Top 6 Baby Nail Clippers for Your Need in 2018


A newborn is cute to look at, and that includes their finger and toenails. They are tiny and perfect with no bruises since no work has gone through the hands. A week later, the nails are peeping beyond the fingertips, and if you are not careful, the baby will have the first face scratch among other vulnerable body parts. You need to cut them out but how? If you don’t have the best baby nail clipper to take care of the ‘ever-growing threat,’ it will be another stressful task taking much of your time.

One parent explained to us that sometimes cutting baby fingernails is like tackling a pig in the mud. Children will even scream to get out of it, and you have to be careful at the same time not to nick their thin skin. For adults, we have the one size fitting all users, but that cannot be said when it comes to kids. You need standard nail clippers that are much smaller in size or lean to baby fingernail clippers dedicated to little fingers and toes.

As you will see, there are many other features in baby nail cutters such as magnifying glasses and lighting to help you get to the curved edges and cutting what’s necessary. That is why you don’t need what you are used to for the baby. Since the market is filled with a broad variety to choose from, we have narrowed down the search to give you six of the best baby fingernail clippers and a guide to help you decide what is fit for your little one.

Baby Nail Clippers Comparison Table

Baby Nail Clipper Added accessories Suitability
The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier Magnifying glass Infants, toddlers, older kids
Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper Emery board Infants and toddlers
Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer File Six cushioned nail files The whole family
Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Clipper None Infants and toddlers
NailFrida the SnipperClipper Set S-shape nail file Toddlers and older children
Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors, Yellow Safety slot Infants, toddlers and older kids with small hands.

Baby Nail Clipper Product Reviews

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1.The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

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This one is a parents’ favorite since it has something that will enable you to cut the tiny fingernails to precision. The American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper is one of the infant nail clippers with a magnifying glass that enlarges the baby’s fingernails up to four times the size. That is enough for your eyes to cut the nails and leave out the skin and even style them by getting rid of sharp edges after cutting.

Now that you have a better view, cutting is enabled by the stainless steel blades supported by a grip that obeys your hand. With fine and strong edges, guided by a magnifying mirror, you have a small nail cutter fit for tiny nails. The efficiency of this cutter goes to the extent of using it as the first one after getting out of the hospital. It is also cute to be used by adults so, don’t get furious if the older son or daughter gets hold of it.

Storing it is easy since the glass can fold back when not in use and the steel ensures longevity until your child is old enough.

What parents say

“It was brought as a baby shower gift, and this nail cutter became the reason why I thank my friend when I attend to baby nails. Our second kid came soon so with two toddlers, the magnifying glass always saved the day. I have used it for over a year now, and it’s still going strong. I don’t think I’ll be getting another one any time soon.”


  • Strong cutting blades
  • Magnifying glass
  • Great holding ergonomics
  • Fit for infants upward


  • Some parents complain that it doesn’t cut well and instead presses the nails. Test it on your before you work on the kid

2.Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

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Next on our review list is one of the safety first nail clippers that comes with an LED light at the tip of the clippers. The ergonomics on the tip includes curved cutting edges which conform to a variety of baby nails design, giving you the freedom and easiness to cut as appropriate. Since it is a baby nail clipper with light at the front, it requires a battery that comes included. It is a long lasting type, but you cannot replace it after it’s out of charge.

The handle at the top that presses the upper cutting edge is thin with a flat surface fit for an adult thumb pressing ability. After cutting, you can use the emery board that comes with a slot to file steadily and have a nice look on the nails. The emery board, however, is suitable for older kids with larger fingers.

At times, when you cut the nails, they tend to get stuck in the clippers. If that’s the case, shake whenever you note the nail pieces are stuck between the blades. One more thing, the LED light is not harmful to baby’s eyes if you are using it in the dark.

