5 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


It’s the fifth week of your pregnancy, and unsurprisingly, you may have started to experience a range of mild discomforts. In addition to sore and tender breasts, intermittent fatigue, and a near-constant urge to urinate, many women will at this time start to experience morning sickness and inexplicably odd food cravings.

5 Weeks PregnantDespite morning sickness symptoms making an appearance in week 5 of pregnancy for many women, it is quite possible that you won’t experience it for at least a few more weeks. Remember, pregnancy and its litany of symptoms are different for every woman; what you experience during your pregnancy won’t necessarily mirror that of other pregnant women’s experiences.

Still relatively early on in your pregnancy, your body will not have undergone any strikingly dramatic physical changes, which fascinatingly is in stark contrast to the myriad changes going on inside your body.

Although exercise is probably among the activities you least want to partake in, it is of fundamental importance to incorporate into your lifestyle at this point in your pregnancy. Soon, you will be putting on an abundance of pregnancy weight, which comes with accompanying aches from the strain of the extra weight on your body.

Regular exercise not only assists with helping you build the strength to manage the rapid weight gain but also has the added benefit of reducing any stress and anxiety you may be going through. Importantly, exercise also prepares your body for the physically taxing birthing process but also helps to facilitate your recovery post-pregnancy.

Read on below for more essential information, facts, and tips on managing your fifth week of pregnancy.

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

By week five of your pregnancy, the HCG levels within your body are exceedingly high – enough to create emotions that simply feel unmanageable and out of control. Mood swings5 Weeks Pregnant may become increasingly more prevalent, and the unpleasant emotions you are dealing with are exacerbated by frustrating symptoms such as a constant need to urinate in addition to progressively tender, swollen, and painful breasts.

As your body starts to undergo critical hormonal and physical shifts, your emotional state can start to vacillate from anger to sadness and many other unpleasant emotions. As such, week five of your pregnancy is an opportune time to institute an exercise regime.

Although nausea and fatigue may at times feel overwhelming, it is important to remember the many benefits of exercise that will ultimately render your pregnancy an easier and more manageable experience.

Reducing anxious feelings, preparing your body for the upcoming and rapid weight gain, and building endurance for the critically intense birthing process are among the most important benefits of exercising during pregnancy.

Cramps impede wanting to exercise and often start occurring during week five. Indicative of the broadening of your uterus as the embryo soundly situates itself within it, cramping is a common symptom that is not a cause for worry unless it is chronic and exceedingly severe, at which point you should schedule an immediate appointment with your health provider.

Among the more innocuous symptoms of the fifth week of pregnancy are odd food cravings. Pregnant women infamously crave the most unique of food items and combinations with sour-tasting items being among the most prevalent. Sweet and sour food combinations are hugely favored by pregnant women, with unusual combinations such as ice cream and pickles being common.

Go ahead and indulge guilt-free in your food cravings; however, be mindful that you don’t want to overeat and take in a massive amount of calories nor do you want to partake in junk-food binge sessions too often.

For the sake of your own health and the health of your baby, your diet should be balanced and largely consist of fresh, whole foods and plenty of vegetables, fruit, and high-quality protein.

Your Baby’s Health and Status: 5 Weeks Pregnant Baby

At the week five mark, your baby measures about 9 millimeters. Roughly the size of your pinky fingernail, your tiny baby is undergoing incredible physical changes and now has 5 Weeks Pregnantprimitive hands, feet, and an infinitesimally teeny brain.

Meanwhile, the outermost layers of your amniotic sac are steadily developing into the placenta, advancing into the velvety walls of your womb to ultimately establish a nutrient-rich blood that will nourish your baby as well as provide it oxygen via the umbilical cord.
Securely housed within your uterus and receiving an abundance of nutrients, the embryo is now growing expeditiously at breakneck speed and will soon start developing a spine, heart, and evolving brain.

Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 5 Weeks Pregnant

  • Invest in a sports bra for easing much of the discomfort associated with tender, painful breasts
  • Ensure that your surroundings are healthy and safe. During your pregnancy, you will want to stay far away from heavy metals such as mercury and lead, harsh chemicals such as those found in common cleaning products, and sources of radiation. Take a critical look at your home and work and determine if you need to make any environmental changes.
  • Don’t take your water for granted. Many homes have old, rusty pipes pumping out your water supply. Invest in a high-quality water filtration system to help mitigate any of the harmful elements within your water
  • Don’t stress about the need to constantly urinate; it’s a symptom that comes with the territory and is reflective of the expansion of your kidneys occurring in your pregnant state
  • Nausea and morning sickness symptoms can be made more manageable with the ginger (raw, candied, or even capsules) in addition to eating frequent meals throughout the day
  • To help from binging on junk food in the midst of food cravings, prepare portions of healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, and fresh vegetables in small Ziploc bags
  • Ensure that you remain hydrated – drink plenty of water to keep your system lubricated and your health and energy levels optimized

To-do List and Reminders at 5 Weeks Pregnant

  • If you haven’t already, make a prenatal appointment as soon as possible. You will want to start considering who your doctor (or midwife) will be during your pregnancy so that you can establish a rapport, ask questions, get timely ultrasounds and tests, and more.
  • Do your homework and find out as much as you can about the medical histories of both your family and your partner’s family to determine if any genetic conditions, risks, complications or abnormalities exist that might ultimately impact the healthy birth of your child
  • Establish an exercise routine. Walking and swimming are great low-impact options that are manageable for pregnant women
  • Maintain your vitamin regime inclusive of a prenatal vitamin, vitamin D, and folic acid


Yolk sac: The yolk sac function on an interim level and nourishes your baby with crucial nutrients and provides it with an abundance of red blood cells provides nourishment until the job is taken over by the developed placenta.

HCG: An acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG is a hormone produced by pregnancy

Cool Things to Know

  • At this point, the embryo is about five millimeters in length, the size of a sesame seed, and resembles a tadpole!

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