Can I Give My Baby Chapstick for Dry Lips?


As you must have already figured out, things that are pretty straightforward for adults simply transmogrify into monstrously discombobulating concepts before our very eyes when it comes to babies. For instance, if you need to stock up on some new cutlery, you just get to the store and stock up on anything that catches your fancy. Not so with babies. You need to check out so many things: the size, weight, whether it disengages into small parts, presence of sharp angles and all. And that’s even a simpler conundrum. How about this one? Baby chapped lips – to stick or not to stick.

We bet you’ve asked the question thousands of times and to all kinds of people: “can you put chapstick on a baby?” Well, the answer to that is no and yes. No in the sense that you can’t just dig out any old chapstick from your purse and slather it all over your baby. And yes because, there are more baby-friendly products you could get which are usable on babies. And we are here to give you a comprehensive review of our top four.

Quickly peruse this table we specially prepared for those of you in a hurry, if you are in a hurry. But if you’ve got the time, then buckle down because it’s going to be a slightly long but very fun ride.

Babyganics Organic Lip and Face Balm Boudreaux’s Baby Kiss Lip and Cheek Moisturizer Burt’s Bees Baby Kissable Cheeks Balm Nature’s Bees All Natural Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
Number of Items per Pack 4 1 1 24
Main ingredients Shea butter and Vitamin E Petrolatum, glycerin, mineral oil, castor seed oil, paraffin, resin, citric acid,  balsam Peru, and lanolin Beeswax, cocoa butter and vitamin E Olive oil, cocoa butter, artificial flavor, and coloring


Best 4 Chapsticks Baby Could Use

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1.Babyganics Organic Lip and Face Balm:

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We love this particular product especially because it’s organic. And as with most things, especially those you’d be using for your baby, organic products are the best and safest options you could go for. They don’t contain any harmful chemical that could affect your health negatively. Plus, they are completely safe for our ecosystem.

This baby chapstick from Babyganics is specially formulated from natural, plant-based ingredients for your baby. And to keep your mind at rest, pediatricians and dermatologists have tested and approved this product. So, no, you’re not poisoning your baby. All you want is for your baby to be comfortable with pouty, kissable lips, and that’s all this chapstick gives you. You’ll find that it does not contain any harsh chemical like sulfates, mineral oil, phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes, or even fragrances. In essence, every chance of an irritation or adverse reaction has been eliminated to a zero. And because it’s so safe, you can use the product as many times as necessary on your baby without fear.

In fact this chapstick is so great, it can be used on babies as young as a newborn. Sad thing it doesn’t contain UV protection but if you want something that’s enjoying raving reviews by many mums and dads, then this is a wonderful way to go.

What We Liked About It: It’s completely organic and does not contain harsh chemicals that could hurt your baby. Also, it comes in a value pack of 4 and can be used by babies of any age, from newborn up!

What We Didn’t Like: It has a kind of grainy feel (probably because of the Shea butter it contains). Plus, some customers would have preferred for the stick to come with UV protection.

2.Boudreaux’s Baby Kiss Lip and Cheek Moisturizer:

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So your kid is so cute everyone just wants to kiss them. Well, that’s enough to make any momma proud. But then, it doesn’t come without a price; your baby’s lips and cheeks get chapped. And then, they are not so kissable anymore. Well, it doesn’t have to remain this way, ergo the Boudreaux’s Baby Kiss Lip and Cheek Moisturizer. Whether your baby’s lips are chapped from excess love or wind burn, this chapstick will clear it up really easily.

Knowing how sensitive baby’s lips and skin are, it is very important that you’re sure of the ingredients of any anything you apply on them. Thankfully, this one is very safe. Well, even though it contains more ingredients than the first product we reviewed (that one’s organic after all), this item still poses no adverse side effect to your baby. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend anything less for you and your munchkin.

But here’s a fair note of warning. The manufacturers have admonished that this chapstick be used by only one individual and one individual alone. You should know already that it’s risky to share things exposed to bodily fluids between individuals. But if you keep it to one individual and apply generously, soon your baby’s discomfort will be over and their lips and cheeks will be as lovely and kissable as ever.

What We Liked About It: It’s great for newborns as well as older kids. Also, it is available in single packs as well as value packs of three.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Some parents might not be comfortable with the fact that it contains so many ingredients even though they are all safe.