What parents say

“I have been using this for two weeks now on my young daughter who likes her nails untouched. So I have to do it at night when she is asleep. It gets the job done pretty well, thanks to the curved edges and light to brighten things in the dark. The handling is great too, and I think it will go on like this until she gets older for some bigger nail clippers.”


  • Battery-enabled LED lighting
  • Curved cutting edges are good for baby nails
  • Easy to handle


  • You have to get a bigger clipper after your child attains two years

3.Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer File

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If you are looking for a baby nail trimmer that will take care of your baby nail needs and you too, Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer File has everything you need. Let’s see; you want to take care of your baby nails with zero to minimal disturbance, and you do that too as a protocol. Here is a 2AA battery-powered nail trimmer file that comes with six cushioned sandpaper attachments – 3 for the baby and three for you. That makes it a multipurpose nail trimmer that you can clip and file the nails away to the required length without touching the cuticles or the nail beds.

All that’s needed from you is to stick the sandpaper at the front, power it up using a single button and use the LED light to cut to the appropriate length. If your baby is a piece of work every time you want to cut them out, the motor runs quietly until you are done. As you work on the nails, the trim nail clipper has multiple settings which include high or low speed and clockwise or reverse rotation if you want the nails smoother and more elegant.

Since it is also lightweight and compact, you only need one hand for the button and holding, that’s all. You can also carry it whenever you need to travel since the casing allows you to go with the trimer and all the accessories.

What parents say

“This is a perfect trimmer for babies one-year-old and above. I bought it for my son after having trouble keeping his nails short, and life was easier after that. Now he enjoys doing with his dad since there are files for adults too. It’s a perfect nail trimmer for the family.”


  • Quiet motor operation
  • Multiple settings
  • Suitable for all baby and adult nails
  • LED light
  • Replaceable batteries


  • Quite expensive

4.Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Clipper

[amazon box=”B004ZLZG2M” template=”vertical”]

Safety 1st has a number infant nail clippers and here is a Steady Grip Infant Clipper to go easy on the stubborn baby and effectively cut out the protruding nails. On top is a soft touch handle that you press for cutting task and the pressed edges are curved to get a more precise measure of the nails without tampering with the skin above or beneath.

The degree of ease of use on this clippers extends to the fact that you don’t need to prepare in advance before cutting the nails and that means using them on you first. Since it an inexpensive product to acquire, you won’t think twice when purchasing it given the fact that you will be using it until the child outgrows it.

What parents say

“These clippers have a large body for handling purposes with small cutting edges fit for the baby. If you wrestle about keeping the nails short with your kid as I do, this one will give you absolute control when you are trying not to clip the whole finger. However, pushing too hard will break it so, be careful.”


  • Fit for infants to toddlers
  • Curved cutting edges
  • Comfortable to hold when in use


  • Cannot be used on hard nails to due breaking after hard presses

5.NailFrida the SnipperClipper Set

[amazon box=”B01644OCVS” template=”vertical”]

You want a nail clipper that adheres to your child’s needs and here is a baby nail clipper set that has a clipper and a file for that. NailFrida, the SniperClipper Set, comes as a nick-free design that included a spy hole to allow your eyes to see what you are precisely cutting. That eliminates the risk of going into the sensitive skin.

At the tip, the Clippers are curved to give a smooth cut that gets almost all if not the whole nail with minimal effort. After you are done, there is an S-shape baby nail file that is designed that way for small fingers. The shape makes sure that you go along the nails’ contour and render that smooth finish that you need the baby to have. Whether an infant or toddler, this one will do what’s required.

What parents say

“This nail clipper has what you exactly need for an infant or a growing one. I bought it two weeks after birth, and I cannot love it much enough. The design was from a genius, and I can tell from the way it has been cutting without having to press so hard, and the tiny hole is a finger savior. Baby nails are just so small. I have been using the file, and I like it too. Can’t wait to try it on the baby!”


