37 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


By week thirty-seven, you may feel like your baby is fully developed due to its enormous size and ability to kick and punch up a storm within your uterus. However, at this time in your term, you are still in the phase referred to as pre-term and baby won’t receive “full term status” until week thirty-nine in your pregnancy.

With week thirty-nine just around the corner, the baby will make breakneck speed during the full maturation of its brain and lungs before it he or she is born.

More than likely, your little one will have “engaged,” and have rolled over quite a few times before settling into an ultra-comfortable inverted position within the deep confines of your pelvic area.

This position prepares baby for their impending birth while also giving them a bit more space to practice their favorite movements. Now that baby has become engaged; you will have experienced “lightening.” Lightening merely describes the relief you feel from the easing up of pressure on your lungs and diagrams, thus enabling you to breathe freer, easier, and at a more comfortable rate.

To learn more about week thirty-seven of pregnancy and all of its captivating developments, read on below!

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

During week thirty-seven, you will more than likely continue experiencing most of the symptoms you experienced in week thirty-six.

However, if your baby recently turned into its optimal birthing position, you will have found that your breathlessness issues have largely abated and heartburn symptoms have become significantly decreased.

This time in pregnancy is marked by an immense sense of discomfort, as you struggle to find comfortable positions to sleep, rest, and even sit in. Your belly takes center-stage in everything you do, and as you waddle to and fro with a continuously shifting center of gravity, you may find yourself more accident prone than ever!

A sampling of the most common symptoms that pregnant women experience in week thirty-seven is as follows:

Body and back aches and pains Clumsiness Constant urge to urinate
Carpal-tunnel like symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and pain in the wrists, hands, and fingers Swelling, bloating, increased fluid retention Urinary Tract Infection symptoms like burning and pain while going to the bathroom
High blood pressure Decreased appetite due to pressure from baby’s recent switched position Increase in occurrence of Braxton-Hicks contractions

Your Baby’s Health and Status: 37 Weeks Pregnant Baby

The days comprising week thirty-seven and thirty-eight may surprise you. At times baby is calm, cool, and is gently sucking his or her thumb in the midst of their dreamy bliss.

Other times, baby may astound you with their multitude of differing movements as they randomly punch and kick around your uterus with the intensity and vigor of a little baby ninja warrior!

At the thirty-seven-week mark, your baby’s lungs are nearly almost fully matured, with just a short while to go until they completely finish developing. Still medically classified as “early term,” your baby will take on a new designation at the end of week thirty-eight and be classified as “full term.”

Although it is so close to your due date, baby is amazingly still packing on the weight. At the rate of ½ ounce per day, baby is growing by roughly ½ pound per week. Most fetuses at this point in pregnancy will weigh just about six and a half pounds, with male fetuses weighing just a tiny bit more than their female counterparts.

Due to the slightly increased weight of a male fetus, the availability of space within the uterus is more limited and causes more strain on Mother’s bladder, lungs, and more. Fortunately, during week thirty-seven, baby ought to have by now “turned” and made its inverted shift into the pelvic area as it becomes ready to be born.

Although baby is not as tremendously active as it was in past months, he or she is still engaged in a variety of rolling, wiggling, and stretching movements – all of which you will very much be readily able to feel due to the thinning out of your uterine walls.

Aside from the vigorous hand, foot and body movements baby has been making, he or she is also practicing at skills like inhaling, exhaling, blinking, making facial expressions, and soothing itself to sleep as it sucks on its thumb.

Baby’s head is also enormous around this time and is still growing! Right now, the circumference of their head is roughly the same circumference as their chest. Occurring simultaneously to their overall head growth is the ongoing accumulation of body fat, creating adorable dimples within their shoulders, knees, and elbows.

Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 37 Weeks Pregnant

  • Car seat driving you wacky? You’re not alone. Many parents complain about the confusing installation process for car seats. Very tricky to install, many parents wait until the last minute due to the frustration they feel with the installation process. However, a quick trip to thefire department will ensure that your car seat is properly fitted. There are also car seat safety inspectors that are able to help you with installation, questions, and concerns. To locate one in your area, visit www.seatcheck.org

To-do List and Reminders at 37 Weeks Pregnant

  • Print out your task lists, healthy foods list, bag organization list, and Birth Plan
  • Go over your tasks list daily – make sure all crucial tasks are completed or nearing completion
  • Pack your bag and have it ready for the hospital. Many women leave it by the front door, while some will leave it in the backseat or trunk of their car, ready to go.
  • Print out your birth plan. Stick one in your hospital bag, give one to your partner to look over, and keep one for yourself to read over on a daily basis
  • Stock your freezer with healthy, easy to reheat meals that can provide you and your partner an easy hot meal while baby is in its first moments at home

Cool Facts to Expect at 37 Weeks of Pregnancy

  • Many babies are born with a full head of hair at birth, while other babies have a bit of peach fuzz, and still others come out appearing bald.
  • Many couples with dark-hair are often surprised when baby is born with blonde or even red hair; this color will deepen, darken, or completely change in the months leading up to his or her first birthday. In fact, newborns shed most all of their hair within the first six months of their life, with much of the regrowth occurring around nine to twelve months into their first year. If your baby is born bald, make sure that you are taking care of his or her scalp just as if they had hair, in order to avoid a condition called “cradle cap” in the future

Keywords at 37 Weeks of Pregnancy

Engagement: Also referred to as lightning, it is the process of baby easing its way down into a lower, “dropped” position that prepares it for birth and also eases pressure off your lungs and diaphragm, enabling you to breathe much easier and comfortably.

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