficient interior designer. That is where elegant and minimalist rooms come in for nurseries. You will be giving your kids the space they need but at one point in life, they will out as a result of growing old. Choosing this option means reducing future design hiccups when they finally grow up.

Minimalizing tends to dwell in having neutral colors with a creative wall decoration that does not have too much for the show. The furniture in use can be colorful but still compatible with any room. Also, consider having decorations that you can quickly remove later. It will be easier when converting the place without too much spending.

Mickey Mouse Baby Room Decoration

Before we finalize on the gender-neutral décor ideas, it is a good idea if you ventured into the Disney world for a miracle which will work perfectly for your baby’s room. Every kid loves Mickey Mouse so, the character’s appearance on the wall, furniture and pillows will not disappoint. There are many other cartoons and animated films in Disney to try out, but Mickey is an inspiration to many if not all.

Further, they are suitable for both boys and girls under the age of fifteen years. Adult cartoon lovers can join the race too. Here are some of the themes to check up on before heading to the stores.

  • Mickey and Minnie Room: It is a remarkable idea to utilize if you have a boy and aGender neutral themes girl to raise. Having Mickey and Minnie elements in the room is adorable, and it provides a Disney-generated theme that is cute to the eye.
  • Funny Mickey Mouse Bedroom: This one is a simple, but Mickey inspired room. Sometimes, the budget does not allow you to go for all the Mickey furniture and decals. You can buy a wall decal to change the appearance of the room.
  • Great Mickey Mouse Bedroom Decoration: The Mickey-themed beddings constitute a significant part of the blue bedroom layout. It is a simple but fun way of expressing the cartoon’s decoration with stuffed toys and wall artworks.
  • Mickey and Minnie Shared Room: Here is another idea for a boy and girl bedroom with Mickey and Minnie defining the room. Whimsicality is what generates better decoration ideas such as this.

4 Baby Room Decoration Games to Help You Design

If thinking capability is pushed to the end, and nothing is forthcoming, trying a baby room decoration game is not a wrong way at all to search for ideas. You will find many of them online and in app stores, all with something to decorate using some options and choices available in the game. Most of them if not all are compatible across devices, which is necessary if you have multiple mobile gadgets that can be used to play.

Realistic baby room decoration

It is from the dress up game site and used in displaying fashion skills that can be put to work. You have an option of choosing the crib, walls, décor, and styling using the mouse.

Baby room decoration toolBaby Room Decoration Games

If it is the first time setting up a nursery, or in the moment of adding another baby, a decorator tool might come in handy on your phone. This one allows you to move furniture through clicking and there are forty different pieces to choose from accompanied by creative color schemes. Also included are essentials that you can use to perfect the baby room.

Baby room decoration

It is a fun game comprising of a girl who has access to designs for her room. The task here is to help her plan cutely. If you want to know whether she does like it, there will be plenty of toys and teddies. You only need the mouse to click through and decide on how to decorate.

Baby room makeover

The requirement in this game is to give the baby an elegant nursery. Rules dictate that you click on one of the four available options in each category until the room has all the decals. To finish up, choose an outfit for the baby and put it somewhere in the crib.

10 DIY Decoration Tips

WallpapersBaby Room Decoration Games

  • Take your time: Plan about four hours to prepare the wall, and this depends on their condition. Developing a small room will take you about eight hours.
  • Prepare in advance: are you papering over a painted wall? Sand the wall first to dull the paint’s shininess. Remove the dust using a tack cloth and then wash using a strong home-use detergent. After letting it dry, you can start the paperwork.
  • Having a smooth wall surface: If the wall is bumpy, there are two options here: Have it covered with a thin drywall coat or hang a wallpaper liner. Follow the manual instructions or just call someone experienced in doing it to avoid messing up.
  • Careful planning: The last part of wallpaper installation does not match to perfection. Target an area with low visibility to serve as your ending point such as against the window frame.
  • Straight results: Make use of a plumb bob to ensure your first round trip is straight and to perfection.

Tips for chalkboard paint

  • Have it anywhere: Chalkboard paint works best on painted walls. There are can and spray versions of the paint.
  • Correct application: It is a good idea to paint when the surface temperature is more than 50 degrees. There should be plenty of ventilation, and a mask might also come in handy.
  • For a good looking chalkboard wall: It becomes better when more coats are applied to the paint each in a different direction. For the spray option, spray evenly in back and forth motions for the best results.
  • Easy cleaning: Use a damp sponge to clean the surface which also removes the chalk dust.
  • Include a frame: You can paint around the border of the chalk wall or add a frame to act as a border. The youngsters will know that there are restrictions regarding where they are supposed to draw and write.

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