How To Tell You Are Having a Boy or Girl With Your Pregnancy?


You’re pregnant. You’re excited, and you really want a girl. Sure, if the baby is healthy, you’ll be ecstatic. But, if the baby is a girl and healthy, everything will be perfect. People have, for as long as humans have walked the earth, tried to determine the sex of an unborn baby.

It’s part of nature, and it’s natural to be curious of the unknown.

And while there are signs you are having a boy or girl, this doesn’t always mean that they’re 100% accurate.

Yet, it’s still loads of fun to sit down and try to determine if you’re carrying a boy or girl.

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signs that you are having a boy or girl

Early Signs You Are Having a Boy or Girl

1. Baby Bump Height

It seems like a longshot, and it might be, but people always tell their friends and family that the height of the bump dictates the gender of the baby. This old wives’ tale goes something like this:

  • Carrying low means that you’re having a boy
  • Carrying high means that you’re having a girl

So, the next time you’re looking in the mirror, try and tell which way you’re carrying. While this method may not be backed by any scientific background, it’s been passed down through the ages and has a 50% accuracy rate.

2. Bump Shape

While staring in the mirror trying to determine if you’re carrying low or high, you’ll also want to pay attention to the shape of the bump. A bump’s shape is said to be all over the place if you’re carrying a girl.

If you’re carrying a boy, not only will dad be super happy, but you’ll have more of a ball shape than a wide shape.

3. Morning Sickness Indicators

Morning sickness is horrible. You may throw up, you’ll hate eating waffles – which you love – and everything you eat seems to come right back up. The truth of the matter is that even science doesn’t know why women suffer from morning sickness.

But, there is an old tale that many women swear works well in baby prediction.Profile view of young pregnant woman sitting on the bed covering her mouth feeling nauseous in early stages of pregnancy. 

The tale goes a little something like this:

  • Easy morning sickness indicates a boy
  • Terrible bouts of morning sickness indicates a girl

I don’t know about you, but I am seeing a clear indication that someone favors boys when they try and predict gender.

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4. Food Cravings and Choices

Pregnancy is odd. Your hormones are off the charts, and all of a sudden you have cravings for ice cream and pickles. It sounds gross, and it is to most people, but it’s something you desire almost as much as you do breathing – or eating pizza.

If you’re having a little girl, it’s said that you’ll like:

  • Sugar
  • Spice

You know, ice cream followed by a hot and spicy burrito.

Boys, on the other hand, are said to cause a woman to eat hearty foods. This is the burger and fries type of meals that you won’t be able to get enough of when pregnant.

So, if you’re finding that you like sweets more than anything else, this may be a sign that you’re having a girl.

5. Urine Color

The color of your pee may be an indicator of your baby’s gender, or it may be an indicator of your hydration level. We know for sure that you’ll be peeing in a lot of cups when you’re pregnant as doctors will be taking tests to ensure everything is moving along as planned.

But, there is an old tale that the color of your urine is a predictor of your baby’s gender.

The idea is that:

  • Cloudy, dull and light urine means you’re having a girl
  • Dark, neon urine means you’re having a boy

I wouldn’t put much credibility into the urine color test, but some women swear that it works well for them. It could also be that the prenatal vitamins are causing the neon-like urine.

6. Fetal Heart Rate

Electronic monitoring of the baby's heart.One of the signs you are having a boy or girl is said to be the fetal heart rate. There are predictors that can help you through this sign, but it’s rather simple really. See, you need to determine the following first:

  • The fetal heartbeat

If the fetal heartbeat is 140+ per minute, rumor has it that you’ll be having a baby girl. Fetal heart rates that are slower tend to indicate that you’re having a baby boy.

7. Chinese Lunar Calendar

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is a thing of extreme intrigue. Found in a 700-year old royal tomb, the calendar has been used by women across the world to try and determine the gender of their baby. And, for a lot of women, the calendar is correct.

But there are also women that are thinking they’ll have a boy only to have a girl.

This method is a lot of fun, and I must admit it is intriguing to think that a foolproof method of telling a baby’s gender has been found in an ancient tomb. And it can’t hurt to use the calendar to try and predict the sex of your baby.

Just don’t put 100% faith in the method as studies show it has the same chance of being accurate as any other method.

Forget Signs and Go With Science

Signs can be confusing, and they’re not always accurate. There will always be a chance of a boy or a girl, and with 50/50 odds, there are sure to be a lot of people stating that the signs above really work. I wouldn’t put much stock into them personally because they’re never 100% accurate.

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But, there are a lot of advancements lately that allow you to know for sure if you’re going to have a boy or girl.

  1. Genetic blood test: Yup. A genetic blood test is a great way to determine the sex of a baby. This method can be done at the 7 week and beyond mark, and it’s a procedure that has been done for years outside of the United States. Small DNA strands are found in the mother’s bloodstream that have a 95% – 99% accuracy. If the male Y chromosome is present, there is a very high chance that you’ll be having a baby boy in the near future.
  2. Amniocentesis: This method of determining the sex of a baby is a little bit more invasive than a simple blood test. This method poses a small risk of causing a miscarriage, so it may not be a risk that your doctor allows you to take. Amniocentesis involves putting a needle in the fluid surrounding the baby and analyzing the chromosomes present. This method can also indicate any abnormalities in the baby, too.

The truth is that you can do everything in your power, but when it comes to the gender of your baby, it’s out of your control. The best an eager-to-know woman can do is hope that her child is strong and healthy – no matter the gender.


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  2. The heart beat one is totally false, because the heart beat of a fetus is based on the age of the fetus (the heart beat slows down as you get closer to reaching full-term). The heartbeat will likely be WELL OVER 140 beats per minute in early pregnancy (think more like 170), but may be UNDER 140 beats per minute during the latter part of the third trimester.

    Also, does anyone else notice that these types of “tests” skew towards a boy-pregnancy being “better”? (“Pregnant with a girl means more morning sickness, more acne; pregnancy with a boy means “dad will be overjoyed” — sucks to think that your dad doesn’t love you as much if you are born a girl.)


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