Baby Names for Boys: 6 Useful Ideas for Baby Boys Names 2018


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Tell a Real Story by Starting With Your Name

Maybe you are pregnant; you’ve heard it’s a boy! And now you’re wondering about a name. Because when it comes to names, it’s not just any old name. Most parents carefully consider that name; they ponder and drool over pictures of babies, imagining their baby with the cutest, most original name that will give him his own individuality.  In fact, finding the most unusual, unique names for baby boys and girls is becoming like a new fad today.

A sometimes worried question that parents ask is, “will the name we give him affect his life?” Does a name make a difference? It’s complicated! You have to think whether his name might turn into a nickname and that could be good or bad.

Will Your Boy’s Name Color His Life?Boy's Name Color His Life

Over the past 70 years or so, there have been researchers trying to figure out the effects on people with unusual names. This is because it is thought that we humans’ identities are shaped by the way other people treat us. It is also thought that our name will color our lives as we interact with those around us.

Earlier studies found that men with uncommon names were more likely to be the ones who left school – probably to be loners later on in life. One such study discovered that psychiatric patients were the ones with the more unusual names; they were the more disturbed ones.

Today’s research is saying the effect of your name on you is nothing more really than the name your parents who brought you up, chose for you. That it’s really all about the different social classes that determine names – classes with different goals and opportunities. It is thought today that parents want their little boy or girl to have a name that will make them stand out rather than to fit in.

OK Then, So What Should You Call Your Little Boy?

Let’s have a look at what the most popular boys names have been for 2017 in the US:

  • Noah – Meaning Peaceful
  • Mason – Meaning Stone-Worker
  • Liam – It’s Short for William
  • Jacob – Meaning Substitute
  • Michael – Meaning Who Is Like God?
  • William – Meaning Protector
  • Ethan – Meaning Strong
  • Alexander – Meaning Defender of Men

For England and Wales, it’s a different story with top boy names being Oliver and Harry. Oliver has been the top boys name for four years in a row.

Actually, Choosing Your Boy’s Name Tells Us Who You Are!

Baby Names for Boys

It’s said that baby’s names are a matter of choice; no longer about tradition; that they reveal more about the people naming their baby. Better be careful what you call your little cherub! Your little baby boy will start off life with a clean slate and the name you choose for him might reveal more about your personality than it does your baby. Check this out for example:

  • If you choose an unusual name like Pilot Inspecktor, (Jason Lee’s son) or Kal-El (Nicolas Cage’s son), you seek the spotlight.
  • A baby with an old fashioned name like Homer (Richard Gere’s son) means you’re a bit on the conservative side.
  • Creative spelling of a baby’s name like Rocko (Johnny Knoxville’s son) means you dare to be unique; different.
  • Choosing a family name for your little boy means you’re sentimental. Like Jaden (Will Smith’s son) who is named after his mom.
  • If you give your son a pop-culture name, it means you’re looking for a confidence boost. Like Lennon (Liam Gallagher’s son).
  • Your boy, named after some destination, means you are adventurous. Like David and Victoria’s son, Brooklyn.
  • Choosing a unisex name for your baby boy, means you are focused on success. Like Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason. One couple chose to call their child Storm, deciding they wouldn’t let their family and friends know what the sex of the baby was until after it was born.

Some parents want their son to have unique, cool names. Modern parents sometimes look for edgy, exotic or sporty names in the hopes that their son will turn out special and unique like his name. Research is revealing that parents come to regret some of their name choices for their baby boy or girl because it was too popular. It makes them think their son or daughter’s name is statistical. But maybe it’s still better to stay away from the too “out-there” names – your child could well be ridiculed later on in life. Here are some really modern names for your little boy coming onto the baby-naming scene:

  • Axel
  • Phoenix
  • Zeke
  • Blaze
  • Zander
  • Ajax
  • Nixon

Take your pick!

There are some real zany names if you really want to look to the future with your baby boys names:

♥  Jett
♥  Mekhi
♥  Orion
♥  Gunner
♥  Solomon
♥  Caspian
♥  Constantine
♥  Slate
♥  Kace

After all, you might well be visiting him in Space sooner than you think with his home in the stars and his Space Balls car!

If you want to go tough, there is Rocco, or Harley, Steel or Wilder. And if you have dreams of your little boy turning into a famous athlete one day, you might like Duke, Blade, Ace or Spike. What about Rush or Breeze?

Hollywood or Rockn Roll for Your Baby Boy

Because Kourtney Kardashian decided to name her son, Mason, it is now ranking as the fourth most popular boy name in the USA. Fictional characters in the movies also play their role like Walter from Breaking Bad movie or Gus in A Fault in Our Stars. Then there’s Amsterdam from Gangs of New York, or Bastian from the Never Ending Story for example. He might want to beat his drums to names like Jagger, Zowie or Bowie!

What’s in a Baby Name?

Useful Ideas for Baby Boys Names

A name is important; it can affect your baby’s future. What you get is a cute, bright, engaging baby boy at the start, a clean plate. It is likely that he will want to fit in. The New York Times claims that parents are always searching the Web to figure out and evaluate names of babies. Quick searches reveal to them names they want to avoid; those that belong to serial killers, sex offenders or porno-stars. And according to Judaism traditions, a baby boy or girl’s name is his or her very first gift. What will you choose for your gift? Toy boys, bad boys, bell boys and naughty boys – some guys have all the luck and it might just be because of their name!


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