7 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


By the seventh week of your pregnancy, you have just passed the milestone of getting halfway through your first trimester. From here on out, until the birth of your baby, you should have regular visits with your doctor to undergo a battery of critically important tests and physical check-ups.

7 Weeks PregnantAt this point, your baby is growing at a swift pace, and as a consequence, your body will experience a range of intensely fluctuating symptoms, with fatigue being among the most prevalent condition. Fatigue may become so marked that it feels as if you are constantly exhausted despite receiving plenty of sleep.

Meanwhile, the supply of blood within your body is proliferating, resulting in an overabundance of fluid in your bladder, thus creating the urge to urinate on a near-constant basis.

Physically, you will have already started to show symptoms of pregnancy, with a protruding and swollen belly and comprehensive bloating throughout your body.

Your baby has at this point nearly doubled in size and is now the size of a small grape or blueberry. Previous ultrasounds will have shown an extended tailbone featuring a tail-like stub protruding from your baby’s body; by week seven the tailbone begins to shrink, and the “tail” will eventually disappear altogether.

While the tailbone begins to shrink, many of your baby’s other features start to expand, with internal organs developing at a lightning-fast rate. By this point in time, a liver and appendix will have formed, both of which are tasked with the production of critically important red blood cells.

Read on below to learn how to manage week seven in your pregnancy, with tips on emotional health, physical well-being, and ensuring the optimal fitness of your soon-to-be-born baby.

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Although your belly may be slightly protruding and you’re feeling swollen and bloated all over, you are not yet at the stage of pregnancy where you will experience a massive tell-tale bump indicating that you’re expecting.

Urges to urinate may become even more pronounced during this time and is resultant from7 Weeks Pregnant the burgeoning womb pressing up against your bladder.

Expect to feel immense thirst in week seven due to significantly elevated blood volume in your body. Although it may further exacerbate the urge to constantly urinate, it is of critical importance to remain thoroughly hydrated. Ensure that you drink at least eight cups of water a day to provide your body with proper hydration.

Cramping is a very common pregnancy symptom that women experience alongside accompanying spotting. Experiencing cramps throughout your pregnancy term is a normal phenomenon, and you should expect to feel cramping and slight pulling sensations as your baby continues to grow and your body adapts to accommodate the burgeoning fetus. Commonly, pregnant women also experience ultra-sensitivity to their cervix; thus, spotting will be apparent after sexual activity.

New and surprising symptoms may begin to present themselves such as inflamed and bleeding gums that occur while brushing your teeth. Not a matter of great concern, the bleeding gums are a by-product of heightened hormonal levels and merely require a standard dentist appointment to ensure favorable dental health during your pregnancy term.

Nausea, odd food cravings, food aversions, morning sickness symptoms, vomiting, and breast tenderness will for many women be at all all-time high at week seven of their pregnancy. To manage the plethora of symptoms you are going through, enlist the support of friends and family to help you with tasks, chores, and assisting you in providing comfort. Additionally, ensure that you are regularly practicing relaxation techniques and obtaining a modicum of exercise to help mitigate the weakness you feel and to build strength and endurance.

Your Baby’s Health and Status: 7 Weeks Pregnant Baby

Growing at a remarkable momentum, your baby has begun the transformation from an embryonic shape to maturing into a tiny person with pronounced stub-like arms and eggs, a tiny little tail that is in the process of disappearing, and a fully-functioning beating heart.

During this time, features such as a little tongue and mouth are forming, while your baby’s7 Weeks Pregnant brain grows at a rapid rate such that the size of their head is disproportionately oversized to the rest of their body at this point.

Your baby’s nervous system is also burgeoning at this point in your pregnancy. As their complex system of nerves develops, your baby will begin to make marked movements resulting from the signaling of the spinal cord and brain to the various muscles within their body. Relatively soon, your little baby will begin to be able to experience things like taste and temperature changes.

Along with your baby’s rapidly developing nervous system, it’s various organs, bones, and muscles continue to grow, with the appendix and intestines already fully formed at this point. Meanwhile, your baby’s formerly primitively shaped eyes are now beginning to under a sophisticated metamorphosis with the occurrence of a fully formed lens and retina that have undergone attachment.

Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 7 Weeks Pregnant

  • In addition to avoiding toxins and harsh chemicals, among your most important goals during pregnancy should be the avoidance of people who are sickly, generally unwell, or experiencing the flu virus. Ensure that you practice extreme caution around sick persons, in addition to avoiding cat and dog waste, which can carry parasites that can cause miscarriage
  • It’s not uncommon for many doctors do not see patients who are categorized as low-risk until the eight, nine, or ten-week mark of pregnancy

To-do List and Reminders at 7 Weeks Pregnant

  • Maintain your exercise routine
  • Regularly take your prenatal vitamins and supplements
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruit, and high-quality protein
  • Enlist family and friends to be sources of emotional support for you in addition to providing you assistance with tasks and chores
  • Prepare yourself for an upcoming litany of tests including giving blood samples, providing urine and cells from the cervix via a pap smear


Pregnancy Gingivitis: Many women will experience this condition during pregnancy. Resulting from wildly fluctuating hormonal changes, gums become inflamed, painful, and bleed when teeth are brushed and flossed

Pap smear: Also known as a Pap test, this is a procedure to screen for cervical cancer by identifying the presence of any cells of a cancerous or precancerous nature existing on the uterine opening (cervix). Women over the age of 21 should be getting regular pap smears, particularly those with a history of cancer or those expressing a compromised immune system

Cool Things to Know7 Weeks Pregnant

  • At week seven in your pregnancy, your baby is furiously developing, with brain cells being generated at the rate of one hundred per minute!
  • During this time in your pregnancy, your baby will go on to develop its specific blood type
  • Incredibly, some women at seven weeks pregnant will experience no debilitating symptoms at all
  • An ultrasound will clearly show your little baby’s diminutive fingers and toes at this point in your pregnancy
  • In the next few days during week 8, your baby will grow full formed eyelids!

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