3.Burt’s Bees Baby Kissable Cheeks Balm:

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Here’s another great option for a baby chapstick, if you still need to weigh your options. This one is the Burt’s Bees Baby Kissable Cheeks Balm. And yeah, it’s made of beeswax. Actually, it’s made of beeswax, cocoa butter and vitamin. All effective ingredients that are terrific for the skin. Your baby will sure enjoy the nourishing effects of cocoa butter and vitamin E.

This balm is very effective at relieving the pain and discomfort that comes from dryness of skin. All the ingredients are completely hypoallergenic, so they won’t harm your baby. And they won’t cause any adverse reaction either. You can apply it generously all over your baby’s face. And with continuous application, your baby’s skin will always feel silky smooth and soft no matter how many kisses he gets hourly.

For your peace of mind, this product has been well tested by various pediatricians and confirmed as okay! So, now you have a doctor’s opinion and you can rest easy. It does not contain any harmful chemical like parabens, petrolatum or phtlates. Plus, it was never tested on animals. Really awesome product, we must say!

What We Liked About It: Because it contains cocoa butter, it has this buttery soft feel that’s hands down amazing on the skin!

What We Didn’t Like About It: Apparently, the size seems to be a bit of a conflict for most. While some like the slightly larger than normal size for easy application, others would have preferred a smaller sized tube.

4.Nature’s Bees All Natural Cocoa Butter Lip Balm:

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Okay, so, here’s another chapstick for you. To be very specific, this chapstick isn’t targeted at babies, it’s usable by individuals of any age. However, we included this product on our reviews because of its constituent ingredients. Each one of them is completely safe, so much so they can be used on babies without any risk. And we won’t forget to add that this set of chapsticks is going to be so gentle on your pocket! It costs less than $20 for a pack of 24! Yet, it doesn’t feel cheap and is still very safe for your baby.

It does contain some flavor and coloring, though. So, if that bothers you, you can pass. But generally, it is safe for your baby, regardless. It contains olive oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter. But it does not contain parabens, a harsh chemical that isn’t good for your baby.

What We Liked About It: It is made of natural ingredients and is therefore safe for everyone – kids and adults alike. Plus, it is very affordable with its 24-pack for less than $20.

What We Didn’t Like About It: It contains artificial flavor and coloring, so it’s not 100% natural. And understandably, it can get any parent worried.

What Causes Chapped Lips?

chapped lips for your baby

Chapped lips are essentially dried lips and they can get so bad they begin to bleed. And there are many factors that contribute to this condition. We will highlight and discuss the biggest ones in a moment.

First off, we have dry air. Because lips are covered by a thin layer of skin, they tend to dry out at the slightest provocation. This is why during the winter, and in dry climates, your lips tend to get chapped very easily. So, that’s one reason.

Another reason can be too much sun. That’s pretty straightforward since it will cause dehydration which often leads to chapped lips. And then again, dry lips can be brought on by a cold. How? If your baby catches a cold and begins to breathe through their mouth, it will only be a matter of time before their lips get dry. This is because there is a continuous passage of air over the lips.

Lastly, licking your lips constantly can cause dry lips too. Now when babies begin to teeth, they salivate a lot. With saliva constantly touching their lips, eventually, their lips will get dry.

How to Treat Chapped Lips

Best Baby Chapstick for baby

Now, for adults, chapped lips are just an annoyance but for babies, they are a gargantuan problem. They make it very uncomfortable to feed and since they need to feed all the time, chapped lips generally make life miserable for your munchkin.

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And even though we know you’re pretty desperate to put your baby out of their misery, you can’t just up and apply any ole chapstick on your baby’s lips. There are so many additives that are not great for your baby in those tubes. Menthol, for instance, is not great for babies neither is any of the artificial coloring or flavoring that are usually found in adult chapsticks.

The primary reason you shouldn’t apply adult chapsticks on babies is because babies do not have as much control over their body as adults. Say the balm you choose is flavored, for instance, your baby is definitely going to lick it off their lips completely. You know kids are curious and experimental. And all those chemicals are not great for their health.

The good part is that there are baby lips chapsticks that you can get instead. These chapsticks are usually completely natural and do not contain any form of chemical that could be harmful for kids. But you have to be sure that you only get this type for your baby. You’ve seen all the many reasons you mustn’t order otherwise.


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