Perfect Baby Names for Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Third Child


April 2018, is the big month when Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting the birth of their third child. Though it’s their third kid, just like every other time, bookies have started taking bets on which name the couple will choose for the latest royal infant – As painful as it sounds, it’s true!

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s with their third kid

While the baby boy or girl is quite unlikely to become king or queen in the future, fans and bookies are anxious to know more about George and Charlotte’s sibling. The Royal Family has proven to stick within recycled names of their predecessors, so one thing is for sure that you shouldn’t have high hopes of getting a Nebula or Loki.

If we look at the current analysis disclosed by bookies, it is predicted that if it’s a girl, the possible names can be; Mary, Alice, Elizabeth and Victoria. On the other hand, if it’s a boy, then Arthur, Albert, and James can be chosen. One recent speculation that has also captured the attention of many is that if it’s a girl, they can also name her after the late Princess Diana.

Only on the big day will the world know the name the couple choose for their baby. Aside from all predictions, which can turn out to be wrong, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can finalize on many other popular names used by well-known couples of the world.

Follow the Hollywood Trend

Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Third Child

Celebrities are known for choosing crazy and unusual names for their kids, but a common trend that has been observed by many is the use of traditional boy’s names for girls. To name a few of them;

  • Wyatt (Daughter of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis)
  • James (Daughter of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively) – Blake is also a name used for both genders
  • Lincoln (Daughter of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell)
  • Maxwell (Daughter of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson)

Apart from Maxwell, I don’t find the rest unusual, with so many girls already having these names. The royal couple, can try something new for a change and go for unisex names to shut the bookies down. If it’s eventually a boy, there’s no harm in using a girl’s name for him either. Now we aren’t suggesting names like Blossom, Daisy, or Emma, but traditionally feminine names are being modified to create boy’s names like; Emmett is inspired by Emma and Oliver from Olivia.

The good thing is that there are millions of Royal fans around the world, and they won’t dare criticize such a move – if anyone from the Royal family is reading this, kindly give them our advice with lots of love!

Choose One from the Best Names

Baby Names for Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Third Child

Every year many websites publish lists of the best names in the world to choose for your babies. People vote on these sites and help make such lists. The royal couple can sit together and look up good names from the list. Many normal couples around the world follow these lists and select the best ones. They can also give it a try!

Pick a Wacky Name

Baby Names for Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Third Child

“Where there is great power there is great responsibility!” For us, this might seem senseless because we barely have any power. However, the Duke and Duchess belong to the British Royal Family, and they have to keep a lot of things in mind before finalizing something even as small as a name. Many fans consider them as role models and respect how they live their lives. Therefore, it’s least expected for Kate Middleton and Prince William to choose a crazy or unusual name for their baby.

However, who knows what could change their minds! Maybe the couple can use some extra attention, because after the baby is born, many people will lose the interest they once had. On the other hand, if they come up with a crazy name, they’ll be seen in interviews, headlines, magazine covers, blogs, and above all become the highest trending topic on social media for months.

Crazy names are also becoming very common within the celebrity circle. I’m pretty sure if you start reading through them you might even bang your face on the wall screaming at the top of your lungs, WHY?? Take a look some of the top trending crazy names chosen by our favorite stars.

· Kal-EL

This one could be perfect if the royal couple is a DC comics lover. Or, they plan on seeing their newborn baby possess the qualities of a Superman. To be precise, this name was actually kept by our favorite, Nicolas Cage. Wondering why? Because he is a Superman fan and was desperate to keep a unique name for his kid.

· Apple

Yes, the fruit! Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple because she loves the fruit. It’s a pretty cute and unusual name, if you ask me. Not many people name their children after a fruit, but Gwyneth did, and received mixed reviews for it. Imagine a member of the Royal Family named Orange, or Peach!

· Heiress Harris

Heiress Harris sounds like a pretty royal name. She is T.I. & Tiny’s youngest daughter. The Royal Couple could take some inspiration from this name for their third child. It will reflect signs of royalty and also have the uniqueness to make the newborn a sensation the moment it’s born.

Wrap Up about the Baby Name

At the end of the day, Kate Middleton and Prince William are the ones who need to make the choice for their third kid. All we can do is suggest, predict, and gossip until the baby is born, and named. According to the traditions followed by the Royal Family, we shouldn’t hope for a unique or different name this time. They are most likely to stick with repeated names to keep their ancestral traditions alive. There are many great names they can choose from, we’ll just have to wait and watch which one they eventually decide on.

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