How Many Baby Clothes in Each Size? (& Choose the Right)


It’s not easy to know what is best when it comes to buying clothes for a tiny little tot you have not even met yet –  you can’t know for sure how big the baby will be or what shape. If it’s your first baby, what do you know what is practical even? But there are some tips you can follow when it comes to a little baby and some must-have types of clothing. Remember too, that babies grow at different paces too, and also like adults, their shapes and sizes are all different. Brands too will vary in size and shapes. Below is a general guide on sizes to help you:

  • Size 00000 is for the really tiny babies, prem babies whose weight is 2 kg and under
  • Size 0000 is for the newborns with weights from around 3 kg
  • Size 000 is for babies up to about 3 months, with weights from around 6 kg
  • Size 00 is for babies 3-6 months weight weights from around 8 kg
  • Size 0 is for babies 6-9 months with weights from around 10 kg
  • Size 1 is for babies 9-12 months with weights from around 12 kg

Baby Clothes Size Chart

Size 00000

It is not likely that you will find a full-term baby needing this size clothes. If you go over 40 week’s pregnancy, this size of baby clothing is probably not necessary. Many baby shops do cater for the tiny prem babies – it is not an unusual occurrence to find babies of this size.

Size 0000

Don’t go overboard buying clothes for this size which is the newborn size, especially as your newborn might weight in at 4kg+ – a closet full of 0000 won’t serve any purpose then. Just buy a few clothes in this size; maybe just the basics like a couple of grow-in suits or singlets. Still, even if your baby weighs in at 3 kg, in a couple of months they will have outgrown their clothes in any case.

Size 000

A few grow suits for this size baby is ample, up to around 3 months. Clothes that you can do up in the front will be ideal and allow you easy access to the nappy because, at this age, you will still be doing quite a bit of nappy changing.

Size 00

This size of clothing is for babies up to about 6 months. This age group is when a baby is eating solids and beginning to explore, so his clothes can start to become more soiled. It’s a good idea to have a few extra play clothes in this size.

Size 0

This size is for babies up to around 9 months. And as mentioned above, these clothes will be for an active baby who is eating and messing, and exploring and getting dirty. So naturally, it’s a good idea to have a few more outfits in this size as well. A good idea for this age group is to buy leggings and long pants or shorts because little dresses and skirts for girls can get caught up and tangled as she starts to explore and crawl.

Size 1

This size is for babies of about a year. Babies could be walking by now, so if it’s a little girl, you could be buying little cutie-pie dresses and skirts. As they wave goodbye to crawling around this time, you too can wave goodbye to frayed and dirty knees that the size 0 clothes babies would have worn. But don’t be misled – babies at this stage can still be pretty messy, so some extra clothes in this size will be a good idea too!

Tips for Choosing the Right Clothes Size for Your Baby

Essential Clothes to Buy for Your Baby

  • It’s a good idea to buy neutral colored clothes for your baby, colors to suit both sexes because as prem babies and newborns don’t wear their clothes for long, you will have clothes that could still look like new by the time baby number two comes around.
  • Wait till baby is more active before you buy more outfits. Sure, buy a few in the necessary sizes of 0000 and 000 but stock up later when you know baby’s gender and size, bearing in mind that you are likely to receive baby clothing as gifts, too.
  • Don’t take all the tags off of the new clothes immediately because if the sizes and fits aren’t right, or if it’s the wrong season, you might be able to exchange them.
  • Baby clothes that have press studs you will find easier to manage than buttons, especially when you are exhausted and have to get up in the middle of the night.
  • When buying baby clothes for someone else, the larger sizes are a good idea, because they are probably needed more and that someone else probably has clothes for their baby in the smaller sizes already.
  • Accept hand-me-downs and try and look for clothes for your baby that are made from natural fibers that won’t irritate his skin.
  • Babies and especially the very little ones don’t like having clothes pulled over their heads, so search for clothes that have front openings, etc.
  • If you want a “special” outfit to show off your new baby, it’s a good idea when you are going to out to have another outfit ready for when baby “messes” himself or herself. But apart from a couple of special outfits, don’t go overboard with buying these as they are generally not practical and baby will only wear them a couple of times.

Essential Clothes to Buy for Your Baby


  • Cotton singlets are essential in all the sizes.
  • Grow suits are highly practical, and you can buy a few that have feet and some without. The ones that come without feet are more suitable for a baby who is learning to walk. Buy some with short sleeves too, because they serve for winter too, under winter clothes
  • Grow suits with long sleeves, 1 or 2 even in the summer
  • Socks

Not so essentials

  • Baby shoes
  • Baby clothes that do up at the back
  • Designer clothes for newborns
  • Adult-type clothes for newborns like jeans or special t-shirts, etc.

Buy wisely and get the most value for your money – because that little tyke grows so fast!


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