Ameda Purely Yours Vs. Medela Pump In Style (2018 Comparison Guide)


Many customers have found usefulness in these two products, but the benefits and flaws might make you wonder which is which? We are aware that some of the breast pumps in the market are perfect when you read the product description, but after using for some time, serious problems arise. The suction power is not the same as when you bought it before it stops at once. Others will give you a hard time packing everything, and since you are a mom with a schedule to keep up with, this becomes another nightmare if you have more things to carry.

Both Ameda purely yours ultra and Medela pump in style advanced breast pumps take care of the carrying specification so if you are attracted to both due to the cool tote they all have, what are the other features that will make you go for one instead of the other? That is the purpose of this review comparison.

We are going to look at Ameda vs. Medela breast pumps in a comprehensive summary and then compare both before we summarize. I hope that will give a vivid image of both and which one is superior.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Review

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Most physicians will recommend it due to its ease of use, longevity and it may be on the list of what your insurance can cover for. Medela pump in style is a double electric breast pump that is recommended for daily use to mothers who need to feed their infants but time does not allow among other issues. That means you can use it several times in a day with the help of a power cord attached to an outlet or batteries. A battery pack will enable you to pump on the go which makes it convenient for breast pumping sessions whenever you need to. After tapping the milk via the funnels directly into the bottle, there is a removable cooler bag that has a well-contoured ice pack to cool four breastmilk bottles as you wait to get home.

What Is In The Package?

  • One microfiber bag
  • Four 5oz breastmilk bottles with lids
  • One cooler bag
  • Pumping kit with 24mm breast shields
  • 9VAC adapter
  • One battery pack (buy 8AA batteries separately)

What You Get From Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

  • Secure packaging:You don’t have to remove the pump every time you want to use it. It is fastened in the bag using Velcro straps to stay in there while you are pumping or unfasten it if you need it out.
  • Sturdy build:The motor in the pump is made to pump whenever you need to with minimal failure according to experience and customer reviews. However, you need to know that it is a loud one that you can only consider to use while at home or in the zone where you are bothering no one. However, it is not a good idea to carry it to your work since the noise is not the best thing to listen to while attending to your employer’s demands.
  • Operation:Medela pump in style includes a two-phase expression technology with a one-touch let-down button. This feature enables the pump to begin the pumping session quickly with a light pull to represent the need for your milk to be flowing before stronger pumping that pulls out the fluid.
  • Single or double breast pumping:This device allows to pump both breasts at the same time or one of them. This is convenient depending on what you want it to do regarding the pumping ability.
  • Portability:If you are not removing the pump out of the bag, then you have the permission to use it while in the microfiber packaging and be ready to return the cooler bag, funnels, and tubing fast before you hit the road.
  • Accessories:Apart from the pumping kit, there is a cooler bag with ice packs in it to cool up to four bottles after pumping. You are sure that your milk will arrive in a proper state since the cooling prevents the hard work going to waste. Also apart from the power cord that you can use on an outlet or the car adapter, there is an 8AA battery pack to help you pump when you are not near a power source.
  • Dedicated pumping:You may find yourself in a situation that forces you to feed the baby exclusively from the bottle. If that is the case, this breast pump will collect all the milk you need without any problems.
  • Weight:The kit will request about 8 ½ pounds carrying effort which might be heavier than your just arrived newborn. If you are taking it for short distances and travel by a car, it might not be a problem for you. On the other hand, moms who walk a lot with the kit but consider a lighter weight or carrying less luggage before you leave the house.
  • Easy assembly:Everything is in the manual, and you have to get it right. For this Medela product, it is easy to get everything in order, so it does not give you a mechanical challenge if you are worried enough about how you will get the pumping done before joining the pieces together.
  • Care and maintenance:There is one thing you need to do after pumping – run the pumping kit for some time before putting it off. This measure prevents the moisture from condensing in the tubes which gives your baby uncontaminated milk from the next session.
  • Bottle materials:The bottles collect the milk directly from the funnels, so you don’t have to worry about spilling the milk when pouring it into collection bags. However, they are lightweight which makes them vulnerable to breakage or spills. Some consumers have suggested using glass bottles. They stay clean after long-time use.


  • Made for daily use, several times per day
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick milk pumping
  • Power cord or battery use


  • More expensive when compared to Ameda
  • Much heavier

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Review

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Here is another breast pump that you can land on to help you collect the baby’s milk. For the Ameda purely yours breast pump, it comes with manual controls that you can use to control the suction power and maximize on how the fluid flows to the bottles. To prevent milk from getting contaminated, it has proven airlock protection to keep it free of germs and viruses as you pump. The bottles are made of plastic material free of BPA which contributes to the overall lightweight nature of what you carry around before a pumping session.

What Is In The Package?

