32 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


It’s week thirty-two, and while your pregnancy is fast approaching its end, there’s been no letting up in your symptoms.

For many women, pregnancy-related symptoms become their absolute worst during these last weeks of their term. With baby gaining up to a third of their overall birth rate during the next seven-week span, the already limited space within your womb becomes even more impacted.

The limited availability of space shared between you and baby is a mutual discomfort. Baby wants more room to wiggle, kick, punch, and frolic about. On the other hand, you just want more room to breathe!

As you and baby make the journey to the finish line waiting ahead, he or she starts to fatten up immensely in preparation for a life outside the confines of your uterus. Each ensuing week’s weight gain for your body is being apportioned at a half pound rate to him or her.

With the influx of fat, baby skin begins to not only plump up but also smoothen out, as many of the wrinkles that adorned their little bodies start to disappear. As baby becomes even bigger with the ensuing weeks, your diaphragm begins to strain from receiving more pressure than ever before from your engorged uterus.

Consequently, feeling out of breath, gasping for air, and having to frequently sit down are all normal symptoms for women in this stage of their term pregnancy.

Bear in mind, the baby is just as ready as you are for him or her to come out into the world. Keep singing, cooing, and talking to the baby as they experience these last few weeks of your term. When he or she is born, they will be instantly calmed and consoled by your reassuring voice.

To learn more about week thirty-two of pregnancy and all of its captivating developments, read on below!

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 32 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

During week thirty-two you will start to experience an increase in weight gain, as your baby takes up to half a pound of that weight each week to comprise its newly-layered fat.

In the midst of the weight gain, it’s crucial to make a concerted effort to ramp up your healthy eating habits by eating from all the food groups, ensuring that you get plenty of protein, calcium, iron, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Eating healthy not only benefits your baby in myriad ways but also provides you with the energy, endurance, and overall health that you need to prepare yourself for labor.

Right about now, you are probably experiencing the insides of your room moving about in a rocking and rolling fashion as baby strains to make their favorite hand and foot movements.

As baby grows bigger and the availability of space within your womb becomes even more restrictive, your belly is at the same time growing bigger and stretching out with each passing week. Expect to feel significant itching all around your stomach area.  Try to resist the urge to itch, as it will worsen the issue and create dry, red skin that becomes even itchier than before.

At-a-Glance Chart of Common Week 32 Pregnancy Symptoms

Heavy, aching breasts can cause backaches and stomach pains. Try to mitigate the aches and pains by wearing a maternity bra with plenty of built-in support


Dehydration affects many pregnant women during this time. It’s very common to be so wrapped up in your symptoms that you forget to take in adequate fluids. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking at last eight cups of water per day
Hip pain during this time will typically increase in severity. Make sure that you are not picking up heavy items and also take the time to sit down and rest frequently Symphysis pubis dysfunction is a frequently occurring condition that is a result of severe loosening of the pelvic bones. This condition can be improved by using a “birth ball” or taking a position on your hands and knees to take the weight of your belly off of your pelvic area
An increased frequency in vaginal discharge is very common and you may even feel like you are urinating. If you find yourself experiencing a sensation that feels like you are urinating, it may be an indication that your water has broken early. Breathlessness: Worsens as baby grows bigger, available space within your uterus becomes even more reduced, and your belly grows larger
Exhaustion; feelings of malaise severely impacted sleep Mood swings; emotional peaks and valleys; Anxiety, nervousness, fear, agitation
Hemorrhoids; gas Leg cramps


Significant increase in frequency of urination A marked increase in Braxton-Hicks contractions preparing you for impending labor


Your Baby’s Health and Status: 32 Weeks Pregnant Baby

Between week thirty-two and week thirty-eight, your baby will more than likely settle into an “upside-down” position where its head is facing down and their bottom is in an upwards position.

This is a result of baby’s head fitting much more comfortably in the bottommost space of your uterus, which is fashioned in an inverted, pear-like shape that perfectly accommodates baby’s head.

This change in position also results in an easierlabor process and facilitates a far more manageable exit for baby from your womb.

While you and baby are bracing yourself for birth, he or she has managed to accumulate an impressive amount of peach fuzz atop his head, in addition to having fingernails that are surprisingly long, toenails, and an even more adept ability at hearing sounds.

Researchers have shown that ultrasounds of babies in week thirty-two have brain patterns during sleeping that are similar to those of adults, leading many to hypothesize that babies are actually dreaming while in your womb.

By this time, baby will have a regular sleep cycle in place, which may lead to a decrease in your sensation of movements from him or her. Sleeping, waking, and eating as he or she pleases, baby is growing more mature than ever. He or she is also bigger than ever as well and weighs in at anywhere from three and a half to four pounds and measures from fifteen to seventeen inches in length.

As baby gets ready for prime time, they’ll start practicing their skills at an increased rate; studiously swallowing, breathing, sucking, kicking, punching, and frolicking about with arms and feet waving to and fro.

Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 32 Weeks Pregnant

  • Early contractions can be calmed and soothed by drinking plenty of water and a taking a trip to the bathroom
  • By this time, baby’s digestive system is fully-formed and ready to digest via mouth feeding
  • Thisis can be an extremely uncomfortable time in pregnancy – take in stride and remind yourself that the range of difficult symptoms you are feeling are completely normal and will abate themselves in a matter of just a few weeks
  • Baby’s movements are critically important as they help their muscles to develop and give them overall strength. However, don’t forget that you need your strength too! Try to stay active; the effort will pay off in increased strength and endurance, which will help you immensely during labor
  • Your baby looks almost just like a newborn right now! No longer covered in translucent skin, your baby is gaining soft, opaque fat all over his or her body.

To-Do List and Reminders at 32 Weeks Pregnant

  • Start practicing a range of positions to ready you for the labor process. Read up on stretching positions you can take to help your cervix dilate during your contractions as a way to gently encourage baby to move downwards and become ready for the big moment
  • Practice breathing exercises
  • Engage in massage, particularly on your belly and back areas
  • Thoroughly read the reminders below and have many of them checked off your list


  • Decide on the type of birth you will be having. Whether you are intent on using pain medication, an unmedicated, drug-free approach, or even having a caesarean birth, make sure that you are well-informed about the route you plan on taking
  • Sign up for a childbirth class if you haven’t done so already. Childbirth classes are extremely valuable resources for pregnant women and their partners. Offering insights far beyond what you might expect, these classes cover pain-relief options for labor such as epidurals, medication, spinals, and a variety of drug-free approaches. Also offering a range of relaxation techniques, these classes are an outstanding resource for preparing both you and your partner for the upcoming big day
  • Pack a bag for the hospital to be ready for your due date. Include a change of clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste, healthy snacks, slippers, a comfortable pillow, cozy blanket, nursing bra, and a camera.
  • Stay vigilant in looking out for pre-eclampsia symptoms
  • Invest in flat shoes with plenty of support to assist with clumsiness
  • Decide you will be in the room with you during labor
  • Research options for pain relief during labor
  • Ensure that your health insurance is in place and is accepted by the hospital or service you will be using for birth

Keywords About Week 32 in Pregnancy

Breech birth: A breech birth occurs at a rate of about three to five percent of all births and refers to a type of birth that occurs when baby is born with its feet first as opposed to coming out of the womb head first.

Cool Things to Know About Week 32 in Pregnancy

  • If you are having a baby boy, by this time his testicles will have likely fully moved into his scrotum. However, often male fetuses have one or even both testicles that don’t move into the correct position until after being born. It’s a totally normal condition and nothing to worry about as the testicles will very often self-correct before baby’s first birthday

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