28 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Guide Week by Week (2018)


Welcome to the third trimester! Your baby is now roughly the size of a giant banana split!

Moms-to-be who are at week twenty-eight in their pregnancy are notorious for experiencing severely impacted quality of sleep. Whether you are wide-eyed at in the wee hours of the mornings tossing and turning, tiredly pacing the kitchen, or find yourself cleaning past midnight, know that you are not alone.

A very common phenomenon amongst women in this stage of their pregnancy, this period of impacted sleep is referred to as “nesting.”  In lieu of giving in to the feelings of frustration and irritation that are undoubtedly plaguing you, accept that your impacted28 Weeks Pregnant sleep is part of a temporary chapter in your pregnancy. Keep your eye on the ball; the finish line is fast approaching, and you will be giving birth to a brand new, beautiful baby.

Try drinking tea (chamomile is especially relaxing), listening to soothing music, or reading a book for a little while before attempting to climb back under the covers and fall asleep. If anything, refrain from getting on your computer, browsing the internet, or using your phone – all of these things are very stimulatory and will have you more awake than ever.

Read on below to learn more great tips for week twenty-eight of pregnancy!

28 week pregnant

Your Physical and Emotional Health: 28 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Mama, would you believe you are embarking on the journey into your seventh month and final trimester of pregnancy? You’ve made it so far! You’ve gone through a battery of tests, experienced myriad pregnancy symptoms that would drive any normal person insane, and you have been a front and center audience for seven months to the enthralling process of growing a live human being.  Pat yourself on the back and give yourself the accolades you deserve.

By this time in your term, your lungs will undoubtedly feel very squished. You may experience shortness of breath that ranges from mild to severely impaired. Not to worry,28 Weeks Pregnant the lack of air received by your lungs is a result of your fast-growing baby becoming so large that he or she is pressing up against your lung passageways, among a great deal of other things, such as your bladder.

As a result, you may find it not only hard to breathe at times, but also find it an arduous process to urinate and pass stool. To be sure, it is not a comfortable time in pregnancy land right now. Accompanying difficulty in breathing, urinating, and passing stool are many symptoms such as restless leg syndrome, abdominal pains, lower back aches, difficulties in sleeping, sporadic contractions, and leaky breasts.

While the symptoms listed above are more annoying than anything, preeclampsia is a very important and dangerous condition that becomes even more likely to occur in pregnant women as they near their due date.

As a result, you need to keep a careful eye out for any symptoms or combination of symptoms that could indicate the presence of pre-eclampsia.

Although your day is already greatly impacted already by the presence of many other exhausting pregnancy symptoms, it is imperative that you be vigilant about being on the lookout for anything preeclampsia-related.

Preeclampsia Symptoms to Look Out For:

  • Excessive weight gain that is more than five pounds per week
  • Headaches that are chronic and severe
  • Relentless nausea and vomiting
  • Vision changes that can include blurry vision, double vision, seeing spots/flashes/lights
  • Other vision issues such as (temporary) loss of vision and light sensitivity
  • Excessive swelling in your face, around your eyes, and of the hands, feet, and ankles
  • Intense pains, aches, and tenderness in the upper abdominal area

Preeclampsia is grave condition affecting roughly five percent of pregnant women. It can be diagnosed with a variety of symptoms or combination of symptoms that are persistent and severe in nature.

For example, a pregnant woman will be diagnosed with preeclampsia if she experiences hypertension (high blood pressure) after twenty weeks in her term in conjunction with the presence of at least one other problem, such as abnormalities found within the kidneys, protein within the urine, or an impacted liver.

A majority of women who contract preeclampsia will develop a narrow range of benign symptoms as they near their due date. With proper care, both mother and baby are typically fine without any complications.

However, severe preeclampsia is an entirely different story that has the potential to present28 Weeks Pregnant a vastly disparate ending. Severe preeclampsia greatly impacts the body in a profusion of ways; affecting the organs and resulting in severe, life-threatening complications that ultimately dictate the immediate delivery of the baby.

Preeclampsia can appear seemingly out of nowhere. The onset of this condition is sudden, and many pregnant women may attribute its precipitous arrival as yet just another normal facet of the pregnancy process.

Keep a sharp eye out for symptoms, particularly if they are experienced in conjunction with one another. The presence of just one severe symptom might indicate preeclampsia but may be dismissed by a pregnant mother; however, the presence of two symptoms that are particularly severe can be a clear-cut sign that there is a serious issue present.

At-a-Glance Chart of Preeclampsia Symptoms

Excessive weight gain Vision issues
Intense pain in upper abdomen Persistent and severe headaches
Excessive swelling anywhere on body Chronic nausea and vomiting


If you experience any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately.

Symptoms experienced in conjunction with other preeclampsia symptoms should be addressed right away, as it can indicate a serious issue with your health and pose great risk to your unborn baby.

Your Baby’s Health and Status: 28 Weeks Pregnant Baby

By week twenty-eight, your baby measures nearly fifteen inches and weighs in at just about 2.2 ounces. A collective of incredibly processes are occurring within your baby’s body right about now. Their brain is expeditiously developing, with billions of neurons in the midst of creation.

Your little one is also highly skilled by this point and is able to see light, blink, swallow,28 Weeks Pregnant recognize your voice, respond to sounds, and perform a range of deliberate movements. Just last week, baby opened his or her eyes for the very first time and is now able to experience light, shadows, and experience his immediate surroundings in a brand-new capacity.

As their development continues at a brisk pace, baby’s body fat is increasing. As more and more body fat begins to accumulate in layers around your baby’s body, their papery, wrinkled skin begins to smoothen into what will eventually be a continuous plane of soft, touchable skin.

Hold tight; baby’s growth is amplifying as the days go by. You may experience a series of discomforts as your baby’s development grows, bigger, smarter, and more adept at movement.

Tips, Tricks, and Knowledge at 28 Weeks Pregnant

  • Make a “pregnancy phonebook” comprised of the phone numbers and contact information of anyone related to your pregnancy. Include doctors, pediatricians, midwives, friends who can offer valuable insights into pregnancy, support groups, assorted pregnancy-related classes, nannies, and more.
  • Clumsier than usual these days? Resulting from a shifting center of gravity, along with looser joints, you may find yourself feeling like you have two left feet. Try wearing flat shoes that offer plenty of support, slow your movements and walk deliberately and slowly, and try not to rush through tasks and chores.

To-Do List and Reminders at 28 Weeks Pregnant

  • Stay vigilant in looking out for pre-eclampsia symptoms
  • Apply creams, lotions, or oils to relieve itchy skin and improve the appearance of stretch28 Weeks Pregnant marks
  • Invest in flat shoes with plenty of support to assist with clumsiness
  • Decide you will be in the room with you during labor
  • Schedule your week thirty prenatal visit
  • Research options for pain relief during labor
  • Ensure that your health insurance is in place and is accepted by the hospital or service you will be using for birth


Nesting: Experienced by pregnant women, nesting is a phenomenon that involves sudden and seemingly uncontrollable urges to prepare your home for the arrival of your newborn. Often encumbering quality of sleep, nesting urges at night can result in pregnant women engaging in activities such as deep cleaning, organizing, and decorating in an effort to emotionally prepare for impending motherhood

Cool Things to Know About Week 28 in Pregnancy

  • Stretch marks during pregnancy are an unavoidable condition but did you know that the prevalence and severity of stretch marks is largely genetic? If your mother had a multitude of stretch marks, you will more than likely receive them as well and vice versa.

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