5 Practical Ways to Control Anger And Emotions During Pregnancy


Hey, mom-to be! Tired of the rollercoaster of emotions and anger that can flare up anytime? Well, you do not have to worry, that little human growing in your belly is mostly to blame for it (in a good way). In due time your bundle of joy is set to arrive, and it is going to be one-of-a-kind life-changing moment. But before that, you need to be in a healthy emotional state. Well, your baby depends on you, and they are sensitive to external stimuli as well as your emotions which affects them directly.

It is normal to feel irritated by even the little things in life. Losing a key, a cluttered house, your partner who does not place dishes in the sink, and also missing out on that most awaited sale! These are just a tip of the iceberg of the situations that can cause tensions to run high even when you least expect. Although we barely talk about the ugly side of pregnancy, the truth of the matter is that some issues need to be addressed.

If you want to stay on top of your pregnancy blues, have a look at these five ways that will be helpful in controlling your anger and emotions, or rather keeping them at bay.

Things You Should Know Before Addressing Your Anger

control your emotion and anger during pregnancy

The early side effects of pregnancy like nausea, fatigue, aches, and pains along with the fear of not carrying successfully to term can have you flying off the handle quite easily. These symptoms can make you very uncomfortable that you may just lose it. As you progress in your pregnancy, some of these symptoms may worsen, you may not be sleeping well, and a lot of pressure exerted on your bladder ultimately triggers anger and emotions.

Besides the adverse effects of pregnancy, hormonal and biological changes that your body is subject to can get you boiling in anger. Your hormones are changing, and your body is working full time to accommodate your baby. The effects can overwhelm you, and at times you may think that you are bordering on craziness, but you are not. In some cases, you may even push away your family members, but you will get the hang of it with time, so don’t overthink about the situation.

Stress is another culprit. Besides the discomforts of pregnancy, as an expecting mother, you are not exempted from the daily stresses of life. If you are a working mom, your job still demands you to be productive, if you have other children they crave your attention among other things. Life goes on, and you cannot sleep through the entire nine months. However, it is good to choose your fights; it might be an unreasonable coworker that sets you off, or that long drive to work during the peak hours that triggers conflicting feelings. Some things you should let slip while others you should try to find a way around them.

Knowing If Your Experience Is Normal or If You Need Professional Assistance

learn to control your emotion

For the upcoming nine months, you are bound to experience bouts of anger due to some raging hormones and stress factors. Although stress and anger are part and parcel of everyone’s day to day life, pregnancy has a way of escalating the situation.

For most women, their anger and emotions may not raise any concerns, but for some, it can be worrying. You may have mood swings and overwhelming feelings that significantly impact how you function; it can cause you to detach yourself from others and even cause depression. In such a situation, you need to consult with your doctor; they can refer you to a therapist who can help you.

If you are unsure, your family and friends can help you know if indeed you need counseling based on their judgment.

The Impact of Anger on Your Baby’s Health

If you question the effects of anger on your unborn baby then you must be treading softly or fearful of harming your child. You should be cautious because anger is an emotion that affects your baby.

When you are stressed and angry, your body releases cortisol, a stress hormone, which passes to the baby through the placenta. High levels of this hormones are detrimental to the well-being of your child as it is linked to pre-term labor and underweight newborns. Additionally, the effects to the child can be long-term even during their childhood as they may have behavioral issues although the research about this is not conclusive.

Therefore, do not guilt yourself for feeling irritable just find coping mechanisms that will help you blow off some steam. Every human has stressors in their lives same as you. Eventually, when you can control your emotions, you and your baby reap the benefits of it.

Tips to Manage Anger And Emotions During Pregnancy

Now that you know the importance of anger control, you need to check out these chill pills that will elevate your emotions. They are actionable and entirely safe for your pregnancy.

1.Schedule rests

Manage Anger And Emotions During Pregnancy

The importance of resting during pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. With your body undergoing immense changes, now is the best time to relax. Put your feet up sometimes and get re-energized with a light nap if your body needs to.

When you rest you are doing you and your baby a huge favor, not only will you get more energy but blood flow to your uterus increases and your child gets sufficient nourishment of nutrients. Also, you strengthen your immunity against blood pressure related issues such as preeclampsia as resting relieves strain on your heart.

Although we live in the fast life where jobs, family, and other factors always keep us on toes, you should squeeze in rest times. If you prefer morning rests then do it, other women like resting during the day. You can incorporate power naps, and bed rests in your daily schedule as much as you can.

2.Reconnect With Self and Your Significant Other

Reconnecting with the things that spark your energy and your partner has a positive impact on your pregnancy. When you focus on your interests, your body releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins. Whether it is painting, singing, cooking, or reading now is the time to indulge in these activities.

If you also love yoga which is a pregnancy-friendly activity go ahead and enroll in such classes, or you can do it from the comfort of your home. Buy a yoga mat and look up YouTube videos of yoga instructions – and meditate.

You and your partner can reconnect by re-discovering the love that you share. Go out on dates, go together to antenatal classes and goof around if you can – it enhances your emotional state. The outcome of a sound psychological state is high tolerance of stress that may come when the baby arrives.

3.Rejuvenate Your BodyManage Anger And Emotions During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant you need to eat healthy – fortified whole grain, leafy greens, fruits, proteins – should form the bulk of your diet. Plenty of water is also essential to mitigate symptoms of pregnancy such as constipation, and it keeps you hydrated.

Your body becomes more nourished and rejuvenated giving you more energy. At the same time, you can put in some light exercises which are known to be energy boosts.

Swimming, taking walks and other non-strenuous activities will leave you feeling great, do them often while also eating high-calorie meals to supplement your energy.

4.Rid Yourself of Stress and Conflict

You should reduce stressors in your life as much as you can. Set boundaries where you need to and tell your family and friends of things that trigger you to react in a certain way. Also, do not sweat on the small stuff, these are the trivial things that you should not dwell on much like if you hate that your partner always leaves the toilet seat up.

Speak life to your inner self, it may not seem helpful, but you can train your mindset to focus on the positive. For instance, say something like “Today I will be grateful for life’s blessings” so that you appreciate things throughout the day.

You can also take some time off when in tough situations for composure so that you are level-headed enough to face the situation.

5.Release and Live Freely

Stop worrying about what people think, most importantly if you come off as not always being happy about being pregnant. It is normal not to be pleased with being pregnant as it has its highs and lows.

Cut back on your to-do-list. It does not hurt to have free time when you don’t have to be productive. It is one way of reducing the overwhelming feeling of meeting deadlines or always doing something. 

Final Thoughts about Pregnancy Emotion

Try these tips for a rewarding pregnancy journey. You will look back and have a good laugh at times you acted out, but you will be glad you weathered the storms of pregnancy.


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