  • Curved cutting edges
  • Spyhole to view what you are cutting
  • Nail file suited for little fingers


  • Some parents complain that they don’t clip hard enough. Try them on your nails first

6.Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors

[amazon box=”B0050W627S” template=”vertical”]

The last one on our review list is the Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors that comes with rounded tips for child safety purposes. Due to the small design, these baby nail scissors are fit for precise small trimming tasks, and that conforms to baby fingers. Once you are done, it is advisable to place it in the protective case before storing to keep it out of baby’s dangerous adventures.

Since they are scissors with short blades, we recommend using them on newborns onward. For older kids, he or she can use until they are seven or eight years old.

What parents say

“I’m so glad to see this since my baby’s fingers were so small to fit in a clipper. He always scratched his face whenever he was hungry or generally crying, and everyone shouted about getting his nails short. I landed on Simba scissors, and that was the end of long infant nails. I also like the rounded edges feature since you are using them on a little one who is still learning. It’s one year now, and they are still operational.”


  • Small to fit tiny infant nails
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Long time use


  • They don’t cut well enough like round-edged nail clippers

Baby Nail Clippers Buying Guide

Now that you have six of the best baby nail clippers to look for, here is a guide to direct you on what you should look for before making the final purchase.

Types of baby nail clippers

You have some options out there for nails clippers suited for kids. We start with the traditional models that look like what you already use like the Safety first nail clippers. Also, there are baby nail scissors, and you can still go for the battery powered types for filing and trimming purposes like Little Martin’s.

According to most parents, they would prefer scissors to nail cutters for the infants and only get the cutters after the baby has grown older. Why? The nails are so thin, and with baby nail scissors, you can cut by tearing the nail off like you do to a paper plus there is more visibility. You see what you are cutting which helps avoid the skin.

However, when babies get older, scissors slowly become unlikable, and that is where the clippers and trimmers come in. The good thing about clippers is that you can use them for as long as you need plus some of them are suitable to be used by adults.

Another thing, if you are looking for something to take care of all nails, clippers will suit the job since toenails are harder than the finger comrades.

Additional features that baby nail clippers contain

We are living in a world of discoveries and technology taking over in almost every aspect of life. That is why baby clippers, which are just meant to cut nails will have the following features:

  • Curved cutting edges:It makes it easier to cut baby nails since they obey the shape and cut according to the nail’s course. If the edges are straight, the nails would have sharp ends, and it would be a little trickier to cut since they are tiny.
  • Battery powered:If you are looking for an effortless trimmer that you’ll just hold and let it trim, battery-charged baby nail clippers are the way to go.
  • LED lighting:Some of the nail clippers in our review have this feature. Having a source of light at the end of the clippers makes you see what you are cutting and avoid tampering with the skin. It also assists you to reduce them in the dark when they are asleep since babies are not the best friends when you need their nails short.
  • Emery boards:The reason why clippers and trimmers will have an emery board as one of the accessories is to smoothen the sharp nail ends. It is not a good idea to leave them jagged so emery will assist in rendering a smooth touch. Using it for the first time on your kid can be troublesome, but once you get along, they will also get used to it.
  • Magnifying glass:Some trimmers will come with one. Why? Baby nails are small, so you want something that will give you a better, enlarged view. It’s a useful feature to avoid nicking the young skin.
  • Spy holes:They are there to prevent accidents. A spy hole is a tiny hole on the baby nail clippers that helps you look at what you are about to snip out before doing unnecessary damage.

Our Favorite Baby Nail Clipper

Our best baby nail clipper vote goes to The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper. Apart from being just like the standard clippers with a smaller design to fit baby hands, it has a magnifying glass that enables you to see the tiny hands as adult sized and that is a great tool to avoid nicking. The handling is also superb thanks to the wide base at the back and a squeezing handle that requires minimal effort.

Little Martin’s drawer comes in as our second best since it has a trimmer will cushioned files for the baby and adults. It’s also battery powered, so the straining is somehow reduced. It makes a perfect fit for the family if you don’t want to get a separate trimmer for the child.


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