8 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Fetal Development and Tips


By your eighth week of pregnancy, you’ve completed your second month of pregnancy, and your baby has grown to the size of a raspberry! With adorably diminutive webbed fingers and toes, your baby is busy at work making the transformation to a recognizable human being. By now it’s little tail should have disappeared, color pigmentation in the eyes will be taking place, and their little heart will be beating at the amazing rate of 160 beats per minute as they undergo growth at breakneck speed.

8 weeks pregnant

Measuring about 2 centimeters long, your baby will still have a more embryonic appearance rather than resembling a human; however, in the coming weeks, they will take on a profoundly increased human appearance.

Cozily embedded within the amniotic sac, your baby is snugly secure as the placenta does it work to tend to your baby’s needs via the formation of chorionic villi which serve to make fortified connections to the womb’s walls. During this time your baby will receive critical nutrients and nourishment from the membranous yolk sac attached to the embryo.

Many women will have their first doctor’s appointment during the eighth week of pregnancy. Be readily prepared to fill out an immense amount of paperwork as the eighth week of pregnancy is the point at which government documents must be registered to officially record your baby and allow it to obtain a birth certificate after its birth.

You’ve made it through the halfway mark of pregnancy!  Read on below to learn how to manage the coming weeks comprising the remainder of your pregnancy journey!

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pregnant women in their eighth week often complain of foul smells and various odors that are imperceptible to others. Seemingly, for a pregnant woman, everything stinks to the point of creating nausea. Due to the profoundly heightened sense of smell resulting from shifting hormones, nausea can become vastly pronounced and exacerbated by odors perceived to be foul.

Eighth-week symptoms also include the appearance of wild dreams that can take on a lucid9 Weeks Pregnant quality and also result in severely impacted sleep quality.

With so many symptoms increasing in severity along with the appearance of new ones, life for a pregnant woman can feel exceedingly frustrating at this point. Resulting from the rapid growth of your baby and swiftly changing hormonal levels, your body will take on a seemingly new form with enlarged breasts that may present with varicose veins and feel dense, heavy, and painful as a consequence of expanding lobules that are fast at work producing milk for lactation.

You may also find yourself experiencing constipation, which happens to roughly fifty percent of women during pregnancy. To help mitigate constipation, drink plenty of water (eight cups per day), consume plenty of vegetables and fiber-rich foods, and ensure that you are exercising even just a little bit each day. A daily walk spanning just 15 minutes will yield myriad benefits including helping with constipation, anxiety, stress, and more.

Exercise will also provide you with the strength and endurance to deal with your baby’s incredibly fast growth and the ensuing physical adjustments your body makes as a result. An added bonus of exercise (although it may seem counterintuitive) is that it actually combats fatigue and exhaustion by reinvigorating and energizing you.

Your Baby’s Health and Status: 8 Weeks Pregnant Baby

At eight weeks, your baby now measures about two centimeters in length and is still undergoing rapid development. With their little toes and fingers beginning to form, they have an almost ethereal look to them with their transparent papery skin and embryonic appearance.

Your baby’s upper body grows at a much faster rate than its lower body as a consequence; they have long arms and disproportionately short legs with an enlarged head.

By this time, your baby will have also experienced the disappearance of its tail and more importantly will have reached the point in your pregnancy term where the embryonic stage concludes, and the fetal stage is heraldedin.
As this process takes place, your baby’s intestines will grow in length until the point at 9 Weeks Pregnantwhich they essentially run out of room to grow within the abdominal area, thus resulting in the beginnings of a protruding umbilical cord that will exist until the twelfth week of your pregnancy.

Depending on the sex of your baby, the gonads are also forming at this time into ovaries or testicles, while the strengthening and fortification of their little bones begin to take place with body parts such as wrists, joints, and elbows beginning to take shape.

Of particular fascination for pregnant women in week eight is the clarifying and sharpening of their baby’s facial features. With clearly visible ears, jawline, mouth, and a cute little nose, your baby is now beginning to develop its human face.

At this point, your little champ weighs in at around .04 of an ounce, and while diminutively-sized, your baby is a tiny entity that will continue to grow at the lighting-fast rate of about a millimeter per day.

Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 8 Weeks Pregnant

  • When purchasing maternity bras, select bras that are one to two sizes larger than your normal size to comfortably accommodate your rapidly growing breasts
  • Get plenty of sleep – fluctuating hormones result in an elevated blood supply which can greatly impact blood pressure and levels of blood sugar. Among the best remedies for this is obtaining plenty of quality sleep
  • Avoid any heavy lifting or carrying heavy items
  • Maintain exercise and a healthy diet
  • Practice your relaxation techniques
  • Avoid harmful and toxic substances as much as possible
  • Avoid sitting in a fixed position for too long in addition to standing for too long. Take breaks, move around, and get your blood flowing
  • Go ahead and daydream! You’ve earned the right. Consider baby names, nursery room design schemes and more
  • Experiencing darkened nipples? It’s because of the hormonal changes within your body resulting in darker areolae
  • Your nipples may grow larger through a process called Montgomery tubercles which the development of glands on the aureole
  • Perfectly harmless, a dense yellow mucous referred to as colostrum may begin to discharge from your nipples

To-do List and Reminders at 8 Weeks Pregnant

  • Discuss with your healthcare provider where you will be giving birth and what diagnostic9 Weeks Pregnant tests and various screenings you will be undergoing in the near future
  • Be prepared to have your blood drawn at your medical appointment to check for white and red blood cell counts, hormone levels, and the presence of any sexually transmitted diseases and Hepatitis B and more
  • Prepare to provide urine samples which will measure your protein and glucose levels to indicate the presence of maladies such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes
  • Emotionally brace yourself for the inevitable weight gain. At this point, it is common to have gained anywhere from four to six pounds
  • Try not to let the frustratingly constant urge to urinate drive you crazy. Your womb has by now doubled in size and is pressed right up against your bladder which causes an incessant need to urinate.
  • Invest in books about pregnancy. Reading up on pregnancy can quell many of your fears, stress, and anxiety as well as create a greater understanding of the complicated processes your body and baby are going through.


Colostrum: a dense yellow mucous that begins to discharge through your nipples

Montgomery tubercles: Involved the enlargement of your nipples through the development of glands located on the aureole

Cool Things to Know

  • Right about now your baby’s taste buds are forming
  • While your baby’s eyes are undergoing their transformation and now have fully formed eyelids, they will not fully open until the 26-week mark
  • At the eight-week mark, your baby is no longer referred to as an embryo. Ratheritis now referred to as a fetus due to the fact that the embryonic stage has concluded and the fetal stage has been ushered in
  • Your uterus is has now grown to nearly the size of a grape fruit!

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