Best Books for Baby’s First Year: 30 Books You Need


We are all aware of how important it is to read; it teaches us to spell and use grammar correctly; it teaches us about the world we live in; it takes us on adventures and makes us dream – what would we do without our books! But that doesn’t mean to say that a baby or toddler is too young to benefit from books. As parents, your baby will hugely benefit from you reading to him. But it’s also important that the books are the right books for Baby; stories that will capture his interest and love of books as well as knowledge. Here are some helpful, wonderful books to get you started with Baby’s first library.

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Most 30 Popular Books for Your Baby

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1.  First 100 Animals

By Roger Priddy

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What a wonderful book this is. Inside you will find pictures of real animals, divided into sections for pets, polar animals, wild animals, etc. It makes distinctions between similar types of animals, like the gorilla, orangutan, and chimpanzee. It’s superb for little ones to learn about nature and animals, especially if you teach them the sounds as you watch. A real favorite for little ones.

2.  Corduroy

By Don Freeman

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The adventures of a somewhat shabby but beloved teddy bear who needs to find a home as well as a shiny button for his overalls. He does find them and he also finds a friend, Lisa, who sees him at a department store one day and buys him with her savings.

3.  Close Your Eyes

By Kate Banks

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A story about a mommy tiger who yearns for her little cub just to settle down and get off to sleep; to have dreams full of exciting adventures. She also assures him that she will always be there when he wakes up, explaining to him that the dark is just the other side of the light. A wonderful story that encourages a child not to be afraid of the dark.

4.  Goodnight Moon

By Margaret Wise Brown

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This is all about a little rabbit, who is preparing for his bedtime, and how he says goodnight to all the things in his room and all the things outside his bedroom window. “Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon. Goodnight light, and the red balloon …” 

5.  Kitten’s First Full Moon

By Kevin Henkes

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Poor Kitty – in this beautifully illustrated book, Kitten sees a full moon for the very first time and thinks it is a big bowl of milk!  Naturally, he wants to get to it and begins a wonderful adventure to reach it. She comes home to find a lovely real bowl of milk waiting just for her.

6.  The Complete Tales of Winnie-The-Pooh

By A.A. Milne

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The sheer adventures of Winnie and his friends! All you do is open this book, start to read and enjoy watching the wonder on your little one’s face, how he gets under Winnie’s spell. It’s full of excellent language, full of adventure and teaching children all about building friendships. Keeps children longing to hear more.

7.  Gossie

By Olivier Dunrea

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Gossie is the most delightful little gosling who loves wearing her bright red boots. She wears them each and every day. But one day, they just disappear. She searches everywhere for them –under her bed, on the other side of the wall, and even under the hens. At last she finds them on the feet of another yellow gosling! A real hit.

8.  Pat The Bunny

By Dorothy Kunhardt

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An old favorite, this book was published in the 1940s. Highly suitable for Baby because it’s a touch-and-feel book. There isn’t really a story as it offers of whole collection of inter-active actions that Baby or the toddler will love imitating. It’s a to-do book, doing things like looking in the mirror, smelling the flowers, etc. Such fun!

9.  Nativity Flap Book

By Sam Taplin

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This is truly a delightful flap book and ideal for introducing little babies and toddlers about the birth of Baby Jesus. It is absolutely beautifully illustrated and has flaps for little ones to lift and discover. Your little one will follow the Three Wise Men as they journey towards Bethlehem and they follow a bright star to get there.

10.  Very Hungry Caterpillar

By Eric Carle

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This is a book that your child will find impressionable. It’s the story of a hungry and tiny little caterpillar is weak and insignificant and how he eats his way through all the healthful fruits and other foods. Eventually how this weak little caterpillar transforms itself into a magnificent butterfly.

11.  C Is for Coco: A Little Chick’s First Book of Letters

By Sloan Tannen

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Babies and toddlers will love these playful colorful rhymes teaching kiddies all about numbers and counting in fun, engaging ways.

12.  How Santa Got His Job

By Stephen Krensky

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How Santa tries all sorts of other jobs because nobody wanted him to deliver presents when he was young, dressed up in his red suit. But that was until the elves helped him.

13.  The Runaway Bunny

By Margaret Brown

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Cute little Bunny runs away from his mom in a game of playing hide-and-seek. But children love it because the wonderful mommy finds her special little bunny all the time. Reassuring words especially for little babies and toddlers.