  • One breast pump
  • Carrying tote
  • Dual hygienikit milk collection system
  • Customized flanges
  • Car adapter
  • AC power adapter
  • Two extra valves
  • Disposable nursing pads
  • Six storage bags
  • Ice pack cooler bag
  • Instructions that include a DVD

What You Get From Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump

  • Suction power:The pulling force is excellent and will work for some time. However, you need to know how to maximize the potential and get the most comfortable settings for your session. Those who have used it complain about the deteriorating power after continued use due to motor break down and spoiling of the valves.
  • Single or double pumping:It is made to pump either breasts or both of them depending on the circumstance.
  • Weight:It is small and lightweight which makes it easy to carry everything around. It would be more convenient if it were battery enabled.
  • Milk bottles:They are built to collect directly from the flanges, so your work is to pump and put them away once they are full. This is much better if you are worried about spilling after filling the bottles. They are made of BPA-free plastic and are easy to clean after use.
  • Comfort:The pump will perform when required to, but there is something about getting comfortable on the nipples with the fittings. It does not give you the ultimate ease, so if you have sensitive nipples, you may not like the experience after a few times of use.
  • Quiet operation:This is a no for the Ameda. It is not quiet while pumping so avoid carrying it where silence is highly regarded.
  • Accessories:The Ameda package comes with a cooler bag that holds up to 6 bottles and a car adapter to use while in you are driving. There are also extra valves, milk collection bags, and disposable nursing pads.


  • The setup is a closed system
  • Cheaper than the Medela substitute
  • Convenient breast shields
  • Variety of power options
  • Large tote
  • Lightweight


  • It’s noisy
  • Many parts to assemble
  • Not comfortable while pumping
  • Anticipated break down after continued use

Comparison between Ameda Purely Yours Ultra and Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pumps

The packing tote

For Medela, the bag has Velcro straps that allow you to use the kit while in the bag or remove it. For Ameda, you have to remove and set up everything before returning which makes it a hassle. Also, Ameda’s tote does not allow a lot of stuff apart from the essentials. When you use the Medela bag, you will carry everything pertaining to the pumping kit plus anything else – a book, extra bottles, and other necessities.

Setting up

We mentioned about having to take everything out before setting up for the Ameda. This is not the case with Medela. The kit can stay in the bag as you pump and at times, it is not necessary to pull out the cooler bag.

Flanges, fittings, and valves

Ameda boasts of having a closed system which is good for the hygiene, but moms have complained about it being the reason for deteriorating pumping after continued use. The valves need replacing after some time, and the diaphragm sometimes sticks to the vacuum position. The good thing with Ameda is that the tubes remain clean after use. You also have to replace the flanges if you don’t get a comfortable fitting on your nipples.

Medela has an open system which contributes to the condensation in the tubes. However, running the kit for about two minutes after pumping clears out the moisture. You don’t need to replace the membranes that act as valves often when compared to Ameda.


When using the Medela, you need an external source of power every time you need to pump or the 8AA battery pack which makes it convenient to use it anytime. Ameda comes with a power cord, a car adapter but no battery pack which disqualifies it from being an on-the-go pump despite the carrying feature.

Cooling mechanism

Both breast pumps come with a cooler bag to help store the milk in cool temperatures. The Medela cooler bag holds four bottles which is less than the Ameda’s 6-pack cooler bag. The amount of milk you pump is the determining factor when it comes to the number of bottles you need. When it comes to durability, Medela’s cooler bag wins the day after Ameda users complain of not lasting enough to cool the milk.


They are all made of plastic for both products. However, Ameda’s bottles bold 4oz while Medela goes up to 5 oz. If you don’t like the plastic nature due to cleaning issues and their light nature, going for glass substitutes will be much better or other compatible bottles.

Motor operation

Your lactation consultant might tell you that the vacuum applied is the same but reviews have a different opinion. For Ameda, you can control the suction and speed. While this appears to be great for the user, adjusting so that the two can balance can be a challenging affair. For Medela, the two-expression technology does everything for you when it comes to suction and speed, or you can make the adjustments with the push of a button as you pump. Since Ameda’s motor may not last long, you may find yourself using a full suction setting later, but that does not make it faster than Medela.

Ease of cleaning

The flanges of both breast pumps are similar so washing them may require the same measures. However, for the Ameda, you have to take care of the valves too due to their clogging nature, and you have to make sure that you don’t damage in the process. For Medela, you may need to clean the tubes once in a week or so and wait for them to dry before the next pumping session.

Quiet operation

They are both noisy, and because of this, they disqualify if you are looking for a discrete option such as the Freemie. On the other hand, Ameda is considered to be louder than Medela.

Power options

The Medela breast pump goes ahead to provide you with a battery pack so you can pump anytime, anywhere regardless of whether you have an external power source or not. Ameda does not have the battery option, but it equals Medela when it comes to sourcing power from the car or house.

Which is Right for You?

After reviewing both products, Medela pump in style advanced breast pump appears to be more superior to Ameda purely yours ultra counterpart. If you are looking for a durable kit that will enable you to pump anywhere with ease, that goes to Medela. If you want a long-lasting breast pump to pump several times a day, choosing Medela seems to be the better option here.

Ameda is still suitable if you don’t pump a lot since it does not contain the battery pack and the issue of replacing valves can be a bother to many users.

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