29 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


It’s week twenty-nine of your pregnancy, and your body may have become completely unrecognizable to you! Your breasts will have changed in size and appearance, in addition to leaking milk.

Meanwhile, your swollen belly dictates your sense of movement and has you waddling around haphazardly. Pregnancy hormones may have resulted in a profusion of hair on your face, and your body is more than likely adorned with stretch marks in colors of varying intensity.

Inside you, babyis well adjustedin its role of superbaby. Well acclimated by now to its29 Weeks Pregnant assemblage of skills, abilities, and newfound senses, your baby is confidently taking over the world inside your womb. This week, baby’s brain will have developed to the point where it can regulate control over body temperature.

Now weighing roughly 2.5 pounds, your baby is just over fifteen inches in length and is about the size of an acorn squash. Over the span of the ensuing three months, your little one will be putting on the bulk of his or her weight, resulting in an approximate eleven-pound weight gain for yourself.

Read on below to learn more important information, tips, and tricks for week twenty-nine of pregnancy!

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 29 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At week twenty-nine of your pregnancy, your baby is beginning to put on copious amounts of baby fat as it continues to grow and put on weight. As a consequence, you will experience a surge in weight gain that may result in an increase in lower back pain, aches in your pelvic area, and an overall sense of lethargy and malaise.

Exceptionally common during this phase of pregnancy are symptoms such as heartburn, hemorrhoids, and a significant increase in the frequency of urination.

Leg cramps are another common issue during this time in pregnancy, and while experts aren’t entirely sure of the causes, many hypothesize that it is a result of the strain put on your legs by supporting a significant amount of additional weight.

Some within the medical profession believe that leg cramps are not so much the result of the strain put on legs but actually an indicator of deficiencies in important minerals like potassium and calcium.

Regardless of the cause, leg cramps are an annoying condition that afflicts a majority of pregnant women. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to cope with leg cramps, including gentle stretches, light flexing of the legs and feet, and yoga.

To best ensure that your leg cramps don’t become debilitatingly painful, make a concerted effort to incorporate plenty of calcium containing foods such as dairy products, sunflower seeds, green beans, and carrots.

Of particular concern during this time in pregnancy is a condition referred to as “supine 29 Weeks Pregnanthypotensive syndrome.”  Occurring when you lay on your back and experience a marked change in blood pressure and heart rate, you may feel dizzy, light headed, and even nauseous until you change your body’s position.

If you change position by standing up too quickly. To best deal with this condition, ensure that you lay on your side and not your back and make a slow, deliberate transition to standing up.

Other symptoms common in week twenty-nine of pregnancy are listed below in an easy-to-read chart

At-a-Glance Chart of Common Week 29 Pregnancy Symptoms

Carpal-tunnel symptoms such as pain and tingling in the hands and fingers Hemorrhoids
Heartburn Gas
Constipation Chronic nausea and vomiting
Breathlessness Increased back and pelvic area pain


Your Baby’s Health and Status: 29 Weeks Pregnant Baby

Your little one is hard at work in its role as superbaby. Rapidly putting on baby fat, your baby is increasingly taking on the appearance of a full-term as the days and weeks go by.

With the additional fat they are putting on, thebaby is not only kept warmer but is now plumper and has skin that is becoming smooth and pliant, as the wrinkly and papery texture of their former skin becomes a distant memory.

In addition to gaining weight and becoming well-padded with baby fat, your little one is also experiencing the following at this time:

Muscles continue to develop Lungs are maturing
Head is growing larger to accommodate its rapidly developing brain Increased activity through the practice of abilities and senses
Hardening bones

(Get plenty of calcium in your diet; roughly .25 grams of calcium are being deposited into baby’s hardening bones every day)

Experiencing increasing nutritional requirements
(you should ensure that you are getting an abundance of protein, calcium folic acid, Vitamin C, potassium, and iron in your diet)


Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 29 Weeks Pregnant

  • Around this time, your doctor will likely request that you begin to do a “kick count.” Each day you will count the kicks that your baby makes to gauge how active it is. If you notice that your baby is becoming decreasingly active, notify your doctor, as you may need something called a “nonstress test” or a test referred to as a “biophysical profile” to review your baby’s level of activity
  • Although it may be nearly overwhelming for you, do your best to avoid indulging in29 Weeks Pregnant cravings for sweets, fast food, and processed foods. More than ever, your baby requires good nutrition consisting of healthy food choices that encompass a spectrum of important vitamins and minerals
  • It’s an opportune time to enjoy your last week of pre-baby “independence.” Enjoy this period of freedom by taking part in enjoyable activities such as going to a movie, having a romantic dinner, or going on a fun outing with your partner
  • Pregnant women at this point of their term are more susceptible than ever before to urinary tract infections this trimester, if you experience burning, painful urination, make an appointment with your doctor immediately

To-Do List and Reminders at 29 Weeks Pregnant

  • Start counting your baby’s kicks
  • Stock up on breast pads
  • Research third trimester exams
  • Stock up on any missing components in your baby essentials “arsenal”


  • Stay vigilant in looking out for pre-eclampsia symptoms
  • Apply creams, lotions, or oils to relieve itchy skin and improve the appearance of stretch 29 Weeks Pregnantmarks
  • Invest in flat shoes with plenty of support to assist with clumsiness
  • Decide you will be in the room with you during labor
  • Schedule your week thirty prenatal visit
  • Research options for pain relief during labor
  • Ensure that your health insurance is in place and is accepted by the hospital or service you will be using for birth


Adipose tissue: While undergoing development, your baby accumulated a plenitude of brown fat, known as adipose tissue. Adipose tissue comprises about five percent of a newborn’s body mass and is critical in ensuring hypothermia does not occur. As it continues to grow, baby will have both white fat and brown fat serving different purposes in its little body.

Cool Things to Know About Week 29 in Pregnancy

  • Your employer is not required to let you take maternity leave. While many employers are mandated by the Family and Medical Leave Act to let their employees (full-time) have up to twelve weeks of unpaid family leave after the birth of a child, there are many exceptions. Exceptions can include employees with part-time status, newer employees, and employees working within companies that have less than fifty employees in total.

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