8+ Incredible Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar while Pregnant


Did you know that drinking apple cider vinegar while pregnant has incredible health benefits? Most likely, you save these delicious, crunchy apples as the primary ingredient in pies, cakes, and crispy snacks for your family especially during fall when they are ripe and plentiful. But maybe you never knew vinegar is an extract of apples, well, now you know, and you will be amazed how it can boost your health.

benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar while pregnancy


What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?have apple cider vinegar when pregnant

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a byproduct of fermented apples, most times its production process is sped up by aeration for commercial purposes. Two types of ACV are available in the market, the pasteurized (purified) and the unpasteurized forms. Pasteurized ACV is the most recommended for expectant mothers because it lacks the bacteria known as “mother” that is feared to have detrimental health effects on the unborn baby. Usually, it is a transparent substance that you can find at your local stores or supermarkets. However, critics say that its lack of bacteria makes it less impactful compared to its unpasteurized form.

Unpasteurized ACV is a cloudy organic apple vinegar that contains floating sediments (“mother”) which you can find at most health retailers around you. The mother is the gut-friendly enzymes that boost healing. Although it is linked to stillbirths, miscarriages and other adverse effects to the baby, its advocates vouch for it as the better option. Nonetheless, it is advisable to consult with your OB for better directions concerning the use of unpasteurized ACV based on his knowledge of your body.

Ancient civilizations have revered vinegar for its healing properties so why shouldn’t we?

With these said, let’s look into why you should drink ACV during pregnancy.

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Is It Safe to Have Apple Cider Vinegar while Pregnant?

1. Bloated stomach? Take Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water

An early nagging pregnancy symptom is bloating. You may have experienced stomach discomfort which is a result of the peak in hormonal activities during this time that relaxes your intestinal muscles. The result is slow digestion causing flatulence and even heartburns. To thwart these symptoms, take a glass of water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before or after a meal.

2. Skin breakouts? Use apple cider vinegar in your daily routine

The first or second trimesters of pregnancy are notorious for their extreme pregnancy symptoms including acne. Some mothers experience a hell of breakouts and they long to restore their clear skin. Again, hormonal changes are the cause specifically those known as androgens. It increases the secretion of sebum in the skin’s pores causing clogging and later inflammation. Apple cider vinegar has a remedy for this. If you use it as a toner for skin cleansing or drink it with water daily, your skin will start glowing in no time.

3. It relieves severe morning sicknesssevere morning sickness when pregnant

Organic ACV has a balanced pH; it is neutral making it an excellent home remedy for combating morning sickness. When you take it, it neutralizes stomach acidity and sets the stomach right providing relief.

4. Relief from urinary tract infections 

As a pregnant woman, you are susceptible to UTI’s especially as the fetus grows bigger by the day. It’s because more pressure is subjected on your bladder by the developing fetus making it hard for it to empty urine, this gives a chance for harmful bacteria to multiply in your urinary tract. ACV is a practical solution for UTI’s because it creates an acidic environment where bacteria can barely survive.

5. ACV as a detoxifying agent

ACV is a fantastic body cleanser. The enzymes it has aid in the elimination of toxic wastes in your body; therefore you kidneys are less strained, and it enhances blood circulation. Ultimately, improved blood circulation ensures that your baby receives vital nutrients for her development.

6. A cure for leg crampsHave Apple Cider Vinegar while Pregnant

Although the specific cause of pain in the calf and feet during pregnancy is unknown, ACV is an excellent home remedy because of its potassium levels.
Weight gain, poor blood circulation, or even hormonal fluctuations have a stake in the painful feet spasms. However, topical application of ACV or ingestion can cure this discomfort that can cause restless nights.

7. ACV regulates Blood sugar levels

When you drink ACV, it plays a role in the absorption rate of sugars into the blood and in slowing the breakdown of carbohydrates. After taking foods rich in carbohydrates, blood sugar levels are set to increase, but ACV regulates it. Expectant women can also benefit from using ACV as it may prevent gestational diabetes although there is minimal research on this subject.

8. Relief for allergies including coldsHave Apple Cider Vinegar while Pregnant

ACV has beneficial enzymes that are essential in improving the body’s immunity. When you take ACV, the recurrent sinus infections are reduced, and it assists in thinning mucus.

What You Should Consider about Apple Cider VinegarHave Apple Cider Vinegar while Pregnant

In this life especially when you are pregnant, you should take certain things with a pinch of salt. This means that anything you do or consume should be pregnancy-friendly. Therefore, bear these issues in mind before using ACV.

. ACV is highly acidic, and it can irritate your throat

· ACV can reduce your appetite causing you to eat less so you should consult with your OB before using it.

· ACV can erode your enamel if taken without diluting

· ACV supplements are not the best substitute as research shows that they lack ACV constituents and they may contain other unknown substances so it is safe to avoid them or if you are keen enough check the description properly before use.

· You may find ACV to be distasteful, but you can drink it with honey or enhance its taste with other flavors.

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Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar while Pregnanthave apple cider vinegar when pregnant

Although research into the benefits of ACV is not substantial, its use has an immense impact on people’s health. It is a very available home remedy for daily ailments mostly during pregnancy. It also comes handy as a healthier treatment option with a few side effects.

Therefore, check with your health practitioner first to clarify any issues then try out this healing elixir for a fulfilling pregnancy.


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