14.  The Giant Jam Sandwich

By John Vernon Lord

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Oh dear, 4-million wasps have come into a town and who can help? It is Bap the Baker who comes to the rescue with his clever ideas.

15.  I Kissed the Baby!

By Mary Murphy

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A real favorite this book! It’s idea for the early weeks of a baby’s life because it is mainly in black and white with the odd splash of color. There aren’t a lot of words. All about a bunch of animals enjoying celebrating a baby’s birth.

16.  Noodle Loves Bedtime

By Marion Billet

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Each page of this book is about Noodle and his mother, with plenty of colorful pictures. Baby will love the element of touch and feel.

17.  Baby Faces

By DK Books

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This book shows pictures of different babies all making different faces, like happy, sad, crying, etc. Excellent for helping with your baby’s social development. Babies love the soft squishy cover to put in his mouth whilst teething!

18.  Toes, Ears & Nose!

By Marion Dane Bauer

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A wonderful book for the older baby, because it helps him to identify the different body parts in such a fun way.

19.  The Family Book

By Todd Parr

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Such an ideal book that teaches children about different types of families. And this book does it in funny accepting type of ways.

20.  The Big Shiny Sparkly First Words Book

By Willabel Tong

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What a good book for teaching that learning is actually such fun! And there’s plenty to do from this book – answering questions, special illustrations and flaps to flip.

21.  I Know a Rhino

By Charles Fuge

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A little girl enjoys friendship time with her rhino and giraffe friend and other adventures.

22.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

By Bill Martin

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A colorful book teaching a child about the fantastic animal kingdom as he spots a horse, a frog and a bright yellow duck.

23.  The Snowy Day

By Ezra Jack Keats

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The Snowy Day is about a young boy discovering what pleasure he gets from playing in fresh snow that has fallen. It’s a wonderful story about tolerance.

24.  The Mitten

By Jan Brett

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Nicki has white mittens, and one drops in the snow without him knowing. But the woodland animals from small to large try to crawl into it with very funny results for the little ones.

25.  Little Blue Truck

By Alice Schertle

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This little truck goes ‘Beep! Beep! Beep!’ because he has got stuck in the mud while he is helping another truck. But lucky Blue; he’s got animal friends who help him out!

26.  Anne Of Green Gables

By Jennifer Adam

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Nothing like starting early by introducing your toddler to classics such as Anne of Green Gables. Let Baby explore what Anne and her friends get up to, and in such lively color. Next are some wonderful sound books for baby and toddlers to experience and to imitate. Remember that when you read to your child, you are using lots of different emotions and you are expressing sound. This develops emotional and social development. When you read to Baby, you are inviting him, allowing him to either point, touch or look. All these things promote his social development and his thinking skills, Baby improve his language skills just by imitating the sounds as he recognizes pictures.

27.  Baby’s Very First Noisy Nursery Rhymes

By Fiona Watt

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Tiny hands will so enjoy pressing the buttons on the brightly-colored board book so that the child can hear tunes of his all his favorite nursery rhymes. What about ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and more! Vibrant pictures will appeal to a baby and toddler as he ‘sings’ along.

28.  Baby’s Very First Lullabies Book

By Stella Baggott

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What a great musical sound book this is! And it has been specifically designed to gently lull a baby to sleep. Listen to lullabies such as ‘Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Rock-A-Bye-Baby’, a gentle and soft ambiance is added as Baby starts to nod off to sleep. It has low decibel sounds as well as a stop function button.

29.  Bedtime Songs: 10-Button Children’s Sound Book (10 Button Sound) Board book– September 1, 2016

By Scarlett Wing

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This book offers baby the chance to express himself through music; at the same time building his fine-motor-skills and reinforcing his literacy and language growth. This book ensures that bedtime is special.

30.  Jiggle, Jiggle, Sing & Giggle: Children’s Sound Book (5 Button Sound) (Early Bird Song Books) Board book – August 1, 2016

By Scarlett Wing

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Baby will love singing along to his favorite play-time songs! All the lyrics are accompanied by vibrant illustrations while matching audio buttons play the tunes. Baby learns fine motor skills by pushing the buttons.

Encouraging Your Baby Girl or Boy to Be A Reader

The best ways of ensuring Baby grows up to love books and to be a reader is to have his book collection in his room and to see other books around in the house. This means when he is old enough himself to crawl to his toy box he already understands what books are about and has them in his mix of activities. Don’t forget to pick up your own book and read as well, because then Baby has an excellent role model as well! Reading is power.


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