35 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


By week thirty-five your baby has more than likely “turned” into the heads-down vertex position. This position is ideal for giving birth as it helps to facilitate the labor process due to the largest body part of the baby (its head) coming out of the birth canal first.

Just a bit over eighteen inches, your thirty-five-week fetus weighs in at about 5.25 pounds and will steadily continue to gain weight until he or she is born.

From this point until labor, baby will pack on a weight gain that can range from one pound35 Weeks Pregnant to many pounds, while also accumulating copious amounts of baby fat that is making their little bodies plump, soft, and perfect for you to hold in your adoring arms.

This week’s article is geared towards preparation. Listed below are printable charts chock full of information that will make your life easier as you make your way to the finish line!

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 40 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Your symptoms at week-thirty-five in your pregnancy will remain more or less the same until your due date. However, if your baby has recently turned, you may have experienced immense relief from breathlessness symptoms.

Due to the shifting of your baby’s position inverting deeply into your pelvis head first, the pressure against your lungs has lessened, thus enabling you to breathe quite a bit easier.

That being said, women in this time of their pregnancy often feel miserable. Exhausted, lethargic, clumsy, waddling about, and unable to eat all that much due to baby squashing the insides of their stomach

At-a-Glance Chart of Common Week 35 —>Due Date Pregnancy Symptoms

Heartburn and a range of other gastrointestinal issues as baby presses squishes the stomach from the inside

With your abdominal cavity tightly packed, acids from the stomach become backed-up within the esophagus, resulting in heartburn

Mucus-like discharge with streaks of blood is referred to as a mucus plug and is tasked with assisting to seal the cervix area. If you are experiencing a mucus plug, it is an indicator that labor is coming soon
The ongoing enlargement of your uterus will place it at or above your rib cage Clumsiness becomes more frequent as your baby bump continues to grow and dictate the quality of your movement
Strong movements from baby due to high amniotic fluid levels. Many Of your baby’s movements may feel particularly sharp and pronounced to your during this time Fingernail changes are common. If you have fingernails that are brittle, try eating bananas, nuts, whole grains, and avocados to get plenty of biotin
Heavy, aching breasts can cause backaches and stomach pains. Try to mitigate the aches and pains by wearing a maternity bra with plenty of built-in support Dehydration affects many pregnant women during this time. It’s very common to be so wrapped up in your symptoms that you forget to take in adequate fluids. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking at last eight cups of water per day
Hip pain during this time will typically increase in severity. Make sure that you are not picking up heavy items and also take the time to sit down and rest frequently A marked increase in theseverity of “practice” Braxton-Hicks contractions. Changing your position ought to make an episode of these contractions stop
An increased frequency of vaginal discharge is very common, and you may even feel like you are urinating. If you find yourself experiencing a sensation that feels like you are urinating, it may be an indication that your water has broken early. Breathlessness: Due to your lung’s ability to fully expand, you may find it very difficult to breathe during this in your pregnancy. Try taking on a standing position and maintaining a straight composite to allow maximum airflow into your lungs
Exhaustion; feelings of malaise severely impacted sleep; sleep with vivid and/or unsettling dreams/nightmares Mood swings; emotional peaks and valleys; Anxiety, nervousness, fear, agitation
Hemorrhoids, gas, constipation, incessant urge to urinate Leg cramps

Your Baby’s Health and Status: 35 Weeks Pregnant Baby

Baby is huge at over eighteen inches long and well over five pounds! A far cry from the faint little spot they used to be, baby is now just about a full-fledged newborn infant!

Still packing on serious weight and gaining height as well, baby’s lungs have undergone rapid development are now nearly fully functional.

To add to the baby’s lung development are amazing accomplishments like forming35 Weeks Pregnant completely developed kidney, a fully-functioning liver, having the ability to process his or her own waste, and having pupils that now contract in response to light.

While your baby is still adept at all the movements they learned, such as the punches, kicks, finger movements, and more, he or she will be moving a lot less these days due to the lack of available space.

Bracing to come out and welcome the waiting world, the baby is putting on its finishing touches. Some added fat here and there, polishing up in the completion of lung development, and just a few more minor developments until baby is perfectly poised to come out and say hello!

To-do List and Reminders at 35 Weeks Pregnant

At the week thirty-four and thirty-five point, you should be getting ready for the big day35 Weeks Pregnant and a birth plan should be firmly in place or in the midst of being finished up.

Additionally, your bag ought to be packed and well-stocked with everything you will immediately need during and after giving birth.

For your convenience, check out the chart listed below for the most common items that pregnant women pack for their big day.

“Big Day” Bag Essentials”

Cell phone Flip flops for in-hospital shower Toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries, cosmetics if needed
Camera or Camcorder Slippers to walk around in Nursing bras
All chargers and cords for electronic devices Bathrobe and pajamas Comfy pillow and cozy blanket
Batteries if necessary Wallet, ID, insurance card notebook, pen Change of clothing
Portable and convenient snacks Copy of my Birth Plan and other important papers Going home outfit for baby


Tip:Use a large weekender style bag with lots of interior and exterior pockets. Another great option is using pouches to organize your belongings by category.

Electronics and chargers can be stored in a black pouch, toiletries and cosmetics in a pink pouch, and important papers in a blue pouch.

The pouches can be stowed in your “Big Day Bag.” In all the excitement, you may forget35 Weeks Pregnant what’s in each pouch – solve this problem by making a simplecolor-coded list you can slip into your bag with your pouches.

Stow your bag in the trunk or backseat of your car and make sure that is well-organized with your essentials within easy reach.

Your tasks and to-do list will remain mostly the same from this point forth, until the big day.

For your convenience, check out the easy-to-read chart below.  If you haven’t finished all of the tasks in the classes and safety column, make sure to prioritize getting those done ASAP.


Classes and Safety Conditions and Symptoms Daily To-Do
Childbirth class Dry, itchy eyes – get eye drops Breathing exercises to become prepared for labor
Infant CPR class Hand, finger, wrist pain- get supportive wrist brace Eat healthy foods and stay well-hydrated

(A detailed chart with all the nutrients you need to be ingesting is included in next week’s article)

Professionally, properly installed car seat Depressive feelings- go to your doctor ASAP to reconcile this issue Look out for signs of labor, early labor, and preeclampsia
Nursery set-up at home with crib, monitors, age-appropriate blankets, swaddles, and clothing

Ample supply of diapers, wipes, breastfeeding supplies or formula

Severe symptoms of any kind – Make an immediate appointment with your doctor Read over your Birth Plan

Try to engage in light exercise to build strength, stamina, and endurance for labor



Preparedness: noun; The state of being prepared; readiness.

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